That Voice Sounds Familiar: Dawn as the New Voice on Pandora Radio!

Date posted: August 4, 2015 | By:

Hey guys!

Remember that big announcement I was gonna make on Instagram? Well, here ya go.

Look Ma! Er, I mean, listen! I'm on the radio!!!

Look Ma! Er, I mean, listen! I’m on the radio!!!

I’m thrilled to announce that, as of yesterday, I’m the new voice that you’ll be hearing on Pandora, in between your songs.

It’s funny – life.

I started out as an actor out here in LA, then became more of a singer with my band, Hawkeye and my Nashville album, Sweet Time (which was on Pandora), and now life comes full circle, combining all of my careers on Pandora – a place where the folks have always been awfully good to me as an artist.

This is one of those times when I have to point out that that I just can’t believe in coincidences.

Life is too sweet and synchronistic, and I’ve got too much gratitude to call it a coincidence.
Special thanks, to my agents at AVO Talent for making this happen!

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