I’m Loving…Black on Black

With Halloween upon us today, right now, I’m loving…Black on Black.

I'm Loving…Black on Black

Here are my black-hearted (and packaged) faves today:

1) The black and white 5×7 rug I scooped up at Marshall’s Preston Center in Dallas for only $59!

2) As always, let’s start the makeup with the important stuff – the brows. The L’Oreal Brow Stylist Sculptor ($8.99) lets you draw, shape and sets brows in seconds. And they’re just perfect for creating those bold brows this Halloween.

3) These Shoe Dazzle black, taupe and vanilla pumps. If you’re a shoe lover, Shoe Dazzle really is the best thing going! You get shoes monthly for only $39.95! Boot-lovers bliss this season. While these guys are no longer available, they’ve got TONS of other hauntingly sexy choices!

4) Immunocologie Vital Mist ($65) is truly innovative because its a mist whose ingredients actually work symbiotically with the body’s immune system. The first of its kind! (And, um in the spirit of things, how sci-fi is that?)

5) Urban Decay All Nighter Eyeliner ($20) truly lasts all night but it’s also movable enough initially to smudge, smoke or line that inner waterline. Perfect for that Halloween masquerade ball tonight.

6) Boscia Luminizing Black Mask ($34) – Now, while you might look like a monster when you apply this mask, the results are anything but. This groundbreaking, mineral-rich mask peels off to deliver powerful detoxifying, purifying, and brightening effects. Not spooky at all.

7) Tattoo Junkee Glam Stamp ($8) is perfect if you’re feeling a little frisky and fun, but don’t feel like donning a whole costume shebang. They come in skulls, hearts and butterflies, but my fave right now is the star stamp – so much so, that I took it to my friend Jenn’s party last month and made everyone stamp one on. We were Jenn’s stars! And, yes – as a matter of fact, this did include the boys.

8) The benefits of Biodara Cell Refresh Face Serum ($68) might sound like a horror movie plot, but don’t let that scare you! While it does stimulate cell tissue regeneration, it also refined skin tone and texture, reduces inflammation and absorbs to a luminous matte finish that leaves your skin velvety soft, smooth and rehydrated.

9) Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner ($24) lets you channel your inner Hollywood scream queen with its innovative, waterproof, jet black lash-hugging gel liner pen that lasts for 24 hours.

10) So you say you’re not dressing up tonight for Halloween? Well, then add a little fun to your outfit with these dandy Out Incorporated Wrestler Provocative Sequined Arm Warmers ($55). They’ll make any outfit a little more hip and A LOT more sexy.



BF Asks: What are YOU loving this week? 

Dawn’s Punch In A Pinch: Super Simple Orange Witches’ Brew

Need punch in a pinch this Haloween?
I gotcha covered with this frothy, frosty delight!

Dawn's Punch In A Pinch: Super Simple ORange Witches' Brew

Dawn’s Punch In A Pinch: Super Simple Orange Witches’ Brew

1/2 gallon Orange Sherbet

1 (2 L) Sprite, Ginger Ale or Champagne

1) Just take your spookiest goblets, wine glasses or champagne glasses, add a few mini scoops of orange sherbet…

1) Add a few mini scoops of orange sherbet...

2)…and top with sprite, champagne (or a mixture) of the two and garnish with a Mellowcreme pumpkin aaaaand…

2)…and top with Sprite, Ginger Ale or champagne (or equal parts of sprite/ginger ale and champagne) - and garnish with a Mellowcreme pumpkin!

Hocus Pocus! Foaming, frothy orange witches’ brew right from the cauldron. There ya go!

See, terrific punches doesn’t have to take a lot of time!



BF Asks: What’s your Halloween beverage of choice? 

Putting the Treat in Trick’or’Treat with Magnolia Bakery

When it comes to trick’or’treating, I’ll take TREAT, thank you very much.

So, when  @magnoliabakery calls and says, “Can someone stop by to pick up a Halloween gift from us to you?”, the answer is “I’ll be right there.” Bahahahaha…emojiemoji

A sneak peek of the treats in store from Magnolia Bakery


If you’re having a Halloween party this year, Magnolia Bakery Halloween cupcakes are a must!

Magnolia Bakery Halloween cupcakes & my Last Minute Punch (featured on Thirsty Thursday tomorrow)

For $24, you can get 6 haaaaauuuunted cupcakes, perfect for any Halloween party or dinner!

Even Miss Ellie is a big fan!

The sweet ones likes the sweet things from Magnolia Bakery, too!


BF Asks: What treats are you scaring up this Halloween?

No Mask, No Problem? Last-minute Halloween Makeup Tricks

Hey, my Halloween witches out there!

Didn’t think about a costume until last minute? No problem! Pair this easy kitty-cat inspired makeup with a black dress

(or leggings and t-shirt!), tail, ears, and tips from Beauty Collection for a purr-fect last-minute costume!

1)      Prep & perfect skin with Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and Camera Ready BB Cream. A flawless canvas is amust for this look!

2)      Lightly contour cheekbones with Smashbox Bronze Lights instead of blush.

3)      With Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner in RAVEN, gently trace eyebrows and dot “whisker” marks across the apples of cheeks. Continue to fill in the tip of nose and top lip with RAVEN eyeliner. In short strokes, draw a line to connect the bottom of nose with top lip.

4)      Finish the look with a coat of Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara – the best way to get dramatic lashes without the hassle of falsies!

Tip: Carefully go over SEDUCE eyeliner with matte, black eyeshadow to ensure your look lasts through the entire night!

This sultry makeup works well for a wide range of Halloween costumes! Whether it’s a vampire, witch, or even a dark take on your favorite Disney princess, this look is sure to scare AND seduce.

1.       Apply foundation or power in a shade or 2 lighter than what you typically wear to the entire face – be sure to include your face and     neck!

2.       Using Smashbox Full Exposure Palette, apply the lightest shade on the entire lid and the darkest shade to contour in the crease.

3.       To create a perfect (and dramatic) cat eye, carefully draw the outline with Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Linerin RAVEN and then fill in. Draw in a downward motion to avoid and holes near the lashline.

4.       With the same eyeliner, line lips and gently blend in towards the center with Smashbox Blending Brush #20 for an ombre look.

5.       Apply Smahsbox Be Legendary Lipstick in INFRARED MATTE to the entire lip.

Tip: Finish with Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara on top AND bottom lashes



BF Asks: What are you planning for Halloween this year? 

Mani Monday (a day late): The Killing Moon

Halloween manis don’t have to be SCARY!!! emoji

Just look at my gel mani this week, designed by my girl @noemihk at Enamel Diction !

I call it “The Killing Moon.” With the stiletto shape, it’s just enough wicked without being witchy.

Mani Monday (a day late): The Killing Moon by @NoemiHK at Enamel Diction



BF Asks: What mani is haunting your nails this Halloween?

McCoy’s Me-Cations: A Taste of Texas – Fall ’14

Gosh, Texas was fun.

It's been too long, my homestate!

My trip home to Dallas consisted mostly of family time, catching up with friends, hanging out by the pool, napping, eating…and more eating.
Hence, the 5-lbs that decided to come back to LA with me – and I’m not talking about in my carry-on –  but I digress.

Here is just a taste of the Texas I know and love. I am dedicating the next 3 days to my 15-day Texas fall experience.

The first thing I see when I come home is THIS. The cutest. That’s mine – Miss Ellie – in front and her brother (my mom’s) in the oh-so-festive bandana. His name is Reagan.

Meet Reagan (in back, my mom's pup & Miss Ellie's big brother). That's Miss Ellie in front, of course.

Here are a few of the highlights of the trip. And did I mention the delicious food?

First stop? Mi Cocina. And I can assure you, it won’t be the last.

Our second family home: Mi Cocina Preston Forest

I spent many an afternoon, laying out by the family pool. Mom would bring me delicious snacks when I’d been out there a while! More details (and pics) on Thursday.

Fall in Texas looks a little different.

A Dallas autumn (almost) citywide blackout calls for marshmallow soup, soufflé and wine at Rise Soufflé. Obviously.

A blackout calls for one of my favorite Dallas restaurants.

There’s Breakfast and then there’s Texfast. This is the latter at The Original Pancake House on Midway and Northwest Highway. Banana Nut crepes with coffee caramel sauce. Delish.

Almost every morning, we eat at our neighborhood's The Original Pancake House. We've been coming here for 23 years.

Next up? Lots of visits with friends.

All my exes live in Texas. Well, not all of em. But this one’ll do. We checked out some live music at Poor David’s Pub with a few other friends. I have always been in awe of the Dallas music scene.

One of my exes, who - yep! - lives in Texas.


We used to play hooky during our high school days to hit Bubba’s for lunch. Now, hooky is no longer necessary. Known this girl for over 18 years and so thankful for that…and for Bubba’s mashed potatoes that we demolished over our ladies’ lunch.

No more need to play hooky!


Sunday ladies’ brunch in full effect at The Grape on Greenville.

Mimosas & muffins to start at The Grape on Greenville in Dallas


Warning: Brunch and mimosas at The Grape may cause intense laughter and inappropriate conversation. Love the chance that I had the opportunity to introduce two of my friends, KellyAnn and Lori to one another on this trip home!

Warning: The Grape's mimosas may lead to intense laughter and inappropriate conversation. Um, sorry to the table sitting next to us.


Laughter never ages. Love these two – Tadd and Jenna . One of my favorite traditions every time I’m home – Hendrix alums & dear friends unite at Mi Cocina! (Yes, again, with the Mi Cocina).

Hendrix '00 friends at Mi Cocina!

 And I love that I timed my trip perfectly so I could attend my college friend Camille’s wedding party in Texarkana with our other college best friends, Jenna and Cathleen!

Hendrix '00 in Texarkana for Camille's wedding party

You knew this was coming. RED MEAT ALERT.

When you’re raised in Dallas, good steak and lobster only means one thing…Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse. I spent almost every birthday dining here, from age 10 onward, with my family, which totally spoiled me for life. Even though the Lemmon location is gone, the deliciousness lives on on Spring Valley. My taste buds experienced a bit of nostalgic heaven that night and I am still thankful. (Thanks, Mom!)

Why, yes! As a matter of fact, we did have steak AND lobster!


A lighter night. Girls’ night at Cafe Istanbul with Mom.

Cafe Istanbul girls' night with Mom.


And the, ahem, family “food tour” continues. Sharing a fiesta omelet and French strawberry crepe with Mom at Original Pancake House, before we hit the mothership, Neiman Marcus Northpark.

The best Dallas breakfast spot..and it's right in our 'hood.


One piece of advice for y’all before I wrap this up: When in Texas, there is only one beer you can drink, in my opinion: Shiner Bock.

Sippin' on a Shiner Bock in Texarkana, Texas on a Friday night. Life's pretty good.


Yep. Texas Forever.

Tomorrow? The man I always fall in love with every fall in Texas. He’s the dreamiest.


BF Asks: What are your favorite Dallas restaurants? 


Oh, Oscar.

Like many little girls, I originally learned about Oscar de la Renta from my beloved Barbie dolls and the fashions he so lovingly designed for them. I owned the one on the right and I dreamed of wearing his gowns one day…

I coveted these as a child: Oscar de la Renta's Barbie designs

…I still do.

Oh, Oscar. A little girl's dream turned into a grown-up girl's love.

Dreaming of Oscar tonight.



BF Asks: Which Oscar gown was your favorite?

Dove Body Wash #OneShowerChallenge

My pup, Miss Ellie, is the softest thing on the planet. My skin in fall and winter? Not so much.
Until now.

Friday Faves: Dove #OneShowerChallenge

Dove challenged its users to a #OneShowerChallenge to compare their skin before showering just once with Dove Body Wash and after.
Well, challenge accepted!

Dove Body Wash’s mild formula combines their gentlest cleansers and NutriumMoisture for an improved lather that rinses cleanly and quickly from your skin, while still providing 10x more natural nourishment. The results? Smoother, softer skin after just one shower, with no annoying residue.

Before Dove Body Wash #OneShowerChallenge? My skin felt dry and tight and looked, ahem, a little on the ashy side. Don’t judge.
After? It literally GLOWED – with no moisturizer applied at all. My skin actually glistened.
And the feel? Utterly buttery soft.

I’m serious here, y’all. The before and after difference was exponential. You’ve gotta try it for yourself to believe it!

And Dove is SO sure that you’ll get addicted to the softness after just one shower, they want you to try the #OneShowerChallenge on them!
Win it or get a free sample by clicking on the below giveaway and coupon!

Win it here:
Dove Body Wash – Beauty Frosting

Get a sample here:
Image 1





BF Asks: How does the season change affect your skin?

*This is a sponsored post by Lunchbox Media. While products or compensation were provided, the words and opinions are all my own.

Thirsty Thursday: The McCoy Girls’ Prickly Pear Cider Punch

Sometimes the simplest thing can seem the most complicated.

After serving punches for years at my own parties, I’ve noticed that a lot of people seem daunted when it comes to party punches and beverages. They taste my punches and tell me, “Oh, I’m just not as creative as you” or “I just don’t have the time to come up with punch recipes.” Yes, you do. I promise.

In actuality, punches are easy! And, like a witch’s brew, you can throw in any array of ingredients and come up with a perfectly pleasing punch.

That was exactly the case with this week’s Thirsty Thursday: Prickly Pear Cider Punch. I was craving cider when my mom and I spotted a Prickly Pear sparkling soda at Central Market in Dallas. We thought that it would be a great inspiration for a fall beverage. And it was!

And thus, a super easy new punch recipe for all was born!

The McCoy Girls’ Prickly Pear Cider Punch

Thirsty Thursday: Prickly Pear Cider Punch

1 part Apple Cider of choice

2 parts Prickly Pear Italian Soda (I prefer the Central Market Organics)

*For a little spirit in your punch, substitute 1 part champagne or sparkling wine for 1 part soda

Serve in cute flute or goblet, garnish with a colorful fall leaf and cinnamon stick and presto! A fabulous fall punch in seconds!

A pleasing fall punch in a pinch!



BF Asks: What’s your super simple go-to punch recipe in a pinch?

From Runway to Real World: Fall/Winter Trends To Try, According to the Experts at MAC

If you’re anything like me, you love learning about all of the latest fashion trends, come runway time. But when it comes to taking them off the runway and rocking them in the real world, things can get a little confusing.

That’s why I take my fall and winter beauty cues from the experts – in this case, my friends at MAC Cosmetics.

I attended a little fall & winter trend preview last month with M·A·C Director of Makeup Artistry Gregory Arlt and Senior Artists Cynthia Rivas, John Stapleton and Caroline Donnelly, and for the first time, rather than feeling intimidated, I feel inspired! These guys just get it. As they should! They are the makeup masterminds behind many of the big fashion houses. MAC has been part of runway shows in 4 cities, over 250 fashion shows and keyed 26 of the shows and keyed nails at 30 shows. Their goal in the real world is always to make the woman look like the most precious, radiant version of herself.

The fall & winter trends are all about natural skin, working with the colors in your skin tone and edgy color placement on lips and/or eyes. And I’m here to give you the rundown before the holiday party parade begins. Consider trying out one of these trends in lieu of your standard party makeup this year.

The 4 major Fall/Winter trends, according to the Experts at MAC Cosmetics:


OFF COLOUR look #1 at Max Mara

Inspired by: Freckles and skin tone, this trend is all about deconstructing colors found naturally in your skin tone and in nature.

How it looks: For shades, think burnt reds, coppers and bronzes; muds, mushrooms and mosses. The mood is all about 90s grunge – moody and sexy like Winona Ryder in 1994.

OFF COLOUR Look #2 - mushroom hue on the eyes

How to: Focus on playing up and bolding out the eye, lip or both. Instead of firm bristle brushes, try working with soft bristle brushes for a natural, diffused effect. For a soft look, apply with a fluffier, soft bristle brush. What you wanna do is play up the colors found in skin or nature, so that they blend in easily with the skin.

Trend Tip: Rather than a standard, firm lip brush, try applying lip color with a fluffy brush to get a “washed” effect.


The STREAMLINED look at Kenzo

Inspired by: Tomboys. A vibe that’s grungy yet sophisticated. This look is all about sharper, statement eyebrows. They’re sharper and the use of navy blue is

How it looks: Really reminds me of Hunger Games characters in The Capitol! Super colorful and charismatic, this look was featured on the Missoni runway.

How to: Concentrate on eyeliners and eyebrows and playing with eyeliner a bit.

Trend Tip: Try creating chunky lashes from the iris out to the outer corner of the eye, and then pinching the lashes together for a doe-eyed look. For liner, try disconnecting liner by lining top and bottom but leaving a break between the liner, or applying a super thick, colorful winged liner.


The ON REFLECTION look at Desigual

Inspired by: The glow of liquid gold

How it looks: Luminescence and glow; matte skin is paired with shine; hints of reflection with a golden glow

How to: Start with really shiny, glossy skin. Vaseline is your friend! The easiest way to try this trend is to sport some glossy, metallic pigment on the eye, using gold or platinum shades. Gorgeous with wine lips! And don’t forget some glossy highlighter on the upper cheekbone!

Trend Tip: Rather than keeping brows precise and polished, try messing them up a little with some clear lip gloss. Fall trend forecast palette – great staying power, not creasing


The Unprocessed look at Barbara Bui

Inspired by: Ali McGraw/preppy girls. Not natural or no makeup, but real makeup.

How it looks: Start with full, messy, exaggerated brows. Think rosy cheeks and lips and highlighter.

How to: Apply clear brow gel, a creamy gilded gold with a brown undertone on the eye and a super nude face with a flash of bold copper eyeliner.

Trend Tip: For a little sheen, apply lip balm on lips and apply the rest on nose, eyes and cheeks


BF Asks: Which trend are you most excited to try this fall/winter?