My Current Crush: L’Oréal Extraordinaire by Colour Riche #101 Rose Melody

As Big Pun once said, “I’m not a playa, I just crush a lot.” Well, when it comes to products to make us prettier, I crush A LOT. But it’s not too, too often that I fall head over heels in love.

But folks it’s happened.

I’m in love with My Current Crush: L’Oréal Extraordinaire by Colour Riche #101 Rose Melody ($9.99). And it’s serious to the point that if they discontinued this formula or shade, I would cry.

My Current Crush: L'Oréal Extraordinaire by Colour Riche #101 Rose Melody

So why do I love this little golden tube so much?
Well, it gives gorgeous, hydrating color while micro-oils hydrate and plump the lips. My lips look fuller, plumper and just, um, sexy. Rather than the color sitting on the lips or bleeding into fine lines, the color actually soaks into the lips so you’re just left with moisturized, plumped, soft, smooth little pillows of lips. Perfect for kissing, of course!
And this color?? It’s like a soft rose meets the perfect nude so it’s gooooorgeous with a sultry, smoky eye!

I love this little golden tube...

Another way I know it’s a winner? I was wearing it in a pic in a post below about eyeshadow and I got tons of comments asking what my lip color was. So, naturally, I had to share.
And best yet? At $9.99, it doesn’t break the bank!

I declare that it’s the most bang for your beauty buck at this moment! Getcha’ some!



BF Asks: What lipcolor are you smitten with right now? 

Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday: Votre Vu Lip Lustre in Charming

You know how you know when you’ve chosen the right lipcolor or lip gloss?
When eeeeevvvveeerryone asks you what it is!!
That was just the case when I wore Votre Vu Lip Lustre Lip Gloss in Charming ($22).

"Dawning" Votre Vu Lip Lustre in Charming - I must say it made me feel just a smidgeon more sexy


I wore it last Wednesday (isn’t that appropriate?) and posted it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and everyone asked me what the shade was. And I must say it made me feel seeeeexy.

So here it is for you to peruse, purchase and pretty up with.

Swatch it up - Votre Vu Lip Lustre in Charming ($22)




BF Asks: What makes you feel sexxxxxy?

Makeup Monday: It Cosmetics Your Most Beautiful You Collection

I am a fan of any beauty products that encourage you to be your naturally beautiful best. You know the kind that accentuate the parts you love most about yourself rather than covering them up or trying to make you look like someone you’re not.
And that’s exactly what It Cosmetics’ Your Most Beautiful You Collection ($65.96) does.

It Cosmetics Your Most Beautiful You 6-piece collection - available on QVC


After suffering with Rosacea for years, It Cosmetics founder (and former news anchor) Jamie Kern Lima – aided by a team of plastic surgeons – developed a line of cutting-edge, anti-aging products to help you achieve your most beautiful skin yet.

In the collection, you’ll receive two brushes – (1) the Dual Heavenly Luxe Airbrush Foundation and Concealer Brush and the (2) Luxe Pointed Airbrush Complexion Brush. With these brushes, you’ll be able to precisely apply the (3) Hello Light Crème Luminizer…


Directions on how to apply the Hello Light Crème Luminizer

and the (4) Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer. You can frame your face perfectly by accentuating your brows with the (5) YBBBB Your Brows But Better Brow Pencil. And then, lastly, you can add a flush of color with the (6) Vitality Lip Blush Hydrating Gloss Stain. It imparts a pink blush of a hue that self-adjusts to the best color for you. Natural color and moisturized lips in one step!

6 pieces that help you be your beautiful best!

And it comes in 4 shades (Light, Medium, Tan and Deep) so you can find the shade that’s just perfectly beautiful for beautiful you!

Light, Medium, Tan and Dark

Plus, It Cosmetics has partnered with the American Cancer Society’s Look Good Feel Better program. For every Brow Power pencil It Cosmetics sells, they donate one to a woman to help her face the effects of cancer with more confidence and dignity with a brow pencil that looks natural. More than 60,000 women in the program will get a Brow Power pencil this year.




BF Asks: What helps you feel and look your beautiful best?

I’M “DAWNING”…Lipstick Queen ‘Chinatown’ Glossy Pencil in Chase

I’M “DAWNING”…Lipstick Queen ‘Chinatown’ Glossy Pencil in Chase

For a pool party last weekend at my friend Moe’s house, I wanted a lipcolor to match my poolside ensemble – but not too pink, not too red, not too coral. I knew there was only one shade I could “dawn”:

Lipstick Queen ‘Chinatown’ Glossy Pencil in Chase!

Lipstick Queen 'Chinatown' Glossy Lip Pencil in Chase ($26)


A whimsical watermelony coral, it matched my new swimsuit and matching burlap bows perfectly!

Lipstick Queen 'Chinatown' Glossy Lip Pencil in Chase ($26)

It’s a great compromise between the bright hues of summer and the delicate pastels of spring.

Lipstick Queen 'Chinatown' Glossy Lip Pencil in Chase ($26)



I love these glossy lip pencils because they feel more like a lip balm going on than a lipcolor or gloss. And its lip balmy qualities – thanks to shea butter, vitamin E, sunflower seed oil and avocado and mango butters – leave my lips soft, soothed and moisturized! Plus, there’s no scent and the packaging is cool, sleek and fun!

Lipstick Queen 'Chinatown' Glossy Lip Pencil in Chase ($26)





BF Asks: What color is your swimsuit gonna be this summer?

Makeup Monday: Aerin Lip Gloss

Like any girly girl, I loooooove my lip gloss!

So when one of my style & beauty icons – the gorgeous Aerin Lauder – launched her beauty line, Aerin, last Fall, I couldn’t wait to see what gorgeous glosses she had in store for us.

Aerin Lip Gloss ($30) - pictured here in Poppy


I was not disappointed.

These creamy, not-too-sticky, rose-scented lip glosses left my lips looking – and feeling- kissable and luscious.

Aerin Lip Gloss ($30) - pictured here in Poppy

When I looked at pictures of me “dawning” the glosses, I felt more Charlie’s Angels than I had in ages. It took everything in my power to keep me from gliding around corners with my hands in the classic Charlie’s Angels gun pose.

Loving my Charlie-Angels'esque glossy, gorgeous lips thanks to Aerin Lip Gloss

While the shade, Poppy (pictured here) is sold out, I suggest you head over to right now to snatch up the Summer glosses she has created for us.



BF Asks: What do you look for in a gloss? 

I’M LOVING…Estee Lauder Pure Color Sheer Rush Gloss in Techno Jam

I get sent glosses to try every day which is, of course, a lot of fun! But with so many glosses on the market, I can’t make room for all of them on BeautyFrosting.

Know what does make the cut?

What is this gorgeous blackberry hue? Stay tuned...

A gloss that gives me a non-sticky, jammy lip. I mean, literally, JAMMY.

That’s why right now, I AM LOVING…Estee Lauder Pure Color Sheer Rush Gloss in Techno Jam ($24).


I'M LOVING...Estee Lauder Pure Color Sheer Rush Gloss in Techno Jam ($24)


It’s moisturizing, light, long-lasting, shiny and chock-full of glorious color! Plus, the name has jam in it, the color is jammin’ and it leaves me with blackberry jam-stained lips. With every application, I look like I took my finger and dipped it into a fresh farmstand jar of blackberry jam.



This is gloss done right, beauties!  And it will leave you rapping like Theo on The Cosby Show sayin’ “J-j-j-j-Jammin’ on the 1″.




BF Asks: Who got that Theo reference, folks? 

Drugstore Cowgirl: L’Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain in Lilac Ever After

My-oh-my, do I have a treat for you today! L’Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain.

L'Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain in Lilac Ever After ($9.99)


One of the most perfect lip colors I have ever had the privilege of applying. Perfect when worn with a smoky eye, a full face of makeup – or best yet – all on its own on your naturally pretty face.

The best part? I wasn’t expecting this darling discovery. It came out of the clear, blue sky in a glorious gift bag at an HBO-L’Oreal party at the Four Seasons a few weeks ago after I had just gotten over that terrible flu.

The morning after the party, I had to run over to Anthropologie in Beverly Hills to pick up a dress. I grabbed this out of the gift bag and thought, “Why not try?”

L'Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain in Lilac Ever After ($9.99)

I mean, I had no makeup on, my hair in a ponytail, the flu was still holding my spirit captive a bit and I was pretty sure that nothing would make me feel prettier.

I was wrong. I applied with the wand applicator not exactly sure what this lip product was. It went on as a liquid but after it dried a second, it felt like a gloss! Interrresting.

Then, as I was driving, I looked up in my rear view mirror and – with the pretty lips catching me off-guard – literally said out loud, “That is gorgeous! Wow!”. As a beauty blogger, you don’t get surprised like that very often. But, oh, I did!

In my rearview mirror: Shine on!


Swatches of L'Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain in Lilac Ever After ($9.99)

Now, it has become my go-to for gorgeous before I head out the door. I’ve decided to keep a tube in my car for emergency glossing situations.

It’s a thing.

Formulated with a blend of light hydrating oils, concentrated pigments and packed with 30% water, my lips stay moisturized and the glossy color wears on for hours.

Whenever I put it on, I can’t help but think of Jaclyn Smith. The lilac-influenced nude shade looks like my lips…only better. And oooooh-so-natural! This is what you want early in the morning, on that camping trip, in class with your crush, on that “casual” date where you want to radiate natural beauty without being totally au-naturel. You know? “Natural”.

I’m telling you now. You’re gonna thank me for turning you onto this one!



BF Asks: Have you tried L’Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain?

BF’s Holiday Gorgeous Gift-Giving Guide: Butter LONDON Sparkle, Sparkle holiday sets

Butter LONDON‘s new holiday sets help you do what every good cotillion instructor tells you to do when you’re 13, “Girls, I want you to Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle!”

That’s right. Butter LONDON has one goal this holiday season and it is to help YOU sparkle, sparkle, sparkle.
How do I know this? Because their holiday collection is called “Sparkle, Sparkle”!
That – and the fact that I have been donning two of the tinsel-inspired holiday nail lacquers, Rosie Lee (on my toes) and Fairy Cake (on my fingers), during the debut of this holiday party season.

Butter LONDON's Sparkle, Sparkle Holiday Lacquer Collection #1 ($25)


I have been asked what I’m wearing numerous times and, as the lady I learned to be in cotillion, I gladly reply “Butter LONDON’s Sparkle, Sparkle holiday collection #1!”

I also love the Jack the Lad gorgeous green glittering polish in the Butter LONDON Sparkle, Sparkle Holiday Collection #2 as emerald green has been declared Pantone’s color of the year for 2013!


Butter LONDON's Sparkle, Sparkle Holiday Lacquer Collection #2 ($25)


Here’s another little ladylike tip from me to you:
Want a super easy & pocketbook-pretty holiday gift idea?

Buy a set each of the Sparkle, Sparkle Lippy (lip gloss) collection and the Sparkle, Sparkle lacquer collection and then play Santa! Give a set to your 3 best girlfriends or split ’em up and customize gifts perfect for your pickiest of friends.


By doing this, you’ll have anywhere from 3-9 gifts depending on how much you have in your budget to spend. Perfect gifts for your girlfriends or Secret Santa gifts!

Any girl, and a guy or two I know too, is sure to feel shiny and new with a little sparkle on their lips or toes.

After all, ’tis the season to compete with tinsel!

And, honey, we wanna win that competition!



BF Asks: What is your favorite way to “sparkle, sparkle, sparkle” this holiday season?

WWW: Julie C. – an old friend’s photo-fabulous lipcolor on Facebook caught my eye!

So, readers are often asking how I pick a WWW (Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday) girl. I’ve been asked if I ever pick them from my friends, online, on Facebook, from pictures, etc.

In this case, yes, yes, yes and yes.
Meet Julie C:

Julie C. and her concert-“reddy”, perfect red pout in Bobbi Brown Burnt Red

I met Julie in college and we have seen each other a number of times since then – what with weddings, showers, college reunions and even a trip to Santa Rosa, Florida for our mutual dear friend, Cathleen’s 30th birthday!

So, Julie is no stranger on the street to me. But, even with all that, when I saw this pic of her flashing a gorgeous smile with a gorgeous shade of red (along with her college sweetheart-husband, Matt) on Facebook, I had to ask Whatcha’ wearing’, Julie?

 BF: Julie, yet again, that is a gorgeous picture of you and Matt! You have to tell me what you’re wearing in this picture! I loooove that lipstick! What is it? (Too gushy?)

Julie C: Bobbi Brown Burnt Red Lipstick 
with a little Bobbi Brown high shimmer lip gloss over it!

BF: Where did you wear it? Or, shall I say, where did you rock it?

Julie C: Wore it to the Black Keys concert with my husband, Matt, and best friends

Our WWW girl Julie & her husband, Matt

BF: How did you decide on that shade?

Julie C: I love the pop of color and how it makes my lips show up in pictures!
I knew I wanted a red lipstick, and I picked it after trying out several at the Bobbi Brown counter.

BF: Is this a shade you always wear or is it a special occasion shade?

Julie C: Definitely a special occasion shade OR if I’m wearing very understated outfit–like black jeans and white t-shirt. My signature shade is usually Bobbi Brown Brownie.

BF: Did you keep the rest of your makeup simple, etc.?

Julie C: Yes, I keep the rest of my make-up simple… I do like a red cheek though!

BF: What beauty tips/rituals did your mom teach you?

Julie C: My mom dragged me to the Clinque counter my junior year of college! She was always helpful in not overdoing makeup, just making it look fresh and simple. With a pop of lipstick!
She has always been good about her nighttime routine of face washing and moisturizing. And got me into the routine as well.

BF: You have a beautiful daughter, Annie. What beauty rituals and lessons are you planning on passing on to her?

Julie C:  Annie is 9–tear(!)–and now just started getting into my make-up! We have purchased lip glosses so far. I’ve also taught her how to use my lipstick for the lips and then the cheeks for her dance competitions. But not TOO much! Just enough to make her feel good and still her age at those crazy dance events!

BF: Oh my goodness! Where has the time gone? Good plan on the lip gloss! I might have a few tips for you on that! I also highly suggest getting her into a skincare routine at 12. The Clinique counter is a great place to start! Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous shade and beautiful beauty tips with us! Also, Julie, this photo you took of your kids, George & Annie,  is BREATHTAKING!!!

Photo by Julie Crouch, 2012


BF Asks: Do you want to be our WWW (Whatcha-Wearin’-Wednesday) Girl?
You can! Just send us a pic of one of your fave looks with WWW in the subject line.