Foodie Friday: Paleta Catering – A Marriage between Healthy & Sinful

Here’s the conundrum.

Picture it. My BeautyFrosting 2nd Bloggiversary. April 16th, 2014.

Just a few of the 70 fab-fashionista-fit-foodie bloggers at the shindig. What-oh what- to do? Photo by Drunken Pixel

You have 70 bloggers as guests. Fashionistas – who are foodies – who are fit – who are fabulous…who also have to be photograph-ready at all times. And you also have cocktails. And, um, cake.

So corndogs and pizza are definitely out of the question. But what you do when you have a houseful of nutritionally-minded mavens who are hungry but don’t want to blow their diets and want to be healthy but don’t want to sacrifice taste?

Well, there’s only one way to turn – my godsend –  Paleta.

The Paleta spread: When Healthy Meets Sinful. Pacific Rim Chicken & Tofu Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce, Local & Imported Cheese Board, Crudite with Assorted Hummus and Greek Yogurt Dip and Paleta Power-Up Chewy Bites *Photo by Takahiro Watanabe


I’ve been a fan of Paleta for a while now – ever since I met Chef Kelly and learned about her passion for pleasing the palate while promoting health through healing. What sort of healing? The kind of healing that comes from eating farm-to-table fresh and filling your body with whole foods.

Paleta Crudité with Lemon Hummus, Sundried Hummus and Greek Yogurt Dip. Um, You know, "Taste the rainbow?" Well, this truly IS tasting the rainbow - but of farm fresh veggies rather than high fructose corn syrup. Photo by Takahiro Watanabe

My guests couldn’t stop gushing about the eats. I was shocked at how much these girls could put back. Sorry, y’all, just speaking the truth here. It was refreshing to see my fashionista friends ACTUALLY EATING at a party. It’s a rarity – like seeing Bigfoot or something. But, yep, that’s how good it was.

Paleta Pacific Rim Thai Chicken & Tofu Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce *Photo by Takahiro Watanabe

I did have one complaint though. My guests ate ALL the satay and I never got a taste!!! I was craving it so much after hearing everyone rave about it that I actually just ate a spoonful of the spicy peanut sauce. Oh, don’t you judge.

Next up for me? After a month of Coachella, trips to Palm Springs and events galore (see aforementioned cake and cocktails), I’m gonna give Paleta Home Meal Delivery a try. At the very least, I’ll be giving myself the gift of health and at best, I may lose a few pounds so I can be a swimmie siren this summer. Lofty goals, I know, but I really do think Paleta can help me get there!

Thanks so much, Chef Kelly and Paleta for being a BIG part of my very special day!



BF Asks: Which Paleta delicacy are you most craving now?

In-The-Bag: BeautyFrosting’s Candyland Gorgeous Gift Guide


The holidays are here at last!! So warm up a cup of eggnog or catch a candy cane and settle in for our favorites this holiday season!

If you, or Santa, have a few more names to check off your list, here are my top picks for this year’s BeautyFrosting’s Gorgeous Holiday Gift-Giving Guide!

This season, it’s a Candyland out there! With candy-colored hues, pastel pretties, and gifts that look and smell good enough to eat, you’re certainly in for a treat this holiday season! All of the deliciousness of dessert with zero calories? Count me in.

1) Fresh Sugar Cheer Set $28: Fresh always delivers its sugar-filled formulas with sweet-smelling and skin-pleasing cheer. And this set is no exception! The best of Fresh in one set, your secret Santa will get a tinted SPF 15 lip treatment in Rose, advanced lip therapy treatment and Brown Sugar Body Cream all in a shiny, festive red clutch. I have gifted Fresh oodles of times over the years, and every time, my gift recipients have been giddy with glee.

2) Haute Hostess Glam It Up Luxe Apron in Rosalynn ($350): Haute Hostess Aprons are on my wish list every year. When I finally received one as a gift, I swooned. Every time I see one of these luxe frocks in someone’s home, I get as giddy as a 13-year-old girl. The go-to glamorous gift for your favorite hostess with the mostest, the wearer will feel like a queen in the kitchen or a princess at the party. These coquettish confections bring out the beautiful best in every woman! And not only are they fun to wear, but they are beautiful conversation pieces in the home. The ultimate in kitchen couture, any girl will feel lucky to receive her Haute Hostess Apron just in time for the holidays.

3) Bobbi Brown Tube Tint Trio ($38): I’ve been getting these seasonal, sweet, sheer glosses as stocking stuffers for as long as I can remember. With just the perfect hint of color, they are ideal for lip-gloss lovers, teens, and anyone who likes her glam a bit more on the natural side. This year’s shades include Glitter Lip Gloss in Grape, Pink Violet Lip Gloss, and Shimmer Lip Gloss in Pink Mist. All give you a hint of color without making you feel all made up! Now, isn’t that sweet?

4) Trish McEvoy Voyager Collection Glamorous Beauty ($85): This wallet-sized pink planner packs a pretty punch! Stuffed with Trish’s favorite colors and tools, this is the perfect glamazon’s glamour-emergency kit. Inside are six mini versions of Trish’s iconic brushes; a double-decker palette of multi-textured eye, face and lip colors; plus two shades of concealer to bring out the polished pretty in each of us. It is a MUST for the glamorous girl in your life!

5) Trish McEvoy Wild Blueberry Vanilla Scented Candle ($20): The most delicious thing you’ve ever smelled. Don’t bake? People will think you do when you light this believable, buttery Blueberry Vanilla candle. It genuinely makes your home smell like freshly baked blueberry muffins. And it never fails to make me smile. Perfect for kitchen-centered holiday hangs. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

6) B & E Soap and Scrub Co. Vanilla Oatmeal Brown Sugar Scrub ($15): Who doesn’t want to be glowing for the holidays? A new favorite of mine, this scrub leaves your skin soft, supple, and smelling delicious— like a homemade oatmeal molasses cookie! It leaves virtually no trace of oil on you or sediment in the tub. Hallelujah! You’re sloughed and smell great! What more could you want? Oh, how about a great price? At $15 for an 18-ounce tub, you can buy one for you and all of those on your “Nice” list. Even Santa would appreciate this cookie-scented scrub!

7) Butter London Holiday Glitter Trio Set ($36): You can’t go wrong with nail polish as a stocking stuffer, as it is the perfect little holiday happy for your best girlfriends. And with this glittery trio from Butter, your friends are sure to be delighted! The holidays are a perfect time to don glitter and make a statement. And with these shimmering shades – Rosie Lee, a full-coverage, light rosy pink glitter in a clear base; Fairy Cake, a silvery, multi-color iridescent glitter in a light gray base; and the Black Knight, a pink, blue, and silver glitter in a black jelly base – your favorite recipient is sure to make a few stunning statements and turn a few heads this season.

8) Tarte Holiday Collection 2012 (price varies per set): Feeding into our signature sweet tooth is Tarte’s never-fail holiday collection. Give the gifts as a whole set or – do what I do – split them up between stockings. For those of us on a budget, I love getting Tarte’s holiday collections and making multiple gifts out of them! Personalizing each gift to each person’s personality and skin tone makes these gifts pretty, one-of-a-kind, and pocketbook friendly! I feel like Santa!

Now, I just need to find the perfect peppermint pastille-pretty paper to wrap these delicious gifts in for all of my little elves!

Merry, merry & happy, happy to you & yours!

I hope the gifts are tasty and the memories are even more delicious!



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