A Month Of Miracles – Celebrating 16 years of Philosophy on QVC

When Philosophy invited me to celebrate their 16th anniversary on QVC, I was beside myself!

Getting in on the Philosophy & QVC 16th  anniversary fun!

Getting in on the Philosophy & QVC 16th anniversary fun!


Happy 16th Philosophy & QVC!

See, I’ve been a fan of Philosophy for as long as I can remember – so much so that I feel like I grew up with Philosophy. In fact, I can mark milestones in my life, based on the Philosophy products I was using at the time.

My first introduction to the line was when I was 21 and a senior at the University of Texas at Austin, when I treated myself to one of their darling dessert-themed all-in-one bath & shower gels, Apricots & Cream, that satiated my sweet tooth without the calories, as I showered in the Kappa house. Today, I still bathe with the sweet stuff.

One staple I always have in my bath? Philosophy 3-in-1 bath & shower gels. Here's one of my all-time faves:  Apricots & Cream. Not just because it smells heavenly, but also because it matches my peach bathroom!

One staple I always have in my bath? Philosophy bath & shower gels. Here’s one of my all-time faves: Apricots & Cream. Not just because it smells heavenly, but also because it matches my peach bathroom!


Later, at 25, I fell in love all over again with Philosophy, when I couldn’t get enough of their Falling In Love fragrance and Falling In Love bath & shower gel, as I was falling in love, myself, with a new boyfriend.

25 & falling in love…and not just with the fragrance...

25 & falling in love…and not just with the fragrance…


Then, at 30, as I started seeking the perfect skincare regimen for my thirtysomething skin, I fell in love once more with Philosophy, when I tried their Hope In A Jar (most famous for being Oprah’s favorite moisturizer).

Hope is all we need.

Hope is all we need.


Now, at 37, I fell in love yet again, when I attended their QVC Month of Miracles anniversary party, where the guest of honor was bestselling author, Spirit Junkie, miraclemaker, and Philosophy ambassador, Gabby Bernstein.

Grace, Gabby, and miracles galore at the #QVCMonthOfMiracles party at the Sunset Marquis.

Grace, Gabby, and miracles galore at the #QVCMonthOfMiracles party at the Sunset Marquis.

I am as big a fan of Gabby – and her latest book, May Cause Miracles – as I am of Philosophy, so the joining of the two was almost too much for this heart to take! (Editor’s note: Interview with Gabby coming sooooon). It’s a beautiful marriage because Gabby is all about miracles and Philosophy’s motto is to believe in miracles, as Philosophy is a company founded on science, as well as inspiration.

We celebrated Philosophy’s 16 years on QVC, by watching the live show on QVC, trying new products, ordering products, tweeting up a storm, nibbling delicious mediterranean fare, and listening to Gabby share her “Miracle Moments.”

Amazing grace, indeed.

Amazing grace – how sweet the sound, sight and smell.

A miraculous day that none of us will soon forget.


Gabby, me and miracles galore.

Gabby, me and miracles galore.


Not only is Gabby a Philosophy ambassador,  but she’s also on the steering committee of Philosophy’s Hope & Grace Initiative, a cause near and dear to my heart.

Hope & Grace Initiative

Hope & Grace Initiative

The Hope & Grace Initiative touches hearts to heal minds, by donating 1% of any and all net product sales to support community-based mental health efforts. 1 in 4 adults experiences mental illness in a given year, and Philosophy’s Hope & Grace Initiative provides over 100 community-based mental health organizations each year, with up to $50,000 in support. July 15th also marked the charity’s 1-year anniversary. A month of miracles, indeed!

That’s why I feel good giving Philosophy products as gifts, whether it be a Sweet Treats Discovery collection ($28.42) to a friend for her birthday, the blushing Philosophy Celebrates Miracles 5-piece collection ($69.98) to my bride buddies, or divvying up the Mega Miracles 8-piece collection ($229.86) amongst my best friends on Friendsgiving as favors.

Not only am I giving those I love a gift that they’ll love, but I also know that a portion of my money will be used to help a cause I love.

What could be more miraculous than that?

Happy, happy 16th anniversary Philosophy and QVC! To many, many more milestones together…and candles.

To many, many more candles on the cake...

To many, many more candles on the cake…



My 37th 70s Soirée

Another year has rolled around, and you know what that means…another birthday party!

Blowing out the candles of my dream cake


I love a theme party and I have one every year to celebrate each trip around the sun.

Dawn McCoy, copyright 1977. teehee. *chalk art by Yumarie Morales

This year, I decided to dress up as the strongest woman I could think of to motivate me for the upcoming 37th year: Wonder Woman.

We are all Wonder Women. And we only get more wondrous as the years progress.

The beautiful custom costume was designed by Christina Maybin of Cirquelde and I truly felt like Wonder Woman wearing it. I’d like to think it was the perfect start to a powerful and passionate year ahead!

Wonder Woman custom costume designed by Christina Maybin of Cirquelde.com

And you know we had cake! My dream cake was designed by my LA favorite, Hansen’s Cakes.

Hansen's Cakes designed this beautiful cake

It was inspired by my new favorite Christmas ornament that I bought at Rolling Greens a few weeks ago. They did an AMAZING job!

My favorite new Christmas ornament inspired what would become my dream cake!

And then the fabulous Takahiro Watanabe & Wendy came and set up their new photobooth, Intertwined Photography, and took some beautiful shots of my 70s-clad guests.

Photobooth fun with Intertwined Photography

Photo by Intertwined Photography

Girls on film with Intertwined Photography

Talented chalk artist, Yumarie Morales, designed this fun table sign, that guests could sign with their messages of “I met Dawn…”, “One word that reminds me of Dawn is…”, etc.

Art by Yumarie Morales

It was a night I’ll never forget, thanks to my friends and all of the talented people who made the night so magical.

These cute letter lights are by Uptown Country Home



BF Asks: How did you celebrate your birthday this year?