A Shade Of Orange: No Kid Hungry Back-To-School Influencers Brunch Eve

Getting ready to host the No Kid Hungry Back-To School Brunch for Influencers in LA tomorrow. *Custom No Kid Hungry Manicure by Note at Enamel Diction

Getting ready to host the No Kid Hungry Back-To School Brunch for Influencers in LA tomorrow. *Custom No Kid Hungry Manicure by Note at Enamel Diction

We’re in an orange matchy-match mood over here at @TheCupcakePalaceLA today. But, ummm, Miss Ellie, can you puhleez get off my @HossIntropia dress for the @NoKidHungry Influencers Brunch I’m hosting tomorrow? No?

I’m a proud ambassador and advocate for No Kid Hungry because all kids need to be fed to be fueled to flourish. After all, breakfast and lunch should be a requisite for all, not just a luxury for a choice few.

If you’re interested in getting involved with @NoKidHungry, head over to www.NoKidHungry.org, where helping can be as simple as hosting a bake sale for the whole month of October, like I am, when Domino Sugar is matching registered bake sale donations dollar-for-dollar up to $75,000.

SO excited to raise awareness tomorrow with my editor, blogger, writer, host and actor friends!!

And, stay tuned for more ‘tails on my Bake Sale announcement. Hint! There may be a Texas element…



Holiday Delights: Home for the Holidays…

Holiday Delights: We're Goin' Where?!

Right now, I’m in the air en route to Dallas with Miss Ellie sleeping soundly in the bag by my feet, a laptop on my tray table, Creme de La Mer slathered on my face and my fellow Dallas-turned-LA blogger, Devon Rachel, on my right in the window seat. Everything is so peaceful and it just feels like all is right in the world.

I, on the other hand, am as giddy as a schoolgirl. I have always gotten so excited to go home. This flight from LA to Dallas has become such a welcome ritual that I look forward to and savor. And I love airports. I always meet the coolest people in airports; people who have ended up being lasting influences in my life – from my friend, Mario – the retired policeman from Mill Valley who is my “death buddy” (we text each other every time a celebrity dies – I know, morbid but I love it) to the guy in the band I met en route to Nashville and dated for a spell to the boy I kissed on the plane. Hey, don’t judge. It was fun – and, besides, it gives me stuff to write about and something for y’all to read. Yep, airports and I are pretty tight.

So here I am on another plane on another trip home to Dallas for another holiday spent with my family in Dallas. I cannot wait to see my family and friends! You can find us at Mi Cocina Preston Forest pretty much every night during my visit, FYI. But I will say that this is the first time I’m truly sad to leave my LA friends who have become my family. As much as I love being in Dallas for Christmas – and really can’t imagine being anywhere else – I really love Los Angeles in December. Between Santa & the gingerbread house at The Grove to the decorations in Beverly Hills lining Wilshire, my eternally summery city knows how to appreciate winter even when it’s 70 degrees outside.

So I just want to take a moment to say “Thank You” to my LA friends-turned-family for making 2013 my best year ever! I love and appreciate every one of you so much.

And Dallas…I’m Comin’ home!!! Keep the salsa and margaritas flowin’, Mi Cocina

Holiday pillows by: Target (and under $5. I found them in the dollar aisle – say whaaaaa?!)

Bedding & fur pillows by: Anthropologie

Tassel garlands by my favorite: Studio Mucci



BF Asks: What’s your plan for the holiday? 


Wow, wow, wow!!! What an amazing week filled with oodles of fun with friends and wonderful women in my world!

The week started off with…The Oscars! I had a strange feeling that this might be my last opportunity to sit at home and watch (party invites, etc.) so I decided to take advantage of it. I had brunch and bottomless mimosas with my best friend, Suzanne Karotkin, who was visiting from Dallas and then came home, slipped on my favorite Jessie Steele cupcake pajamas and settled in for the evening with some Village Pizza and vino.

Super indulgent - Oscars Sunday in pjs with pizza!


On Monday, my amazing Mom celebrated her birthday so I did what I could from afar. I prettily packaged her favorite coconut cupcakes from Joan’s on 3rd, shipped them to her in Dallas and then posted a few collages on Facebook so she knew I was thinking of her on her special day! I have the most beautiful mother in the world and I’m lucky that I get to consider her my very best friend and talk to her usually twice a day.

More important than loving me, she taught me HOW to love.
No small task for a parent in the world we live in.
But, thanks to my Mom, my world was a sunshine-warmed home filled with love, laughter, openness, communication and fun with no shortage of hugs & kisses and secrets shared.
If I am never lucky again in my life, I was the luckiest for being born into this world having her as my mother.
We should all be so lucky and blessed.

My beautiful Mom!


Mom - the center of our universe.

I was thrilled to welcome my new intern, Maddi – a student at UCLA, to my BeautyFrosting team! I was so excited that I organized one of my favorite Martha Stewart notebooks for her replete with a nametag. Yep, I’m kind of a nerd! I am so excited for the energy, organization, talents, ideas and creativity she is already bringing to the BF team!

Welcome Maddi!!

I was super excited to get to be one of the first to try the all new Dermalogica UltraSmoothing Eye Serum at their flagship store in Santa Monica. It was a lovely evening of pampering, cocktails & eats and treats! Stay tuned for more details on this awesome new eye treatment!

Experiencing the Dermalogica difference in Santa Monica

And this past weekend was a weekend filled with wonderful women that I adore!! Between dinner at Frida in Beverly Hills, wine & tapas at Covell in Silverlake and brunch at Duplex on 3rd, my weekend was packed with fabulous friends!

A wonderful weekend with some of my favorite women!

Then last night, I had the pleasure of trying out the fabulous Flemings SteakHouse in Beverly Hills. As a Texan-turned-Angeleno, I had been craving a steak like nobody’s business, so when the offer to try out this sensational steakhouse presented itself, I felt like the steak gods were in my corner! More on this deliciousness later!

With fun friends At Fleming's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills

After all this, I need a vacation from my weekend!!!! While there was much delicious food this weekend and even more delicious cups of laughter and dishing than glasses of wine, I am in need of a break from all of the social activity.

However, that won’t be happening this week! Too much going on to even mention!



My sweet Mom’s birthday was a little tainted by someone being selfish. That made me a little angry, shall we say, as her #1 biggest fan!

And unfortunately, there was a second low. And ohhhhhh-was it low! My beloved, sweet pup Miss Ellie has developed a barking problem since we moved into the place we live now. It has come to a head because she’s barking for hours on end when I leave. I am meeting with a dog trainer who told me that I need to crate-train and stop letting her sleep with me. That hurt. She’s 8 1/2, y’all. I actually cried when she told me that so the trainer probably thinks I need a therapist myself! But I started doing what she told me to do and I’m hoping to see gradual results soon.

I’m really feeling for all of you parents out there. I mean, if this is hard for me, I can only imagine how difficult saying no as a parent will be for me one day! Wish me luck with this little challenge!


Miss Ellie's new "house" - :(



BF Asks: What was your High-Low this week?

Thirsty Thursday: The Gratitude Cocktail

I think we all know that I looooooove creating themed drinks for my shindigs!

So, just in time for Thanksgiving & the holiday season, I came up with a cutie of a cocktail: The Gratitude Cocktail.

Gratitude Cocktails for my interview with Nami M. Scott

While, the pomegranate-grapefruit-champagne cocktail itself is DELICIOUS, it’s the activity that accompanies it that will surely make it one of your family’s favorite, future holiday traditions.

Make either a cocktail at a time or whip up a whole batch and top off each glass with a splash of champagne or seltzer and a few pomegranate seeds.

Prior to their first sip, guests go around the room, one-by-one and say what they are grateful for. No one can sip until they’ve expressed a source of gratitude. So fun!

What a wonderful reminder, during the hustle & bustle of the holiday season, of our many blessings!
BeautyFrosting’s Gratitude Cocktail 

Serves 1

2 oz. Sparkling Pomegranate Juice

2 oz. Grapefruit Juice

2 oz. Champagne or Seltzer

Pomegranate Seeds (as a garnish – about 6 per flute)

Combine all juices & bubbles in your favorite, festive, champagne flute of choice and stir with a swizzle stick. Garnish with a few pomegranate seeds. Hand to guests and let the gratitude gushing begin!

Even Miss Ellie wanted in on the gratitude goodness!



BF Asks: What was your Thanksgiving beverage? 


Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday: Keene – my new favorite store

I had a whole other blog for you guys today. But then… I met Keene.

Meet Keene: My New Favorite Store

Melrose PR had invited me over a week ago to check out this new mecca for Cali girls in Westwood. But I’d had a marathon of a day. I was exhausted. And I had just had a shopping spree at Anthropologie last week. But something just kept telling me I should go.

When I arrived, I told my friend Kelley that I was just dropping by.
Almost 2 hours later, she reminded me of this while she laughed at me.

Kelley & me

Meet my new favorite store.



With its rustic chic/urban barn & rugged decor, painstakingly selected merchandise and its uber-helpful staff, I found myself in love.


True that.


Keene is a much-needed addition to the LA fashion scene. (Oh my gosh. That totally rhymed. Kinda.)

Take Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, American Rag and Lisa Kline, throw in the pricepoint of  Zara and you have the sweet recipe that is Keene.

I especially love the fact that its co-owner & buyer, Stacey Tanenbaum, bases her buying on 3 muses. 3 girls that she would like Keene to speak to: boho chic, New York upper east sider and hipster. I’m summarizing here but you get the point. This lady thinks it through! That’s what I call purchase power with a passion. Love her!

As I mentioned, I went to just check it out, be a good sport and support my friends. So when I walked out almost 2 hours later with a bag filled with 6 can’t-live-without pieces, I was surprised and delighted!


BF behind the curtain: I had to make myself stop trying on clothes!


And, may I mention, I had to put 2 things back. I was trying to be on my best budget  behavior.

I could have stayed there, trying on clothes and falling in love with their unique pieces for HOURS.

But Miss Ellie was my date and she said it was time to go. Well, she whined it.

Miss Ellie is the boss. With British blogger, Rachel Phipps

Check out Keene for yourself! I think you’ll become a keen believer in Keene too!

And thanks for a lovely & memorable night, Keene & Melrose PR; a night my closet – and pocketbook – won’t soon be forgetting!

My closet's new tenants




BF Asks: What’s your favorite store to shop for fashion pieces & accessories? 

BeautyFrosting Exposed: Everything you never wanted to know about me…

Hey, hey! What’s that you say? You want to know a little bit more about yours truly. Well, then head on over to my favorite new blog, Nami M. Scott: Medium Enthusiast.

You’ll learn everything you either always or never wanted to know about me!

Nami has been featured A FEW times as a BeautyFrosting Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday girl! I was so moved, and inspired by, Nami’s questions and I hope you’ll find little nuggets of inspiration from a few of my answers. We cover beauty, cupcakes, living in LA, blogging, favorite quotes, advice, me as a kid, philosophy, word association and more.

Nami also happens to be one of my dearest friends. And, when you read her blog, you’ll realize why!

Here’s a little slice of Nami’s Intro:

Today’s LAdy is my dear friend, Dawn McCoy. Not only a beauty blogger (go check out Beauty Frosting for more of delightful Dawn), she’s a voiceover actress, baker, singer, songwriter, writer, and all-around great person to know. Over the past 6 months I’ve come to believe that there is very little this woman can’t accomplish. It’s because of Dawn that I was finally able to crawl out of my cave and try blogging again. So, you can thank her for all this Internet rambling from yours truly!

And now, ladies & gentleman, I present LAdies: Interview #1 with Dawn McCoy (a.k.a Beauty Frosting!) – an interview I did while she was eating an awesome soup (that she obviously made herself.)

Dawn McCoy of BeautyFrosting as featured on Nami M.Scott: Medium Enthusiast (photo by Amy Opoka Photography)


Miss Ellie even made the interview cut along with Nami’s adooooooorable pup, Mr.Merlin:

Miss Ellie & Mr. Merlin (Photo courtesy of Nami M. Scott: Medium Enthusiast)

Miss Ellie & Mr. Merlin (Photo courtesy of Nami M. Scott: Medium Enthusiast)

Thanks so much, Nami for an amazing interview!



BF Asks: Have you ever been interviewed or interviewed someone? What was your favorite question to ask or be asked? 



High-Low 10

I have been swamped and my High-Low has become the victim of my busy schedule.

But it has been such an exciting, productive time that I just had to share.

Here is my High-Low 10.



1) I was thrilled to get the call that everyone wants from their agent! A booking call! I booked a national voiceover radio spot for UPS. I am beyond thrilled! So much so that my friend, Kristin, captured my excitement of receiving the news in this collage!

When I'm excited, I resort embarrassingly back to my high school cheerleading days doing herkies and high kicks.


2) Baking a successful new recipe: Sour Cream Apple Pie in a Buttermilk Maple Crust. Yum. Everyone at the BBQ said it was delish!!! I’ll feature the recipe soon! Stay tuned!


Sour Cream Apple Pie with Buttermilk Maple Crust

Sour Cream Apple Pie with Buttermilk Maple Crust



3) Seeing my favorite band, the Old 97s 2 (!!) nights in a row at the El Rey here in Los Angeles. They were here on the 15th anniversary tour of their album, Too Far To Care. Rhett Miller, the lead singer, grew up in the same Dallas world where I did. He was a coffeehouse darling who became a prodigy and now an alt-country star. I love them so much. My favorite band. Period.


Rhett Miller



Murry Hammond

Murry Hammond


Rhett Miller of the Old 97s



The first night I went with my super fun friends, Jennifer, April and Sari.




The next with my friend, Jolie, whom I’ve known since I was a kiddo at the Episcopal School of Dallas. Jolie was in my big brother’s class and I always thought she was the coolest!


Me, Murry Hammond and Jolie



But there was nothing cool about us dancing like schoolgirls to Rhett and Murry and the boys… but do we look like we cared?

Dancing like schoolgirls!

Dancing like schoolgirls!


4) I also had an AMAAAAAZING time with my fellow LA bloggers and PR friends this week.

Melrose PR’s First BloggywoodLA event at BruHaus. What an awesome place and amazing people!


Nicole Myden & Gina Wade Creative’s “A Dinner To Blog About” at Rosa Mexicano where I met MORE amazing bloggers and had the most delicious food a Tex-Mex addict could enjoy.


The Angeleno Magazine Poolside Beauty Event – A luxurious evening of glammer & glitz on the rooftop of the London West Hollywood. The perfect farewell to summer! Check out our complete Angeleno event post here!



5) And lastly, finishing the first draft of BOTH of my children’s books. I’ve never written a book before and I couldn’t be more excited about these stories! It’s almost as good a feeling as being in love! p.s. I had a verrrry good assistant! She sits in my lap every morning when I work. I’m a lucky kid!


The best assistant a writer could ask for!



Hmmm…I don’t have any this week! Wait. That’s not true. It was very hot and I don’t have air conditioning. Then again, being from Texas originally, 90 degrees is not hot. On second thought, Nope, no lows this week. Just gratitude and happiness!!!!


BF Asks: What was your HIGH-LOW this week?