Drugstore Cowgirl: L’Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain in Lilac Ever After

My-oh-my, do I have a treat for you today! L’Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain.

L'Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain in Lilac Ever After ($9.99)


One of the most perfect lip colors I have ever had the privilege of applying. Perfect when worn with a smoky eye, a full face of makeup – or best yet – all on its own on your naturally pretty face.

The best part? I wasn’t expecting this darling discovery. It came out of the clear, blue sky in a glorious gift bag at an HBO-L’Oreal party at the Four Seasons a few weeks ago after I had just gotten over that terrible flu.

The morning after the party, I had to run over to Anthropologie in Beverly Hills to pick up a dress. I grabbed this out of the gift bag and thought, “Why not try?”

L'Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain in Lilac Ever After ($9.99)

I mean, I had no makeup on, my hair in a ponytail, the flu was still holding my spirit captive a bit and I was pretty sure that nothing would make me feel prettier.

I was wrong. I applied with the wand applicator not exactly sure what this lip product was. It went on as a liquid but after it dried a second, it felt like a gloss! Interrresting.

Then, as I was driving, I looked up in my rear view mirror and – with the pretty lips catching me off-guard – literally said out loud, “That is gorgeous! Wow!”. As a beauty blogger, you don’t get surprised like that very often. But, oh, I did!

In my rearview mirror: Shine on!


Swatches of L'Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain in Lilac Ever After ($9.99)

Now, it has become my go-to for gorgeous before I head out the door. I’ve decided to keep a tube in my car for emergency glossing situations.

It’s a thing.

Formulated with a blend of light hydrating oils, concentrated pigments and packed with 30% water, my lips stay moisturized and the glossy color wears on for hours.

Whenever I put it on, I can’t help but think of Jaclyn Smith. The lilac-influenced nude shade looks like my lips…only better. And oooooh-so-natural! This is what you want early in the morning, on that camping trip, in class with your crush, on that “casual” date where you want to radiate natural beauty without being totally au-naturel. You know? “Natural”.

I’m telling you now. You’re gonna thank me for turning you onto this one!



BF Asks: Have you tried L’Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain?

Merry Christmas from BeautyFrosting!!

This year has been such a sweet one thanks to you my BeautyFrosting readers and friends! I am so thankful for you every day…but especially on a day as sweet as this one.

Wishing a very merry Christmas your family & loved ones!



Back-to-School Backpack Beauty : Tweezerman delights!

Nothing is more annoying than a pesky hangnail.

Even with school, work, family and friends, this seemingly silly little travesty can put us in the foulest of moods. “Oh no!!! Not a broken nail!”

No laughing. While it sounds like an outdated comedic line from a Doris Day film, it’s serious business when it comes to us ladies.

The Tweezerman Key Essentials Zip File is what you, er – your nails, have been waiting for.


Tweezerman Key Essentials Zip File

Tweezerman Key Essentials Zip File ($5)

When I thought about “Back-to-School Backpack Beauty”, this is the product I was thinking of!

Effective, reliable and transportable, it is great for girls on-the-go!
Hey, I’m one of those!

The delightful, dual-sided file slides out to your desired length to remedy nail boo-boos and corrections on the fly. Its two surfaces (coarse and medium grit) make shaping and smoothing easy as ABC-123!

And the handy keychain option makes it a no-brainer for your handy keychain.

On-the-go glamour with ease

On-the-go glamour with ease

Ideal for girls on-the-go of any age! Perfect for school, work, gym and travel, it will go wherever you do!

I keep mine on my keychain – right next to my cupcake keychain. Natch.

On the chain...KEYchain, that is

On the chain...KEYchain, that is

Best of all, IT’S ONLY $5!!!!!

Whatcha’ waitin’ for? Go get your own Tweezerman Key Essentials Zip File for YOUR keychain.
If you don’t get it now, you know you’re gonna KICK yourself when that hangnail occurs in the middle of a movie. On a date. Yikes.

Don’t be that girl.

Be the girl whose always prepared – with a retractable nail file on her keychain or her backpack – and a song in her heart!




BF Asks: What’s your on-the-go beauty fave? 


In-My-Tub Tuesday: Back-to-School Beauty Bath with L’Occitane

What’s better at the end of a long, hard day at school than a long, hot, bubbling bubble bath?

Bathtime! (Photo by Amy Opoka)

A long,hot, bubbling bubble bath that smells of and nourishes with HONEY!!!

Honey in My Tub: L'Occitane Bonne Mere Gentle Body Wash ($34)

With its natural honey scent and softly bubbling formula, L’Occitane Bonne Mere Gentle Body Wash in Honey is a treat at any age.

Its luxuriously buttery, creamy texture is the perfect nighttime formula to send you off to sleep with a song. And you can rest easy knowing that the hypoallergenic formula is safest for the most sensitive of skin and has been thoroughly tested by dermatologists.

While it is a body wash, I love adding a few pumps to my bath while it’s running. The honey-scented, lightly foaming bath is just what I need to sink into at the end of a long day.

Perfect for the student hard at studying, the professional hard at work – or – the mom hard at mommying who just needs a mini vacay at the end of a long day.

Grab a book, sink in, inhale the honey fumes deeply and relaaaaaaaaaax.





BF Asks: What do you do to unwind at the end of a long, hard day?

Back-to-School-Backpack Beauty – LAVANILA – Delciously scented, Delightfully lasting, Deeply Memorable

Today’s Back-to-School Backpack Beauty featured product is LAVANILA. 

Why LAVANILA? Because they smell delicious enough to drink.

And I am seriously trying to ignore that Pumpkin Spice Latte so rudely calling me from down the street. Stay away, I warn you, you temptress!

And, because, it is the perfect back-to-school gift for your favorite student heading off to college – or high school – or yourself.


I became obsessed with LAVANILA, over a year ago, after a particularly productive (um, expensive) visit to Sephora. LAVANILA was my bargain buy–and my favorite purchase from the visit!

They had me at their precious packaging: dark chocolate and candy pastel damask. I was smitten. But it’s the scent that I fell in love with. It’s like if my grandmother’s kitchen married a french macaron bakery and they summered at a summer camp or the Sowell family lake house in Texas.  It’s even named LAVANILA! See? It’s delicious.

I have bought many LAVANILA products but the one that got me first was the deodorant.

LAVANILA Deodorant has a permanent place in my medicine cabinet

LAVANILA Deodorant has a permanent place in my medicine cabinet


Medicine Cabinet Friends

Medicine Cabinet Friends


The Vanilla Grapefruit Deodorant. Moisturizing, divine-smelling with its creamy citrus scent and long-lasting, this became my favorite everyday deodorant. I loved the scent that I left a room with while wearing it. It was subtle, sweet-with-a-bit-of-spice, and not the least bit overpowering. I wondered if they sold the fragrance on its own. They did! They do!

Move over Latte temptress: meet my new, calorie-free love!

Move over Latte temptress: meet my new, calorie-free love!

And oh good golly, the fragrance! SUCH a perfect fragrance for Fall! It’s as if Fall-kissed-summer in a bottle. A mouthwatering blend of summer sparkling grapefruit, fall cedarwood and warm Madagascar vanilla.

And, of course, I couldn’t stop there. I can have a little bit of an addictive personality when it comes to delicious things, did you notice?

So I wanted to get the Body Butter too. I loved it too, darn it! With its quickly-absorbed yet richly-hydrating formula, I knew it would be yet another LAVANILA product I would have to buy.

LAVANILA Body Butter

Lucky for me, all three came in the I love Lavanila gift set for only $49.50. I do love LAVANILA!!


But the best part about these products (besides the deliciousness mentioned above) is that you can feel good about wearing them.
Deemed “The Healthy Deodorant”, “The Healthy Fragrance” and “The Healthy Body Butter”, you get that the focus of LAVANILA is health.

These all-natural products use REAL ingredients including vitamin-rich essential oils and butters for a naturally luxurious experience. Then, to exemplify their commitment to “natural” products, they make this healthy promise to you.

“We are committed to using only those all-natural and organic ingredients that nurture the soul and nourish the skin. Our luxurious products are vitamin-rich, non-irritating, clinically tested safe and free of harsh chemicals. NO paragons, petrochemicals, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oils, silicone, synthetic dyes, sulfates or aluminum.”

You read that right. None of that stuff you’ve been warned about recently is in any of these products. Plus, it’s not tested on animals and the packaging in 100% recyclable.

And this girl would like to thank them for that!


Because I may have to give up my Pumpkin Spice latte to stay healthy but I’m not about to give up my LAVANILA.

p.s. Um, I’m not really giving up Pumpkin Spice lattes. I’m just trying to have a firm stance as the season begins. Once a week, I promise. A girl has to treat herself every now and then!

Back-to-School Backpack Beauty: Goody QuikStyle – I’m a Believer!

Happy Tress Tuesday, beauties!
I hope your Labor Day was relaxing and fun!

Labor Day always makes me think of the hustle & bustle of Back-to-School. The excitement, nervousness, new students, new classes, new teacher and endless possibilities.

And the waking up suuuuuper early to get ready. We can’t forget that. Booooooooooooo.

So, for the next 2 weeks, we at BeautyFrosting are taking you back to school for (drumroll please): Back-to-School Backpack Beauty!

Goody QuikStyle Half-Round Brush: The best, back-to-school Blowout ever!

Our first beloved Back-to-School product selected, the Goody QuikStyle Half-Round Brush, is one I wish they’d invented back during my high school days. I used to spend SOOOOO much time on my hair. Drying my long, curly locks took at least 25 minutes, alone. But straightening them? A good blowout took a good 45 minutes. Who has the time?

So when my friend, Elizabeth Baker, over at Bonjour + Hola raved about this brush from Goody that claimed to remove water – allowing hair to dry 30 times faster – the high school Freshman in me begged me to try it.

I went in to it a little skeptical. Skeptical but hopeful.

See, my brazilian blowout is growing out and I am reallllllly loving having some of my old volume back. But, oh, the ease of not having to blow-dry! Is there not a happy compromise?

With Goody QuikStyle Half-Round brush, my dreams of happy compromise were answered. I can let the brazilian blowout go knowing that my hair really does dry 30% faster with this brush.

And I swear my hair got a serious boost of body-beautiful volume.

Then, on top of that, my Goody QuikStyle-styled blowout lasted 3 days! Wow!

How does it work? With highly absorbent microfiber bristles, it’s as though your brush has a built in towel.

Goody QuickStyle Half-Round Brush (around $12.99)

So, with all of that said, whether you’re heading back to school or back to the office, this is the blowout brush for you. Sure you might want to style it out for a little extra oomph but for those days when style is a luxury and drying is a must, Goody QuikStyle is the way to go! I’m a believer!

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