Life’s Not Always Peachy Keen: A Little Social Media Truth Talk

Life’s not always peachy keen…even on days when there are peach muffins for breakfast.

Life's not always peachy keen…even when there are peach muffins for breakfast. Let's get real, folks.

Life’s not always peachy keen…even when there are peach muffins for breakfast. Let’s get real, folks.

Life is made up of lots of little crumbs — some sweet and delicious, and some just too tough to digest.
Yesterday I posted that I was having a tough morning and was baking to deal with it. I was hurting for someone I love, about something that is out of my control. I was overwhelmed with messages of love, concern, care and support from friends and everyone I love. Thank you all.
But that’s not why I posted that.

As a so-called social media influencer I think it’s our responsibility to not treat social media as a Christmas card that just shows us at our best and our happiest. That’s not real, and that’s not life. We all have down days and we all have problems and moments we struggle with. I think it’s important to show what we do to cope with the hard times as honestly as we capture how we celebrate the good times. By being honest with our social media, and showing both the highs and the lows, I hope our friends and followers can see who we truly are, and hopefully know they’re not alone when they experience those darker days.
Hopefully, they’re reminded that lightness always follows the darkness, and they will be okay.

McCoy’s MeCations: I Spent New Years Alone & I LOVED It…Thanks To The Oaks At Ojai

The McCoy’s MeCation Challenge: Hey, you! Yeah, YOU. This summer, I have an assigment for you. Go somewhere  – anywhere alone – for at least 24 hours. Trust me. It’ll change your life in some miraculous little way. That’s what McCoy’s MeCations are all about.

On my way to Ojai to The Oaks at Ojai, and on the lookout for the bright light shining that is 2015.

On my way to Ojai to The Oaks at Ojai, and on the lookout for the bright light shining that is 2015.

With summer upon us, I felt that sharing my miraculous McCoy’s MeCation over this past New Years might be just the source inspiration for some of you out there. Memorial Day kicks off summer, filled with steamy weather and socializing galore, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve got to carve out time for some much-needed R&R and self-care.

That’s what took me to The Oaks at Ojai, back on December 31st this past winter.

Right when I arrived and felt like I was just in heaven. First up? I had Yoga at 4 pm. Moving healthfully and gracefully into 2015.

Right when I arrived and felt like I was just in heaven. First up? I had Yoga at 4 pm. Moving healthfully and gracefully into 2015.

My career is about as social as you can get, so when I think vacations and celebrations, I don’t think parties and clubs, I think of comfy accommodations, meaningful conversations, delicious food and drink…and there’s gotta be a pool.

Snuggling into my home of Ojai for 3 days over New Years

Snuggling into my home of Ojai for 3 days over New Years. You KNOW there’s a pool!

I asked my friends if anyone felt like traveling, and unfortunately, no one could swing it. So, I decided to find a health spa, where I could truly detox and relax, and gear up for a productive – and healthy – 2015.

Luxuriating in my spa tub at The Oaks at Ojai

Luxuriating in my spa tub at The Oaks at Ojai. Feeling utterly bubbly as I reflected and washed away what didn’t serve me and toasted to the beautiful mysteries that 2015 holds. Feeling so grateful for so many dreams coming true in 2014. So do I want more to come true this year? As AmyPoehler says…YES PLEASE!

I realize that spending New Year’s Eve alone as a 30-something female might sound a little sad to some. But I assure you it wasn’t. I dare say it was my favorite New Year’s Eve to date. And I give 100% credit for that to The Oaks At Ojai. Like many of you, I had overindulged during the holidays, and found myself plotting to be my healthiest best in 2015. Then reiki master Kelsey Patel gave me some sage advice and one piece of direction for my New Years holiday, “Be sure you celebrate midnight on New Year’s Eve doing what you’d like to be doing the rest of 2015.”

A super early morning hike was the perfect, healthy start to my 2015

A super early morning hike was the perfect, healthy start to my 2015

The first thought for me? I want to be my healthiest best. There are plenty of parties and glasses of champagne to be toasted, but I can do that anytime, so for New Years, I would detox. I researched my options and the one spa that kept coming up with a host of accolades and a bevy of rave reviews was The Oaks at Ojai.

Getting the Sweet Slumber massage at The Oaks at Ojai. Perfect way to wind down a busy 2014.

The perfect way to wrap up 2014? Getting a Sweet Slumber 75-Minute Massage at The Oaks Spa . Heaven.

 When I announced on my social media outlets where I would be going, my female friends of all ages came out of the woodwork, all saying how much they love it there and describing it as a grownup girls’ sleepaway camp or a Disney World for women. One of my friends even based the setting for a novel she wrote there. So, the bar? Yeah, that bar was set high.


One of the best parts about taking a vacay alone are the new friends you make. The Oaks seriously is like a healthier version of summer camp.

Sunrise hike with new friends at The Oaks at Ojai. One of the best parts about taking a vacay alone are the new friends you make. The Oaks seriously is like a healthier version of summer camp.. It was one of their Mother-Daughter weekends so I made 3 friends for the price of 1! Plus a slew of others! Here we are on the 90-minute Shelf Road hike through the hills of Ojai.

Well, The Oaks did not disappoint. With the pressures of Hollywood only an hour and a half away, you’d expect The Oaks at Ojai to be all about “fashionable fitness,” but you’d be wrong. This is a place where it’s more about feeling fit than sporting your LuluLemon, counting your fat cells or validating yourself on a scale. Here, there’s no pressure for anyone to be anything but your truest self. How many places can claim that?

Plenty of times for non-judgmental relaxing and reflecting at The Oaks at Ojai

Plenty of times for non-judgmental relaxing and reflecting at The Oaks at Ojai

As for the rates? They vary, but they are very reasonable. You can go solo and all in, and stay in the more luxe accommodation, the Double Courtyard Suite, like I did (for around $710/ night).

My super comfy, luke and relaxing Double Courtyard Cottage. Just the most heavenly place to kick off a new year…or a summer.

My super comfy, luke and relaxing, spanish-style Double Courtyard Cottage – my home for 3 days. Just the most heavenly place to kick off a new year…or a summer. Lanai? Check. Personal fountain? Check. Fireplace? Check. Huuuuge in-room sunken spa, surrounded by handcrafted Spanish Art Deco tile? Check. Heaven? Check.

Or, you can come with friends, and/or be paired with a “roommate” in a standard twin room (for as little as $250/night). All of these rates are all-inclusive, including 3 meals and snacks, as well as all the fitness classes (15 to choose from – I ended up partaking in 11!!) you could want, so it’s actually a great deal, any way you look at it! They also have spa day passes (for $130 – $185) that are super reasonable.

My FAVE class! Relaxing yoga in my pjs, right before bed.

My FAVE class! Deeply restful yoga Nidra before bedtime at The Oaks. Relaxing yoga in my pjs, right before bed.

As for the food? So healthy and SO delicious.

New Years brunch, The Oaks style.

New Years brunch, The Oaks style. No mimosas, but my conscience sure feels healthy…and no hangover in sight.

A healthy salad at lunch

A healthy salad at lunch


Delicious turkey chili!

Delicious turkey chili!

As for dinner?
Healthy. Light. Delicious.

Healthy. Light. Delicious. Salmon. Shrimp. Veggies. YUM!

And my “weird” high-maintenance request, that The Oaks was kind enough to accommodate, at lunch on New Years:

 Nothin' keeps me from my annual southern New Year's tradition of blackeyed peas for prosperity. Nothin'. It's my annual good luck charm. Luckily, the@oaksspa were able to accommodate my weird request today for lunch. Yes. I was THAT girl. But, such sweet customer service here!  

Nothin’ keeps me from my annual southern New Year’s tradition of blackeyed peas for prosperity. Nothin’. It’s my annual good luck charm. Luckily, The Oaks was able to accommodate my weird request for New Years lunch. Yes. I was THAT girl. But, such sweet customer service here!

I left 12 lbs lighter and I don’t just mean physically. My skin was soft and smooth, and my mind was relaxed and ready for the year ahead.

Refreshing smoothie time! And just look at that glowing skin!

Refreshing smoothie time! And just look at that glowing skin!

Overall McCoy’s MeCations Travel Takeaway? There are many highlights of The Oaks at Ojai: the spa services, the health benefits, the new friends, the comfy accommodations that make you feel like you’re in Santa Fe, and so much more. But the real reason it’s so special? The Cluff family and THE STAFF.

I’m not being a soft-soaper when I say that every single member of the staff at The Oaks makes you feel utterly pampered and cared for. They want to know who you are, what your goals are, and what they can do for you.They are kind. They are real. They are attentive. They are downright loving. Much of the staff is part of the Cluff family (mom, Sheila Cluff, is the founder & a fitness and health icon, herself), or teachers or therapists who have been there for more than a decade, out of sheer happiness and loyalty. Just the fact that they have such loyal, attentive staffers speaks volumes of the home-away-from-home that the Cluff family and The Oaks have created for both its guests and staff.

So, if you need a healthy escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life – especially from this City of Angels that doesn’t always feel so angelic – well, have I got the place for you. Be sure to tell ’em I sent you. I’m their biggest cheerleader.


The ‘tails:

The Oaks at Ojai

122 E. Ojai Avenue

Ojai, CA 93023  


Editor’s Note: As per all my McCoy’s MeCations, this post was sponsored by the participating host hotel – in this case, The Oaks at Ojai (805.646.5573), 122 E. Ojai Avenue, Ojai, CA 93023. All accommodations, services, fare and beverages were provided by the host hotel, and their associates.


Dear 15-Year-Old Me: You’re Okay

This is hanging on my dad’s office wall. Me at 15. I saw this picture at my dad’s house, and it broke my heart.

Me at 15.

I saw a gorgeous 15-year-old girl, but that’s not the 15-year-old girl I remembered.

The 15-year-old I rememberer was chubby, with braces, looked like a boy, and was much too much.

Too much, physically.

Too much curly hair.

Too much love to give.

Too much of a talker.

Too much of a singer.

Too much of an actor.

Too much of a kiss-up.

Too much for her parents.

Too much for her brother.

Too much for boys.

Too much for herself.

Too much everything.

That is not who I see now. I see someone who was just enough.

I see this picture and see a gorgeous 15-year-old, with a big personality, who was painfully insecure. More than anything, I wish I could go back and tell myself: “Embrace your curves. You’re never going to be a size 0, so stop fighting it so hard. You’re only wasting time and energy. Embrace your talents and loving spirit. You don’t need to be your big brother, best friend, or anyone else for that matter. You just need to be you. It’s enough. Don’t be afraid of being different. It’s the very thing that will change your life for the better. You’re enough. You’re special. Life is going to be so sweet. And, lastly, you’re okay, you’re okay, you’re okay, you’re okay.”

I dedicate this post to all girls in middle school and high school out there, and their parents. I promise it’s going to get better. YOU’RE okay, you’re okay, you’re okay, you’re okay, you’re okay.



#Bf30DaysofGratitude Day 5: Anti-Bullying & Kindness Campaigns

#Bf30DaysofGratitude Day 5: Today, I am so grateful for all of the anti-bullying campaigns and organizations alive today, such as @kindcampaign@noh8campaign @trevorproject @stompoutbullying and @bravetrails (whose bingo fundraiser is tonight at WeHo Hamburger Mary’s). As a woman who spent a good portion of her young life yo-yo dieting and straightening my naturally curly hair as a result of a few cruel, careless words uttered by 8th grade kids, I can assure you that the effects of bullying can last a lifetime.

And I know how easy I had it. So many aren’t that lucky. Thus, I am so thankful that these forward-thinking organizations exist to encourage and educate the bullied, the bullies, the parents and the educators. Bullying cannot – and – WILL NOT – be tolerated. And I support any and every organization that fights it.


BF Asks: Were you ever the victim of a bully? How did it affect your life? 


If you follow me on social media, you know that I’m right smack-dab in the middle of 15 Days of Fitness. It’s going SO great, I actually have something exciting in store for you guys in August. More on that later.

But now, what am I soooooo excited about that I had to start a new column called “SO EXCITED, I CAN’T HIDE IT ABOUT…”? Well, dear readers, that would be the NutriBullet.

The NutriBullet does my #15DaysofFitness right!

Now, I know we’ve all heard of this and thought about trying it but I, for one, had never had the pleasure. Then, I tried my friend’s the other day and fell in love. It quickly became my new kitchen favorite! After using it a few times, I was in love!

This guy not only whips up delicious smoothies and juices in no time flat but it also actually works as an extractor. What on earth does that mean? Well, it actually extracts all of the deliciousness and nutritiousness in fruits and vegetables, making it easier for your body to absorb them. Could anything be more appropriate for my #15DaysofFitness ? I think not….which is why I had to get one for myself. After all, my latest goal is to have a juice or smoothie chock-full of a variety of fruits and veggies every day!
And I, my friends, am in good company. Duchess Kate Middleton herself is a fan – as is another one of my girl crushes, Olivia Munn and my FabFitFun girl, Giuliana Rancic.
I’ve included two of my favorite summer recipes, using the NutriBullet, below. But I have even MORE exciting news!
On Friday, I am hosting a Twitter giveaway giving one of you guys your own NutriBullet.
Just follow me on Twitter and reply to a few tweets throughout the day and you’re entered to win. Share the giveaway now by tweeting today:
“@beautyfrosting is giving away @thenutribullet on Fri 7/25 at 12 pm. Join the party!! #15daysoffitness ” 
Ginger Pineapple Limeade Blast – Limeade AND pineapple? Yes, please.
With an amazing immune-boosting citrus kick and a chunk of ginger to rev up your digestive fire, this mouth-watering blast will leave you feeling fresh, sweet and perfectly green — especially on those hot summer days.
·      2 handfuls spinach
·      1/2 cup pineapple
·      1 chunk ginger
·      3/4 cup lime juice
·      6 leaves cilantro
·      1 tablespoon honey (raw)
·      Water to MAX LINE
·      Ice cubes
*Add all ingredients to NutriBullet tall cup and extract until smooth.
Summer Sipper – Who knew LETTUCE could taste this good??!
Combine the season’s best produce in this delicious, refreshing and oh-so nutritious and healthy beverage.
·      1/4 tall cup arugula
·      1/4 tall cup romaine
·      2 leaves basil
·      1/2 cup cantaloupe
·      1/2 cup blueberries
·      1 cup cherries (pitted)
·      1 tablespoon chia seeds
·      Coconut water to MAX LINE
*Add all ingredients to NutriBullet tall cup and extract until smooth.
Learn more about the NutriBullet at and for more delicious, nutrient-rich recipes, go to
BF Asks: What will you make in your nutribullet?

Foodie Friday: Paleta Catering – A Marriage between Healthy & Sinful

Here’s the conundrum.

Picture it. My BeautyFrosting 2nd Bloggiversary. April 16th, 2014.

Just a few of the 70 fab-fashionista-fit-foodie bloggers at the shindig. What-oh what- to do? Photo by Drunken Pixel

You have 70 bloggers as guests. Fashionistas – who are foodies – who are fit – who are fabulous…who also have to be photograph-ready at all times. And you also have cocktails. And, um, cake.

So corndogs and pizza are definitely out of the question. But what you do when you have a houseful of nutritionally-minded mavens who are hungry but don’t want to blow their diets and want to be healthy but don’t want to sacrifice taste?

Well, there’s only one way to turn – my godsend –  Paleta.

The Paleta spread: When Healthy Meets Sinful. Pacific Rim Chicken & Tofu Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce, Local & Imported Cheese Board, Crudite with Assorted Hummus and Greek Yogurt Dip and Paleta Power-Up Chewy Bites *Photo by Takahiro Watanabe


I’ve been a fan of Paleta for a while now – ever since I met Chef Kelly and learned about her passion for pleasing the palate while promoting health through healing. What sort of healing? The kind of healing that comes from eating farm-to-table fresh and filling your body with whole foods.

Paleta Crudité with Lemon Hummus, Sundried Hummus and Greek Yogurt Dip. Um, You know, "Taste the rainbow?" Well, this truly IS tasting the rainbow - but of farm fresh veggies rather than high fructose corn syrup. Photo by Takahiro Watanabe

My guests couldn’t stop gushing about the eats. I was shocked at how much these girls could put back. Sorry, y’all, just speaking the truth here. It was refreshing to see my fashionista friends ACTUALLY EATING at a party. It’s a rarity – like seeing Bigfoot or something. But, yep, that’s how good it was.

Paleta Pacific Rim Thai Chicken & Tofu Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce *Photo by Takahiro Watanabe

I did have one complaint though. My guests ate ALL the satay and I never got a taste!!! I was craving it so much after hearing everyone rave about it that I actually just ate a spoonful of the spicy peanut sauce. Oh, don’t you judge.

Next up for me? After a month of Coachella, trips to Palm Springs and events galore (see aforementioned cake and cocktails), I’m gonna give Paleta Home Meal Delivery a try. At the very least, I’ll be giving myself the gift of health and at best, I may lose a few pounds so I can be a swimmie siren this summer. Lofty goals, I know, but I really do think Paleta can help me get there!

Thanks so much, Chef Kelly and Paleta for being a BIG part of my very special day!



BF Asks: Which Paleta delicacy are you most craving now?

Fitness Friday: Flywheel Highland Park in Dallas

Oh, how I love the tex-mex food at Mi Cocina in Dallas. I know you’ve heard me wax nostalgic over my favorite family haunt in a few of these blogs so you know what I mean. But here’s the thing. I have been spinning and working out regularly here in LA and knowing I was going to be home for 12 days, I knew if I was going to be enjoying that oh-so-yummy queso and those delicious chips and tasty margaritas, I was going to have to come up with a Dallas fitness plan to keep in shape.

Naturally, I took to social media to find out where to go and the answer was unanimous: Flywheel Highland Park. When I asked my Facebook friends about it, I received dozens of comments with suggestions for Flywheel instructors they loved and even a super sweet big ole Texas welcome on Facebook from instructors, Mark S., Cristin C. and Kelly M.

How could I not love this place?

Well, love it I did. And Troy Aikman is also my biggest fitness inspiration…but more on that later…

First impressions. My first impression of FlyWheel Highland Park was clean, clean, CLEAN! With streamlined lockers, elegance to spare and my beloved Bliss products in the bathroom, it felt more like a spa than your standard spin studio. And for a beauty blogger like myself, that is a MAJOR plus. I mean luxury and losing weight? Yeah, I can do that. Plus, they supply the spin shoes for free (many studios don’t) so that’s worth its weight in gold right there.

The water is even a little luxe...


Bliss products at my spin studio? Heck, YEAH!!!

Instructors. I ended up going to classes for 8 of the 10 full days I was there. Yep. It was that good. My family was impressed. My friends couldn’t believe it, “But you’re on vacaaaaaation!” My mom actually went with me the first day for our class with Missy Q who was just as adorable and energetic as they come. Great music, great energy and super supportive to boot! She was especially supportive of my 67-year-old mom who was attending her first spin class! Go Mom!! I ended up attending a few of Missy’s classes and left each time feeling amazing! Another favorite instructor was Mark S. Mark was full of happy, encouraging energy and had a powerful playlist both times I went to his classes. Overall, there wasn’t one instructor that I wouldn’t go back to.

The Studio...


What Makes It Different. At Flywheel, they really emphasize the importance of using your resistance or – as they call it – torq. This was a new approach to me. At my regular spin studio in LA, we sweat it out more with speed. But I loved getting this different take on it. And it obviously worked – as I’d lost 2 lbs when I got home! And remember, y’all, this was over the HOLIDAYS. Mission accomplished. Many folks who are more competitive than me also enjoy that they keep a digital “TorqBoard” in class so you can see how you compare to your fellow riders. It wasn’t for me but then again I’ve never been the competitive sort. I’m the cheerleader sort. But I talked to a few fellow classmates and they swear it is the edge that propels them forward in every class. I also loooooove that you can view your stats, calories burned, average RPM and see how you compete with your fellow Flywheel classmates privately by looking at the “My Performance” tab on your online account. I wish every studio did this! Not only is it helpful to know these details as you’re getting in shape but it also inspires and encourages you every step of the way.

The TORQ-MASTER…bahahaha…okay, that's just what I call it. Nevermind.


Bonus? I’ll just say this: If I was able to ride next to Troy Aikman EVERY day of my life, I would be in the BEST shape of my life. Yep, Troy was my FlyWheel buddy for two days. Ahhhh, memories.

Well, hey there! It's my spinning buddy, Troy Aikman!


Prices. The prices are a little cheaper than my studio here in LA. And yet the amenities are amaaaazing. I mean, the Bliss products alone!! It’s 1 class for $25, 5 classes for $117.50, 10 classes for $225 or 20 classes for $400. If I were living in Dallas though, I’d DEFINITELY-without-a-doubt opt for the $180/month unlimited special. It’s a deal, y’all!

Overall. I HIGHLY recommend Flywheel Highland Park if you’re relocating to Dallas or just visiting there like I was. Like me, you will love the clean and luxe facilities, super comfy bikes (seriously, I’ve never felt a more comfortable bike seat in my life of spinning) and the sweet and accommodating staff who specialize in customer care. Also, for you new riders, there is a super helpful staff member there at the beginning of every class to help you get all set up and feel comfortable while doing it. Love that!

And I love the fact that now whenever I go home, I also have a home studio that I can call mine. Thanks, Flywheel!

Thanks, FlyWheel HP!



BF Asks: What’s your favorite way to get in shape? 

A Boudoir Shoot Changed My Life (yes, I’m serious)

I write a blog for a living. So you might say, I like photos. It’s true. It’s the curse of being born a photographer’s daughter…and of being a second-born child whose parents showered their first born with pics and forgot about the camera when she came along. What? I’m not bitter. But it did make me a lover of marking the memory of every occasion with a photo – much to the chagrin of my family & friends.


So when I was presented with the opportunity to pose for a boudoir shoot with the uber-talented Claire Pearce and Unbuttoned Photography here in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, I thought “Hmmm…that could be fun!” – a thought that was immediately followed by, “If my grandmother was alive, would she disown me?” and “Umm, how much am I really comfortable with folks seeing of me?”
See, I am not someone who likes putting her body on display – mostly because like approximately 91% of american women – I’m not totally 100% comfortable with my body. I’m more like 60% comfortable with my body. On a good day, a little more. On a bad day, a lot less.
Much like many of those other 91% of women, I have had a hate affair with my body for years. Since I was 11 years old, I have dieted, binged, sucked in, thrown up, starved,  excessively worked out, called my body names – and none of it has made me love my body any more, surprisingly.
I have looked at myself in the mirror – more times than I would like to recall – and said vile, hateful things to myself than I wouldn’t dare say to my worst enemy. I’ve been lovingly – and not-so-lovingly – called curvy, thick, voluptuous and big-boned when all I ever wanted to be was thin and petite. People would even intend it to be a compliment and I would find myself utterly disgusted.
Well, I am tired of hating what I am and wanting to be what I am not. No more. I work too hard and love life too much to let my distorted view of my body get me down. I eat well, work out almost every day and it’s not fair to myself to hold myself to some unrealistic expectation. I have let this dichotomy of what I think I should be versus what I am hold me back from dreams, wound relationships and keep me from a more confident version of myself that I’ve always known was in there. I have spent 35 years of my life letting my body be my albatross. And, well, I’m sick of it. But it’s not just me. It’s you, it’s your mom, it’s your sister, your daughter, your best friend. As my wise friend once said, “I am so tired of my girlfriends hating their bodies.” Yeah, me too. 

So, as a gift to myself for my 36th birthday, I decided to stop the madness and start the loving. I love others too much to not give myself that same love and respect with this long overdue gift. I’m not a mother yet but damned if I’ll one day teach my daughter to hate her body. I want her to love her body, respect her body and enjoy her body for everything it’s worth. And how can I do that one day if I can’t do that myself today?
So what was the catalyst that made me turn the body-hating page to a body-loving page?
Well, I ended up doing said boudoir shoot I mentioned up above with Claire Pearce and  Unbuttoned Photography.

I THINK my Nanny would be okay with this. No? Photo by Claire Pearce of Unbuttoned Photography, Hair & Makeup by Emma Willis of Contour Fossa Makeup & Hair

Now, I’m not saying that this cures all ills and that you’ll be dancing around naked on stripper poles in the middle of the street. I certainly am not.

Giving Dollface a new meaning. Shot in my home 11/3/13. Photo by Claire Pearce of Unbuttoned Photography, Hair & Makeup by Emma Willis of Contour Fossa Makeup & Hair / Tassel garland deco by Studio Mucci

But it did help me appreciate my body the way it is right now – every curve, every scar, every flaw and every feature  – that makes me uniquely me. And now I’m sharing it with you. So please, um, be kind.

A new kind of appreciation…it only took 35.9 years! Photo by Claire Pearce of Unbuttoned Photography, Hair & Makeup by Emma Willis of Contour Fossa Makeup & Hair



While photographer, Claire – and Sherry (her assistant) – prepared for the shoot, I was primped to the hilt with hair and makeup by Emma Willis of Contour Fossa Makeup & Hair. There was something about sipping champagne, listening to D’Angelo, Marvin Gaye, Meiko and Robin Thicke, and writhing around in silky lingerie on my bed with pumps on that made me feel, well, sensual. And it was not a bad feeling to feel.



Photo by Claire Pearce of Unbuttoned Photography, Hair & Makeup by Emma Willis of Contour Fossa Makeup & Hair / Tassel garland deco by Studio Mucci



I have found that this one day spent showing my body a little love and respect has made me a better lover, better friend, better daughter, better one-day wife & mother and better woman.



In my happy place in my Jessie Steele apron - Photo by Claire Pearce of Unbuttoned Photography, Hair & Makeup by Emma Willis of Contour Fossa Makeup & Hair


I loved it SO much that I plan on doing it yearly to appreciate myself and maybe – just maybe – gift the one I love with, as well one day.
I have turned a corner and it’s a corner that I wished I’d turned years ago. I really hope you find it inspiring to start your own self body-love movement and find time to have a day of your own to celebrate the skin you’re in.

So here’s to closing an old chapter and turning the page to an exciting new chapter. And hey, 36? Bring it on.

*If you’re in LA, next Sunday 11/24,  Unbuttoned Boudoir Photography has a special running right now for $745 for 14 images, hair and makeup! Um, can you say perfect holiday gift for the honey or yourself?


Photography by: Claire Pearce of Unbuttoned Photography

Hair & Makeup by: Emma Willis of Contour Fossa Makeup & Hair

Tassel Garland Deco by: Studio Mucci


BF Asks: Are you one of the 91% of american women who are unhappy with their bodies? What do you do to give yourself more confidence?

High-Low 10-21-13: Urban Remedy Daycation & Letting Go of What Does Not Serve Me

HIGH: Urban Remedy Daycation with my fellow bloggers & tastemakers in Malibu

Last Tuesday, I had one of the most amazing days I’ve ever had. And it was all thanks to Urban Remedy and my friend – and fellow blogger – Jamie Stone of Queen Of The Quarter Life Crisis.

Jamie & Urban Remedy invited a host of bloggers and tastemakers to a mecca in Malibu- that was beyond divine – for a “Daycation”.

With my fellow bloggers, Roxy Manning of RedCarpetRoxy, Jamie Stone of Queen of The Quarter Life Crisis, Sydne Summer of SydneStyle and Rachel Dickhute of EverythingHauler

What did our “daycation” consist of?

Well, it started with being picked up at my house at 8:45 am and the ride along the coast – thanks to my driver – was perfection.

8:45 am pickup - courtesy of Urban Remedy - started the day off right!


Champagne-sipping while sitting in a swing chair was next…

Just a swingin'...and a-sippin'....

followed by more swinging…

I couldn't get enough of took me right back to my childhood and I felt like I was in NeverNeverLand!


…cohorting with chickens – especially the fuzzy-Yeti-chicken with whom we were all obsessed and…

Sipping some chia with chickens - not your normal LA day...

(my favorite!) sitting in a teepee with my fellow guests, getting to know – and support – one another through an ancient ritual known as “circling”.

Teepee time - I never knew circlng could be filled with healing and self-discovery


We all agreed that the experience profoundly affected us and that we felt forever connected to one another because of this rare, self-celebrating and self-healing day.

With my fellow bloggers & tastemakers in the teepee


It was not your normal blogger event and I could not be more grateful to have been a part of it. So – again – thank you, Urban Remedy & Jamie!

A bonus? The next day, I enjoyed my Urban Remedy juice while baking pumpkin cupcakes. The perfect breakfast to  feed my body after feeding my soul the day before.


Urban Remedy Soothe No. 4 juice - with celery, cucumber, apple, ginger, parsley, lemon & more!


LOW: Letting Go – “Let go of anything that’s with you and not serving you.”

LOW: I am ready to let go of...

While this wasn’t a typical low, it qualifies as a low as it brought some pain before it brought some deeper discovery for me. In our circle in the teepee, we were each asked to write down on a piece of paper something we were ready to let go of. In fact the direction was, “Let go of anything that’s with you and not serving you.”

Yikes. This was a doozy. And for me, up came a lot of insecurity and fear that I needed – I should say, NEED – to let go of. So I wrote down all of the things that  don’t serve me, tore it up into pieces and let it go to literally be burned. Andrea of The Art of Circling – our circling guide – let us know that there was great power with the full moon that would come a few days later. So letting go of this baggage felt blessed in a way. And I feel a little lighter now as a result.  I also promised myself to counter every negative thought I have or say about myself with a positive one. Folks, that one is a bit trickier. But I’m trying. I have been made aware of my weaknesses and I am trying to turn them into strengths every day. It’s really all we can do in this thing called life.




BF Asks: What was your High-Low this week?  And what are you ready to let go of? What’s not serving you?

*So what exactly is a High-Low, you ask? High-Low is the BEST & WORST part of your day, week, month, etc. I started this tradition with friends & family after I discovered it through a movie decades ago. Not only is it useful for reflection sake but it is also an excellent way to communicate with your spouse, kids or friends over the dinner table. By introducing this tradition to folks, parents have told me that their kids have opened up more and friends have told me that their spouses have become more communicative. Try it for yourself and let me know what your experience is!


Thirsty Thursday: Skinnygirl California White Wine

Nothin' better before a big night out on a hot summer night than a cool glass of a crisp white wine (pictured: Skinnygirl California White Wine - $15)

One of my favorite things to do while primping for a big night out is to sip on a cool glass of crisp, white wine. While normally I’m a red devotee, when it comes time to primping for events, parties and dinner dates, white wine is the way to go! Why? Because it doesn’t stain my teeth, is refreshing and – while red wine relaxes and unwinds me – white wine helps energize me with its cool, citrus cues.
This Skinnygirl California white wine, from everyone’s favorite real housewife Bethenny Frankel, has lots to love.
First of all, it’s a Pinot Grigio-Chardonnay blend which will please most delicate white wine lovers. Secondly, its rich subtle fruity and floral notes of honey, orange peel and tropical fruits are perfect for the late Spring and steamy summer months ahead. Third, it has a sassy screw top which is fab and easy when you don’t wanna drink a whole bottle (ahhh…that testy self-discipline). And lastly – and best of all – it’s a low-calorie cocktail choice at just 100 calories per 5-ounce serving with 12% alcohol. Main point to read there, beauties? For us wine and figure-watching ladies, this wine gives us more bang for less bucks when it comes to the calorie bank.
So bag a bottle of Skinnygirl wine at the store and give yourself a pretty pour before your next big night out. Your tastebuds will thank you and your waist will thank you!
It’s a win-win.

Skinnygirl white wine has a permanent place on my bar...

BF Asks: What is your skinny cocktail of choice?

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