My Current Crush: L’Oréal Extraordinaire by Colour Riche #101 Rose Melody

As Big Pun once said, “I’m not a playa, I just crush a lot.” Well, when it comes to products to make us prettier, I crush A LOT. But it’s not too, too often that I fall head over heels in love.

But folks it’s happened.

I’m in love with My Current Crush: L’Oréal Extraordinaire by Colour Riche #101 Rose Melody ($9.99). And it’s serious to the point that if they discontinued this formula or shade, I would cry.

My Current Crush: L'Oréal Extraordinaire by Colour Riche #101 Rose Melody

So why do I love this little golden tube so much?
Well, it gives gorgeous, hydrating color while micro-oils hydrate and plump the lips. My lips look fuller, plumper and just, um, sexy. Rather than the color sitting on the lips or bleeding into fine lines, the color actually soaks into the lips so you’re just left with moisturized, plumped, soft, smooth little pillows of lips. Perfect for kissing, of course!
And this color?? It’s like a soft rose meets the perfect nude so it’s gooooorgeous with a sultry, smoky eye!

I love this little golden tube...

Another way I know it’s a winner? I was wearing it in a pic in a post below about eyeshadow and I got tons of comments asking what my lip color was. So, naturally, I had to share.
And best yet? At $9.99, it doesn’t break the bank!

I declare that it’s the most bang for your beauty buck at this moment! Getcha’ some!



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