A Shade Of Orange: No Kid Hungry Back-To-School Influencers Brunch Eve

Getting ready to host the No Kid Hungry Back-To School Brunch for Influencers in LA tomorrow. *Custom No Kid Hungry Manicure by Note at Enamel Diction

Getting ready to host the No Kid Hungry Back-To School Brunch for Influencers in LA tomorrow. *Custom No Kid Hungry Manicure by Note at Enamel Diction

We’re in an orange matchy-match mood over here at @TheCupcakePalaceLA today. But, ummm, Miss Ellie, can you puhleez get off my @HossIntropia dress for the @NoKidHungry Influencers Brunch I’m hosting tomorrow? No?

I’m a proud ambassador and advocate for No Kid Hungry because all kids need to be fed to be fueled to flourish. After all, breakfast and lunch should be a requisite for all, not just a luxury for a choice few.

If you’re interested in getting involved with @NoKidHungry, head over to www.NoKidHungry.org, where helping can be as simple as hosting a bake sale for the whole month of October, like I am, when Domino Sugar is matching registered bake sale donations dollar-for-dollar up to $75,000.

SO excited to raise awareness tomorrow with my editor, blogger, writer, host and actor friends!!

And, stay tuned for more ‘tails on my Bake Sale announcement. Hint! There may be a Texas element…



Mani Monday: Gilded Macaron by Enamel Diction

It’s just another Mani Monday…or is it?
Nope, it looks like a Macaron Monday to me!

Mani Monday: Gilded Macaron by Enamel Diction

This week, Enamel Diction brought the sweetness as they crafted a confection of a mani, that made the macaroons at Bottega Louie I picked up the next day jealous.

Head on over to Enamel Diction for your own gel mani with nail art (one like this runs around $55).




BF Asks: What sweet mani are you sporting this week? 

Mani Monday: Dusty Lavender Vintage Tuxedo at Enamel Diction

Change is inevitably in the air. You can probably taste it, it’s so close, it’s mystifying.

I love mystical stuff. Reiki. Horoscopes. Tarot card readings. Handwriting analysis. Astrology. Colorastrology.

Enamel Diction + Rose Theodora = A Magical Marriage

Wait, what was that last one again?
COLORASTROLOGY. And it’s exclusively available with Rose Theodora. I’ll be getting my in-depth reading later this month but ’til then, I decided to let her weekly colorasytology forecast dictate my freshly shortened nails this week.

What does the forecast call for?

Dusty Lavender This Week at Enamel Diction

Rose Theodora says: This week weaves a hue of femininity in all areas of our life–work, intimate relationships, our relationship to our bodies/health, family, work, even the way in which we connect with animals.

Continuing the theme from last weeks New Year and Full Moon in the sign Cancer, this week continues with intensified “feelings.” Last week was about sitting with and allowing your feelings to surface. This week, is about physically expressing our feelings, integrating them into our experience/into our being. You may be feeling more artistic, more expressive physically, and more service oriented. The important thing this week is to balance the tendency to get carried away with emotions while remaining grounded.

Wearing a Dusty Lavender and incorporating it into your home, and physical upkeep i.e. nails, lipstick ++ can subtly help you to channel the positive energies of this week, while simultaneously remaining grounded.

Dusty Lavender with it’s hues of purple can help to uplift and calm the nervous system, help you to get more in-tuned with your spiritual side and feel more creative.
Well, alright, alright, alright.

So, here’s how I took the Dusty Lavender that will hopefully calm and uplift me and added a little award season sass to it:

Mani Monday: Dusty Lavender Vintage Tuxedo ℅ Enamel Diction

Head over to Enamel Diction yourself and book your own color reading ($65 – $145) – or, at least, see what color you should be rocking this week to fuel your spirit!




BF Asks: What’s your sign?


To celebrate my birthday with a mani from my favorite nail joint, Enamel Diction,  I had a checklist:




Well, check, check and check.

I present to you, Mani Monday: BEST. BIRTHDAY. MANI. EVER.


And, let’s not forget the matching pink and glittering gold ombré pedi.

No, I'm not bringing back Flashdance style. I was at pilates at Whole Body Method, thank you very much.

Thanks so much, Enamel Diction!! Y’all spoil me.



BF Asks: What would your “best birthday mani ever” checklist look like? 

Mani Monday: The Newly Refined French Mani

I love me some nail art. It’s always fun, whimsical and unexpected.

But when it came time to decide what nail design Enamel Diction would adorn me with for my annual fall trip home to Dallas, I was a little reticent.

I wanted to keep it simple and classic (so Mom would approve), showcase the natural length of my once-bitten nails (that have plagued my mom for over 30 years) and add a little LA flair (because, well – hey! – that’s me).

This is what we – @DaniJean_W and @Mairanisnails and I – at Enamel Diction came up with. I call it The Newly Refined French Mani.

Upside Down. Boy, ya turn me. Mani Monday: The Newly Refined French Mani by @DaniJean_W & @MairanisNails of Enamel Diction (Jewelry 'tails: on the right hand, A.V. Max NYC ring and bracelets & Marcia Moran rings and bracelets on the left)

I wanted a classic french manicure with a twist. So a gold diamond-centered stud on the ring finger and a chevron-defined french mani with a band of gold seemed like the perfect compromise.

Turn it up. Mani Monday: The Newly Refined French Mani, ℅ Enamel Diction (Jewelry 'tails: on the left hand, A.V. Max NYC ring and bracelets & Marcia Moran rings and bracelets on the right)

Now, what will the Enamel Diction girls and I come up with next?


BF Asks: What mani should I get for the spoooooookiest day of the year?

My VIP Glimpse Inside The iHeartRadio Music Festival 2014

Doing what I do for a living, there are many moments where you pinch yourself. Okay, you don’t really pinch yourself – but you do say thank you on repeat, while brushing your teeth, when you’re invited to do things that the 13-year-old kid in you would die to do.

When Wet n Wild invites you to be their guest for the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, this is one of those said moments. And then, after the rush of gratitude…well, you get excited!

Even my mani was excited!

Thursday pm: Feelin' the spirit for the weekend - my iHeartRadio homage manicure - designed by Hyewon Kong at Enamel Diction

I woke up at 4 am to catch my 7:50 am flight so I could soak up my first day of Vegas for all it’s worth.

Friday, 5:50 am: Right on time at LAX - thanks to Uber! And, may I note, that this is the FIRST time I've ever packed this light! My mom was so proud!

On the plane, I made the most of that 50-minute flight.

Friday, 8:20 am: A healthy breakfast of People StyleWatch, a Paleta bar, Wet n Wild cosmetics, my FabFitFun Thursday Friday makeup bag and…a mimosa. Don't judge.

Once checked into the MGM Grand, I hightailed it to the Wet n Wild Glam Suite. So what do you do when you find a team of hair and makeup artists on call for 2 days, constantly waiting in a glam suite, to help you steal the look of your favorite stars? Well, that’s when you just have to say yeehaw.

Friday, 1 pm: This way to the Wet n Wild Glam Suite!

Well, at least this girl does.
Yep. Wet n Wild invited me to join them as their VIP guest for the  2-day music festival and I got to be one of the first to try their new app, Steal The Look.

Friday, 2 pm: You can "Steal The Look," too!

Steal The Look allows folks, just like you and me, to copy our favorite celeb looks, using Wet n Wild products, literally giving you a millionaire look for mere drugstore dollars.

Fergie checking out the new Steal The Look app from Wet n Wild in the Wet n Wild Hospitality Suite

I chose one “Steal The Look” look for each part of the festival – because when in Vegas, with a talented hair and makeup crew on call, why not play a little dress-up? For Friday night’s arena show, Saturday afternoon’s outdoor Village set and Saturday evening’s arena show), I (as well as 3 other beauty and lifestyle editors) got to choose 3 different looks to “steal” from my favorite icons and celebrities.

Stealing the Look, thanks to makeup artist, Shana Janelle, and hairstylist, Linda Zirkus

For the first night, I opted for a classic, Sophia Loren look…if Sophia Loren was attending the iHeartRadio Music Festival. The three words that came to mind when I saw myself with my smoky eyes, strong brows and nude lips? Glamorous. Sexy. And Passionate. Perfect for a night filled with music in the MGM Grand Garden Arena from Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Motley Crue, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Bastille and Zac Brown Band and more.
This was perfect to match my merlot-hued dress and Mina Romina jewelry. I felt fierce and definitely like I was living La Dolce Vita.

Friday, 5 pm: Steal The Look 1: Sophia Loren…IF Sophia was attending the iHeartRadio Music Festival

I think Sophia would have loved three times the Colplay as much as I did, don’t you?

On Day 2, I couldn’t wait to see Kacey Musgraves at The Village. But instead of trying to channel Dolly Parton (whom Kacey totally reminds me of), I decided to channel the fun, whimsical and daring youthful side of Kacey by taking my cues from Katy Perry for the daytime festivities.

Saturday, 11 am: With my hair up in a messy bun, electric turquoise blue liner rimming the eyes and hot pink lips

I stopped by the Wet N Wild Beauty Hideout at The Village and got a little break from the heat while having some girl time with Pia Nia, Courtney Lopez and Courtney Sixx (more interviews with those lovely ladies later).

Saturday, 1 pm iHeartRadio Village with Ellen K, Courtney Lopez and Kirbie Johnson of Popsugar

Then I two-stepped on out in the sun to catch Neon Trees, Kacey Musgraves and 5 Seconds of Summer. And I baked and boogied. It was HOT, y’all!

Saturday, 2 pm Baking and boogeying at the iHeartRadio Village

But that night was the real treat. After getting my third (and FAVORITE) look of the weekend, channeling J. Lo with my bronzey, glittery eyes, lush lashes, glowing skin, glossy nude lips and Demi Moore stick straight hair…

Saturday, 4 pm: Steal The Look, Look 3 - J.Lo glam beauty meets Demi Moore stick-straight hair

I got to catch up with my old friend, Fergie.

Saturday, 5 pm: Fergie & me in the Wet n Wild Hospitality Suite

Yep. We hugged and I decided to throw a little bit of fun into our interview. Instead of the normal questions I’d asked her already, I decided to surprise her with one of my favorite personality quizzes. It was a hit! But we’ll save that for another time.
Next up was a night of music at the MGM Grand Garden Arena that had me jumping out of my seat and dancing in the aisles to Weezer, One Direction, Iggy Azalea, Little Jon and Paramore.

Rockin' out to Iggy. Oh yeah. It was THAT serious.

My FAVORITE, however, was when Meghan Trainor took the stage. Even though she only performed 2 songs, her message of girl power and inner confidence was loud, clear and resonating.

The Meghan Trainor show, if you ask me

The next morning, I sat in silence reflecting on my whirlwind of a weekend, while overlooking the Vegas strip. The weekend may have ended but the memories never will, and the music will always serve as sweet little reminders.

A little Sunday morning post-iHeartRadio Reflection with a side of berries

BFBF Asks: Who would you have most loved to see at the iHeartRadio Music Festival? 

Mani Monday: The Thin Gold Line

Just another Mani Monday.
This week it’s back to gel manis. I need some super durability in my life!

I call this one…The Thin Gold Line by @Hyewon8803 at my new neighborhood nail salon, Enamel Diction.

With the nude and gold, it’s such a classic, chic and sophisticated minimalist mani. I’m only sad I only get to have it a week! Why, you ask? After all, Enamel Diction gel manis usually last 2 weeks. Welllll…I’m headed to the iHeartRadio Music Festival and I need my nails to match all the fun that I’m gonna have!!

*necklace featured by Anthropologie

Mani Monday: The Thin Gold Line at Enamel Diction - mani by Hyewon Kong



BF Asks: What mani are you rockin’ this week? 

Mani Monday: Pumpkin Spice Sparkle by Enamel Diction

Just another Mani Monday.

I call this one…Pumpkin Spice Sparkle by @noemihk at my new neighborhood nail salon, Enamel Diction.

*pumpkin potholder by Crate and Barrel

Mani Monday: Pumpkin Spice Sparkle at Enamel Diction



BF Asks: What fall nail art or mani trend would you like to see me do next?