My VIP Glimpse Inside The iHeartRadio Music Festival 2014

Doing what I do for a living, there are many moments where you pinch yourself. Okay, you don’t really pinch yourself – but you do say thank you on repeat, while brushing your teeth, when you’re invited to do things that the 13-year-old kid in you would die to do.

When Wet n Wild invites you to be their guest for the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, this is one of those said moments. And then, after the rush of gratitude…well, you get excited!

Even my mani was excited!

Thursday pm: Feelin' the spirit for the weekend - my iHeartRadio homage manicure - designed by Hyewon Kong at Enamel Diction

I woke up at 4 am to catch my 7:50 am flight so I could soak up my first day of Vegas for all it’s worth.

Friday, 5:50 am: Right on time at LAX - thanks to Uber! And, may I note, that this is the FIRST time I've ever packed this light! My mom was so proud!

On the plane, I made the most of that 50-minute flight.

Friday, 8:20 am: A healthy breakfast of People StyleWatch, a Paleta bar, Wet n Wild cosmetics, my FabFitFun Thursday Friday makeup bag and…a mimosa. Don't judge.

Once checked into the MGM Grand, I hightailed it to the Wet n Wild Glam Suite. So what do you do when you find a team of hair and makeup artists on call for 2 days, constantly waiting in a glam suite, to help you steal the look of your favorite stars? Well, that’s when you just have to say yeehaw.

Friday, 1 pm: This way to the Wet n Wild Glam Suite!

Well, at least this girl does.
Yep. Wet n Wild invited me to join them as their VIP guest for the  2-day music festival and I got to be one of the first to try their new app, Steal The Look.

Friday, 2 pm: You can "Steal The Look," too!

Steal The Look allows folks, just like you and me, to copy our favorite celeb looks, using Wet n Wild products, literally giving you a millionaire look for mere drugstore dollars.

Fergie checking out the new Steal The Look app from Wet n Wild in the Wet n Wild Hospitality Suite

I chose one “Steal The Look” look for each part of the festival – because when in Vegas, with a talented hair and makeup crew on call, why not play a little dress-up? For Friday night’s arena show, Saturday afternoon’s outdoor Village set and Saturday evening’s arena show), I (as well as 3 other beauty and lifestyle editors) got to choose 3 different looks to “steal” from my favorite icons and celebrities.

Stealing the Look, thanks to makeup artist, Shana Janelle, and hairstylist, Linda Zirkus

For the first night, I opted for a classic, Sophia Loren look…if Sophia Loren was attending the iHeartRadio Music Festival. The three words that came to mind when I saw myself with my smoky eyes, strong brows and nude lips? Glamorous. Sexy. And Passionate. Perfect for a night filled with music in the MGM Grand Garden Arena from Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Motley Crue, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Bastille and Zac Brown Band and more.
This was perfect to match my merlot-hued dress and Mina Romina jewelry. I felt fierce and definitely like I was living La Dolce Vita.

Friday, 5 pm: Steal The Look 1: Sophia Loren…IF Sophia was attending the iHeartRadio Music Festival

I think Sophia would have loved three times the Colplay as much as I did, don’t you?

On Day 2, I couldn’t wait to see Kacey Musgraves at The Village. But instead of trying to channel Dolly Parton (whom Kacey totally reminds me of), I decided to channel the fun, whimsical and daring youthful side of Kacey by taking my cues from Katy Perry for the daytime festivities.

Saturday, 11 am: With my hair up in a messy bun, electric turquoise blue liner rimming the eyes and hot pink lips

I stopped by the Wet N Wild Beauty Hideout at The Village and got a little break from the heat while having some girl time with Pia Nia, Courtney Lopez and Courtney Sixx (more interviews with those lovely ladies later).

Saturday, 1 pm iHeartRadio Village with Ellen K, Courtney Lopez and Kirbie Johnson of Popsugar

Then I two-stepped on out in the sun to catch Neon Trees, Kacey Musgraves and 5 Seconds of Summer. And I baked and boogied. It was HOT, y’all!

Saturday, 2 pm Baking and boogeying at the iHeartRadio Village

But that night was the real treat. After getting my third (and FAVORITE) look of the weekend, channeling J. Lo with my bronzey, glittery eyes, lush lashes, glowing skin, glossy nude lips and Demi Moore stick straight hair…

Saturday, 4 pm: Steal The Look, Look 3 - J.Lo glam beauty meets Demi Moore stick-straight hair

I got to catch up with my old friend, Fergie.

Saturday, 5 pm: Fergie & me in the Wet n Wild Hospitality Suite

Yep. We hugged and I decided to throw a little bit of fun into our interview. Instead of the normal questions I’d asked her already, I decided to surprise her with one of my favorite personality quizzes. It was a hit! But we’ll save that for another time.
Next up was a night of music at the MGM Grand Garden Arena that had me jumping out of my seat and dancing in the aisles to Weezer, One Direction, Iggy Azalea, Little Jon and Paramore.

Rockin' out to Iggy. Oh yeah. It was THAT serious.

My FAVORITE, however, was when Meghan Trainor took the stage. Even though she only performed 2 songs, her message of girl power and inner confidence was loud, clear and resonating.

The Meghan Trainor show, if you ask me

The next morning, I sat in silence reflecting on my whirlwind of a weekend, while overlooking the Vegas strip. The weekend may have ended but the memories never will, and the music will always serve as sweet little reminders.

A little Sunday morning post-iHeartRadio Reflection with a side of berries

BFBF Asks: Who would you have most loved to see at the iHeartRadio Music Festival? 

Reward Rosy Day

As with many inspirations in my life, it started unexpectedly…with a text. From Rosy (accompanied with pictures): “Do you know of a salon with a good colorist? I’m looking to change my look a bit.”

Oh, Rosy, you don’t even know the heavenly hornet’s nest you just stirred up.

If you checked out my post yesterday, you learned all about Rosy Garcia – a very inspiring girl and special friend of mine whom I met through my involvement with Step Up Women’s Network, an organization that I just love to bits. That one innocent text led me to deciding that instead of just taking her to afternoon tea, as I had planned, to celebrate her hard work and UC Berkeley acceptance, I needed to give this girl a day of pampering before she took off to begin her new collegiate chapter.

But I knew I couldn’t do it alone. So I gathered some of my top-tier beauty friends and salons, who were excited to help, and we ended up giving her a day to remember. As much as I had meant for it to be a gift for her, it ended up being an even bigger gift for me.  I got to spend a day with Rosy and get to know her not only as a mentee and Step Up alumna, but also as a friend. Learning more about Rosy led me to respect her even more than I already did, and made me very giddy about the future she has ahead of her. Now, every time she texts me or posts on social media, it’s like connecting to a member of my family. The pride I feel for her accomplishments? There’s nothing like it. Pure joy.

Here’s what Rosy experienced on Reward Rosy day, thanks to my talented and generous friends in the beauty world. Let it inspire you to take a “Reward You Day” of your own at these, a few of my fabulous beauty meccas.

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014: Reward Rosy Day


8 am Gagik of Uber started the day off on the right foot by picking Rosy up at her home in an Uber Black car.

The queen has arrived! Reward Rosy Day begins with the help of Uber

8:30 am Then he dropped her off to meet me for a quick breakfast at Blu Jam Cafe, where we had the sweetest waitress, Chloe, who made sure the breakfast was a delight! Rosy needed to fuel up for the big day ahead! And I, unfortunately, had to hot-step it over to Santa Monica to record some voiceovers for Marshall’s!

Rosy and I at Blu Jam Cafe for breakfast

9:30 am  I dropped off Rosy for 3 hours of pampering at Zenii Skin and Nails, where the ladies of Zenii made her feel like a queen. I’ve been going to Zenii myself for a while for all sorts of services. So what keeps me going back? It just feels like home. It’s comfy, quick and everyone’s courteous and, thankfully, creative. On the agenda for our girl, Rosy? They started with their Classic Laddi Facial ($60) by esteemed esthetician, Candace, whose facials and waxing are SERIOUSLY legendary. She was left with clean, gorgeous and glowing skin – just what a UC Berkeley student needs to get her on the right path of a lifelong skincare regimen. Next, they shaped her brows, giving a defined frame to her already beautiful face. And lastly, she enjoyed a gel manicure ($40) and a Classic Ladii pedicure ($25).

And, lastly, those lovely ladies of Zenii gifted her with a beauty kit of her own to maintain her look, complete with exfoliating gloves and nail care kit. Zenii is zeee best!

Queen Rosy getting her Ladii pedicure at the fabulous Zenii Skin and Nails. What's she thinking, you ask? "I could get used to this."

Rosy getting her gel mani at Zenii Skin and Nails

12:30 pm Next on Rosy’s agenda? The hair she was dreaming about at Maven Beverly Hills, with my friend – and fellow southern belle – Meredith Morris. After consulting with Meredith and showing her Rosy’s ombré inspiration pics, she decided to do some of her famous melted highlights and ombré to create Rosy’s dream look. Now, here’s what you have to know about Maven Beverly Hills. It reminds me of the salons I grew up going to in Dallas…except, well, a bit more chic. Besides Meredith’s visionary talent, when it comes to the coifs she creates, her design aesthetic is straight off of my favorite Pinterest inspiration boards. So, not only are you getting a great color and cut, but you’re doing it in the most pretty, pristine environment in town. And Meredith’s beautiful blue eyes and charming accent certainly don’t hurt.

Here is Rosy, PM (Pre-Meredith):

Rosy: Pre-Meredith (side)

Rosy: Pre-Meredith (back)

And during. (I had to include this, y’all. Rosy sent it to me with this caption, “I feel like Storm from X-Men!!!”)

Storm, er, I mean Rosy during her Maven experience

Aaaaaaand Post-Meredith (PM). Oh shoot, I already did that! Okay, we’ll go with Post-Meredith.

Post-Meredith: Rosy with melted highlights and the ombré she craved

After this pic, Meredith moved on to her next appointment (she's a busy gal) but she was kind enough to let our next surprise take place at her studio!

2 pm: In comes my friend – and suuuuper talented makeup artist, and all-around sweet gal – Colleen from Pixi Beauty to give Rosy a makeover.

Colleen pixifying our girl, Rosy at Maven Beverly Hills

And not just a makeover. Pixi also gifted Rosy with all of the beauty essentials she’d need as a busy UC Berkeley babe! Here’s Rosy with her favorite Pixi shadow palette!

Rosy with her new friend and beauty guru, Colleen from Pixi. Just LOOK at those brows!!

3 pm: I had planned one last surprise for Rosy – afternoon high tea at The Peninsula Beverly Hills. And, it was a treat for me too because I’d never had afternoon tea there before in its entirety! It was luxe, y’all. But the more luxe part was getting to just sit…and relax after a busy day…and really catch up and connect with Rosy. For more of what we talked about, read yesterday’s post. Be sure to read what Rosy has to say about why she’s one of the most confident people I know. I promise it’ll inspire you, like it did me. As for the yummy stuff? Ohhhh. It. Was. Good.

Teatime with Rosy. Cheers to many more! At The Peninsula Hotel's Afternoon Tea with Rosy on Reward Rosy Day

No big deal. Just Rosy and I sipping some tea and showing off our gorgeous Zenii gel manis.

Um, did I mention that it was yummy?

6 pm: Now, here’s the thing. It was time to take Rosy home. But, well, I didn’t want to. Nope. Not yet. No, I’m not talking about kidnapping, but it did feel like a shame for her to be dressed up with no place to go. Soooooo…

6:30 pm: We went to The London West Hollywood rooftop pool! Not just randomly. I had an American Brand Project event to attend, and I had the prettiest date in town! We took in the sights of the city and snapped a few pics before taking Rosy home.

I thought I looked like Cher from Clueless in this pic. Rosy LOVED it. I think because it's funny? Or ironic? Or both. But now, I love it, too. Because it's the perfect pic for the end of our perfect day. Really. A PERFECT day. When can you say that?

And I have to tell y’all this. Sorry to out you, my friend, Rosy. But my favorite part of this whole day? Rosy just couldn’t stop looking at herself in the mirror. She’s a humble girl, so don’t get me wrong. But it speaks volumes about what an impact Zenii, Maven and Pixi Beauty had in making her feel her best as she headed off to UC Berkeley that week. At one point, I was asking her a question repeatedly, and she was so distracted by her own beauty, she didn’t even hear me. My heart just melted.  It really was my favorite moment because I knew we’d made something special happen, which is exactly what I wanted for this girl, Rosy, who makes special things happen for everyone all the time.

The note I wrote for Rosy on the Cover Girl Inspiration wall at a VMAs event the next night.



BF Queen For A Day: Rosy Garcia, Step Up Women’s Network Alumna

Tomorrow, I will be posting one of my favorite posts – and, honestly – one of my all-time favorite days: Reward Rosy Day. So today, our new feature – BF Queen For A Day kicks off with Rosy, for whom everything just seems to be coming up roses!


Meet our Queen For The Day: Rosy Garcia, a 22-year-old current UC Berkeley Junior and Step Up Women's Network alumnus

I hosted Reward Rosy Day on August 20th to give a celebratory send-off to one of my favorite friends that I’ve met as a member of Step Up Women’s Network, Rosy Garcia.

Rosy and I giving the Step Up love at the BeautyFrosting 2nd Bloggiversary last March. We know how to do fun!

Rosy, age 22 and a star Step Up alumna and advocate, was headed off to UC Berkeley that week to continue her studies after attending Santa Monica College and Mills College.

I wanted to tell you all about Rosy prior to posting the details of the big day but thought who better to tell you about Rosy than, well, Rosy! We caught up over afternoon tea at The Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills on Reward Rosy Day and then again via email after she was in full-swing at Berkeley. Here’s what she had to say.

(DM = Dawn McCoy, Creator & Editor of BeautyFrosting and Step Up Women’s Network Visionary member/ RG = Rosy Garcia, Step Up alum and Reward Rosy Day honoree)

At The Peninsula Hotel's Afternoon Tea with Rosy on Reward Rosy Day

DM: When did you come to the US? Can you tell us a little bit about your initial experience.

RG: I came to the US when I was 7 years old. My parents wanted to come to the US to give my brother and I a better life. They believe that education is the key to success. Being a stranger in the US was very difficult. I would cry at night while telling my grandma that I wanted to go back to Guatemala. I couldn’t understand this place and was teased in school because I didn’t know English. Kids can be so mean. (Fun fact: one of those girls who teased me turned out to be one of my best and most cherished friends, Janethli). Eventually I began adjusting and learned English. It took me approximately 2 years but I finally learned it!

Rosy & her teaser-turned-best friend, Janehtli

DM: I love that! The best friend part. Not the teasing and bullying. No, I HATE that part. I think most of us can only imagine how that felt. I have to say that, even with that challenging beginning, you are one of the most confident young women I’ve ever met in my life.

RG: I have to be!!!! I see all the girls who aren’t and think, “You already have everything. You could be the president or CEO of a company like the women today (*Editor’s note: the owners of the salons that sponsored Reward Rosy Day). They own their companies! I aspire to be like them.

Rosy Garcia in action

DM: That answer right there is inspiring. SO true. I’m gonna remember that next time I’m feeling a bit less than confident. Tell us a bit about your family.

RG: I have a very tight knit family, and this includes my extended family- aunts, uncles, grandma, and cousins. My parents inspire me every single day. They work 2-3 jobs just to make ends meet and I am more than grateful for them. I work hard to make them proud and to be able to provide for them in the future. I have one brother and he is pretty much my other half. We have a good connection and share similar interests. We still bicker, but at the end of the day we know we can count on each other. I love him and he inspires me because he is so intelligent and determined. 

Rosy & her always supportive family at her brother's graduation

DM: How did Step Up Women’s Network impact your life?

RG: I love Step Up! I can write pages and pages on why I love it, but I will just mention a few of those reasons. The first is that this program helped me by exposing me to all the possibilities and career paths I can take. I graduated high school with an internship under my belt through the Young Luminaries Program. How many high school students can say that?! Another part of the program that I love is the mentorship aspect. My mentors have been among the most helpful and influential people in my life, apart from my family. I am thankful for all of my mentors’ advice and love. They comfort me and give me the extra push I need. Lastly, I love all the amazing events I get to attend. I love going to the events and meeting people who have all sorts of jobs from blogging to executives in large corporations like Mattel. Plus the food is delicious and the goodie bags are awesome!

DM: What has been your biggest obstacle, challenge or life-changing event and how did you overcome?

RG: The biggest obstacle for me thus far has been my undocumented status. This has been the obstacle that has caused a few detours in my education. However, it is also because of my undocumented status that I am able to look at the world in a different perspective. When I finally became a resident I was glad because that meant I could continue studying and transfer out of Santa Monica College. I learned a great deal from my experience at Santa Monica College and through this whole process. It has shaped who I am and why I continue to move forward.

DM: What’s the best advice or guidance you were ever given?

RG: I have received such great advice from a number of people and can’t single one out. Collectively the best advice I have received is to continue working towards my dreams, because it doesn’t matter how long it takes or how many detours I must take, I will succeed.

DM: What women do you most admire/look up to/respect?

RG: This is a hard question because I believe that we all have something to offer, that’s certainly the case for all of the wonderful women in my life. I admire my mother and grandmother for their strength; they are my biggest source of inspiration. Next I admire my wonderful mentors Philline Parlan, Caroline Joseph, and Kelly Hanker for their accomplishments and determination to overcome all challenges they are presented with. Lastly, I admire the amazing Dawn McCoy for her effervescent personality; I feel energized and inspired every time I talk to her. Plus she is a Sagittarius like me!

DM: Well, shucks. You inspire ME!!!! Every time I see you! What are you studying at Berkeley? And how is that going?

I am in my first semester of Junior year at UC Berkeley! I am currently pursing a degree on Political Economy; however, I am also interested in a major in Peace and Conflict Studies. My focus for either of those majors will revolve around women, economic development, and education. I am doing great so far! There is a lot of reading to be done, but as we are told in almost every event on campus- we are the number one public research institution so we have a lot to learn and much more to discover. I have already joined two clubs on campus: Rally Committee and Latino Business Student Association. I went to my first Cal football game and I love it! 

Rosy at UC Berkeley with her new friends

Recently, I was offered a position as Marketing Assistant at the UC Berkeley’s Summer Sessions, Study Abroad & Lifelong Learning department. And of course I settled into my dorm. Decorating process is done with a little inspiration from the Cupcake Palace. I am already making memories with my wonderful roommate and suitemates. We are planning a group Halloween costume! I will be posing photos on Instagram.  

Rosy and friend on the UC Berkeley Rally Committee

DM: I cannot wait!!! And I’m so flattered that my home, The Cupcake Palace, is giving you decor inspiration!  Where do you see yourself in 5 (or 10) years?

RG: This is a hard question, not because I don’t have an idea of what I want to do but because I have so many things that I want to accomplish. In 10 years, I see myself working at an international company as a marketing manager or as an external affairs/international affairs director.  I envision a job that allows me to travel often so I can explore the world. I will either be living in Los Angeles or New York – places where I can still participate with Step Up. I will take summers off to go on vacation with my family and friends. And I will of course have a rabbit, preferably the one I have today- Princess Dianna.

DM: Tell us about your Reward Rosy Day experience, which OF COURSEI had to hashtag with #EverythingsComingUpRosy, which I see you are still using these days.

RG: Words can’t express the joy I felt to be able to experience a Reward Rosy Day. Never in my life would I ever have imagined such a perfect day. I can’t thank you enough for organizing everything. For that day I forgot about my responsibilities and embraced my accomplishments. Since I worked hard throughout the school year, and the summer, I didn’t have a lot of time to really take in that I was going to be attending UC Berkeley in the Fall. I mean its UC Berkeley! It is ranked #6 in the World Reputation Rankings 2014 and is the number one public school in the nation!. I still can’t believe I am here. I will always remember that day and will look forward to the day when I can give someone else that opportunity. And above all, I was touched to have an afternoon tea with Dawn. Afternoon teas are very near and dear to her heart. I love you, Dawn!

DM: I love YOU!!! And not in that shallow Hollywood way. Do you have any words of encouragement for the girls currently in Step Up? Girls in general?

RG: My advice to girls currently in Step Up is to take advantage of all that you are being offered. Step Up gives you the opportunity to excel and compete with other students who have all the resources available to them. Now that I am here at Berkeley people are amazed at how much I have done and I always say “Its through Step Up!” You really have to put yourself out there and communicate with all the wonderful Step Up staff. Let them know how you are doing and what you want to do. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or to approach someone you admire. Trust yourself because you are capable of anything and everything! And also, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Step Up alumni- I would love to chat and have the opportunity to mentor another young bright mind. 

Whatever life has in store for Rosy, I know without a doubt that includes a very bright future for this super bright, brilliant, inspiring and hardworking girl. And I can’t wait to be there to see it all unfold.

Love you, Rosy!!! SO proud of you!

**Editor’s Note from DM: Rosy’s typed interview answers were the only answers I’ve never had to dramatically correct. Rosy is whip-smart and I am soooo happy to find out that she’s also a talented writer!


Friends forever: Rosy and I at The Container Store grand opening at The Grove this past August. What a fun night!


BF Asks: What has biggest obstacle been? And how have you overcome it?

Ladies Who Lunch: Kissing Up with Italia Ricci of Chasing Life

What? Ladies Who Lunch Interview with Italia Ricci
When? August 14, 2014

Where? At the Wet n Wild More Kisses event at the Walgreen’s Hollywood Flagship Store

Who? Italia Ricci of ABC Family’s Chasing Life

Not only did I get to see my old friend, Fergie again (looking glamorous per usual) at the Wet n Wild More Kisses event at Walgreen’s a few weeks ago, but I also had the pleasure of getting to sit down and visit with a new friend, Italia Ricci of ABC Family’s Chasing Life as she donned her pretty pink in honor of the big event.

Fergie and Italia Ricci at the Wet n Wild More Kisses event at Walgreen's in Hollywood

Channeling Jackie O and laughing with her then-boyfriend, now fiancé (!!!) Robbie Amell  (of CW’s The Flash), I learned about her no-nonsense style, her color in a box (for real) and her intense gratitude for her fans. And let me tell you, the kissing going on outside wasn’t the only romance in the air. These guys are c-u-u-u-u-u-t-e! See for yourself.

DM: Well, hey Italia! Ok. Let’s start with the basics. When people ask you what you do for a living, what do you say?

Italia: I pretend.

DM: Got any nicknames ya wanna share?

Italia: Mom I get from a lot of my friends because I’m a mom. My boyfriend calls me Fatty because I eat like I’m a 9-year-old boy.

DM: I love it. What do you always carry in your purse?

Italia: I carry everything. Literally, if you were stranded on a desert island, you would want my purse. If someone’s like, “I’ve got a stain!” Don’t worry. Italia’s got Shout wipes. Shout wipes are very important. I’ve got a little leather bag with every single emergency pharmaceutical you would ever need. Antihistamine. Aspirin.

DM: So you ARE a mom. You really are.

Italia: Oh yeah. I’ve got the little bags in a giant tote – I’ve got my pharmacy one with like band-aids and everything you’d ever need – even blister covers! Then I’ve got the little sewing one with like tweezers and ear plugs, in case you need it. Eye drops. I literally have everything.

DM: Do you have makeup anywhere in there?

Italia: I mean, I didn’t do this today but I really only wear lipgloss and maybe mascara. But as a little kid, I was always obsessed with Wet n Wild clear lipgloss that tasted like watermelon. It was my very favorite.

DM: What is the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?

Italia: Less is more.

Italia effortlessly walking through the crowd at the Wet n Wild More Kisses event at Walgreen's

DM: Do you have any daily rituals – or, as I call them “daily delights,” that just make the day a little happier?

Italia: Respond to fan mail. Every day.

DM: What’s the worst beauty sin you ever committed?

Italia: Oh GOD. I tried that mayonnaise hair mask once. It didn’t go over well for me. But I do dye my hair out of a box. I did it with Frost and Glow this week Just the blonde one – the highlighting kit. Everyone was like, “Don’t do this. It’s a mistake.” I had the cap on and was like Wheeee! Everybody can do it. It’s like $12.

DM: What beauty products can you not live without?

Italia: Toothpaste. Sunscreen. And a round brush.

DM: I like the no-nonsense…and certainly not in my house. Don’t see that very often in this town. What’s your typical workout routine?

Italia: I occasionally work out. I do Cardio Barre. It’s amazing. I feel like a dancer. You don’t realize what a difference it’s making in your body until you’re looking in the mirror and you’re like, “Hey, butt, heyyyy-yyy.”

Italia’s boyfriend, Robbie Amell, interjects: And we walk everywhere.

Italia: And, welcome my boyfriend, Robbie Amell. He’s on Flash on the CW.”

DM: Now, that’s a supportive girlfriend! Giving you a promo during her interview. Niiiiiice. What do you wish you could tell 13-year-old you?

Robbie (laughing): If you could see a picture of 13-year-old her….

Italia: Take the dreadlocks out and stop practicing witchcraft.

DM: Seriously? I think there’s a story there. But that’s for another time. What would 13-year-old you think of your life now?

Robbie (laughing): No way!!

Italia: That will NEVER be my life. I wish that could happen! Yeah, “no way” is a good one.

Italia Fergie and the retro-clad models at the Wet n Wild More Kisses event at Walgreen's, benefitting the American Cancer Society

DM: And, lastly, what would your theme song be?

Italia: Perfect Day by Hoku.



Ladies Who Lunch: Dawn McCoy of BeautyFrosting and Italia Ricci of ABC Family's Chasing Life


BF Asks: What question do you WISH I’d ask Italia? 



Wet n Wild More Kisses Event at Walgreen’s Hollywood

A few weeks ago, I had one heckuva crazy busy day – 2 interviews and seven events in one single day! Yep. Crazy. But I’m so happy that to start that crazy day off, I got to attend the Wet n Wild More Kisses event at the Walgreen’s flagship store here in Hollywood.

Fergie and me at the Wet n Wild More Kisses event at Walgreen's in Hollywood, benefitting American Cancer Society - the official sponsor of birthdays

It was a celebration to promote the partnership of Wet n Wild and Walgreens as the official sponsors of the “More Kisses” campaign to benefit the American Cancer Society, the official sponsor of birthdays.

25 cents of every sale of Wet n Wild’s Think Pink lipstick (pictured below) will be contributed to this inspiring cause.

Wet n Wild Think Pink lipstick

Using the iconic portrait, “Kissing The War Goodbye,” featuring an image of a nurse and sailor kissing outside the Walgreens location in Times Square as inspiration, the event repeatedly recreated that iconic kiss by inviting all guests in attendance to kiss their loved ones outside the Hollywood Walgreens.

At the Wet n Wild More Kisses event at the Walgreen's Hollywood flagship store. 25 cents of every sale of their Think Pink lipstick will be donated to the American Cancer Society

Wet n Wild’s global beauty ambassador, Fergie, acted as the Grand Marshal of the Kiss, counting down the event amongst guests, press, and celebrity friends. It was like New Years in August!

Fergie at the Wet n Wild More Kisses event

Not only did I get to see my old friend, Fergie again (looking glamorous per usual) but I also had the pleasure of getting to sit down and visit with a new friend, Italia Ricci of ABC Family’s Chasing Life as she donned her pretty pink in honor of the big event.
 Check out the next post for the interview with Italia!
BF Asks: Ummm…how cute is that photo booth?!

Mani Monday: The Thin Gold Line

Just another Mani Monday.
This week it’s back to gel manis. I need some super durability in my life!

I call this one…The Thin Gold Line by @Hyewon8803 at my new neighborhood nail salon, Enamel Diction.

With the nude and gold, it’s such a classic, chic and sophisticated minimalist mani. I’m only sad I only get to have it a week! Why, you ask? After all, Enamel Diction gel manis usually last 2 weeks. Welllll…I’m headed to the iHeartRadio Music Festival and I need my nails to match all the fun that I’m gonna have!!

*necklace featured by Anthropologie

Mani Monday: The Thin Gold Line at Enamel Diction - mani by Hyewon Kong



BF Asks: What mani are you rockin’ this week? 

Gorgeous Giveaway: Gabriel Cosmetics Burlesque Collection

Happy Friday, lovelies!
Did you catch my post the other day featuring the Gabriel Cosmetics Burlesque Collection launch party I hosted?

Well, that Gabriel loved it and is such a sweetheart that he wants to give one of YOU the entire Burlesque collection and a few little extras (valued at over $300)!!!

Gorgeous Giveaway with Gabriel Cosmetics: What makes you feel your sexiest?

Here’s how you can easily enter to win (any of these qualify as one entry each):

Reply to this question, “What makes you feel your sexiest?” in any of these ways:

1) Replying below to this post

2) Follow @beautyfrosting @gabrielcosmetics and share On Twitter: Just answer the question and be sure to include @beautyfrosting @gabrielcosmetic #BurlesqueGabriel #giveaway

3) Follow @beautyfrosting @gabrielcosmetics and share on Instagram: Regram the pic above, and say “I feel sexiest when _____. When do you feel sexiest? Regram this pic and answer that question,” and be sure to include @beautyfrosting @gabrielcosmetic #BurlesqueGabriel #giveaway

4) FFollow @beautyfrosting @gabrielcosmetics and share on Facebook: Just answer the question and be sure to include @beautyfrosting @gabrielcosmetic #BurlesqueGabriel #giveaway

That’s it.
I’ll pick a winner next Thursday!
Now, who’s excited!



BF Asks: Of course, you know what I’m gonna ask today…“What makes you feel your sexiest?”

Try It, You’ll Light It: Kathy Ireland Skincare by reVive Anti-Aging treatment

What do you get when you take a sci-fi nerd like me and an anti-aging device that looks like something out of Star Wars?
Um, excitement.
And a smidge of cynicism.

Cycnical sci-fan right here. Let's see how this goes...

But in the case of Kathy Ireland Skincare by reVive Anti-Aging treatment ($69), I may want to revisit the scifi-loving kid more than the cynic.

Kathy Ireland Skincare by Revive Light Therapy Anti-Aging Treatment

Sure it looks like a Light Brite and weighs a mere pound or so, but this little guy packs a wallop of a punch when it comes to doing its job. What is it’s job? Well, it’s clinically tested and proven to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and improve skin tone, color and texture.

So how did I hear about this force? Well, my friend – we’ll call her Princess Leia – in Las Vegas, kept going on and on about the results she gets every time she uses this. “I can really tell a difference. My skin actually glows and plumps and looks younger.” I told her I’d have to see about that for myself and said, “May the force be with you if it doesn’t work.”

Well, ole Princess Leia knew what she was talkin’ about! I’m already a fan because I tried it last night and I saw instant, glowing results! And it’s easy to use. You just wash and dry your face prior to use and then pretreat face (or selected area) with the Peptide Serum. Turn on the “light saber” (as I choose to call it), apply your safety goggles (those lights are STRONG) and get ready to look younger.

Place the device head within 1/4″ of the skin on the area you wish to great. Leave the light on the treatment area for a minimum of 3 minutes. And there’s no need to do acrobatics with this guy, just hold it in place and let it do its magic. Do this for every area of concern.I, personally, did it while watching The Soup on E!. See, I’m a true multi-tasker – making my face younger with Kathy Ireland Skincare by reVive Anti-Aging treatment, while making my heart younger with laughter, thanks to Joel McHale.

My blackmail picture for sure. If you ever wanted to know how I'd look as a bug in Star Wars, now you know. As, um, as quirky as I may look here, I know that this little light saber will help me in the fight against aging.

Other things I love about it! Um, it’s pretty. And it can be charged either by AA batteries, a power adaptor, or – get how high-tech this is – by attaching it a USB power cord.

Yep, we’re truly in the future here, folks.

Oh, this is good. Really good.

**Note: They also have Kathy Ireland Skincare by reVIve Acne Treatment ($69), which has been proven to reduce acne flareups, kill acne-causing bacteria and prevent blackheads, acne and scarring. You use it the same way as the anti-aging device. And, let’s be real here. You can also use it to zap those pesky little zits and have them go bye-bye!



BF Asks: Which of these light sabers do you wanna try?

Hostess with The Mostest: Gabriel Cosmetics Burlesque Launch Party at SLS Beverly Hills

A few weeks ago, I had the oh-so-fun pleasure of co-hosting the launch party of the new Burlesque Collection for Gabriel Cosmetics at the SLS Beverly Hills.

My co-host? Why, the gorgeous Gabriel himself, of course!

Co-hosting the launch of the Gabriel Cosmetics Burlesque Collection with the oh-so-handsome Gabriel of Gabriel Cosmetics *Photo by Dustylu

And, due to the theme, things got a little, um, risqué and rowdy when it came red carpet time!

I thought this was a beauty event! WHAT is going on here?? Oh, just a little Burlesque drama… *Photo by Dustylu

I was giddy with glee as friends and fellow tastemakers arrived and struck their poses on the red carpet.

With my fellow southern girls - and dear friends - Brooke Anderson of ET and actress, Sarah Jane Morris

With actresses (and fellow Step Up members and friends), Amy Davidson and Ashley Jones

With my fellow tastemakers and celebs, We Heart This, Everything Hauler, My Beauty Bunny and actress, Sarah Jane Morris *Photo by Dustylu

Next stop? We grabbed a blue margarita and sipped it verrrry slowly. Those margaritas were strong! Just like Gabriel’s pigments.

That's one STRONG drink, son! (Good thing I was raised in the TexMex capital!) *Photo by Dustylu

And that’s what we were celebrating, after all! I love that the entire Gabriel Cosmetics line is all natural, vegan, gluten-free and animal-cruelty free. I get asked all the time if natural and vegan cosmetics can be good. Gabriel proves that not only can they be good but they can be even better than some of the leading department store brands.

The Gabriel Cosmetics display at the SLS Beverly Hills *Photo by Dustylu

My fave picks from the new Gabriel Cosmetics Burlesque Collection?
1) The Peep Show Palette ($45) which includesPeep Show Shadow Colors(Amber – Sizzling Gold, Toasted – Warm Brown/shimmer, Velvet – Deep Brown/shimmer and Nude – Neutral Ivory; Peep Show Powder Color inTranslucent – sheer setting powder that leaves skin with a flawless finish; and Peep Show Blush Color in Bitten – neutral red for perfectly flushed cheeks)

A must for fall? Gabriel Cosmetics Peep Show Palette ($45) *Photo by Dustylu

2) Gabriel Meritage Lipstick ($19.95) (a full-bodied, long-lasting, hydrating wine creme lipstick) which I felt verrrrry sexy wearing for the party. p.s. The best part? I didn’t need to reapply even once! And I was in A TON of pictures, y’all!

Need some sex appeal in your lipstick this fall? Try Gabriel Cosmetics Meritage Lipstick ($19.95)   

Wearing Gabriel Cosmetics' Meritage Lipstick with Gabriel, himself. I've kissed a lot of frogs - and come to think of it - maybe there were a few duckies along the way. *Photo by Dustylu

3) The Shades of Nude Lip Palette ($19.95) – four perfect shades of nude that perfectly complement the aforementioned Gabriel’s Peep Show Palette.

Gabriel Nude Palette for fall ($19.95) *Photo by Dustylu

The day was filled with sweets – the cupcake variety (because you know I can’t host an event without cupcakes)!

Hey there, Cupcake! *Photo by Dustylu

…and the people variety.

The girls with Gabriel. Pictured here: our "cigarette" girl, Sydney, Brooke Anderson, Gabriel, Dawn McCoy, Ashley Jones, Amy Davidson and Sarah Jane Morris *Photo by Dustylu

And there was plenty of fun and frivolity in the photobooth!

Fun & frivolity in the photobooth with Gabriel and my girls! *Photo by Dustylu

Thanks for letting me join the fun, Gabriel!
Now, ladies, go sexy up your fall look with a little help from Gabriel’s new Burlesque collection!



BF Asks: Which Gabriel Burlesque product are you most excited to try? 

Treat Yourself Tuesday: Blissed Out at my Bliss Hollywood Spa Day

When Bliss Spa named itself, they knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

Blissing out at Bliss Hollywood

I had the enchanted pleasure of getting all blissed out last weekend at the Bliss Spa at the W Hollywood.

Bliss Hollywood

Thanks to the sweet folks at Bliss, I felt spoiled sweet, starting with the champagne upon my arrival and then by my therapist Michael. Michael gave me a full day of relaxation & detox with the Elermis Exotic Lime & Ginger salt glow ($130/60-minute treatment), a 105-minute Blissage massage ($225/105-minute massage), Phyto Hair Dew hair conditioning treatment ($40), Hot Paraffin Pack foot treatment ($20), Parafango detox back treatment ($45) and Jet Out aromatherapy ($20).

Let the relaxation commence! (Thanks, Michael, at Bliss Hollywood)

After my treatments, I sat in the sauna, took a steam shower, downed some water and then enjoyed another glass of champagne – and a few bites of their famous brownies – as I sat and read my book and wrote a bit in my journal. It was HEAVEN.

Brownies and bubbly? Well, don't mind if I do!

I can’t thank y’all enough. Best Labor Day weekend treat ever.

I left feeling blissed out…and that was exactly what I needed after a busy summer.

And I took home some blissfully delicious products to boot!

They just screamed, "Take me home!" Some blissfully delicious products at Bliss

*To schedule your “Blissed Out” day, schedule your appointments here! Scheduling online is just a breeze.


BF Asks: How do you “bliss out”?