A Very Valentine Mani

A Very Valentine mani this week c/o my fave, Enamel Diction (by @noemihk ).

A Very Valentine Mani ℅ Enamel Diction

Pink, red and some candy stripes for good measure make one sexy-sweet stiletto grip.

Lots of love in this manicure!

Mani Monday: Gilded Macaron by Enamel Diction

It’s just another Mani Monday…or is it?
Nope, it looks like a Macaron Monday to me!

Mani Monday: Gilded Macaron by Enamel Diction

This week, Enamel Diction brought the sweetness as they crafted a confection of a mani, that made the macaroons at Bottega Louie I picked up the next day jealous.

Head on over to Enamel Diction for your own gel mani with nail art (one like this runs around $55).




BF Asks: What sweet mani are you sporting this week? 

Mani Monday: Dusty Lavender Vintage Tuxedo at Enamel Diction

Change is inevitably in the air. You can probably taste it, it’s so close, it’s mystifying.

I love mystical stuff. Reiki. Horoscopes. Tarot card readings. Handwriting analysis. Astrology. Colorastrology.

Enamel Diction + Rose Theodora = A Magical Marriage

Wait, what was that last one again?
COLORASTROLOGY. And it’s exclusively available with Rose Theodora. I’ll be getting my in-depth reading later this month but ’til then, I decided to let her weekly colorasytology forecast dictate my freshly shortened nails this week.

What does the forecast call for?

Dusty Lavender This Week at Enamel Diction

Rose Theodora says: This week weaves a hue of femininity in all areas of our life–work, intimate relationships, our relationship to our bodies/health, family, work, even the way in which we connect with animals.

Continuing the theme from last weeks New Year and Full Moon in the sign Cancer, this week continues with intensified “feelings.” Last week was about sitting with and allowing your feelings to surface. This week, is about physically expressing our feelings, integrating them into our experience/into our being. You may be feeling more artistic, more expressive physically, and more service oriented. The important thing this week is to balance the tendency to get carried away with emotions while remaining grounded.

Wearing a Dusty Lavender and incorporating it into your home, and physical upkeep i.e. nails, lipstick ++ can subtly help you to channel the positive energies of this week, while simultaneously remaining grounded.

Dusty Lavender with it’s hues of purple can help to uplift and calm the nervous system, help you to get more in-tuned with your spiritual side and feel more creative.
Well, alright, alright, alright.

So, here’s how I took the Dusty Lavender that will hopefully calm and uplift me and added a little award season sass to it:

Mani Monday: Dusty Lavender Vintage Tuxedo ℅ Enamel Diction

Head over to Enamel Diction yourself and book your own color reading ($65 – $145) – or, at least, see what color you should be rocking this week to fuel your spirit!




BF Asks: What’s your sign?


To celebrate my birthday with a mani from my favorite nail joint, Enamel Diction,  I had a checklist:




Well, check, check and check.

I present to you, Mani Monday: BEST. BIRTHDAY. MANI. EVER.


And, let’s not forget the matching pink and glittering gold ombré pedi.

No, I'm not bringing back Flashdance style. I was at pilates at Whole Body Method, thank you very much.

Thanks so much, Enamel Diction!! Y’all spoil me.



BF Asks: What would your “best birthday mani ever” checklist look like? 

Mani Monday (a day late): The Killing Moon

Halloween manis don’t have to be SCARY!!! emoji

Just look at my gel mani this week, designed by my girl @noemihk at Enamel Diction !

I call it “The Killing Moon.” With the stiletto shape, it’s just enough wicked without being witchy.

Mani Monday (a day late): The Killing Moon by @NoemiHK at Enamel Diction



BF Asks: What mani is haunting your nails this Halloween?

Mani Monday: The Newly Refined French Mani

I love me some nail art. It’s always fun, whimsical and unexpected.

But when it came time to decide what nail design Enamel Diction would adorn me with for my annual fall trip home to Dallas, I was a little reticent.

I wanted to keep it simple and classic (so Mom would approve), showcase the natural length of my once-bitten nails (that have plagued my mom for over 30 years) and add a little LA flair (because, well – hey! – that’s me).

This is what we – @DaniJean_W and @Mairanisnails and I – at Enamel Diction came up with. I call it The Newly Refined French Mani.

Upside Down. Boy, ya turn me. Mani Monday: The Newly Refined French Mani by @DaniJean_W & @MairanisNails of Enamel Diction (Jewelry 'tails: on the right hand, A.V. Max NYC ring and bracelets & Marcia Moran rings and bracelets on the left)

I wanted a classic french manicure with a twist. So a gold diamond-centered stud on the ring finger and a chevron-defined french mani with a band of gold seemed like the perfect compromise.

Turn it up. Mani Monday: The Newly Refined French Mani, ℅ Enamel Diction (Jewelry 'tails: on the left hand, A.V. Max NYC ring and bracelets & Marcia Moran rings and bracelets on the right)

Now, what will the Enamel Diction girls and I come up with next?


BF Asks: What mani should I get for the spoooooookiest day of the year?

Mani Monday: Pumpkin Spice Sparkle by Enamel Diction

Just another Mani Monday.

I call this one…Pumpkin Spice Sparkle by @noemihk at my new neighborhood nail salon, Enamel Diction.

*pumpkin potholder by Crate and Barrel

Mani Monday: Pumpkin Spice Sparkle at Enamel Diction



BF Asks: What fall nail art or mani trend would you like to see me do next? 

Mani Monday: Burlesque Bling

When I host an event, everything matches.


Even my mani by Zenii LA .

Mani Monday: Burlesque Bling by Zenii LA - a matchy-matchy manicure to match this Gabriel Cosmetics invitation

I call this one “Burlesque Bling” – a perfect fit for the upcoming Gabriel Cosmetics Burlesque launch party I’m hosting at the SLS Beverly Hills this Thursday.

I modeled it after the invitation. Yep. Matchy-matchy.



BF Asks: Are you matchy-matchy?

Mani Monday: Ganesha Ganache with Zenii

Last week, I had the pleasure of popping by Pop Your Shop hosted by Eventbrite LA and my dear friend, Harmonie Krieger.

With art, Veev cocktails, cupcakes, a braid bar by Assembly Salon and much more, this was one heck of an evening!
But the biggest treat of all? Super luxe and lovely nail art and manis by Zenii Skin & Nails.

Mani Monday: Ganesha Ganache by Zenii Nails

I already had a pink and white design but they freshened it up and added a little fancy flair on the ring finger that totally reminded me of Ganesha…hence the name, Ganesha Ganache!

I hope this slice of sweetness can inspire your mani this week!



BF Mani Monday Recipe: Neopolitan Nights

What do you get when you invite me to an ice cream social AND I have a manicure scheduled that day?
Why, an ice cream-inspired manicure, of course.

Here’s this week’s BF Mani Monday Recipe!

BF Mani Monday Recipe: Neopolitan Nights (with A.V. Max Bracelets & Jessica Simpson dress)


The BF Mani Monday ingredients: Fit to be fed...ice cream, that is!

1 stripe of Dare To Wear Happily Ever After (2 coats)


1 stripe of Essie Lovie Dovie (2 coats)


1 stripe of Essie Fierce, No Fear (2 coats)


Sweet & sexy, show-stopping nails!


BF Asks: What manicure are you rocking this week?