Dear 15 Me: Demi Lovato and…a Devonne By Demi GIVEAWAY!!!

Hey guys!

I asked Demi Lovato my favorite question, “What would you say to your 15-year-old self if you could go back in time?” This was her answer. She’s a good one, that Demi.

What would Demi Lovato say to her 15-year-old self? "YOU'RE NOT FAT…' and a few other golden nuggets of hindsight wisdom that I love.

What would Demi Lovato say to her 15-year-old self? “YOU’RE NOT FAT…’ and a few other golden nuggets of hindsight wisdom that I love.

Demi Lovato: “Dear 15 Me, YOU’RE NOT FAT!  (Laughter) There ya go. Seriously, there’s so much more to life than your body, obviously taking care of yourself, yes, and staying healthy, but there’s more than just your physical appearance and what your instagram looks like. I have to be on there a lot because of what I do, but I wouldn’t be so involved if I wasn’t who I was. I wish I wasn’t so worried about all of that when I was growing up.”

I am thrilled to announce our first-ever #Dear15Me & BeautyFrosting giveaway. We’ll be giving away 2 (!!!) Devonne By Demi giftbags, filled with Demi’s new skincare line, and signed by Demi, herself.

Win it!! I'll be announcing the winner in July. Stay tuned for the announcement date...

Win it!! I’ll be announcing the winner in July. Stay tuned for the announcement date…

To enter, you just need to:

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3) Follow @DevonneByDemi on Instagram here

4) And, lastly, comment on the original post here by sag in “I’m entered to win this @DdLovato autographed @DevonneByDemi giftbag! Enter by following @Dear15Me @BeautyFrosting @DevonneByDemi.”

May the odds be ever in your favor…


p.s. Stay tuned for my interview with Demi, coming up soon on FabFitFun and here on BeautyFrosting!

Daily Delights: What’s Delighting Me Right Now, 9/16/13

So what are daily delights? Daily delights are the little things that make life worth living. Things that inspire. Encourage. Make Me Smile. Make Me Laugh. Make Things Rosier.

The happy little things, people, events, products, places and pieces of art that make the world a happier place to live in.

Are these things mind-blowing? Earth-shattering? Life-changing. Not usually. But they’re things that make me smile and, thus, make me want to share with you.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed them.

(These are usually pictures I post on Instagram of things that I’m loving at that exact moment. So if you want to get my daily delights on a daily, moment-by-moment basis, follow me on Instagram at @beautyfrosting)


1) What a sweet way to start the day! The most precious thank you note from my BeautyFrosting reader, Kate. This never gets old. I am so thankful for every single one of you!



2) Loved getting to have a ladies lunch at the Sunset Marquis with fellow blogger, Cassie Kelley of one of my fave blogs, Womanista who was in town from Nashville. In addition to being a talented blogger, sweet friend, southern lady and trendsetter, Cassie is also the wife of Lady Antebellum member, Charles Kelley so it’s super fun to keep up with all of her style, travel and favorite finds! Such a gorgeous and gracious southern lady!


With the comely Cassie Kelley of one of my fave blogs, Womanista



3) I got to have s’mores TWICE in two weeks. What a perfect sendoff to summer! First with a friend at Sushi Roku


S'mores at Sushi Roku with green tea truffles and all. Swoon.


and then at KitchenSurfing LA‘s launch event in Venice.


S'Mores (nestled on gingersnaps) at the KitchenSurfing LA launch event in Venice

Both were utterly delicious and divine, I tell you.


4) A kiss sandwich between my two favorite girls, my neighbor-nieces, Nora and Lucy. Covered in kisses? Not a bad Friday.

A kiss sandwich between my two favorite girls - my neighbor nieces, Nora and Lucy.


5) Every Friday, I spend my day writing, drinking, eating and enjoying my favorite neighborhood haunt, Paper Or Plastik. This past Friday, I stayed past dark and it took on a whole other romantic mood – it really is a little piece of Paris right in my neighborhood.

A little piece of Paris right in my neighborhood...Paper or Plastik


6) This pic about sums up the delicious and delightful evening spent with some of my favorite ladies in Los Angeles last Thursday at the Nalukai Fall Dinner at The London WeHo. More on that magical evening & Nalukai’s new jewelry soon!






BF Asks: What were your “Daily Delights” this week?

Friday Funday: Wednesdays at Sunset at The London West Hollywood

To me, Summer 2013 will always be about rooftop Wednesdays at Sunset at The London West Hollywood.

On the rooftop of The London West Hollywood reflecting on all of the friends, fun and fine tunes Summer 2013 has brought into my world

I imagine I will forever think of that rooftop – set to the sounds of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” – as the frozen video of Summer 2013. And what a magical memory to have!

I have spent a few “Wednesdays at Sunset” at The London West Hollywood and each one has been better than the last. But I have to say the best one I’ve had yet was when I hosted a Rooftop Cabana Cocktail Party for my favorite blogger-friends a few weeks ago.

Hosting a cabana party for a few of my blogger friends at Wednesdays at Sunset at The London West Hollywood


Between the delightful conversation with my fellow bloggers, new friends meeting each other and delicious bites and cocktails, it was my favorite event of the year thus far!

The attendees at my Blogger Cabana Cocktail Party on the rooftop of The London West Hollywood

I get by with a little help from my friends...and with the help of the beautiful setting of The London West Hollywood

We snacked on seafood cocktail, BBQ chicken flat breads, the LA Street Dog and delicious marshmallow cupcakes and sipped Strongbow Mimosas which were DIVINE!

The delicious details at The London West Hollywood "Wednesdays at Sunset"

And with our soundtrack set to the spins of Infamous DJs, we were in summer heaven!

My guests included the Beauty Professor, Spoiled Little LA Girls, Skinny Fat Girl Diary, Jennifer Chan of E!, Rose Curiel of E!, Whitney Lader of hoopLA, Hostess Handbook, Elle contributor Ashley Terrill, Jessica Yudin of The Fetch Betch LA & FabFitFun and more!

 And everyone was delighted to receive L’Oreal Paris giftbags courtesy of L’Oreal Paris USA and Corbis Entertainment!


Jess Garvey of Hostess Handbook (on left) with her luxe L'Oreal Paris USA gift bag!

I want to extend a special THANK YOU to our gracious hosts, The London West Hollywood (of course!) and my fairy godmother, Gina Wade Creative. This wouldn’t have been possible without your imagination, generosity and amazing service  – not to mention – the most fab hotel, and rooftop, in town!

I'm always smiling at The London West Hollywood!


‘Til next time, my beloved London…



BF Asks: What defines Summer 2013 to you?