Foodie Friday: Paleta Catering – A Marriage between Healthy & Sinful

Here’s the conundrum.

Picture it. My BeautyFrosting 2nd Bloggiversary. April 16th, 2014.

Just a few of the 70 fab-fashionista-fit-foodie bloggers at the shindig. What-oh what- to do? Photo by Drunken Pixel

You have 70 bloggers as guests. Fashionistas – who are foodies – who are fit – who are fabulous…who also have to be photograph-ready at all times. And you also have cocktails. And, um, cake.

So corndogs and pizza are definitely out of the question. But what you do when you have a houseful of nutritionally-minded mavens who are hungry but don’t want to blow their diets and want to be healthy but don’t want to sacrifice taste?

Well, there’s only one way to turn – my godsend –  Paleta.

The Paleta spread: When Healthy Meets Sinful. Pacific Rim Chicken & Tofu Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce, Local & Imported Cheese Board, Crudite with Assorted Hummus and Greek Yogurt Dip and Paleta Power-Up Chewy Bites *Photo by Takahiro Watanabe


I’ve been a fan of Paleta for a while now – ever since I met Chef Kelly and learned about her passion for pleasing the palate while promoting health through healing. What sort of healing? The kind of healing that comes from eating farm-to-table fresh and filling your body with whole foods.

Paleta Crudité with Lemon Hummus, Sundried Hummus and Greek Yogurt Dip. Um, You know, "Taste the rainbow?" Well, this truly IS tasting the rainbow - but of farm fresh veggies rather than high fructose corn syrup. Photo by Takahiro Watanabe

My guests couldn’t stop gushing about the eats. I was shocked at how much these girls could put back. Sorry, y’all, just speaking the truth here. It was refreshing to see my fashionista friends ACTUALLY EATING at a party. It’s a rarity – like seeing Bigfoot or something. But, yep, that’s how good it was.

Paleta Pacific Rim Thai Chicken & Tofu Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce *Photo by Takahiro Watanabe

I did have one complaint though. My guests ate ALL the satay and I never got a taste!!! I was craving it so much after hearing everyone rave about it that I actually just ate a spoonful of the spicy peanut sauce. Oh, don’t you judge.

Next up for me? After a month of Coachella, trips to Palm Springs and events galore (see aforementioned cake and cocktails), I’m gonna give Paleta Home Meal Delivery a try. At the very least, I’ll be giving myself the gift of health and at best, I may lose a few pounds so I can be a swimmie siren this summer. Lofty goals, I know, but I really do think Paleta can help me get there!

Thanks so much, Chef Kelly and Paleta for being a BIG part of my very special day!



BF Asks: Which Paleta delicacy are you most craving now?

Friday Funday: Wednesdays at Sunset at The London West Hollywood

To me, Summer 2013 will always be about rooftop Wednesdays at Sunset at The London West Hollywood.

On the rooftop of The London West Hollywood reflecting on all of the friends, fun and fine tunes Summer 2013 has brought into my world

I imagine I will forever think of that rooftop – set to the sounds of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” – as the frozen video of Summer 2013. And what a magical memory to have!

I have spent a few “Wednesdays at Sunset” at The London West Hollywood and each one has been better than the last. But I have to say the best one I’ve had yet was when I hosted a Rooftop Cabana Cocktail Party for my favorite blogger-friends a few weeks ago.

Hosting a cabana party for a few of my blogger friends at Wednesdays at Sunset at The London West Hollywood


Between the delightful conversation with my fellow bloggers, new friends meeting each other and delicious bites and cocktails, it was my favorite event of the year thus far!

The attendees at my Blogger Cabana Cocktail Party on the rooftop of The London West Hollywood

I get by with a little help from my friends...and with the help of the beautiful setting of The London West Hollywood

We snacked on seafood cocktail, BBQ chicken flat breads, the LA Street Dog and delicious marshmallow cupcakes and sipped Strongbow Mimosas which were DIVINE!

The delicious details at The London West Hollywood "Wednesdays at Sunset"

And with our soundtrack set to the spins of Infamous DJs, we were in summer heaven!

My guests included the Beauty Professor, Spoiled Little LA Girls, Skinny Fat Girl Diary, Jennifer Chan of E!, Rose Curiel of E!, Whitney Lader of hoopLA, Hostess Handbook, Elle contributor Ashley Terrill, Jessica Yudin of The Fetch Betch LA & FabFitFun and more!

 And everyone was delighted to receive L’Oreal Paris giftbags courtesy of L’Oreal Paris USA and Corbis Entertainment!


Jess Garvey of Hostess Handbook (on left) with her luxe L'Oreal Paris USA gift bag!

I want to extend a special THANK YOU to our gracious hosts, The London West Hollywood (of course!) and my fairy godmother, Gina Wade Creative. This wouldn’t have been possible without your imagination, generosity and amazing service  – not to mention – the most fab hotel, and rooftop, in town!

I'm always smiling at The London West Hollywood!


‘Til next time, my beloved London…



BF Asks: What defines Summer 2013 to you? 

Foodie Friday: The delightful & delicious Del Frisco’s Grille Opens in Santa Monica

I’ll be honest.

The Del Frisco’s Grille launch party at the Santa Monica Pier a few weeks ago meant A LOT more to me than one of the standard tastings I usually attend.

At the Del Frisco's Grille opening in Santa Monica - the best of Texas on the west coast? I've died and gone to foodie heaven!

Why, you ask? Because…
1) It’s like my two worlds have collided – what with my favorite steakhouse of all-time coming to the Cali coast. Y’all have no idea what delectable deliciousness you’re in store for.
2) The service was straight-up Texas. Never an empty glass, an empty plate or a face without a smile.
3) Take that customer service a giant step further! I received a THANK YOU NOTE (remember what those are?) from my waitress, Ashley, from Idaho. Yep, seriously.

Customer Service with a smile at Del Frisco's Grille: A Thank You note from my waitress on my 1st visit, Ashley

4) I met Jason Lewis from Sex & The City…which, um, I didn’t haaate (as you can see in this picture).

TryToBeCool, Dawn. TRY. TO. BE. COOL. With the also-delicious Jason Lewis (of Sex & The City fame) at the Del Frisco's Grille Santa Monica opening

To be honest, these are the moments I return to my early days as a cheerleader. Full of fun, full of hope and full of faith that my team will get the job done.
As I made my rounds abound the room, the one thing I heard on repeat from all of my fellow guests and fellow media attendees was this: “Can you believe this service?” or “This is the BEST service I’ve ever experienced.” Literally, I heard some variation of this AT LEAST 21 times. Not twenty. 21!!
My response, “Oh, of course. I grew up as a Dallas Del Frisco’s girl. It’s the only kind of service I know.”
Which might explain why my expectations are so high. And, unfortunately, why I’m often let down. After all, customer service is key with me, sugar!
No disappointment here – only delight. And we haven’t even gotten to the food and cocktails yet!

Cocktail'o'clock at Del Frisco Grille Santa Monica

Between the ice-cold, super fresh seafood (such as shrimp, salmon, oysters, clams and more)…

Fresh, tasty and ice-cold seafood bar at Del Frisco Grille Santa Monica

and delectable small bites such as slider burgers, sushi rolls and Philly cheesesteak eggrolls (ONE OF MY FAVORITE FOODS ON THE ENTIRE PLANET!!!)…

Small bites of sin at Del Frisco's Grille Santa Monica

and delectable desserts such as Nutella Bread Pudding and – the one I dream about – coconut cream pie as well as the “Adult Milkshake” nightcap cocktail…

Dessert & the cutest nightcap ever at Del Frisco's Grille Santa Monica

I left full and smiling from ear to ear…and fully satiated and delighted!

Antics on the red carpet at the Del Frisco's Grille Santa Monica opening

Listen, I know that Texans get a bad rap sometimes but this is one Texan transplant that has already won over its whole Cali constituency.
Del Frisco’s Grille is now OPEN!!
1551 Ocean Ave. – Santa Monica, CA 90401
Phone (310) 395-7333 –
BF Asks: What restaurant from your hometown do you wish was in the city you live in now? 

Daily Delights: What’s Delighting Me Right Now 7/14/13

So what are daily delights? Daily delights are the little things that make life worth living. Things that inspire. Encourage. Make Me Smile. Make Me Laugh. Make Things Rosier.

The happy little things, people, events, products, places and pieces of art that make the world a happier place to live in.

Are these things mind-blowing? Earth-shattering? Life-changing. Not usually. But they’re things that make me smile and, thus, make me want to share with you.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed them.

(These are usually pictures I post on Instagram of things that I’m loving at that exact moment. So if you want to get my daily delights on a daily, moment-by-moment basis, follow me on Instagram at @beautyfrosting)

1. Be Your Best Self. While house-hunting, I saw this written on the resident’s door by the peephole. Nice reminder as you walk out into the world every day, huh?

Good to remember as you're heading out into the world every day - Be Your Best Self.


2. Baskin Robbins Clown Cones. The only clowns that don’t scare me. Pure nostalgia in a cup. Just the sight of these delight me so!

Bask Robbins Clown Cones - the only clowns that don't (really) scare me!


3. And speaking of nostalgia…a 70s Skate Night with Sydne Summer and Hello Glendale at Moonlight Rollerway. Fab fashionistas dressed in vintage 70s, free skate and an open snack bar. Ummm, heaven.

Can you say Rollergirl? 70s Skate Night hosted by Sydne Summer and Hello Glendale at Moonlight Rollerway


I got suuuuper into it! I felt a little like a hybrid of Janet AND Chrissy on Three’s Company. In fact, I couldn’t get the song out of my head!

Someone was enjoying the costume immensely...especially the shiny Solid Gold-dancer-style tights!

4. My neighbor-friends brought this back from Texas for me. Fancy, indeed. Whataburger Fancy Ketchup is the BEST ketchup on the planet.

Whataburger Fancy Ketchup. Fancy, indeed.


5. PioneerBaby!! Jennifer picked up this precious hat for Hope’s daughter, Isla and I am obsessed. Soooo Little House on The Prairie.

Pioneer Baby!!!


6. Nothin’ better post-spin class than Clover Juices. Best juices I’ve tasted! And reasonable to boot! I’m enjoying these so much that I’m gonna need a juicer at home!

Clover Juices - I'm a convert


7. Mid-week Wine Tasting with a bestie. Learn About Wine events are great for some quality friend time because they’re fun, casual, informative and…DELICIOUS! Lucky I got to spend Wednesday night with one of my besties, Vanessa York of Shindig Shoppe – who is responsible for all BeautyFrosting design elements!

At Learn About Wine tasting Marsatta chocolate and RiverBench wines

Why, yes, we will have another glass!


8. Saw this One Good Deed A Day Journal at Anthropologie and I was sold. Definitely on my wish list! Couldn’t we all use this happy little reminder to create daily delights for others?

On my Wish List? One Good Deed A Day Journal

That’s it for this week’s Daily Delights. May there be many more delights – for both you and me – in the week ahead!


BF Asks: What were your Daily Delights this week? 

Magical Monday: The Great & Powerful Oz Tea at The London West Hollywood

If you have kids or just are a kid at heart like me, have I got a summer treat for you!

The London West Hollywood is celebrating the DVD release of The Great & Powerful Oz with an afternoon tea that’s sure to delight and excite even the grumpiest munchkin or most wicked of witches!

Feeling magical and fantastical at The Great & Powerful Oz Tea at The London West Hollywood

Starting just over a week ago and running through every weekend over the next 6 weeks of summer, the tea is served on Saturdays and Sundays from 2pm – 4pm at Gordon Ramsay at The London.

Tabletop fun! At The Great & Powerful Oz Tea at The London West Hollywood

With staff dressed in Glinda-style tiaras and munchkin-style bowler hats, hot air balloon and magic star wand-centerpieces and the film’s soundtrack playing throughout the tea, you’ll feel less like you’re in Los Angeles and more like you’re in Oz for the entire afternoon.
Nerd that I am, I of course, dressed in Oz-theme with a blue and white polka dot dress and red patent leather heels. With all of the magic around me, I truly felt like Dorothy! And with my friend – and fellow blogger, Whitney Lader from hoopLA – there as my date, the afternoon was even more magical and memorable!

Teatime with my friend - and fellow blogger - Whitney Lader of hoopLA at The Great & Powerful Oz Tea at The London West Hollywood

Whitney enjoys Bubbletime at The Great & Powerful Oz tea! I love the little girl at the table behind us looking like she either thinks we might be crazy or that we're good witches! I'm going with the second option, of course!


Whitney and I opted to share two pots of tea so we could fully appreciate all of the delicious Oz options. We chose the Emerald City Green Tea with Jasmine Flowers & Pure Peppermint Leaves and the Natural Rosehip with Hibiscus, Chamomile, mediterranean teas.

Selection of Teas

And adults can enjoy Glinda’s bubble champagne to feel a little “extra” magical.

Indulging in Glinda's Bubble Champagne

With courses including Emerald City Miniature Sandwiches and Canapes, Flying Monkey Bites and Evanora and Theodora’s Wickedly Delicious Treats, you’re sure to leave feeling full and treated like the Wizard of Oz!

The tea tray at The Great & Powerful Oz Tea at The London West Hollywood

My favorite Oz bites?  The mini peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich straight from Kansas and the Roast Beef with onion marmalade finger sandwiches.

Fantastical Finger Sandwiches

The scones were utterly decadent…


Sinfully delicious scones with jam, cream and butter

and the Ruby Red Apple Crumble was scrumptious!

Wickedly delicious desserts: Opera cake, apple crumble and lemon meringue bars!

Make your reservation now for a day your whole family is sure to remember for a lifetime!

 The Great & Powerful Oz Tea Menu

$28 for adults

$14 for children

Selection of Teas

Natural Rosehip with Hibiscus, Chamomile, mediterranean

Mandarin, Brilliant Breakfast, Single Estate Oolong, Earl Grey ,

Emerald City Green Tea with Jasmine Flowers & Pure Peppermint Leaves


Wicked Witch Brew

100% Juice


 Emerald City Miniature Sandwiches & Canapes

Mini Tuna Fish Sandwiches

Mini Turkey Sandwiches

Mini Peanut Butter, Banana & Honey Sandwiches Straight from Kansas

Hummus with Crisp Shallot

Curried Chicken-Golden Raisins

Roast Beef-Red Onion Marmalade


 Flying Monkey Bites

Blackcurrant Scones with Devonshire Cream & Lemon Curd

Peanut Butter Scones with Strawberry jam


 Evanora & Theodora’s Wickedly Delicious Treats

The Dark Forest Chocolate Opera  Cake

Ruby Red Apple Crumble

Yellow Brick Road Lemon Meringue Bar


Sides for Munchkins

Sliced Carrots & Celery with Hummus

Fresh Fruit Cups

*Glinda’s Bubble Champagne Available Upon Request (Not for Munchkins!)




BF Asks: Are you a fan of teatime like I am? 

Foodie Friday: Del Frisco’s Grille in Dallas – First In My Heart

There are few things a Texan girl loves as much as her mama. Del Frisco’s steak is one of them.

Foodie Friday: Del Frisco's Grille in Dallas, Texas

After all, you always love your first. And while it may not have been my first steak, it’s the first steak I can remember as being utterly melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

I was raised on the stuff and it set a verrry high bar for a good steak. When you’re a Dallas Del Frisco’s girl, you expect a lot – and, unfortunately as a result, you are often disappointed at other steak-claiming establishments.

So I was thrilled to be invited to experience Del Frisco’s Grille in Dallas on McKinney. But being invited back to where my love of steak was born, I found myself a little nervous. Would it live up to the hype of my memory? Would the quality have suffered over the years? The answer? A resounding NO. In fact, if it’s possible, it even got BETTER.

Here’s what my tastebuds got to indulge in. And there wasn’t a below amazing taste among them.


Del Frisco's Grile Crafted Cocktails: (clockwise from top right to left) Apt. 5D, Tennessee Peach and The VIP

TENNESSEE PEACH Jack Daniels, Fresh Peaches, Honey, Fresh Lime Juice – which tastes like the tastiest, spirited Peach Cobbler.

THE VIP Svedka Clementine Vodka Infused with Fresh Hawaiian Pineapple – reminiscent of a delicious pineapple sherbet from your youth.

APT. 5D Tito’s Vodka, Simple Syrup, Lemon Sour, Dash of Balsamic Vinegar, Muddled Strawberries  – straight up spirited strawberry jam.


Bodega Inurrieta Navarra Cuatrocientos, CV ($55)

Excellent wine pairing for our steak: Bodega Inurrieta Navarra Cuatrocientos, CV ($55)


Now, this was a mighty fine wine. And I have the sommelier to thank for this gem. It was his recommendation based on my preferences and he was spot on!


Food To Fight Over: (clockwise from left to right) Deviled Eggs, Ahi Tuna Tacos, Cheesesteak Rolls and Pimento Rolls

CHEESESTEAK EGGROLLS Sweet & Spicy Chili Sauce, Honey Mustard 10 – holy cheesteaks, Batman! These are gold!! I’d heard rumors of how yummy they were but they beat my highest expectations. And they were my mom’s favorite thing on the menu!

PIMENTO CHEESE FRITTERS Chipotle Ranch Sauce 9 – I loooooved these. They were one of my top faves of the evening. Fried & breaded with cheesy, southern pimento goodness inside. Melt-in-your-mouth and maybe a bit on your hands and chin, as well!

AHI TACOS Tuna Tartare, Avocado, Spicy Citrus Mayo  – Delicious, light and crispy.

DEVILED EGGS Truffle-Chive Vinaigrette – Yummy!



The Del Frisco's Classic Wedge Salad. A foodie must-try!

ICEBERG LETTUCE WEDGE Bacon, Tomato, Blue Cheese Dressing – I always think of Del Frisco’s whenever I enjoy a wedge salad. But few live up to my lettuce wedge first love. Happy to see it’s stayed the same over the years!




CHEF’S SELECTION – A TRIO OF STEAK FEATURE  – This Chef’s selection was divine and lived up to every memory I have of Del Frisco’s sumptuous, juicy steaks. One with crabmeat, one with beurre blanc and one with a peppercorn sauce. How do you do it, Del? The outside “crust’ is just the teensiest bit crispy and the inside is buttery smooth, juicy and divine. This is why Del Frisco’s is where all steak-lovers go to heaven.



Oh, you sweet temptress you, Del Frisco's Grille Java Roaster!

JAVA ROASTER – LIQUID DESSERT UV Coconut Vodka, Tres Leches, Esspresso Liqueur 6 – wheeeew boy! Got a nice, sweet little buzz with a jolt of java. And it’s a perfect dessert if you want just a bit of sweetness!


Del Frisco's Grille Coconut Cream Pie - a coconut cloud

COCONUT CREAM PIE with White Chocolate Shavings – a dreamy pillow of sweetness  – a cloud of coconut and white chocolate 


Thank you so much, Del Frisco’s Grille! The food was delicious and your staff was utterly delightful. I can’t wait to come back next time I’m in Dallas! And I CANNOT WAIT for the grand opening of the new Del Frisco’s Grille on the pier in Santa Monica. A little taste of home coming out to LA!! And you know what I say to that? Yeeeeehaaaaww!!!


Nothing better than being invited to sample one of your favorite restaurants in your hometown with your two favorite dates.

Me & My Two Favorite Dates - my big brother, David and my mom, Clarice - at Del Frisco's Grille in Dallas


Oh and by the way – the other things a Texan girl loves? Willie Nelson, her daddy, her dog, her sorority sisters, her cowboy boots, her grandaddy’s cowboy hat and her hairstylist.

But steak is first in her heart.




BF Asks: What’s the best steak you’ve ever enjoyed? 

New Column Alert: Foodie Friday

While I know we have had “Foodie Fridays” before here on BeautyFrosting, we are starting a new chapter today. I hope you will join us for the ride!

A beautiful benefit of BeautyFrosting is that I get to experience so many excellent restaurants, try out new tastes and sample some of the best chefs in the world. It has always seemed like such a loss that I had no place to share this praise. Then it hit me. I have the perfect place to do just this! BeautyFrosting, of course. And, thus, Foodie Friday was reborn!

On Foodie Fridays, BeautyFrosting is going to bring you some of our favorite foodie finds, eats and drinks. While a lot of the fare will be based in L.A. and its surrounding areas, you might find us covering food from our travels, hometowns and more. So you can expect some tex-mex in there for sure from this girl! (I’m talking to you, Mi Cocina, in Dallas)

And I am so excited to have my foodie friend, Rebecca Meyer, along for the ride! Like me, she is a true foodie – a lover of food, libations and delicacies. Rebecca also had the oh-so-clever idea of using our mutual love of gratitude to serve as our template for reviews. As she said, “We get to go in, experience these delicious tastes and fall in love. It seems the least we could do is write a thank you note.” I couldn’t have said it better myself, Rebecca. Together, we can’t wait to bring you our old favorites and new-to-us delights!

If you have a place or product you would like for us to try for Foodie Friday, just comment below or shoot us an email.

Keep your hearts full and your taste buda happy, people!