Sunday Says…”Always Do What You Are Afraid To Do”

Loving this cute graphic print from Charm & Gumption that I was introduced to at the Good Carma Girls gifting suite this past Thursday.

Sunday says: “Always do what you are afraid to do.” I live by this mantra.

This is for all of you out there who are scared to take action today.

You CAN do anything you dare to dream.

And you really are strong enough to make the change.

*Graphic by @charmandgumption - thanks for the intro, Good Carma Girls!


BF Asks: What are you afraid to do…that you know you MUST do? (My answer today? Clearing the clutter of summer events in my house. I am a total procrastinator)


Fragrance Friday: Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Gold Couture Launch Party

This past Tuesday, I had the giddy pleasure of meeting the new Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy Gold Couture ($92/3.4 oz) fragrance at their launch event on the rooftop of The London Hotel in West Hollywood.

There was pink, black, gold and glam everywhere I looked.

Glam everywhere at the Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy Gold Couture fragrance launch party

Apt since the neo-classic Juicy Couture girl is said to spin an addictive web of glamour and decadence at the center of her golden world and for her, all that glitters is gold. Sounds like my kinda girl.

Spinning a web of glamour and decadence? Well, don't mind if I do.

As for the fragrance, well, of course, I’m in love. How could I not be with notes of luscious wild berries, a kiss of honeysuckle, a jolt of jasmine and a luxurious cocktail of golden amber, melted caramel, and vanilla? Just the kind of fragrance I swoon over.

Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy Gold Couture fragrance (image ℅ Getty Images for Juicy)

And Alex Daddario, from HBO’s True Detective was the featured guest and is quite a Juicy girl, herself.

Alex Daddario of HBO's True Detective at the Juicy launch event (image ℅ Getty Images for Juicy)

It was the happiest of happy hours and I’m just so happy that I was invited to attend! Every time I spritz on my new Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy Gold Couture fragrance (now available at Macy’s), I’ll think of that sweet summer day at sundown…

The sweetest summer day at sundown on top of The London



BF Asks: What is your summer fragrance? 

Be Our Guest: Getting #InstaGlam with Cover Girl at the VMAs 2014

I always wanted to be a Cover Girl. So when Cover Girl invited me to be their guest to get #InstaGlam for the VMAs and a day of primping, I felt like a long-held dream had come true.

But who knew that award show prepping and primping for a Cover Girl started so early? Even though the awards were to start at 6pm, my day started with an 8:30 am pickup from my delightful driver, Sam, who pumped the old school R&B while eating a homemade cupcake I had brought him from home.

Ready for a day of primping and VMAs fun with Cover Girl!


Next, I arrived at the W Hotel Westwood for a full day of primping with Cover Girl. I grabbed a cup of coffee and nibbled on a bit of breakfast as I showed my Adriana Papell gown to my celeb hairstylist for the day, Derek Peter (a coif god whose clients have included Chrissy Teigen, Katie Lowes and Kristen Bell) and told him of “my vision.” What was my vision exactly? Well, while most people opt for short and hip for the VMAs, I wanted to go old school glam to match my powder blue, floor-length Adrianna Papell gown. Think 60s-era Elizabeth Taylor meets 90s-era Catherine Zeta Jones. Derek knew JUST what to do. So he was off and running, giving me a slightly messier Veronica Lake wave. While my hair was pinned to set the waves, I grabbed a mimosa and headed over to sit in celeb makeup artist, Sage Maitri’s chair (an uber-talented makeup artist whose clients include Judy Greer, Hillary Kerr and Busy Phillips). After seeing my dress and Derek’s hair, Sage had a vision as well – sexy retro glam with a pop of blue-violet on the eye and a deeper mauvey-berry lip.

Being primped as a Cover Girl in my Adrianna Papell by makeup artist, Sage Maitri, as my Derek Peter waves set


Here are just a few of the delicious Cover Girl products she used on me to make me oh-so-glamorous. Not only were the colors rich, highly-pigmented and true but boy-oh-boy, did they last! They lasted from 12 pm til 11 pm that night. I kid you not.
Next up was a quick photo session before my fellow editors and beauty experts and I hopped on the most retrolicious, luxe party bus you’ve ever seen!

Feeling glamorous and confident while bringing old school glam to the VMAs, thanks to Cover Girl * dress: Adrianna Papell/ styling by Cirquelde/jewelry by AV Max NYC


With my friends/dates, Ning Chao and Teen Vogue editor Elaine Welteroth at the VMAs at The Forum

Then it was showtime! And what a show it was!! Who were some of my faves? Well, naturally, Cover Girl Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Maroon 5 and Beyonce.

Cover Girl seriously thought of everything. We watched the show from the best seats in the house while noshing on popcorn and sipping some vino.

Thanks for the best seats in the house, Cover Girl!

And when I say Cover Girl thought of everything, I mean they thought of everything. Even late night! Yep. We arrived back at the hotel around 10:30 to platters of tortilla chips and frnech fries. No funnier sight I’ve ever seen than a bunch of gown-clad beauty editors chowing down a plate of french fries like they’d never seen food before!

Cover Girl seriously thought of EVERYTHING.

Thank you, Cover Girl, for a day I will never forget!
And wanna know a secret? I still dream of being a Cover Girl. Shhh…don’t tell.



BF Asks: Which would have been your favorite part of this Day as a Cover Girl at the VMAs? The limo, the hair, the makeup, the party bus, the show or, um, the french fries?

I’M LOVING…Sand Cloud Beach Towels

I'M LOVING…Sand Could Beach Towels

People email and ask if they can send me stuff to try every day. Literally, every day. And if I accepted everything that people wanted to send, my house would look like a very “special” Neiman Marcus-sponsored episode of Hoarders. So I’m pretty picky about what I decide to receive.

So I ask myself, “Does it appeal to my aesthetic? Do I think my readers, listeners and followers would love it? Is it something I haven’t featured before?”

Well, this experience was a first. The fine folks at Sand Cloud wrote me in the middle of last week and told me they wanted to share their product. Cynical me was, well, a little cynical. The world’s most COMFORTABLE beach towel? That’s cute. We’ll see how this goes.

Well, um, being cynical never works for me and it certainly didn’t in this case. I fell utterly in love with Sand Cloud. I was sent an orange and a blue and realized that it couldn’t be more perfect timing! My friend, Lindsey, and I had received passes to Cinespia at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for an all-night movie marathon slumber party. These would be perfect! Why so perfect? Because they feel like Turkish blankets, look like Morocco, have a flair of Los Feliz and have a removable pillow for total comfort. (No location for that last one – that’s just pure comfort)

They ended up inspiring our whole spread. I laid down the towels, used my Crate & Barrel picnic basket as a table, brought along some sunflowers to liven up the joint (get it? it’s a CEMETARY) and carved out a sunny, little piece of home to spend the next 10 hours.

Sand Cloud & BeautyFrosting - brightening that cemetery right up! Breathing some LIFE into it, if you will. Tee-hee.

Y’all, I am not exaggerating when I say that every single one of our neighbors asked who made these towels. People kept walking by and complimenting our spread. They said it was so romantic – to which I replied, “Thank you. I’ll try to replicate it when I’m on a date,” and then offered them some cheese. It turned a casual evening into a bit of an exotic affair, actually. And the cheese and wine didn’t hurt, either.

Sand Cloud (35″ x 60″) is a unique, high quality Turkish beach towel that is much lighter (and better looking) than their average, bulky terry cloth ancestor. It’s easy to stick in your purse or carry in one hand, incorporates a lightweight and comfortable PILLOW  (to avoid using a shirt or purse under your head) and doubles as a sarong, thank you very much. A good part? It’s machine washable – getting softer with each wash. And that’s true!! I already washed mine once. Best yet? I love that 10% of proceeds are donated to charity to preserve our ocean and beaches. 

Right now, Sand Cloud has launched a Kickstarter campaign so please head over to Sand Cloud and contribute to the campaign and get some towels for yourself. I have 2 already and I’m doing just that simply because these need to be in the world! p.s. That’s a first! I’ve never told people to contribute to a Kickstarter campaign before on the blog.

It speaks volumes that in the 4 days in which I’ve had these said beach towels, I have used them twice…and I HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN TO THE BEACH WITH THEM, YET!

Whether it be an all-night cemetery slumber party screening of The NeverEnding Story, Legend and Labyrinth (yes, we are nerds) …

At Cinespia with Linds - 2 cozy coquettes…in a cemetery

a day to soak up the sun in Malibu, a rooftop pool meeting (yep, they happen) or just sipping champagne in the front yard with friends (which is what I found myself doing yesterday afternoon),

Just a summer day with my believed Sand Cloud beach towels and some Moët.

I am finding these guys to be invaluable.

And, may I say, quite inspirational.



BF Asks: Which Sand Cloud color will you choose? I want one of every color…even the Kickstarter pink. There, I said it. 

Which Sand Cloud color will you choose?


Mani Monday: Burlesque Bling

When I host an event, everything matches.


Even my mani by Zenii LA .

Mani Monday: Burlesque Bling by Zenii LA - a matchy-matchy manicure to match this Gabriel Cosmetics invitation

I call this one “Burlesque Bling” – a perfect fit for the upcoming Gabriel Cosmetics Burlesque launch party I’m hosting at the SLS Beverly Hills this Thursday.

I modeled it after the invitation. Yep. Matchy-matchy.



BF Asks: Are you matchy-matchy?

Gorgeous Giveaway: Fergie’s Wet n Wild Faves – 5 will win!

Girl, oh, girl – do I have a giveaway for you!
This Friday, I will be giving away 5 (!!!) prize packages filled with Fergie’s Fave Wet n Wild products, like these below, in honor of her new Fergie Center Stage collection for Wet n Wild.

Fergie Wet n Wild Gorgeous Giveaway

I will be awarding 5 randomly selected winners from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
And we will have a Twitter party at 10 am PST on Friday, August 15th. So join in because you know we’re gonna have some winners!

Winners will be announced by end of day Friday.

Must be 18 and up and a US resident.

RSVP by tweeting or regramming the pic below with the following. “I’m entered to win the #FergiesWnWFaves #giveaway with @BeautyFrosting @wetnwild! ”

The more you tweet, regram and share, the more chances you have of winning!

So, who’s in?




BF Asks: What do you think makes Fergie so glamorous? 

The Container Store Opens Today at The Farmers Market in LA!

I am SO excited for the grand opening of The Container Store at the legendary Farmer’s Market at The Grove in Los Angeles today! They’re open today 9 am-9 pm and tomorrow 10 am-7 pm and 10% of every purchase made will go to my fave organization, Step Up Women’s Network - of which I am proud to be a visionary member. There will also be prizes and giveaways and more!

I'm so excited! I just can't fight it - about the grand opening of The Container Store at the Farmer's Market at The Grove today!


If you want to get organized – and need a little inspiration – head over to yesterday’s post – The Container Store Diaries: My Closet Makeover on BeautyFrosting to see how they got ME organized! It will surely inspire your organizational process.

Also, I was honored to co-host the VIP Preview Party of The Container Store this past Thursday, along with Sarah Jane Morris, Daniel Musto, Trina Turk, Amy Davidson, Ashley Jones, Lacey Chabert, Liz Dennery Sanders, Alison Deyette and more!

What's better than getting to host a Step Up Women's Network event? Getting to host with my fellow co-hosts, fellow Step Up member and dear friends, actress Sarah Jane Morris and style expert & host, Daniel Musto

My fellow co-hosts, actress Amy Davidson and host, Alison Deyette and I, along with our good friends, Melissa Wallace and Chrissy Kling of Good Carma Studio

With one of my favorite Step Up graduates - Rosie.

It was an evening filled with dancing, delicious food – and, of course, a private preview of the new Container Store opening at the Farmer’s Market at The Grove!

Now open! The Container Store at The Farmer's Market at The Grove in L.A.!

They even served food on their products? What do I mean? I mean, they used file boxes and pencil containers as vases…

The crafty catering display of The Container Store featuring catering by Tres LA.

Desk trays as catering displays and more!

Dessert displayed in desk trays? Brilliant. And so apropos and on brand.

So go get your shopping on!!

Excited to shop!!



BF Asks: What’s first on your Container Store shopping list?


The Container Store Diaries: My Closet Makeover

As a young girl in Dallas in the 1980s and 90s, I remember spending summer (seemingly) months on end, walking down the aisles of The Container Store. See, my mom was passionate about elfa units the way that I’m passionate about Los Angeles, cupcakes, beauty products and people.

Unfortunately, her lust for organization did not get passed on down to me. Many people are actually shocked when I tell them that I am surprisingly not a Type-A, hyper-organized person. Quite the contrary, actually. I wish that I cleaned when I got stressed. Instead, I’m more of a nestle in and watch a movie with a glass of wine kind of girl.

So, when I heard The Container Store was opening at the Farmer’s Market at The Grove this Saturday, August 9th, I had mixed emotions. The nostalgic me was SO excited that the organization mecca of my youth would be right down the street but the organizing procrastinator in me…knew I was in trouble. I knew that I would no longer have an excuse not to organize and the time had come. What time was that? It was time to become a grown-up and get my those little nooks and crannies of my life in order.

Fate stepped in, when I was asked to be a co-host of The Container Store’s VIP Preview Party and the incredibly kind folks of The Container Store offered to do a complete closet makeover on my hall closet.  Now, I don’t know if they knew what they were getting themselves into but this “walk-in” closet? Um, not so walk-in. In fact, it’s quite a small space. As a 1920s building, this closet was built with two horizontal hanging rods (one in front of the other so you never can see your clothes) and one shelf up high, with lots of wasted, unusable space.

While the sheer logistics of how to fit everything dumbfounded a visual-spacially deficient person such as myself, The Container Store, thankfully, had a plan for me. They sent Mark Rewerts to give me a preview of their ATHOME personalized design and organization service to complete the ooh-la-la overhaul for me.

Our organizational wizard, Mark Rewerts, from The Container Store. Mark organized my closet and organized my best friend, Sarah Jane Morris's closets and laundry room. To say we're sweet on him would be an understatement. Here we are hugging on him at last night's VIP Preview Party at The Container Store Farmers Market.

I had sent them all the measurements ahead of time, along with accurate pictures of the space, and they had sent me a mock-up of the design. I had NO idea how it was gonna work with my small space but every single person at The Container Store was as kind and encouraging as you could ever imagine, and made me feel totally comfortable.
So how did the makeover go? It was LIFE-CHANGING.

AFTER: The Container Store turned this small space into a closet that I love getting dressed in now.

Here’s how I prepared for it and how The Container Store made it one heck of a magical makeover.
A good rule of thumb. The basic philosophy of The Container Store when it comes to organizing? Their three key rules to organization are visibility, accessibility and flexibility.  For visibility, choose containers that are either transparent or that you can easily label to help immediately identify the contents and save valuable time. Looking at accessibility, make sure that the items you need most often are the easiest to access. Likewise, place the items you don’t need to get to as often on a higher shelf or in another area. Lastly with flexibility, select a storage system – like elfa® - that can adapt to your changing needs. That way, you can reconfigure and reuse solutions to solve a variety of storage and organization problems. Yep. That does it!
Know your space. The first thing The Container Store had me do was to measure my space and take some pictures of it. You’ve seen the AFTER, now here’s the BEFORE:

BEFORE the magical makeover of my closet by The Container Store: Double hanging rods where I couldn't see anything, 1 shelf (which I found perfect for junking up) and way too much height with nothing to do with.

From there, they asked about what my wardrobe included. To be honest, my daywear often consists of workout wear (so I’ll get to the gym), jeans and t-shirts and tanks. But at night is when I step it up. I usually have an event pretty much every night of the week – sometimes two! So to keep the outfits that I plan on wearing – especially the outfits that I’ve been sent by designers or brands to wear to these said events – I needed a handy option. When Mark arrived to organize the space, he had a plan. My whole wardrobe would be in my larger hall closet but to accommodate my jam-packed schedule with events every night, I could hang the week’s wardrobe on the back of my bedroom door. We created more space by using a Good Grips Fold Away Overdoor Valet ($14.99).
Color your world. Well, at least the little world you’re making over. In my case, I decided to match my closet space to a bag I have kept for years from La Durée.

I matched my closet color to my favorite Parisian macaron bakery bag. Well, kinda. One lesson I learned? Always choose a shade or two lighter than what matches when it comes to small spaces. I should have listened to Mom. She warned me.

Johnny, from The Container Store, came on out on a Sunday and painted it perfectly. One lesson I learned to share with you guys? When it comes to small spaces, don’t pick the paint color that matches exactly. Choose a color that’s a shade or two lighter than the color you’re trying to match. That green got real green real fast.
Work with the space you have. Instead of trying to fight your space, work with the space you have. In my case, I have a pretty tall and deep closet but it’s not very wide. So, my closet designer in Dallas, Reed, decided to add an elfa unit with three shelves and two hanging rods to hang my shorter items on. They also attached an elfa Gliding Tie and Belt Rack ($29.99) to hang my vast amount of belts on.

The Gliding Tie and Belt Rack. This is just a few of my 36 belts. Trust. It was too much for you guys to take by including in the pic.

To increase my hanging space, we switched out my old, multi-colored hangers (which sucked up space) for their Ivory Huggable Hangers ($6.99 for 10). A new-to-me product that I never even knew existed was the Lanca Stainless Steel Valet Flip-Down hook ($29.99). Johnny and Mark installed two for my long-hanging dresses (i.e. all of those dresses, skirts and pantsuits I love so much). It increased the space dramatically in my closet, all while allowing me supreme visibility.
Get over it. Over the door, that is. The biggest difference in my closet makeover? I CAN SEE MY SHOES!!! All my shoes!!! While my heels and wedges are on the shelves…

I can see my shoes!!! Thanks, Container Store!!

and my beloved boots are on the floor with Boot Shapers ($9.99)  in them…

A few of my boots sitting upright (yay!!!) with Boot Shapers in them. Brilliant. Thanks again, Container Store!

the biggest wow-factor was the 24-Pocket PEVA Overdoor Shoe Bag ($14.99). I can FINALLY see all of my flats, flip flops and short-heeled shoes as soon as I open the door. They’re not on the floor of the abyss of my closet anymore. I had actually forgotten what some of these shoes looked like!!

I can see my shoes!! All my shoes!! Thanks, Container…geesh, I can't stop saying thank you!! p.s. I love the clear bag because that La Durée green really pops through!

Display what delights you. Most of your closet should be organized for accessibility and ease. However, I decided to display the pieces that make my heart sing by hanging them on the front of the right valet hook. The pieces I chose? My sequined shell tops and my Pucci nightie and robe. They make me smile every time I open my closet now.
Now, I’ve started a list of other projects I want to tackle with The Container Store at my side. Among them? A new office space, a DIY Trashcan creation and, you guessed it, an overhaul for my makeup organization. Mark was amazed at how many products I had and actually asked if he could take pictures. I’m an organizer’s dream because there’s so much to do! Ha! I’m just so happy I can now get it all done with The Container Store Farmers Market right down the street.
But I think I may have competition because someone else seems to really like our new closet. Shoot.

Miss Ellie staking her claim. I may be in trouble.

*If you need to get your life – or, at least your home, organized, be sure to shop at The Container Store Farmers Market tomorrow, Saturday, August 9th and Sunday, August 10th. 10% of all purchases will go to Step Up Women’s Network, of which I am so proud to be a Visionary member. The Container Store will also be giving away gift cards and prize giveaways so no matter how you slice it, you win big this weekend when you shop!
BFBF Asks: How could The Container Store help you get organized?

Pretty Party: Simple Skincare & Walmart Giftcard Giveaway TOMORROW 8/6!!!

It's a Simple party!! A social media party, that is!

Sensitive skin is not so simple. But thank goodness our skincare can be.

With Simple skincare, not only are the products simple but they even have a simple way to access all the experts you need to keep you looking and feeling your best! The Simple Advisory board even includes a skincare expert, nutrition expert, fitness expert, wellness expert and beauty expert to help you learn how you can be your best every day.

My favorite tip I learned by checking out all that the Simple Advisory board had to say? As a girl with dry skin, I found out that my skin improves (and even glows) when I incorporate  more nuts, seeds, oil-rich fish (such as salmon) and olive oil into my daily diet.

I recently tried Simple skincare for the first time and was pleased as punch with the results!! I got to try the Eye Makeup Remover, the Exfoliating Facial Wipes and the Revitalizing Eye Roll-On.

My absolute fave, simple tip to share with you? Well, I loved putting the eye roll-on in the fridge and applying it right before one of my nighttime events. It takes away the puffiness and wakes your eyes right up! Yep. A lifesaver.

 And, YOU, my friends can win a  Simple skincare prize package for yourself!
Tomorrow, during my Simple skincare Twitter Pretty Party at 11 am PST, I will be giving away 10 Simple skincare prize packs, which include:
One pack of Simple Exfoliating Facial Wipes
One Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-On, and 
One $10 Walmart gift card
Wowza! Looks like Christmas is coming early for 10 of you guys! The rules?
You must be a U.S. resident, 18 years of age or older.
If you want to win, follow me (@BeautyFrosting) and @simpleskincare on Twitter and tweet the following at 11 am PST tomorrow: “Let the pretty party with @beautyfrosting @simpleskincare begin! #SimpleSolutions”
That’s your RSVP. Then just follow along as we discuss skincare, beauty and wellness. There will be 10 winners in all and they will be announced this Friday, 8/8/14, after it is confirmed that they are US residents 18 and older.
So, who’s coming to the pretty party tomorrow?
BF Asks: Which of the prizes are you most excited about? 
*This is a sponsored post by Lunchbox Media. While products or compensation were provided, the words and opinions are all my own.

I’M LOVING… Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand Collection

Cosmetics collections for summer can be hit-and-miss. But Bobbi Brown’s summer collection has been right on the money, year after year after year. So much so that Bobbi devotees, like me, look forward to this every summer with bated breath – as it truly means summer is in full swing.

Bobbi’s Surf & Sand collection this year is no exception.

I'M LOVING…Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand Collection

These products are truly among my top Must-Haves for Summer ’14. Right now, I am loving – and living in – her Surf Eye Palette, from her Surf & Sand collection, which contains eight shimmering, sandy eye shadows – as well as a few shimmering pastel shades that simply had to be inspired by ocean waves. It is truly the perfect mix of a neutral eye with a pop of shimmering, sea-foamy color. And at $65, these luxe palettes go fast so go and get em and get golden!

Then there’s the eyeliner. Oh, you guys. I think it’s as magical as a mermaid. Now, I think we all know my beautylosophy that everyone needs a Bronze liner – whether it be for eyes or lips, or in my case, both. Well, with Bobbi’s NEW Long-Wear Eye Pencil ($24) in Bronze from her Surf & Sand collection, I have found my newest must-have multitasking product. It has the perfect mix of neutral color with that light-reflecting shimmer and pigment I crave. Seriously, one pencil to keep in your beach bag that covers you for both eyes and lips? Yes, please.

As for cheeks, the Bronze Brightening Blush ($45) features three bars of pearlized pigments which creates a perfect sunkissed glow for day or night. Not a bronze fan and prefer pink cheeks? Bobbi’s Pink Brightening Blush still gives you that pearlescent glow with a pretty, pink flush. Either way, your cheeks will look as sunny as you feel.

And, lastly, the lips. Bobbi’s Limited edition Sheer Lip Colors ($26) are perfect for summer with their lightweight formula that saturates lips with a gentle wash of color and a nourishing shine. The 4 sun-loving shades this year are Sunlit Pink (a sheer bronze with a hint of pink), Peach Sorbet (a shimmering peachy coral), Pink Taffy (a pale sandy pink) and Summer Nude (a true be achy nude). Again, try lining your lips lightly, after applying lip color, with the Long-Wear Bronze eyeliner for more of a defined lip. Because who says that liner has to be just for eyes? It really is my favorite hue for lips!

With these mermaid-worthy, pretty products, you’ll be beach-beautiful in no time flat. Which is just the way Bobbi likes it.




BF Asks: What are your favorite summer beauty products for summer ’14 thus far?