Thirsty Thursday: ONEHOPE Wine Mimosa Bar Set – DIY Mimosa Bar

Brunch is the best. Brunch with bubbly is better. But brunch with bubbly that benefits kids in need? Well, there’s nothin’ better than that. That’s why I’m proud to support ONEHOPE Wine as they promote their new Mimosa Bar Set ($139). Did you know that with every case of sparkling that ONEHOPE Wine sells, 25 meals are connected to children in need via the World Food Programme? Gives sippin’ mimosas a whole new meaning.

Do good by poppin' some bubbly with the ONEHOPE Mimosa Bar Set

So how can you help? By drinking mimosas. Yep, it really is that simple. The ONEHOPE Wine Mimosa Bar is the perfect addition to any brunch, shower or party. Just serve it up with your favorite juices and fruit and encourage some DIY magic by instructing your guests to mix and muddle their mimosas while mingling with friends.

A Happy Easter, indeed with the ONEHOPE Wine Mimosa Bar Set ($139)

So how did I customize my own ONEHOPE Mimosa Bar Set at my 3rd Annual Classic Southern Easter Dinner?

MY 3rd Annual Classic Southern Easter Dinner was a garden party theme. Know what pairs beautifully with a garden party theme? A DIY Mimosa bar!! Say whaaaa?!

Well, I supplied my guests with the following juice options:

The juice is loose!

  • Orange
  • Grapefruit
  • Pineapple
  • Cranberry
  • Pink Lemonade

And the following muddling ingredients:

  • Mint
  • Blackberries
  • Raspberries
What was my favorite mimosa recipe, you ask?
ONEHOPE Sparkling Wine + Cranberry Juice + Mint + Blackberries = Perfect Easter Mimosa
BF’s Fave Mimosa Combo: Cranberry-Mint-Blackberry-Bubbly
Also, I must say, I didn’t know if my gentlemen guests would be into it but I would venture to say that they loved it more than the ladies, even. And the ladies looooovedit! We even had to bring the mimosa makins’ outside because we enjoyed refilling our glasses so much!

Don't even ask what's on Jose's phone. It's just about the carafes, folks. Focus on the carafes.

The ONEHOPEWINE Mimosa Bar Set really made the afternoon even more enjoyable than it would have been – and it truly was an integral part of the most magical, memorable day.

Mimosas make the meal even more enjoyable...even the bunnies seem happy!

Each Mimosa Bar Set (right now, only $139) includes:

  • 3 bottles of ONEHOPE Brut Sparkling
  • 5 carafes
  • 4 fruit bowls
  • 1 muddler
  • 1 muddling/rimming sugar tray
  • 25 straws
  • 10 juice carafe tags
  • 8 fruit cards
For more info on the World Food Programme:
Twitter: @WFP
Instagram: @wfpusa
BF Asks: What mimosa recipe are you most excited to concoct?

High-Low 4/22/14: Easter & Ouch

Yet again, it’s time for the most popular column on BeautyFrosting – my High-Low. *So what exactly is a High-Low, you ask? High-Low is the BEST & WORST part of your day, week, month, etc. I started this tradition with friends & family after I discovered it through a movie decades ago. Not only is it useful for the sake of reflection but it is also an excellent way to communicate with your spouse, kids or friends over the dinner table. By introducing this tradition to folks, parents have told me that their kids have opened up more and friends have told me that their spouses have become more communicative. Try it for yourself and let me know what your experience is…


HIGH-LOW 4/22/14

Easter? Yay!!! Face burns? No bueno.

This week was a doozy (aren’t they all?) as it contained my favorite holiday – for which I hosted a garden party – and my not-so-fave as, well, my face got burned! And it all happened in one day. See? Doozy.

As my old boss used to say, Oy vey.

Up first? The high, of course. Here we go, here we go, here we go.

HIGH: My 3rd Annual Classic Southern Easter Dinner

My Easter table surrounded by friends. My cup runneth over...both literally and figuratively

I love having a houseful of people. To be honest, I feel most alive and happy when I am hosting a soiree at my house – surrounded by friends, indulging in delicious, homemade food and drinking wine and laughing. Add in some board games and I’m having the time of my life. All of that just does my heart good. And it definitely does my heart good to look around me and see the folks I hold so dear looking plumb happy.

Which is why I ignored a friend’s advice when he told me to skip hosting my annual classic southern Easter dinner this year (although he’s usually quite wise). With all I have going on, it just didn’t seem like the smartest thing to do. But I am so glad I did it!

There were old friends, new friends and enough food, wine and spirited conversation to go around. And I really appreciate that my guests who have attended each year said that they so look forward to it and it’s one of their most beloved events of the year. It might be a hefty task to take on when things are busy and bustling but anything that makes me feel so good simply can’t be a bad thing.

The theme this year? Ricky Nelson-Garden Party style. In the backyard with the tasel garlands, puffs on trees, birds and the bees. Oh, you know what I mean...

The reason I love this tradition so much is because it marries the best of the old traditions precious to my family – which reminds me of my younger days – with the new traditions that I’m creating on my own with my friends and surrogate family out here in LA. It is such a beautiful thing – and isn’t that what life’s all about?

As with everything, it’s all in the delicate details – and the delicate details are what delight me. I used my Nanny’s silver, made her Jello lime salad in her vintage jello mold and served the salad on her white and gold cake stand. I always feel connected to her when I bake but when I actually use precious family treasures that she owned for years, I feel especially connected to her.

Marrying the old traditions with the new ones. Pictured here is my Nanny's silver and my favorite new washable linen napkins from Haute Hostess (Left) and Jessie Steele (right)

We started out the day with a DIY Mimosa bar from One Hope Wine that was a hit! Guests could custom-make their own mimosas featuring One Hope Sparkling wine and select from a bevy of juices, fruits and mint to muddle, mix and design to their heart’s content. More on the Mimosa Bar (and how you can order the One Hope Wine Mimosa Bar Set) on Thirsty Thursday this week!

DIY Mimosa Bar featuring One Hope Wine Mimosa Bar Set - this was a HIT!


What else was served for dinner? Well, we always have a HoneyBaked ham, my Cowboy Corn Casserole, my Paris, Texas Green Bean Casserole, my Southern Pea Salad, Matt Marr’s Prized Deviled Eggs, mac & Cheese, turkey, salads and SO much more!


The Spread: southern fare galore!


As for the best part? Dessert, of course! I baked my annual Easter Bunny Coconut Cake (this year her name was Bedelia – yes, seriously), my Chocolate Cream pie, my Blackberry Cream pie and my Nanny’s ‘Nana Pudding. Holy goodness, it was all delicious!

But even more delicious than the food was the company. Thank you to each and every one of you who came and celebrated a beautiful spring day in my backyard. The memories will live on long after the food is gone – and the memories were downright magical.

The memories will live on long after the food is gone...

LOW: Ouch!

LOW: Ouch! Too many irons in the fire and something might catch ON fire! (p.s. That white stuff on my face? It's Silver Sufudiazine which helps burns)


I’ll keep this short. I burned myself. While busily setting the table, cooking, baking and decorating for Easter dinner, I spotted a Diptyque candle on fire in my living room. Nope. Not stressful at all. A fire extinguisher would’ve made a mess for such a small fire so I (dumbly?) decided to blow it out. Well, the hot wax splashed up and hit my face. It actually didn’t really hurt – probably because I was so focused on putting out the fire!

I’m fine  – and it could have been much worse but I did receive 4 small burns on my face – one second degree that’s requiring a bit of attention so as to prevent scarring. But thanks to my dermatologist, I’ll be right as rain in no time. And, again, even though I’m calling it a low, I know that there is much, much worse than having a few burns on your face. A good reminder to yes, keep all those irons in the fire but to keep your eye out for things catching on fire with all we have going on every day.


BF Asks: What was your High-Low this week?



My Birthday Party 2013: Come As You Were…or WISH You Were In High School

The gang! Photos by Takahiro Watanabe Photography & Guerrero Photography


Oh, how I love me a theme party! I have one every year for my birthday and it always fills me with such joy. I mean what could be more fun than dressing up like someone – or something – else, being surrounded by friends, sipping champagne, eating delicious eats, polishing off some cake and dancing until the sun comes up? I’ll tell ya – not much. Previous birthday party themes of mine have included Dallas (the 80s show), 80s, 70s, Toddlers & Tiaras and more.

But this year’s had to have been my favorite thus far! I decided last year at my birthday that the theme would be “Come As You Were…or Wish You Were In High School.” So when I was home in Dallas in October, I broke out my Episcopal School of Dallas private school uniform (the skirt still fit! Yay!) and my cheerleading uniform (the top didn’t fit because I grabbed my JV uniform my mistake – oops!) and decided it was ON!

One of my best friends – and my former roomie and uber-talented BeautyFrosting graphic designer – Vanessa York of Shindig Shoppe designed the adorable invite drawing on the colors of my home, varsity lettering and, of course, pom-poms.

The oh-so-cute invitation designed by Vanessa York of Shindig Shoppe


Next, my dear hairstylist & friend, Robby LaRiviere, whipped my hair up into some pretty darned precious pigtails, I picked up some saddle shoes at Shelly’s Dance (my FAVE for costumes & alterations in LA!!!) and I donned Outfit #1. Oh, honey, you KNOW there was gonna be a wardrobe change!


Outfit #1: My Episcopal School of Dallas uniform from 1996:

Donning my Episcopal School of Dallas original uniform! The fact that it still fit is cause alone for celebration! Photo by Guerrero Photography & Photobooth by Takahiro Watanabe Photography, Custom Tassel Garland by Studio Mucci


And with glasses, of course!

And I had to wear glasses for a few, of course! Glasses by Ivory Mason, Photo by Guerrero Photography & Photobooth by Takahiro Watanabe Photography, Tassel Garland by Studio Mucci

Outfit #2:
My Episcopal School of Dallas Cheerleading Uniform from 1993 (GO EAGLES!!!) – I grabbed by JV – and not my Varsity uniform – by mistake so Shelly’s had to let out the chest a bit. I was 15 when I last wore this one!

Donning my ESD Junior Varsity Cheerleading Uniform, American Apparel knee socks & saddle shoes from Shelly's; Photography by Guerrero Photography and Photobooth by Takahiro Watanabe Photography; Custom Tassel Garland by Studio Mucci


I love that my birthday is so close to Christmas because I can decorate my house for Christmas and let it serve as deco for my birthday party. With my Studio Mucci custom tassel garlands, Shabby Chic decorations, pastel lights and vintage finds from Uptown Country Home that I’ve bought over the years, I love creating a Whimsical Winter Wonderland. Add some wintry pink & blue balloons and my high school yearbooks and you’ve got a party!

The living room...


Kids love those balloons...

More deco...


I remember that Queer Eye For The Straight Guy said it best once. “The right cocktails keep your guests socially lubricated.” When you’re mixing together over 50 of your closest friends – some who know one another but many who don’t – you want to keep the cocktails flowing. I decided to keep it simple by supplying a wine bar. Lucky for me, One Hope Wine and Hope at Home were eager to help.

One Hope Wine tantalized my guests' tastebuds with 4 of their wine varietals and a signature cocktail that we'll be debuting on Thursday on Thirsty Thursday this week!

With a signature cocktail, BeautyFrosting’s Spiced Rum Apple Cider Mimosa (catch the recipe this Thursday on BF on Thirsty Thursday), Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, Pinot Noir 2011, Chardonnay 2012, Sauvignon Blanc 2012 and their new California Brut Sparkling Wine (All wines are $18.99), my guests were totally socially lubricated. Everyone raved about my wine selection from One Hope – and my bartender & party hostess, Kristin – but the California Brut Sparkling Wine was the first to go! People were literally asking me how they could get some One Hope of their own!

A bucket full of hope on ice! Photo by Guerrero Photography

But my favorite thing about One Hope – besides the way it tastes – is the charity component that makes them who they are. With every bottle of One Hope wine sold, an impact is made as 50% of  the proceeds goes to a variety of good causes including: AIDS, Alzheimers, Autism, Breast Cancer, Childhood Hunger, Veterans and more. I’ll be featuring One Hope every Thursday for the next 6 Thirsty Thursdays so you’ll see lots more of them – and the love I have for everything that they’re about!


Well, we know I’m a foodie and I love to bake but, um, sometimes I can go overkill when it comes to my parties. For this one, I relied on a few of my party faves – such as Southern Shrimp Ball, Bandito Black Bean dip, L’il Smokies, Texas Ranch House Queso, Red Velvet Dip and Pistachio Thumbprint and Eggnog Thumbprint Cookies that are always a hit. And then I hit up Whole Foods for a veggie tray and Trader Joe’s for cheese, charcuterie and crackers.

The spread…a foodie's dream!

And then there was the cake…Oh my…

The cake by Hansen's Cakes

Hansen’s Cakes was responsible for this deliciousness. Marble cake with butterchip filling and buttercream frosting. I’m still dreaming of it but had to give all leftovers away!


As a photographer’s daughter – and a blogger, of course – photos are super important to me. So I asked my friends, Takahiro Watanabe Photography and Guerrero Photography to help me out for the evening.
The DIY Photobooth with Takahiro that I literally just put outside against a stucco wall was a hit. That’s gonna have to be a whole other post because EVERYONE can do this and it was sooooo much fun!

Here are just a few of the 267 photos from the Photobooth. For more, check out the entire album of fun (complete with my house pics, food pics and more) at: Dawn’s Birthday 2013: Come As You Were…or Wish You Were in High School on Facebook (yep, I made it public for your perusal & enjoyment).

Photobooth fun! Photos by Takahiro Watanabe Photography & Guerrero Photography


Photobooth fun! Photos by Takahiro Watanabe Photography & Guerrero Photography

Photobooth fun! Photos by Takahiro Watanabe Photography & Guerrero Photography

hotobooth fun! Photos by Takahiro Watanabe Photography & Guerrero Photography

Another group shot by Guerrero Photography:

The gang! Photos by Takahiro Watanabe Photography & Guerrero Photography

Thank you to all of my friends who came, drank, ate, danced til 4 am, showered me with gifts & love and took pics with me all night long! It was a magical night I will always remember!


BF Asks: How did you celebrate your birthday this year? 


Wine & Cocktails by: One Hope Wine & Hope At Home

Blowout & Pigtails by: Robby LaRiviere

Photos by: Takahiro Watanabe Photography & Guerrero Photography

Tassel Garlands by: Studio Mucci

Party Set-up Assistant: Sarah of TaskRabbit

Bartender/Guest Hostess: Kristin of TaskRabbit

Cake: Hansen’s Cakes

Wardrobe Alterations & Shoes: Shelly’s Dance Supply




A Southern Girl’s Guide To LA: Assembly Salon – the ultimate “Primping Salon”

When it comes to blow-dry/makeup salons – or as I call them, “primping salons” – I must admit that I’m a little like our old friend, Goldlilocks. There’s always something great about each one but it goes something like this:
This one’s not customer-friendly. The parking’s hard here. There aren’t enough available appointments. They serve mimosas but the blowouts are only so-so. Blah, blah, blah.

Well, Goldilocks has finally found her JUUUUUST RIGHT home for primping.

Assembly Salon located in the heart of Beverly Hills has everything I want. Attentive customer service, stylists and makeup artists who really know what they’re doing and an attentive owner in Jessica who really cares about her clients.

Not only do they do beautiful blowouts but they also have a braid and ponytail bar, makeup & lash application and manicures! Yep, it’s the entire primping experience all in one place. For a busy girl-about-town like me, this is a DREAM, I tell ya!

Every time I leave there, I feel like Jaclyn Smith meets…


Channeling my inner Charlie's Angel thanks to Dee at Assembly...


Farrah Fawcett meets…


Channeling Farrah...

…Cindy Crawford. Wait, that’s dating myself, isn’t it? Oh well. I’m turning’ 36 in 16 days, people. What can I say?

Best of all, I love going and getting a relaxing scalp massage by Dee and then multitasking by sitting in the chair type-type-typing away on my pieces while I get my hair all gorgified for the evening! Yep, they have Wi-Fi, Goldilocks!!


Another tip? I multitaskby getting work done while Dee gorgifies me! Dee is AMAAAAAZING!


So I had to share with you guys that they’re having a Sparkle & Mingle holiday party tonight!! And – even better than that? They have a slew of holiday specials going on right now! Come on out tonight and find out all about ’em! I’ll be there with…you guessed it…jingle bells on!!




BF Asks: How do you primp for a big night out?

Daily Delights: What’s Delighting me right now 8/13/13

So what are daily delights? Daily delights are the little things that make life worth living. Things that inspire. Encourage. Make Me Smile. Make Me Laugh. Make Things Rosier.

The happy little things, people, events, products, places and pieces of art that make the world a happier place to live in.

Are these things mind-blowing? Earth-shattering? Life-changing. Not usually. But they’re things that make me smile and, thus, make me want to share with you.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed them.

(These are usually pictures I post on Instagram of things that I’m loving at that exact moment. So if you want to get my daily delights on a daily, moment-by-moment basis, follow me on Instagram at @beautyfrosting)

My Daily Delights 8/13/13

1) On Saturday, I was delighted to attend the show of my fellow Texans – Lyle Lovett & Willie Nelson – at The Hollywood Bowl. I had to pay proper homage by wearing my Papaw’s Stetson cowboy hat, of course!

BeautyFrosting, Dawn McCoy

"Dawning" my Papaw's Stetson cowboy hat for Willie Nelson at The Hollywood Bowl this past Saturday


And I was so excited to attend with my good neighbor-friends from “The Compound”! We call them “the compound” because they’re two families that own a duplex together. I’m  like “The Compund Plus+” since I live right across the street. Love these folks!

Southern meets SoCal: With my favorite neighbor-friends at Willie Nelson at The Hollywood Bowl


And we kept getting compliments on our picnic spread. We did it right!!! With market fresh salads, cheese, fruit, hummus, homemade southern pimento cheese spread and homemade brownies, we were set!

Our picnic at The Hollywood Bowl for Willie Nelson & Lyle Lovett

I have never seen either Lyle or Willie live and they were even better than I could have imagined. And I got to see my friend, Mickey Raphael rock his harmonica. It was a magical, memorable evening that I won’t soon forget!


2) Even though I featured all of the decadent – and delightful – details yesterday, I still have to mention my Mary Poppins Popcorn Pajama Party as one of my Daily Delights this week. It was beyond delightful. Check out yesterday’s post to find out how to have your own movie pj party!

3) Right after Easter, I always buy all of the Easter-themed, pastel M&Ms I can find. Why? Because, I can enjoy their delightful pastel hues throughout the year. Sweet, indeed!

Sweet Saturday - a daily delight, for sure, thanks to Easter M&Ms

4) This is how you know summertime is in full-effect in Los Angeles. My sunglass tray, by my front door, is well-stocked and ready to block the shine! The bottom 3 pairs are from my favorite sunglass line of the moment, Ivory+Mason.

Summertime is in full effect so my Sunnies Tray is fully stocked! Featuring Ivory Mason sunglasses

5) Every time I bake brownies, I think of my mom. Sneaking tastes. Licking the spoon. Baking with my mom. These are amongst some of my most cherished memories. So when I baked Judy Rainey’s Brownies this past Saturday, I thought of my mom as I licked the spoon and baked with love. Parents, be sure to bake with your kids!

6) What started out as two girlfriends getting together to surprise our friend, Garrett, at the bar he works out turned into a mini reunion of my old Chris Fields acting class buddies. So much fun!

Love impromptu reunion parties! At Big Bar...

7) I really enjoyed this quote this week. As we walk through this world, this is a good one to remember!

Love this quote



BF Asks: What were your “Daily Delights” this week?


Friday Funday: Wednesdays at Sunset at The London West Hollywood

To me, Summer 2013 will always be about rooftop Wednesdays at Sunset at The London West Hollywood.

On the rooftop of The London West Hollywood reflecting on all of the friends, fun and fine tunes Summer 2013 has brought into my world

I imagine I will forever think of that rooftop – set to the sounds of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” – as the frozen video of Summer 2013. And what a magical memory to have!

I have spent a few “Wednesdays at Sunset” at The London West Hollywood and each one has been better than the last. But I have to say the best one I’ve had yet was when I hosted a Rooftop Cabana Cocktail Party for my favorite blogger-friends a few weeks ago.

Hosting a cabana party for a few of my blogger friends at Wednesdays at Sunset at The London West Hollywood


Between the delightful conversation with my fellow bloggers, new friends meeting each other and delicious bites and cocktails, it was my favorite event of the year thus far!

The attendees at my Blogger Cabana Cocktail Party on the rooftop of The London West Hollywood

I get by with a little help from my friends...and with the help of the beautiful setting of The London West Hollywood

We snacked on seafood cocktail, BBQ chicken flat breads, the LA Street Dog and delicious marshmallow cupcakes and sipped Strongbow Mimosas which were DIVINE!

The delicious details at The London West Hollywood "Wednesdays at Sunset"

And with our soundtrack set to the spins of Infamous DJs, we were in summer heaven!

My guests included the Beauty Professor, Spoiled Little LA Girls, Skinny Fat Girl Diary, Jennifer Chan of E!, Rose Curiel of E!, Whitney Lader of hoopLA, Hostess Handbook, Elle contributor Ashley Terrill, Jessica Yudin of The Fetch Betch LA & FabFitFun and more!

 And everyone was delighted to receive L’Oreal Paris giftbags courtesy of L’Oreal Paris USA and Corbis Entertainment!


Jess Garvey of Hostess Handbook (on left) with her luxe L'Oreal Paris USA gift bag!

I want to extend a special THANK YOU to our gracious hosts, The London West Hollywood (of course!) and my fairy godmother, Gina Wade Creative. This wouldn’t have been possible without your imagination, generosity and amazing service  – not to mention – the most fab hotel, and rooftop, in town!

I'm always smiling at The London West Hollywood!


‘Til next time, my beloved London…



BF Asks: What defines Summer 2013 to you? 

Thirsty Thursday: Coconut Vanilla Bellini

Cheers to our first Thirsty Thursday of 2013!

To kick off the year, I can’t wait to try this delicious, delicate and darling cocktail!


What you need:
– 1 bottle of prosecco
– 16 ounces of a coconut juice blend or coconut pureed nectar

For the sugared rims:
– 1/4 cup white sanding sugar
– 2 tablespoons granulated sugar
– 1 vanilla bean

– To prepare the sugared rims, combine sanding sugar, granulated sugar, the scraped seeds of the vanilla bean and the vanilla bean pod in a large bowl and mix. You can do this a few days ahead of time if desired.
– Coat the rims of 8 champagne flutes in something sticky and sweet, such as leftover frosting or marshmallow fluff.
– To make the cocktails, pour 2 ounces of the coconut juice blend or puree into the bottom of the flute. Fill the remaining space with prosecco and stir with a long spoon to mix.
– Serve immediately!

Friday Favorite: Angeleno Magazine Poolside Beauty Event

It was the fondest, most fabulous farewell a summer could ask for!

Dawn McCoy, London Hotel West Hollywood, Photo by Amy Opoka

Walking onto the rooftop of the London Hotel West Hollywood this past Tuesday, for Angeleno Magazine’s Poolside Beauty Event, I was greeted by the best of beauty – and the beautiful.

Treatments and treats were being offered to photographer Amy Opoka and I from every direction. Cocktails, sushi, manis, pedis, mini oxygen facials, makeup & lash applications, fashion shows and more. Here’s a gorgeous little glimpse:

Cocktail Waiter: “Would you like a VeeV Cosmo or Lemonade?” (Yes, please! Off to a good start!)

Dawn McCoy, London Hotel West Hollywood, Photo by Amy Opoka

Givenchy: Would you like to experience our fragrance, Dahlia Noir? (I would love to!!)

Givenchy Dahlia Noir, Angeleno Poolside Beauty Event, London Hotel West Hollywood, Photo by Amy Opoka


GLAMGLOW: “Have you tried GLAMGLOW?” (I have, I’ve gushed about it on my blog, I love it and I would love for my photographer to try! So, Yes please!)

GLAMGLOW, Angeleno Poolside Beauty Event, London Hotel West Hollywood, Photo by Amy Opoka


Burke Williams: “Would you like to see how your skin will look in 10 years?” (Ummmmmm…well, scary, but I guess I should? Thankfully, the future looks good thinks to major moisture and daily sunscreen over the past 2 decades. She actually says I have the most gorgeous skin she has seen that evening. Maybe she says that to everyone. Regardless, I smile and feel a tad bit better about my future. And I have a serious hankering for a Burke Williams massage and facial. My faaaaaaavorites!! )

Blushington: Would you like a makeup pick-me-up? (I’ve been dying to try you guys! And with the pretty-in-pink, gorgeous Emma Willis at the helm, count me in!)

Gold Grenade: Would you like to try our new DIY Nail art line by The New Black? (Yes!!! But I just got a manicure. No worries! I get to take a kit home with me thanks to the delicious goodie bag) 


Lashfully: Would you like to experience the best eyelash extensions you’ll ever have at our new boutique opening on Rodeo in September? (Um, most definitely. And y’all are so sweet!)


Did you see Christina Millian? Jeff Goldblum? Vanessa Simmons?  (Yes!!! And see them? Amy got some gorgeous pics!! No matter how long I live in LA, the kiddo in me will always think it’s pretty fun to see famous people in my midst. Jaded, I am not)

Christina Millian, Photo by Amy Opoka, Angeleno Poolside Beauty Event, London Hotel West Hollywood


Gorgeous Christina Millian & her gorgeous friend, Photo by Amy Opoka, Angeleno Poolside Beauty Event, London Hotel West Hollywood


The other fancy & fabulous folks included in this glamorous evening on the rooftop included Tom’s Eyewear at Kitson, Thread Eyebrow Threading, Vdara Spa, Salon by Maxime, Natra Rx, Gleam, Born to Glow Tanning, Dr. Glosman Dental, Robbie Lipgloss, LA SkinAestheticsand M Cafe.

It was pretty, poolside perfection.

I left with my head in the clouds, my heart in a flutter, summer in the rearview and bags of goodies in my hand.

What could be better than that?

Dawn McCoy, London Hotel West Hollywood, Photo by Amy Opoka


Thank you for a night to remember, Angeleno Magazine!

Opening the goodies back at home

Opening the goodies back at home at The Cupcake Palace


Late night snack - an Angeleno cookie! Yummylicious!

And Happy Labor Day, beauties!!

* To see more of Amy Opoka’s wonderful work or to contact Amy, click here:




BF Asks: How are you saying farewell to summer?

Thirsty Thursday: BF’s Kickin’ Cucumber-Jalapeno Texan Margarita

Growing up in Dallas, I was virtually raised on margaritas. Maybe not drinking them, myself, since childhood. But watching my parents entertain at home always involved margaritas or a margarita machine. When dining out, it was almost always Mariano’s or Mi Cocina. So, let’s just say I have a longstanding relationship with the Texan Margarita.

So I was delighted when the big hit of my fiesta this past Saturday was this recipe I came up with especially for the tex-mex affair. When I have a theme party, recipes just seem to flow. Love that!

Hope you and your guests enjoy as much as we did!

BeautyFrosting's Kickin' Cucumber-Jalapeno Margarita

BeautyFrosting’s Kickin’ Cucumber-Jalapeno Texan Margarita

(You may also omit the cucumber-jalapeno muddle for a Classic Texan Margarita)

1 c. + 1 Tbsp. Fresh-Squeezed Lime Juice

2 Half Gallons Minute Maid Limeade

1 c. Triple Sec

1 c. + 1 Tbsp Tequila (of choice)

3 Fresh Jalapeños (chopped)
1 Fresh Cucumber

1/2 tsp Sea Salt

Serve with salt, lime wedges, cucumber and jalapeño slices.

To create the Cucumber-Jalapeno muddle, slice the jalapenos and cucumbers and throw in blender or food processor. Add the 1 Tbsp Lime Juice, 1 Tbsp Tequila and 1/2 tsp salt. Store the muddle in fridge in covered glass bowl.

Combine the tequila, lime juice, limeade and triple sec.

If you know your guests are spice lovers, throw in the muddle but, if you’re like me, make the margarita and put in a pitcher/punchbowl/glasses. Provide guests with the muddle on the side with a teaspoon to serve. This stuff is SPICY!!! So a little goes a long way.

Serve over ice or blend for a frozen a la Texas-style.

BeautyFrosting's Texan Margarita

I also loved using my Nanny’s antique relish tray as a margarita garnish tray.

Using my Grandmother's antique relish tray as a margarita garnish platter

The sweet pickles were just a fun Texan touch specific to my affair!
Customize it to your crowd and occasion.




BF Asks: What is the signature cocktail of your state?