My Current Crush: L’Oréal Extraordinaire by Colour Riche #101 Rose Melody

As Big Pun once said, “I’m not a playa, I just crush a lot.” Well, when it comes to products to make us prettier, I crush A LOT. But it’s not too, too often that I fall head over heels in love.

But folks it’s happened.

I’m in love with My Current Crush: L’Oréal Extraordinaire by Colour Riche #101 Rose Melody ($9.99). And it’s serious to the point that if they discontinued this formula or shade, I would cry.

My Current Crush: L'Oréal Extraordinaire by Colour Riche #101 Rose Melody

So why do I love this little golden tube so much?
Well, it gives gorgeous, hydrating color while micro-oils hydrate and plump the lips. My lips look fuller, plumper and just, um, sexy. Rather than the color sitting on the lips or bleeding into fine lines, the color actually soaks into the lips so you’re just left with moisturized, plumped, soft, smooth little pillows of lips. Perfect for kissing, of course!
And this color?? It’s like a soft rose meets the perfect nude so it’s gooooorgeous with a sultry, smoky eye!

I love this little golden tube...

Another way I know it’s a winner? I was wearing it in a pic in a post below about eyeshadow and I got tons of comments asking what my lip color was. So, naturally, I had to share.
And best yet? At $9.99, it doesn’t break the bank!

I declare that it’s the most bang for your beauty buck at this moment! Getcha’ some!



BF Asks: What lipcolor are you smitten with right now? 

My Current Crush: Givenchy Le Rouge in Grenat Initié – the purrrrfect holiday lip color

It’s simple, ladies. Red lips = instant sex appeal. They’re bold, confident and just purr at their intended target, “Come hither…”.

From the silver screen sirens to red carpet ravens to the pouty pretties who grace the pages of Playboy, red lips just say, “I’m sexy.”

Trying to put the "Coy" in McCoy...


And anything that does that effectively is gonna be a crush of mine.
So who am I tipping my hat to this week just in time for Thanksgiving?
My Current Crush: Givenchy Le Rouge in Grenat Initié ($36).

My Current Crush: Givenchy Le Rouge in Grenat Initié


I wore it to lunch the other day with my friend, Aphrodite and literally 2 women stopped me on the street to ask what I was wearing.

Rockin' the red lip at lunch Little Next Door with Aphrodite

Did I mention that it gives you attention-getting lips?

No wallflowers were hurt while wearing this lipstick...

Plus, the semi-matte shade comes dressed in the sleekest, most seductive real leather case so even just picking up the tube makes me feel a little bit sexier.

Yep, it’s my crush of the week and now you can be smitten with it, too. And just in time for Thanksgiving tomorrow and the holiday season ahead!

I tip my hat to you…

I tip my hat to you, Givenchy Grenat Initié




Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday? My wicked lips for the Lucky Brand Beverly Hills grand opening

It’s simple.

You want to be sexy.

Daring – not -darling.

More siren less sweetheart.

But how-oh-how can you channel that when you live in a place nicknamed “The Cupcake Palace”?
Well, today on Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday?, I’m bringing you a look that I dawned last night for the Lucky Brand Beverly Hills store grand opening to help you with just such a quandary.

Whatcha' Wearin' Wednesday, BF? MAC Lipstick in Rebel & MAC Lipliner in Currant

To get into the spirit of Halloween -without looking like you’re dressing up as someone else – I am loooooving MAC Lipstick in Rebel and MAC Lipliner in Currant.

This simple pairing is oh-so-daring, devilish, delightful and DELICIOUS.

So if you’re wanting to step up the seduction tonight, look no further than this tantalizing team…but don’t hold me responsible for the attention you get.



BF Asks: What’s your go-to shade for wickedly wonderful lips? 



Tempting Tuesday: Bite Beauty Champagne Cuvee Deluxe Lipstick Collection

Usually when you get a lipstick collection like this, you love one and the rest are “meh”. “Meh” maning I could take ‘em or leave ‘em.
Well, I am happy to report that this is NOT the case with Bite Beauty Champagne Cuvee Deluxe Lipstick Collection ($72).

This comely collection is as pretty to look at as a colorful bowl of candy…hence the adorable staging.

Bite Beauty Champagne Cuvee Deluxe Lipstick Collection ($72)

Besides being candy-colored comely, this beautiful collection is also derived from French champagne grapes, freshwater Tahitian Black Pearl and Japanese silk powder. And the uber-special antioxidant benefits and resveratrol from the grapes tackle fine lines to store and protect lips. In fact, they’re so special, that they are limited to an exclusive batch of 1200 lipsticks per shade!

Longwearing, intense color coupled with creamy, antioxidant-filled moisture leads to a fabulous, foolproof, featherweight finish.

Each one of these 4 colors made me feel beautiful and, well, like a different person. I felt like I was playing a beautiful character with each lip color I put on for the day. I started with the boldest hue – Cuvee Rose (rose pink).

And I wore it… A LOT. To three events, one party and around the house more than I’d care to admit.

Bite Beauty Cuvee Rose rosied up my world!


Next up? The Cuvee Coral (vibrant coral). A gorgeous punchy coral with a kick – a little spice, if you will. I am loving it so much right now that I wore it all day today and then used it to express my Twitter love on the mirror! Thanks again, y’all! 11,000 followers? I’m overwhelmed and humbled.

Celebrating with Bite Beauty Cuvee Coral

And I haven’t played the other ones as much as the top two but after trying them on today for this post, I will be “dawning” the heck out of ‘em with a smoky eye!

Cuvee Blush (lilac nude) :

Bite Beauty Cuvee Blush


Cuvee Blanc (soft white pink):

Bite Beauty Cuvee Blanc - I feel like a super sexy Kim Kardashian in this pic. Not quite but you get the idea...




BF Asks: What lipsticks are you loving right now?

Beauty Beat on The Moll Anderson Show on SiriusXM: Popsicle Pretty Shades for Summer

If you missed the “Beauty Beat” with yours truly on The Moll Anderson Show on May 25th, you’re in luck! Here is the segment featuring my summer picks for Popsicle Pretty lip colors. Just click on the below link to hear all of my pretty picks!

Beauty Beat_ Popsicle Pretty Lipcolor 5-25-13

Beauty Beat 5/25/13 on The Moll Anderson Show on SiriusXM: Popsicle Pretty Lipcolors for Summer

Shades featured? Givenchy Magnolia Organza ($36), Lipstick Queen Crime ($20), Bite Beauty Pastille Lavender ($24), Smashbox Fuchsia Flash Matte Lipstick ($19), Laura Mercier Crème Lip Colour in Tangerine ($24)



BF Asks: Which of these pretty, popsicle-influenced shades are you most excited to try? 

Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday, KT? Lorac Sheer Wash in Sheer Luck Pure Chance

My pilates teacher at Whole Body Method, KT, is cool. Like waaaaay cool. Like hangin’ out at music festivals, being a music supervisor and being able to flexibly squat on the floor for hours-cool.

Whatcha' Wearin', KT?

So when she showed up at a recent session with this oh-so-natural and just-enough-of-a-hint-of-a-color lip stain, I had to ask her: “KT, whatcha’ wearin’?”

The answer? Lorac Sheer Wash in Sheer Luck Pure Chance.

Lorac Sheer Wash in Pure Luck Pure Chance

A gorgeous subtle fuchsia that looks like your natural lip color, it glides on effortlessly and stays on for hours. Just what my pretty, perfect and poignant pilates teacher needs! After all, she’s got me as a student so we do A LOT of yammerin’!





BF Asks: What’s your workout lip color of choice?

I’M “DAWNING”…Lipstick Queen ‘Chinatown’ Glossy Pencil in Chase

I’M “DAWNING”…Lipstick Queen ‘Chinatown’ Glossy Pencil in Chase

For a pool party last weekend at my friend Moe’s house, I wanted a lipcolor to match my poolside ensemble – but not too pink, not too red, not too coral. I knew there was only one shade I could “dawn”:

Lipstick Queen ‘Chinatown’ Glossy Pencil in Chase!

Lipstick Queen 'Chinatown' Glossy Lip Pencil in Chase ($26)


A whimsical watermelony coral, it matched my new swimsuit and matching burlap bows perfectly!

Lipstick Queen 'Chinatown' Glossy Lip Pencil in Chase ($26)

It’s a great compromise between the bright hues of summer and the delicate pastels of spring.

Lipstick Queen 'Chinatown' Glossy Lip Pencil in Chase ($26)



I love these glossy lip pencils because they feel more like a lip balm going on than a lipcolor or gloss. And its lip balmy qualities – thanks to shea butter, vitamin E, sunflower seed oil and avocado and mango butters – leave my lips soft, soothed and moisturized! Plus, there’s no scent and the packaging is cool, sleek and fun!

Lipstick Queen 'Chinatown' Glossy Lip Pencil in Chase ($26)





BF Asks: What color is your swimsuit gonna be this summer?

Makeup Monday: Aerin Lip Gloss

Like any girly girl, I loooooove my lip gloss!

So when one of my style & beauty icons – the gorgeous Aerin Lauder – launched her beauty line, Aerin, last Fall, I couldn’t wait to see what gorgeous glosses she had in store for us.

Aerin Lip Gloss ($30) - pictured here in Poppy


I was not disappointed.

These creamy, not-too-sticky, rose-scented lip glosses left my lips looking – and feeling- kissable and luscious.

Aerin Lip Gloss ($30) - pictured here in Poppy

When I looked at pictures of me “dawning” the glosses, I felt more Charlie’s Angels than I had in ages. It took everything in my power to keep me from gliding around corners with my hands in the classic Charlie’s Angels gun pose.

Loving my Charlie-Angels'esque glossy, gorgeous lips thanks to Aerin Lip Gloss

While the shade, Poppy (pictured here) is sold out, I suggest you head over to right now to snatch up the Summer glosses she has created for us.



BF Asks: What do you look for in a gloss? 

I’M LOVING…Givenchy Le Rouge in Magnolia Organza

"Dawning" Givenchy Le Rouge in Magnolia Organza and looking like a "young pop star" according to my Mom

When I find a lip color I love – you know – I have to share it with y’all! So I’m delighted to share this new, luxe lipstick from Givenchy with you. It’s like buttah!! It feels like butter, wears like butter and even the case has a buttery leather feel to it.

With my fellow blogger, Whitney of hoopLA


That’s why I’M LOVING…Givenchy Le Rouge in Magnolia Organza ($36)

Givenchy Le Rouge in Magnolia Organza ($36)


A semi-matte lipstick, it deliciously defines the lips with a vivid, technicolor hue. Reminiscent of the sexy screen sirens of yesterday, it makes you feel sexy and – well – a little sassy!!

I wore it to the Ivory + Mason event this past weekend and it photographed well in every pic!

"Dawning" Givenchy Le Rouge in Magnolia Organza and Ivory + Mason assorted eyeglasses & sunglasses


Matte without making you a martyr to moisture loss, it leaves your lips soft and supple.
And with lips like these, who says you even need an accessory with what you’re wearing? A killer pout is the sweetest accessory and…sometimes…the best revenge!



BF Asks: Are you a fan of matte lipstick, lip stains or lip glosses?

Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday, Stacey J?

Makeup was the last thing I was thinking about when I walked into my agent’s office last week for an audition. I had a way-too-fun night the night before at the El Rey for The Mavericks’ show with my friend, director Trey Fanjoy who was in town from Nashville. Her love, Eddie, is their dynamo lead guitarist and they brought the americana rock to LA. My head was a bit cloudy and champagne was still swilling in my post-Conga-line brain. Yes, you read that right. We conga-lined through the El Rey. I would say the audience was less than pleased with this. But we had FUN!!

So when I walked into AVO and saw the lovely Stacey J. whip out a lip color to reapply, I wasn’t really thinking about Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday. But when she glided on the punchy pink color, no amount of conga brain could keep me from asking, Whatcha’ Wearin’, Stacey J?

Whatcha' Wearin', Stacey J?

WWW Stacey J: It’s Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch. I buy them in spades whenever I can. It’s my go-to lip color of choice!

The scoop? Maybelline New York's Baby Lips in Pink Punch

BF: Well, I can see why!! It’s gorge!! Would you be willing to be my WWW girl?


WWW Stacey J: Absolutely!!

And how could she not be, beauties, with this lovely lip look?

If you want to look polished and pretty with a punchy, pink lip like Stacey J, check out Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch. It’ll perk up even the most champagne-hazed face!



BF Asks: What is your perk-up lip color of choice?