BF Mani Recipe: Maleficent

Happy first Monday of June, beauties!

Last week, I decided to match my manicure to my dress for the Step Up Inspiration Awards (more details on that on Wednesday) and ended up finding myself with a verrrry Maleficent manicure just in time for the opening of the movie. Coincidence? I think not.

BF Mani Recipe: Maleficent *ring by A.V. Max Accessories & dress by Kate Spade

I guess I just needed to get in touch with my wicked side a bit and the mani was the way it came out.

The wicked conspirators: Essie Nail Polish in Olé Caliente and Dare To Wear Nail Polish in Black Velvet

Here’s the scoop.

BF Mani Recipe: Maleficent

2 coats of Essie Olé Caliente


2 coats of Dare To Wear Black Velvet (painted as border around the nailbed)


Wicked summer fun!!!



BF Asks: This summer, are planning on being wicked or wonderful

BF Mani Recipe: Elvis’s Thunderbird

Whatcha’ get when you take a dash of pink and an edge of black?

BeautyFrosting's Mani Monday Recipe: Elvis's Thunderbird

You get my Mani Monday. Here’s the Mani Recipe for the week:

Elvis’s Thunderbird

2 coats of Essie French Affair

2 coats of Essie Licorice

Essie French Affair + Essie Licorice = Elvis' Thunderbird




BF Asks: What would you have named this BF Mani Recipe? 

Mani Monday: BF Mani Recipe – Chocolate Dipped Roses (featuring JustFab PaintFab polishes)

I’m trying to feature more Mani Monday BF Mani Recipes for you but today’s just happens to fall on Tuesday. Sorry about that y’all!

And just an FYI, I’m gonna keep these BF Mani Recipes on the short side so they’re easy to replicate. ANd keeping things short is no easy feat for me because, well, we all know I love to talk.

But, here ya go!

BF Mani Recipe: Chocolate Dipped Roses

(featuring the new JustFab PaintFab polishes)

Since spring just arrived and the cooler weather is still reigning over most of the country, I decided to do a mani that combines the best of both winter and spring.

The answer? A two-toned french mani perfect for worktime or playtime. Elegant yet understated, my Chocolate Dipped Roses mani is sweetly sublime.


BF Mani Recipe: Chocolate Dipped Roses (featuring JustFab PaintFab polishes inPenny For Your Thoughts and Modern Mauvels)

The Recipe:
1 Base Coat

2 Coats PaintFab Modern Mauvels (on nail)

2 Coats PaintFab Penny For Your Thoughts (just on the tips)

1 Top Coat



BF Asks: Would you rock this winter-meets-spring sweet style? 

Mani Monday: Oscars Manicure – Glitter, You Golden Goddess

It’s my favorite week in Hollywood – Oscars Week!! emojiemoji

To celebrate accordingly, I came up with this double glittering gold mani and I call it…

“Glitter, You Golden Goddess!”

Glittering everywhere I go thanks to my "Glitter, You Golden Goddess" mani. *cup by Homegoods

How do ya get it?

Simple. 2 coats of @colorclubnaillacquer in Gingerbread topped with 1 coat of @opinailpolish in When Monkeys Fly. I may not be nominated but my nails have already won the gold!

The glittering combination: "Glitter, You Golden Goddess!"

I’M LOVING…Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Nail Polish in Roza

I love finding a new polish that’s perfect for everyday wear!

And that’s why I’M LOVING…Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Nail Polish in Roza ($18)!

Pretty as a petal! Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Nail Polish in Roza ($18)


This heather-pinkish-grey polish is nice for a natural look,



Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Nail Polish in Roza ($18)


gorgeous for growing nails or…

French manicure with Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Nail Polish in Roza

Fabulous for a french manicure!
Get it while you still can!



BF Asks: What is your french manicure combo of choice?

BF’s Holiday Gorgeous Gift-Giving Guide: Butter LONDON Sparkle, Sparkle holiday sets

Butter LONDON‘s new holiday sets help you do what every good cotillion instructor tells you to do when you’re 13, “Girls, I want you to Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle!”

That’s right. Butter LONDON has one goal this holiday season and it is to help YOU sparkle, sparkle, sparkle.
How do I know this? Because their holiday collection is called “Sparkle, Sparkle”!
That – and the fact that I have been donning two of the tinsel-inspired holiday nail lacquers, Rosie Lee (on my toes) and Fairy Cake (on my fingers), during the debut of this holiday party season.

Butter LONDON's Sparkle, Sparkle Holiday Lacquer Collection #1 ($25)


I have been asked what I’m wearing numerous times and, as the lady I learned to be in cotillion, I gladly reply “Butter LONDON’s Sparkle, Sparkle holiday collection #1!”

I also love the Jack the Lad gorgeous green glittering polish in the Butter LONDON Sparkle, Sparkle Holiday Collection #2 as emerald green has been declared Pantone’s color of the year for 2013!


Butter LONDON's Sparkle, Sparkle Holiday Lacquer Collection #2 ($25)


Here’s another little ladylike tip from me to you:
Want a super easy & pocketbook-pretty holiday gift idea?

Buy a set each of the Sparkle, Sparkle Lippy (lip gloss) collection and the Sparkle, Sparkle lacquer collection and then play Santa! Give a set to your 3 best girlfriends or split ‘em up and customize gifts perfect for your pickiest of friends.


By doing this, you’ll have anywhere from 3-9 gifts depending on how much you have in your budget to spend. Perfect gifts for your girlfriends or Secret Santa gifts!

Any girl, and a guy or two I know too, is sure to feel shiny and new with a little sparkle on their lips or toes.

After all, ’tis the season to compete with tinsel!

And, honey, we wanna win that competition!



BF Asks: What is your favorite way to “sparkle, sparkle, sparkle” this holiday season?

Back-to-School Backpack Beauty : Tweezerman delights!

Nothing is more annoying than a pesky hangnail.

Even with school, work, family and friends, this seemingly silly little travesty can put us in the foulest of moods. “Oh no!!! Not a broken nail!”

No laughing. While it sounds like an outdated comedic line from a Doris Day film, it’s serious business when it comes to us ladies.

The Tweezerman Key Essentials Zip File is what you, er – your nails, have been waiting for.


Tweezerman Key Essentials Zip File

Tweezerman Key Essentials Zip File ($5)

When I thought about “Back-to-School Backpack Beauty”, this is the product I was thinking of!

Effective, reliable and transportable, it is great for girls on-the-go!
Hey, I’m one of those!

The delightful, dual-sided file slides out to your desired length to remedy nail boo-boos and corrections on the fly. Its two surfaces (coarse and medium grit) make shaping and smoothing easy as ABC-123!

And the handy keychain option makes it a no-brainer for your handy keychain.

On-the-go glamour with ease

On-the-go glamour with ease

Ideal for girls on-the-go of any age! Perfect for school, work, gym and travel, it will go wherever you do!

I keep mine on my keychain – right next to my cupcake keychain. Natch.

On the chain...KEYchain, that is

On the chain...KEYchain, that is

Best of all, IT’S ONLY $5!!!!!

Whatcha’ waitin’ for? Go get your own Tweezerman Key Essentials Zip File for YOUR keychain.
If you don’t get it now, you know you’re gonna KICK yourself when that hangnail occurs in the middle of a movie. On a date. Yikes.

Don’t be that girl.

Be the girl whose always prepared – with a retractable nail file on her keychain or her backpack – and a song in her heart!




BF Asks: What’s your on-the-go beauty fave? 


Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday? Nami’s Nails – Taking The Bronze AND Silver

WWW: Nami's Nails

WWW: Nami's Nails

So, it’s a funny thing having a blog.

It’s a growing process, an adventure, lots of fun — and the best creative outlet in the world  for someone with as many interests as me!

One of my favorite things, since childhood, has always been coming up with names for products I love, recipes I create, Barbie dolls- heck – even nicknames for friends and pets.

So it’s pretty fun when I come up with a new idea for, you, my lovely BeautyFrosting readers.

From now on, when I try out a nail polish recipe, I’m gonna name it so we’ll have a reference point.

The first one I’m naming happens to be for my super-stylish friend, Nami’s nails. Remember her? She’s a frequent guest on WWW (Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday)!

She came in a week ago with the most glittery, bronzed – and yet – sophisticated nails.

Nami makes any trend look like an instant classic.
This one was no different.

Since we all have Olympic fever, it only feels appropriate to call this Nami’s Nails-inspired Mani Recipe:
“Taking The Bronze AND Silver”

So just how did she achieve this sparkling look?

2 coats of Essie Ballet Slippers ($5) on the entire nail

Essie Ballet Slippers


 2 coats of OPI Warm & Fozzie C08 ($6) on the tips


OPI Warm & Fozzie Nail Polish


1 coat of Essie Set in Stones (Luxeffects silver glitter nail polish)

Essie Set in Stones

Essie Set in Stones


“Taking The Bronze AND Silver”

"Taking The Bronze AND Silver" - a Nami's Nails Creation

"Taking The Bronze AND Silver" - a Nami's Nails Inspired Creation

And she added a little mint heart on the pinkie nail…but I’m gonna let that be her little secret!



BF Asks: What would you name this Mani Recipe if you had your druthers? Let your imagination fly and let me know below! 


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