In-My-Tub-Tuesday: The sweet success of B&E Soap & Scrub Co.’s Vanilla Oatmeal Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Scrub-a-dub-dub, therein lies the rub.

See, I have tried scrub upon scrub upon scrub and while I have found that a few are almost right (great scent or moisturizing or clean-rinsing), I have never found the perfect recipe…until now.

B&E Soap & Scrub Co.’s Vanilla Oatmeal Brown Sugar Body Scrub ($15/ 18-ounce tub)

A Perfect Recipe

This past weekend I took along this sweet little treat to a wedding in New Orleans where I was the maid of honor.

I needed to be soft, moisturized and, darn it, I wanted to glow! Is that too much for a girl to ask?

I tried  B&E Soap & Scrub Co.’s Vanilla Oatmeal Brown Sugar Body Scrub on the night before the rehearsal dinner and was downright giddy about the results! Like, took me awhile to sleep-giddy!
I was thoroughly exfoliated and left with baby soft, glowing, non-greasy, deeply moisturized skin!
The best part? I smelled like a homemade oatmeal molasses cookie and there was virtually no trace of sugar or grease in the tub.

It’s fat free sugar scrub! Yayayayayaya!

With the brown sugar, oatmeal, jojoba, sweet almond, olive oil and shea butter, my skin had no choice but to be gently, deeply and deliciously hydrated.

What a treat, indeed!

Quite honestly, it is the only scrub I have found that both men and woman will go gaga over. Really. I mean, you smell good, you’re soft and there’s no product remnant? Gaga, I tell you.

And while it might smell sinful, it doesn’t leave any inches on your hips. In fact, it’s a deliciously sweet treat that actually leaves you looking better!

Who can say no to that?

“Not I” said the fly.

I am so thankful to my good friend-neighbor, Matty, for introducing me to this delightful treat. Although, I might not be as grateful now that I’m seriously addicted.

But lucky for me, at only $15 per 18-ounce pop, I can indulge in the sweetness and softness almost nightly.




BF Asks: What would your dream scent for a body scrub be?



$15/ 8 oz.


In-My-Tub Tuesday: Back-to-School Beauty Bath with L’Occitane

What’s better at the end of a long, hard day at school than a long, hot, bubbling bubble bath?

Bathtime! (Photo by Amy Opoka)

A long,hot, bubbling bubble bath that smells of and nourishes with HONEY!!!

Honey in My Tub: L'Occitane Bonne Mere Gentle Body Wash ($34)

With its natural honey scent and softly bubbling formula, L’Occitane Bonne Mere Gentle Body Wash in Honey is a treat at any age.

Its luxuriously buttery, creamy texture is the perfect nighttime formula to send you off to sleep with a song. And you can rest easy knowing that the hypoallergenic formula is safest for the most sensitive of skin and has been thoroughly tested by dermatologists.

While it is a body wash, I love adding a few pumps to my bath while it’s running. The honey-scented, lightly foaming bath is just what I need to sink into at the end of a long day.

Perfect for the student hard at studying, the professional hard at work – or – the mom hard at mommying who just needs a mini vacay at the end of a long day.

Grab a book, sink in, inhale the honey fumes deeply and relaaaaaaaaaax.





BF Asks: What do you do to unwind at the end of a long, hard day?

In-My-Tub-Tuesday: Seaweed Bath Company’s Wildly Natural Soothing Eucalyptus & Peppermint Body Wash

When Christine, the green goddess from Eco-Emi, tells me I need to try something. I listen. She sent me this bottle of Seaweed Bath Company’s Wildly Natural Soothing Eucalyptus & Peppermint Body Wash and I looked forward to trying it in my nightly bath. Boy, am I glad I got to try it!

Seaweed Bath Company's Wildly Natural Soothing Bath Wash: Eucalyptus & Peppermint Scent ($16.89)

Seaweed Bath Company's Wildly Natural Soothing Bath Wash: Eucalyptus & Peppermint Scent ($16.89)

Seaweed extract, kukui and neem oils soothed my skin in a relaxing, invigorating bath. And the Eucalyptus and Peppermint scent left me feeling clean head to toe and relaxed and ready for bed.

And best of all? It is paraben, sulfate, gluten and dye free. Hooray for all of us with sensitive skin!

Created by a longtime psoriasis sufferer, The Seaweed Bath Co. is dedicated to fighting psoriasis, eczema and dry skin sufferers naturally with their thoughtful recipe of specific species of seaweed with high-quality, all-natural ingredients that help manage severely irritated skin.

So get yours today online at The Seaweed Bath Company!



BF Asks: Do you suffer from dry skin, eczema or psoriasis? How do you treat it? 

In My Tub Tuesday: The glamorous…

We should all be so lucky to have that gorgeous “GLAMGLOW” ($24)… wait…

We all can!

One of my favorite beauty products to launch in 2011 was GLAMGLOW exfoliating mud mask ( It’s rare to find a product that you rave on and on about AND one that works for every skin type. Even more so, a product that you sample and then feel the immediate need to go out and buy!

Awarded “The 2012 Neiman Marcus Beauty Award for Best Quick Fix & Formula”, GLAMGLOW makes us all feel glamorous & pampered by exfoliating, tightening and deep cleaning our skin. Ideal for pre-event primping, or, as a beauty ritual during your weekly exfoliation, you simply cannot go wrong with GLAMGLOW! I promise.

I received GG as a sample in January and I fell in love, I tell you. I applied it to my cleansed face, neck and décolletage, while soaking in my tub. I left it on about 10 minutes (conveniently, just enough time to read a chapter of Hunger Games and have a glass of wine) and sat back with my mudded face, reading, relaxing and letting it do its glamorous work.

How? I applied an even layer of the fresh, herbal-smelling mud, and felt a light tingling sensation, followed by a tightening effect as it dried. Just a warning, beauties: You WON’T look like a beauty during the process. But it’s only 10 minutes so lock the door!


When 10 minutes passed, I washed GG off with water in gentle cirular motions, stimulating greater exfoliation. Easy.

What were the results?

Tickled Pink!!!

And glamorously gloooowing!

I was tickled pink by the tingling mask! My skin has rarely felt so deeply cleansed. I had tighter, super-clean skin with fewer apparent lines, pores and wrinkles. Small lines had seemed to vanish (!) and I felt that it was the perfect complement to my skincare regimen. To be honest, it felt kind of magical to get such dramatic results from a new product. I only wished I ‘d had a party to go that night. Alas, I went to bed. But the very next day, I went out and bought a jar at Beauty Collection.

Now, GlamGlow is a must in my beauty kitchen and it’s one of my fave treats to apply before a big night.

Buy your jar now by clicking on this BeautyFrosting link to BeautyCollection:

Type  in GlamGlow in the search line and in a few moments, it will be yours!

Xoxo, BF

p.s. Celebs love it, too. Here are some thoughts about GG by a few:

“Love the smell and love the mud mask!” (Natalie Portman)

“My skin looks amazing! GLAMGLOW is my new best friend!” (The Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev)

*Photographs are real and untouched. Hide your children. It’s for the greater good of beauty product discovery.

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Bathing Beauty: BeautyFrosting

First thing you should know about me….I’m a bath addict.

I take baths. Every. Night.

Happy. Sad. Sleepy. Awake. After a workout. After one-too-many cocktails.

I have worried many a roommate and significant other by my odd, late night, against-all-odds bathing ritual. I’m looking at you, Vanessa York.

I never miss a bath unless I’m camping (all 2 times) or if the water service has been shut off. I can count the number of missed baths, post-college, on one hand.

We all have our beauty rituals. Ones we never break… or try not to.

I have always been fascinated by those features in my favorite magazines that ask: “What’s in your purse? What’s in your medicine cabinet? What’s in your shower?”

Well, now that you know my beauty ritual, you’ll understand why I’m doing an “In My Tub Tuesday”. I usually try, at least, one new product during my bath each week.

The one I’m featuring below is a product I discovered in January but instantly fell in love with. It went from a one-time product to an essential weekly ritual in itself.

That happens sometimes, doesn’t it?

So come see what the fuss is all about.

I present to you:

“In My Tub Tuesday”.

In My Tub Tuesday



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