A little about Dawn McCoy, Creator and Editor of BeautyFrosting:

Dawn McCoy is the editor of BeautyFrosting, a featured blogger for Giuliana Rancic’s FabFitFun and collaborator for “The Beauty Beat with Dawn McCoy” on The Moll Anderson Show on SiriusXM Channel 246. Additionally, she stays busy with her life as a voiceover actor, singer, host and children’s book author. Stay tuned for her upcoming series, The Cupcake Kid. She lives in Los Angeles with her Maltese, Miss Ellie in a very pastel home.

A little about BeautyFrosting:
After being a celebrity beauty shopper & entertainer for years, a few clients and friends encouraged me to write down my advice and “beauty recipes” for them and house them in a professional blog.

Thus, BeautyFrosting was born.

BeautyFrosting is filled with my “beauty recipes”, favorite products, everyday candid beauty as well as a good helping of baking and life.

Why “BeautyFrosting”?
I love beauty and I love to bake. For a more heady answer, beauty products are the frosting on the cake of natural beauty that is you.

It warms my heart to help people with their beauty questions and introduce them to new-to-them products. Likewise, baking warms my heart. I have found that you don’t go long without a friend if you take either a lip gloss or something with frosting along with you, to a new place. As they say, the way to someone’s heart is through their tastebuds and tummy. And makeup bag, I say.

Why did you decide to do a blog?
Because the text messages, emails and shopping trips with clients and friends weren’t doing it anymore. I needed a broader platform where I could cheer on the products I love and stir up “beauty recipes” for my friends – old and new.

Because people are always asking questions and asking me for my opinions.

And rather than hide it under a bushel (NO!), I’m gonna let it shine.
By “it”, I mean interesting questions that come up on a daily basis in my world, the products that I’m asked to try and that I fall in love with, and the answers I have found for myself and my friends over the past 20 years.

Can I send a question to BF?
Yes! Please do. I love them.
Send your questions to [email protected]
I will answer every question I can and select questions will appear on Q&A Thursday.

Who designed your layout? Who took your BeautyFrosting pictures?
For all things visual, I turn to Vanessa York of Shindig LA. She brings all of my visual aesthetics to life. She is my design godmother.

The amazing photographer, Amy Opoka, took my pictures and boy, did we have fun!
This site wouldn’t be possible without them.

What beauty essentials could you not live without?
Crème de La Mer cream, oils, tinted sunscreen and lip balm
(all of which will be talked about at length on here so stay tuned…)

What foods could you not live without?
Mi Cocina Tex-Mex, my green beauty smoothies, red wine and, of course, frosting.
Well, what did you expect? Wink, wink.

Some Sweet Words about BeautyFrosting…

“I can say plenty of kind words about BeautyFrosting’s Dawn McCoy! I first discovered Dawn was a beauty expert when she took me shopping for makeup for my wedding. She wanted me to try out my look and buy a few things that I could keep after she did my makeup for the big day. I still to this day use the Cle de Peau concealer and Nars blush I bought with her those many years ago. A good investment indeed. I can always count on her to have the latest lip gloss color or eyeliner tip (and it usually ends up in a gift of some sort, she’s very generous!), but her baking is where my heart really melts. From the ‘Sugarplum Cupcakes’ at Christmas to the ‘Lavender Sea Salt Meltaways’, I have never been disappointed by a Dawn McCoy-confection, even when she is trying to convince me that ‘this homemade buttercream frosting isn’t her best’!” (Sarah Jane Morris, Actress, Wife & Mother and eco-friendly lifestyle goddess)

Dawn is my oldest and dearest friend. Amongst my many favorite memories of our friendship together, her doing my makeup for special occasions and serving incredible homemade baked goods for fans at her country shows reign supreme. She radiates warmth, love and beauty and brings it out in others like no one else I know.
(Suzanne Karotkin, Beauty Blogger, Fashion Expert & Best Friend)


“Pink. When I think of Dawn and her amazing talents I think of Pink. It’s the colour of her amazing cupcakes, that I simply can’t get enough of. It’s the colour of the happiness her advice, love, support and most importantly honesty brings to everything she touches. Including me.

There are so many blogs out there. How do you choose? For me there is only one. I am a fashion designer, a photographer, a former celebrity assistant and stylist, I’m a mom and a wife and when I want beauty tips I go to BeautyFrosting…why? Because Dawn knows what she is talking about. She is beauty on the inside and out and can make everyone feel sparkly Pink.” (Steff Sowa, Fashion Designer/Photographer/Stylist/Wife/Mom/Former Celebrity Assistant to Barbra Streisand, Drew Barrymore & Brittany Murphy)

“BeautyFrosting’s Dawn is one of the kindest, most generous women I know. Not only does she have a ‘star power’ presence, but she is always there to help others. What’s not to love about Dawn?!”(Elizabeth Baker, Bonjour+Hola blog)

“Since the moment I met BeautyFrosting’s Dawn she has always been as sweet as her fabulous cupcakes. She is a gorgeous Southern Belle whose real beauty lies within. For my birthday, Dawn gave me MAC Dazzleglass lip gloss. I only use it for special occasions because I love it so much. The color is Baby Sparks. She just knows what looks good on you with out you even being there and that is her real true gift.” (Monique Impagliazzo, Barbra Streisand’s Executive Assistant)

“I’m a novice when it comes to make-up, and like to keep things fairly low-key when applying products to my face. One evening, I visited BeautyFrosting’s home and she provided me with a gorgeous lip gloss that immediately worked wonders. She showed me that something simple can transform a face in seconds. She also has an enviously fabulous taste in style – both personal and living – in addition to being a vintage maven, a baking extraordinaire and a high-class lady with the biggest heart you’ll ever find west of the Mississippi.” (Lindsey Vaerst, Actress)



“I’ve had the fortune of knowing Dawn since college and even back then she was everyone’s go-to beauty expert. Any big nights out would start with us all piled around Dawn’s impressive makeup cases, waiting on her to work her magic on us before hitting the town. Her passion for beauty has always been evident and still look to her for guidance in all beauty-related!”

(Holly Cadenhead Moreland, Rodin+Fields)

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