Friday Funday: Wednesdays at Sunset at The London West Hollywood

To me, Summer 2013 will always be about rooftop Wednesdays at Sunset at The London West Hollywood.

On the rooftop of The London West Hollywood reflecting on all of the friends, fun and fine tunes Summer 2013 has brought into my world

I imagine I will forever think of that rooftop – set to the sounds of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” – as the frozen video of Summer 2013. And what a magical memory to have!

I have spent a few “Wednesdays at Sunset” at The London West Hollywood and each one has been better than the last. But I have to say the best one I’ve had yet was when I hosted a Rooftop Cabana Cocktail Party for my favorite blogger-friends a few weeks ago.

Hosting a cabana party for a few of my blogger friends at Wednesdays at Sunset at The London West Hollywood


Between the delightful conversation with my fellow bloggers, new friends meeting each other and delicious bites and cocktails, it was my favorite event of the year thus far!

The attendees at my Blogger Cabana Cocktail Party on the rooftop of The London West Hollywood

I get by with a little help from my friends...and with the help of the beautiful setting of The London West Hollywood

We snacked on seafood cocktail, BBQ chicken flat breads, the LA Street Dog and delicious marshmallow cupcakes and sipped Strongbow Mimosas which were DIVINE!

The delicious details at The London West Hollywood "Wednesdays at Sunset"

And with our soundtrack set to the spins of Infamous DJs, we were in summer heaven!

My guests included the Beauty Professor, Spoiled Little LA Girls, Skinny Fat Girl Diary, Jennifer Chan of E!, Rose Curiel of E!, Whitney Lader of hoopLA, Hostess Handbook, Elle contributor Ashley Terrill, Jessica Yudin of The Fetch Betch LA & FabFitFun and more!

 And everyone was delighted to receive L’Oreal Paris giftbags courtesy of L’Oreal Paris USA and Corbis Entertainment!


Jess Garvey of Hostess Handbook (on left) with her luxe L'Oreal Paris USA gift bag!

I want to extend a special THANK YOU to our gracious hosts, The London West Hollywood (of course!) and my fairy godmother, Gina Wade Creative. This wouldn’t have been possible without your imagination, generosity and amazing service  – not to mention – the most fab hotel, and rooftop, in town!

I'm always smiling at The London West Hollywood!


‘Til next time, my beloved London…



BF Asks: What defines Summer 2013 to you? 

WWW: Whitney – We aspire to be as cool

When I met Whitney – creator & editor of the artsy & amazing LA blog – hoopLA, at the Angeleno Poolside Beauty event last week, I immediately thought one word: COOL.

Then I saw her, the next night at Rosa Mexicano for a delicious dinner hosted by Nicole Myden PR and Gina Wade Creative. There, Whitney was again looking, you guessed it, COOL.

She’s one of those people you see and think, “I wish had been born cool like that.”

I was NOT born cool like that. Hence, why I probably bake and love pink and act like a happy, oblivious 5-year-old most of the time.

I aspire to be cool, though. Really, I do! It might not happen but people like Whitney give me hope.

But sometimes cool people can be, well, cold.
So imagine my delight when, after chatting with Whitney, I realized she is not only cool but super sweet — and fun!!

When I asked her if she would be my Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday (WWW) girl this week and send me a picture of her amazingly cool nails in better lighting, she was enthusiastic and adorable and hmmm….what’s the word I’m looking for?

Oh right. C-O-O-L.

Our WWW girl, Whitney: The nails...


BF: Hey Whitney! Whatcha’ Wearin’?

WWW Whitney: OPI-In My Back Pocket; Estée Lauder-Red Chiffon; The New Black-Glitter finish from the Graffiti Ombré Collection.


Our WWW girl Whitney: The products

BF: That’s Cool. Is this, like, a signature shade for you?

WWW Whitney:  I have always loved doing my nails, so the more creative the better. I wore this combo all week! To work, jury duty (ha ha ha), blog events, dinners… Right now, I think I can say these are signature shades for me. I go through spurts. I was in a navy blue phase for a while and now I can’t seem to get enough of bright pink!


BF: Me too. Very cool. Who did you hang with when you were sporting these, um, COOL hues?

WWW Whitney: I wore it with friends, fellow jurors, coworkers and PR contacts. I am fortunate that I can get away with bright, creative nails in my profession.
BF: And what a cool profession it is! I loooooove hoopLA!  Now, back to business, how did you decide on those nail polish products?
WWW Whitney: I am very into the multi-colored nail polish trend, so I figured I’d mix it up with 2 colors (2 being pretty close to each other).
BF: Where’d you get the goods? (Me trying to be cool. Fail.)
WWW Whitney: The Estée Lauder polishwas given to me by my mom because she doesn’t wear bright colors. The New Black and the OPI colors were given to me in beauty bags at blog events.
BF: Super cool!! (ugh.why did I say that? that’s sooo not cool)
So is this mani just a special event thing or do you sport it every day?
WWW Whitney: I wear this out every day. For special occasions, I would do the same, just maybe go and get a proper manicure.
BF:  How does this mani make you feel?
WWW Whitney: These products make me happy. I always get compliments on my nails and I like looking down and having such bright, colorful combos brighten my day.
BF: And we love you brightening our day! Thank you! And, well not to be repetitive, but for giving us some coolness to aspire to. Cool. 
I’m hopeless.
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BF Asks: Do you love DIY manicures? What’s the “coolest” one you’ve tried? Pictures please!!!



High-Low 10

I have been swamped and my High-Low has become the victim of my busy schedule.

But it has been such an exciting, productive time that I just had to share.

Here is my High-Low 10.



1) I was thrilled to get the call that everyone wants from their agent! A booking call! I booked a national voiceover radio spot for UPS. I am beyond thrilled! So much so that my friend, Kristin, captured my excitement of receiving the news in this collage!

When I'm excited, I resort embarrassingly back to my high school cheerleading days doing herkies and high kicks.


2) Baking a successful new recipe: Sour Cream Apple Pie in a Buttermilk Maple Crust. Yum. Everyone at the BBQ said it was delish!!! I’ll feature the recipe soon! Stay tuned!


Sour Cream Apple Pie with Buttermilk Maple Crust

Sour Cream Apple Pie with Buttermilk Maple Crust



3) Seeing my favorite band, the Old 97s 2 (!!) nights in a row at the El Rey here in Los Angeles. They were here on the 15th anniversary tour of their album, Too Far To Care. Rhett Miller, the lead singer, grew up in the same Dallas world where I did. He was a coffeehouse darling who became a prodigy and now an alt-country star. I love them so much. My favorite band. Period.


Rhett Miller



Murry Hammond

Murry Hammond


Rhett Miller of the Old 97s



The first night I went with my super fun friends, Jennifer, April and Sari.




The next with my friend, Jolie, whom I’ve known since I was a kiddo at the Episcopal School of Dallas. Jolie was in my big brother’s class and I always thought she was the coolest!


Me, Murry Hammond and Jolie



But there was nothing cool about us dancing like schoolgirls to Rhett and Murry and the boys… but do we look like we cared?

Dancing like schoolgirls!

Dancing like schoolgirls!


4) I also had an AMAAAAAZING time with my fellow LA bloggers and PR friends this week.

Melrose PR’s First BloggywoodLA event at BruHaus. What an awesome place and amazing people!


Nicole Myden & Gina Wade Creative’s “A Dinner To Blog About” at Rosa Mexicano where I met MORE amazing bloggers and had the most delicious food a Tex-Mex addict could enjoy.


The Angeleno Magazine Poolside Beauty Event – A luxurious evening of glammer & glitz on the rooftop of the London West Hollywood. The perfect farewell to summer! Check out our complete Angeleno event post here!



5) And lastly, finishing the first draft of BOTH of my children’s books. I’ve never written a book before and I couldn’t be more excited about these stories! It’s almost as good a feeling as being in love! p.s. I had a verrrry good assistant! She sits in my lap every morning when I work. I’m a lucky kid!


The best assistant a writer could ask for!



Hmmm…I don’t have any this week! Wait. That’s not true. It was very hot and I don’t have air conditioning. Then again, being from Texas originally, 90 degrees is not hot. On second thought, Nope, no lows this week. Just gratitude and happiness!!!!


BF Asks: What was your HIGH-LOW this week?