Fitness Friday: Flywheel Highland Park in Dallas

Oh, how I love the tex-mex food at Mi Cocina in Dallas. I know you’ve heard me wax nostalgic over my favorite family haunt in a few of these blogs so you know what I mean. But here’s the thing. I have been spinning and working out regularly here in LA and knowing I was going to be home for 12 days, I knew if I was going to be enjoying that oh-so-yummy queso and those delicious chips and tasty margaritas, I was going to have to come up with a Dallas fitness plan to keep in shape.

Naturally, I took to social media to find out where to go and the answer was unanimous: Flywheel Highland Park. When I asked my Facebook friends about it, I received dozens of comments with suggestions for Flywheel instructors they loved and even a super sweet big ole Texas welcome on Facebook from instructors, Mark S., Cristin C. and Kelly M.

How could I not love this place?

Well, love it I did. And Troy Aikman is also my biggest fitness inspiration…but more on that later…

First impressions. My first impression of FlyWheel Highland Park was clean, clean, CLEAN! With streamlined lockers, elegance to spare and my beloved Bliss products in the bathroom, it felt more like a spa than your standard spin studio. And for a beauty blogger like myself, that is a MAJOR plus. I mean luxury and losing weight? Yeah, I can do that. Plus, they supply the spin shoes for free (many studios don’t) so that’s worth its weight in gold right there.

The water is even a little luxe...


Bliss products at my spin studio? Heck, YEAH!!!

Instructors. I ended up going to classes for 8 of the 10 full days I was there. Yep. It was that good. My family was impressed. My friends couldn’t believe it, “But you’re on vacaaaaaation!” My mom actually went with me the first day for our class with Missy Q who was just as adorable and energetic as they come. Great music, great energy and super supportive to boot! She was especially supportive of my 67-year-old mom who was attending her first spin class! Go Mom!! I ended up attending a few of Missy’s classes and left each time feeling amazing! Another favorite instructor was Mark S. Mark was full of happy, encouraging energy and had a powerful playlist both times I went to his classes. Overall, there wasn’t one instructor that I wouldn’t go back to.

The Studio...


What Makes It Different. At Flywheel, they really emphasize the importance of using your resistance or – as they call it – torq. This was a new approach to me. At my regular spin studio in LA, we sweat it out more with speed. But I loved getting this different take on it. And it obviously worked – as I’d lost 2 lbs when I got home! And remember, y’all, this was over the HOLIDAYS. Mission accomplished. Many folks who are more competitive than me also enjoy that they keep a digital “TorqBoard” in class so you can see how you compare to your fellow riders. It wasn’t for me but then again I’ve never been the competitive sort. I’m the cheerleader sort. But I talked to a few fellow classmates and they swear it is the edge that propels them forward in every class. I also loooooove that you can view your stats, calories burned, average RPM and see how you compete with your fellow Flywheel classmates privately by looking at the “My Performance” tab on your online account. I wish every studio did this! Not only is it helpful to know these details as you’re getting in shape but it also inspires and encourages you every step of the way.

The TORQ-MASTER…bahahaha…okay, that's just what I call it. Nevermind.


Bonus? I’ll just say this: If I was able to ride next to Troy Aikman EVERY day of my life, I would be in the BEST shape of my life. Yep, Troy was my FlyWheel buddy for two days. Ahhhh, memories.

Well, hey there! It's my spinning buddy, Troy Aikman!


Prices. The prices are a little cheaper than my studio here in LA. And yet the amenities are amaaaazing. I mean, the Bliss products alone!! It’s 1 class for $25, 5 classes for $117.50, 10 classes for $225 or 20 classes for $400. If I were living in Dallas though, I’d DEFINITELY-without-a-doubt opt for the $180/month unlimited special. It’s a deal, y’all!

Overall. I HIGHLY recommend Flywheel Highland Park if you’re relocating to Dallas or just visiting there like I was. Like me, you will love the clean and luxe facilities, super comfy bikes (seriously, I’ve never felt a more comfortable bike seat in my life of spinning) and the sweet and accommodating staff who specialize in customer care. Also, for you new riders, there is a super helpful staff member there at the beginning of every class to help you get all set up and feel comfortable while doing it. Love that!

And I love the fact that now whenever I go home, I also have a home studio that I can call mine. Thanks, Flywheel!

Thanks, FlyWheel HP!



BF Asks: What’s your favorite way to get in shape? 

High-Low 10-21-13: Urban Remedy Daycation & Letting Go of What Does Not Serve Me

HIGH: Urban Remedy Daycation with my fellow bloggers & tastemakers in Malibu

Last Tuesday, I had one of the most amazing days I’ve ever had. And it was all thanks to Urban Remedy and my friend – and fellow blogger – Jamie Stone of Queen Of The Quarter Life Crisis.

Jamie & Urban Remedy invited a host of bloggers and tastemakers to a mecca in Malibu- that was beyond divine – for a “Daycation”.

With my fellow bloggers, Roxy Manning of RedCarpetRoxy, Jamie Stone of Queen of The Quarter Life Crisis, Sydne Summer of SydneStyle and Rachel Dickhute of EverythingHauler

What did our “daycation” consist of?

Well, it started with being picked up at my house at 8:45 am and the ride along the coast – thanks to my driver – was perfection.

8:45 am pickup - courtesy of Urban Remedy - started the day off right!


Champagne-sipping while sitting in a swing chair was next…

Just a swingin'...and a-sippin'....

followed by more swinging…

I couldn't get enough of took me right back to my childhood and I felt like I was in NeverNeverLand!


…cohorting with chickens – especially the fuzzy-Yeti-chicken with whom we were all obsessed and…

Sipping some chia with chickens - not your normal LA day...

(my favorite!) sitting in a teepee with my fellow guests, getting to know – and support – one another through an ancient ritual known as “circling”.

Teepee time - I never knew circlng could be filled with healing and self-discovery


We all agreed that the experience profoundly affected us and that we felt forever connected to one another because of this rare, self-celebrating and self-healing day.

With my fellow bloggers & tastemakers in the teepee


It was not your normal blogger event and I could not be more grateful to have been a part of it. So – again – thank you, Urban Remedy & Jamie!

A bonus? The next day, I enjoyed my Urban Remedy juice while baking pumpkin cupcakes. The perfect breakfast to  feed my body after feeding my soul the day before.


Urban Remedy Soothe No. 4 juice - with celery, cucumber, apple, ginger, parsley, lemon & more!


LOW: Letting Go – “Let go of anything that’s with you and not serving you.”

LOW: I am ready to let go of...

While this wasn’t a typical low, it qualifies as a low as it brought some pain before it brought some deeper discovery for me. In our circle in the teepee, we were each asked to write down on a piece of paper something we were ready to let go of. In fact the direction was, “Let go of anything that’s with you and not serving you.”

Yikes. This was a doozy. And for me, up came a lot of insecurity and fear that I needed – I should say, NEED – to let go of. So I wrote down all of the things that  don’t serve me, tore it up into pieces and let it go to literally be burned. Andrea of The Art of Circling – our circling guide – let us know that there was great power with the full moon that would come a few days later. So letting go of this baggage felt blessed in a way. And I feel a little lighter now as a result.  I also promised myself to counter every negative thought I have or say about myself with a positive one. Folks, that one is a bit trickier. But I’m trying. I have been made aware of my weaknesses and I am trying to turn them into strengths every day. It’s really all we can do in this thing called life.




BF Asks: What was your High-Low this week?  And what are you ready to let go of? What’s not serving you?

*So what exactly is a High-Low, you ask? High-Low is the BEST & WORST part of your day, week, month, etc. I started this tradition with friends & family after I discovered it through a movie decades ago. Not only is it useful for reflection sake but it is also an excellent way to communicate with your spouse, kids or friends over the dinner table. By introducing this tradition to folks, parents have told me that their kids have opened up more and friends have told me that their spouses have become more communicative. Try it for yourself and let me know what your experience is!


Foodie Friday: Paleta & Sonya Dakar Get Glowing! Beauty Detox

I almost couldn’t decide on a title for this blog! Is it Fitness Friday or Foodie Friday? Well, it’s really both. You see, as much as I may hate to admit it, I am indeed a girl-on-the-go.

On-the-go for a 6 am call-time in Burbank with my Paleta & Sonya Dakar Get Glowing! Detox breakfast

And if I don’t watch it, this can wreak havoc on my body, health and skin. When protein bars and Starbucks lattes just won’t keep you satisfied, fulfilled or nourished, it’s time to look for another option, Los Angeles.

Lucky for me, I am an avid devotee of Paleta meal delivery.

My favorite Paleta treat - the magic milkshake being enjoyed by my painting of Audrey Hepburn by Jo Almeida


So, I was one of the first to hear about the beautiful new program Paleta has going with complexion powerhouse, Sonya Dakar – the Get Glowing! Beauty Detox ($229).


Paleta & Sonya Dakar Get Glowing! Beauty Detox ($229)


For $229, you get a two-day beauty & body overhaul thanks to the women who know beauty, body and bounty best. This two-day detox has everything you need to get you feeling your beautiful best fast!


A day in the life of Paleta & Sonya Dakar Get Glowing! Beauty Detox


Delivered straight to your door each morning,

On my doorstep: Paleta & Sonya Dakar Get Glowing! Beauty Detox


you’ll open your Paleta bag (complemented by a cheerful, sweet, seasonal gerber daisy) to find farm-to-table-fresh cold-pressed juices, veggie smoothies, one energy bar per day, Paleta’s signature (and my favorite) Magic Milkshakes, end-of-the-day bath salts to flush out those pesky toxins and Sonya Dakar’s signatue skincare regimen with age-fighting vitamins and antioxidants.

Each component – the nutrition and the skincare – will deliver dynamic results on their own but, together, they are a powerhouse. The two-week Sonya Dakar skincare system includes a gentle micro scrub, detox face wash, moisturizer, sunblock and an organic omega booster serum to cleanse, nourish, hydrate and plump the skin – leaving it glowing and gorgeous.

Being soothed by the skin-replenishing Sonya Dakar & Paleta

Speaking from personal experience, I felt detoxified,cleansed, rehydrated, energized,  lighter and wasn’t left hungry (an impossible feat in itself!). Bonus? I lost 5 lbs in 2 days after a wild weekend.


Best still? My skin was utterly glooooowing.

Glow on, girl...


Which was perfect for my appearance on Access Hollywood Live.


Feeling glowing, lighter and ready for the runway on Access Hollywood Live


Bottom line? I needed to feel my beautiful best and Paleta and Sonya Dakar delivered the goods. And this beautiful Get Glowing! Beauty Detox can help you too.

And just for being a BeautyFrosting reader, you can get 10% off any Paleta first order of Get Glowing! Beauty Detox, meal delivery, cleanses or juice detoxes. Just use the code, BEAUTYFROSTING10.



BF Asks: What do you snack on when you’re on the go and trying to stay healthy? 

Fitness Friday: AuraCycle in Los Angeles – my new fave find!

Okay, I have refrained from posting this two times because I’m kinda reticent about telling you guys about my new favorite place. See…if I tell you, you’ll wanna go and then you’ll go and then your friends’ll go and then I won’t be able to get a bike. Tear.
But I decided that’s selfish.

Tea before I head off to Auracycle!

And I – as BeautyFrosting – refuse to be selfish. Sooooo…here ya go! My new favorite find and my girl crush all in one place. Thanks Whitney Lader of hoopLA for introducing me to my little fitness heaven. With 50 pounds gone and 20 more to go, I’m gonna get super fit thanks to this place!!


I have a girl crush. It’s best I just come out and admit it.

It’s Heather – an actress – and my spin instructor – at AuraCycle.

Heather Adair: The Spinning Dancing Queen

She’s made me fall in love with fitness again so how could I not have a crush on her?

Me & my fave instructor - Heather. Don't judge. It's too early for makeup and we just got our groove...and sweat on at Auracycle!


Besides being full of energy and spiritual motivation, Heather boogies throughout the class keeping you on your toes, motivating you to do your best and reminding you that you can accomplish ANYTHING. And she doesn’t just mean what you can accomplish in class.

I like her so much that I’ve started calling her the Reverend. I have had some spiritual moments in her 9:30 am Sunday morning classes. Last week, I even cried. Don’t judge. I’m in the early stages of the moving process as I just got kicked out of my apartment. And she was playing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” Yep, The Rolling (f’ing) Stones. And her message before it was exactly what I needed to hear at that exact moment.

So what makes Auracycle different from any other spin studio in town?

Well, it starts with the appearance.

Auracycle Exterior on 3rd Street

Think Virgin Airlines meets laid back dance club meets spa. Oh, you haven’t seen that before? Well, neither had I…until now.

Where all the magic (and calorie burning) happens at Auracycle

Then, there’s the “show” element . The patent-pending Aura lighting design is something to behold – and get fit – to. Think the “Light-Brite” days of your youth. Soothing, inspiring and invigorating LED lights are moving along with the music, dimming and lighting up as you spin away.

For the physical element, you’re burning oodles of calories and fat all while feeling like you’re at a dance party. But unlike so many spin classes, here they don’t neglect your upper body and body’s need to stretch. You get a super comprehensive light arm weight workout and a good, comprehensive stretch sesh at the end of every class. I usually wake up the next day feeling stronger, longer, leaner, more refreshed and not writhing in pain.

Then, there’s the spiritual element. Hang with me here. I’m not gettin’ religious on ya. Heather is somehow able to whip your butt physically while renewing you emotionally and spiritually. While your stress and body break down the toxins and fat in the best way, your spirit is being built up by the minute.

Plus, this girl knows how to jam. Whether it’s 80s (my favorite! more please, Heather!), Beyonce, Kanye, Rolling Stones, 30 Seconds To Mars, some indie awesomeness or whatever else is tickling her tablet  – and our fancy – her tunes will warm you up, rev you up, get you up and over that hill and then cool you down. And then you’re all ready set for a blue ribbon kind of day. (* I’m so addicted to Heather’s playlists that I’ve asked her to contribute a post for Music Monday…stay tuned!)

I am now addicted to Auracycle and I blame my girl crush – the “Rev Heath”, if you will.

Her energy is contagious. And I wanna catch it! Anyone who can inspire that many people in that short a time has something magical going on and even more magic up ahead of them. I’m happy to meet her early on in her journey.

Between the lighting, the mixed bag of music and the yogi-infused teaching, you’re sure to get fit and feel fabulous. The best part? Sometimes I enjoy it so much that later that day, I forget that I’ve worked out!!! Seriously. I enjoy it that much. And yet even though it’s fun and inspiring, you feel like you treated yourself for the day!

And then, there are the treats at the end of class. Instead of a sticker after a dentist’s office visit or a piece of candy after the pediatrician (do they still do that, by the way?), your treat after your kickass Auracycle class is a eucalyptus-infused cool towel. I look forward to this more than what is considered normal. It’s a slice of heaven for your head.

Oh, you say you’re thirsty afterward? Didn’t eat breakfast? Need some potassium reinforcement? Check out their juices from the uber-popular juice spot, Clover. I always do!

Clover juices & coconut water post-workout - all provided for your enjoyment - and health - at Auracycle on 3rd!

To reserve an Auracycle class with Heather – or any of the other awesome instructors, check it out here. Usually, classes are $27 but they have some awesome deals right now. For a limited time, they have $15 for an introductory class or $285/month for unlimited spin classes. With this being my new healthy addiction, I guess I’m gonna have to buy a series.

Spin away, beauties!

Auracycle & Aurapulse

8231 W. 3rd Street

Los Angeles, CA 90048

(323) 570-0570


BF Asks: How do you get your fitness on? And, do YOU have a girl crush?


Thirsty Thursday: My Morning Toddy

Here’s a secret you may or may not know about.

An easy, almost-free, ritual that is just for you! Every. Day.

A way to say “Good morning” to yourself and set yourself up for a great day!
What is this little miracle I speak of?

Hot Lemon water first thing in the morning.

My Daily Morning Toddy

My Daily Morning Toddy

Yes, it’s that simple.

But you will be amazed at what it does!

My beautiful old roommate, Bliss, was told about this elixir by a gorgeous aging starlet on set one time. She drank hot water every morning first thing. We tried it every morning while living together, right out of college, back in 2000. We felt very fancy and veeeeery Los Angeles.
Well, I have never forgotten it.  I added lemon to mine a few years ago. And I was sold.

It promotes digestion and gets everything moving.
I’m trying to say that in the most ladylike way possible.

Honestly, most people I tell about this little trick notice the results immediately.

Clearer, glowing skin, regularity and just a healthier & hydrated feeling!

Here I am drinking it while I work in the morning:

My morning routine

Here’s the oh-so-simple recipe:

Dawn’s Daily Morning Toddy

1 c water

1-3 lemon wedges (I keep mine cut up in my fridge so they’re ready to squeeze)

Heat for about a minute. Or boil, your choice.

Drink it while having a quiet moment alone in the morning…if that’s possible.


Enjoy! And please let me know your results when you try it. You WILL see results, my friends!

Thirsty Thursday: Paleta Pressed Core Detox

This is no typical Thirsty Thursday.

I am the queen of cupcakes and the sheba of sugar but not today my friends.

Today, I am here to tell you the juicy details of my Paleta juice cleanse…and how it changed my weight, my habits and my life.

Well, the proper name is Paleta Pressed Core Detox Cleanse.

It’s serious folks!
Juice all day long.

Some of my friends had tried it and loved it — and by friends, I don’t mean the hundreds of  celebrities who love Paleta such as Mila Kunis, Adrien Grenier, Brooke Bourke, Kaley Cuoco, Lisa Rinna, Giuliana Rancic and more.

I mean friends who had tried it and swore that it changed their eating habits and health.

So what could I lose except a day of having to plan out my meals and excess weight?

Nothing. So I did it.

I only ordered one day (for $54.60 – $64.50/day) and, to be honest, I was dreading it!

So imagine my delight when my cleanse day started with this at the door:

Good Morning Sunshine from Paleta!

“Un fleur? Pour moi?” (That’s “A flower? For me?” in French for you non-francophiles).

“S’il vous plait et Merci” (That’s “Yes please and Thank you”, also in French). I’m tres Paris!

That cheerful gerber daisy got me excited and in the mood! I took out all of my fresh pressed Paleta juices and lined ’em up on my dining room table. They were kind of the ultimate who’s who in healthy juices!

Unusual Suspects: Paleta Pressed Juices

Unusual Suspects: Paleta Pressed Juices & 2 Boxed waters

Here was my Paleta Core Detox menu for the day:

My Paleta Menu

My Paleta Menu

I started the day with the Sonic Tonic.
It was the perfect start to a perfect day!

Paleta Sonic Tonic

Paleta Sonic Tonic - a chlorophyll-rich, refreshing drink!

What were my favorites?
The Kale Kooler (AM Snack): A super-powerful, delicious limeade hybrid which removes heavy-metals, stimulates metabolism (YES PLEASE!) and is antioxidant-rich. I want some more of this right now on this hot summer day!

One of my faces: Paleta Kale Kooler

One of my faves: Paleta Kale Kooler

The Carrot Cocktail (PM Snack): Sweet, punchy yet smooth, this vitamin C, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, stomach soothing cocktail was better than any happy hour special. And, better for me, of course!

Made it fun by sipping the Carrot Cocktail with my orange & white paper straw!

Made it fun by sipping the Carrot Cocktail with my orange & white paper straw!

The Magic Milkshake (Dinner): a vanilla bean, date-sweetened, protein-rich milkshake with omega-3, protein, and fiber that aids in digestion and is great for skin, hair & nails — which, mind you, I loved so much that I drank it too quickly and, alas, there is no picture. Yes, it was THAT delicious!

One of the pieces of advice that Chef Kelly Boyer gives you in your informative email is that you should sip and CHEW your juice. I did that for every one – HONEST!! But that magic milkshake was just too magical! My will was weak.  Have mercy, Chef Kelly.

So what were the results?
A 1-lb loss in one day that has stayed off and a cleanse that inspired me to get healthier.

As many of you know, I have lost over 40 lbs in the past year and I’m really proud of that. But this was kind of a wake up call for me. I’m all about moderation. I love the good things in life but this delicious, uber-nutritious juice cleanse was just what I needed to push me gently, and healthily, towards losing that last 20. Now, nothing can stop me! And with Paleta & Chef Kelly, as my guides, I’ll know I’m on the right path to the healthiest me possible!

Next up?

I can’t wait to try the Paleta Farm to Table meal delivery.

I just hope they will include that magical Magic Milkshake! I’m dreaming of it now…

And, to my utter surprise & delight, I am game for another cleanse because a photo shoot, guest appearance or love of my life may be right around the corner! You just never know…




BF Asks: Have you ever “done” a cleanse? Did you enjoy it? What were your results? And what did you learn from it? 

Mailbox Monday: Klutch Club

Happy Mailbox Monday!
I loooooove these days!
A box filled with lovely treats coming in the mail for a minimal fee every month?
Yes, please!
So when I heard how Klutch Club (out of Chicago) was taking the beauty box biz, turning it on its head, and bringing health & fitness into our mailboxes, I got verrrry excited!

And receiving my Klutch Club box was no less exciting!
It went above and beyond my expectations!

For just $18.00/month (for 1 month), $17.00/month (for 3 months) or $16.00/month (for 1 year), you can subscribe to Klutch Club and receive their bountiful goodies!

It comes like this – in a shoebox-sized box – bigger than the standard beauty box:

Klutch Club April

How does it work?

How Klutch Club works

Just fill out your profile, subscribe and receive the best in health and fitness geared to your lifestyle!

And this month included:

Klutch Club April

What did I find in this fabulous fit & healthy box?

  •     A detoxifying Yoga workout from MTV Power Yoga star, Kristin McGee
  •     A brand new energizing drink product to kick-start your workout
  •     Post workout coconut water hydration to replenish electrolytes
  •     Soothing teas with plant based anti-oxidants to improve your skin
  •     A cleansing organic deep-pore facial wash
  •     Organic omega 3, flax and fish oil supplements in new flavors
  •     Satisfying healthy snacks and nutritious treats
  •     A gift from an organic yoga clothing company

I hope I get to bring each month’s Klutch Club box opening to you but, for now, don’t you think you should receive it yourself? Click here to subscribe and receive your KC each month!  And check out my Mailbox Monday series on youtube here:

BeautyFrosting Mailbox Monday Series on YouTube

Who doesn’t need a little H&F (health & fitness) in their life?
I sure do!


BF Asks: What is your favorite way to get fit & healthy?

Thirsty Thursday: BeautyFrosting’s Green “Beauty Cobbler” Smoothie

Mmm, Mmm, Mmm.

Are y’all in for a treat?

And a treat that’s healthy for you and beautifying, to boot?

Well, here’s a recipe that I make almost every day. And everyone who tries it LOVES IT!
Adults, kids, everyone.

BeautyFrosting's Green "Beauty Cobbler" Smoothie

I gained some extra pounds a few years ago and drinking this little beauty every morning helped me take off about 25 lbs!

I realized I just needed a breakfast that was fast, easy and, most importantly, DELICIOUS!
It totally gave me something to look forward to in the morning.

BeautyFrosting's Breakfast: Green "Beauty Cobbler" Smoothie and blogging with my mascot/best friend/boss, Miss Ellie

Now, I drink one every weekday. And my skin glows and the weight goes! It’s magic, I tell you. Or, um, just nutrition.

Love that. Try it for yourself and tell me what you think.

And, NO, you CANNOT taste the spinach. Spinach is the magical ingredient!

BeautyFrosting’s “Beauty Cobbler” Smoothie

1 c. Pineapple Juice

2 ice cubes (more if you like a thicker/icier smoothie)

7 frozen peach slices

7 apple slices (I buy the refrigerated & bagged produce kind)

1 c. Spinach (or more, if you like)

1 scoop Body Factory Protein Powder (it tastes like cake batter! Yum!)

1 tsp (or more if desired) Cinnamon

1 graham cracker or 1 tbsp. graham cracker crumbs (this gives it the “cobbler” taste)

Optional but recommended: 1 tsp flax seeds and 1 Tbsp. Thermogenic Oil

Blend pineapple juice and ice until smooth. Add peaches, apples and spinach.


Blend thoroughly.

Add protein powder, cinnamon, oil and flax seeds.

Blend until smooth.

Serve in a lovely glass with an apple wedge and a colorful straw.

That’s the BeautyFrosting way, at least.

BeautyFrosting Green "Beauty Cobbler" Smoothie Ingredients

BeautyFrosting Green "Beauty Cobbler" Smoothie Ingredients - Apples & Peaches

BeautyFrosting Green "Beauty Cobbler" Smoothie Ingredients - Spinach

 Sip away…




BF Asks: What’s your favorite smoothie recipe?