New Product I’m Loving: Vani-T 3-Step Sexy & Sweet Nude Lip

I love being the bearer of good news!
Especially when it’s good news that involves introducing you lovelies to a new brand!
Well, it’s not exactly “new” but it’s new to me and I bet it will be new to some of you too.

I was recently introduced to Vani-T Mineral Cosmetics by a few friends in my office.

Besides my trusted friends, many other “famous friends” love to be vain with Vani-T: Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham, Rhianna, Cameron Diaz, Claudia Schiffer, Denise Richards, Kim Kardashian and a list that’s just too long to mention here!

Usually, I’m a little skeptical of mineral makeup. I think of layering and swirling and blending and brushing and tapping and by the end of the directions, I feel like people are exhausted and look like they have copious amounts of makeup on. Cakey for a cake=Bueno but cakey for a face = No Bueno.

But this is not the kind of mineral makeup that  Vani-T bakes up.

It’s eco-glam as it’s cruelty-free (no animal testing), paraben & mineral oil-free and really, free of anything bad for you. In fact it says no to everything except the good, organic stuff our skin and bodies needs. Isn’t that nice for a change?

Imagine my sweet delight when I tried Vani-T for the first time and found myself looking into the mirror thinking, “Whoa! I’ve got Angelina Jolie meets Kim Kardashian lips!!”

Vani-T sweet & sexy lips!

Vani-T sweet & sexy lips!

By the way, as a single lady, that’s a GOOD THING. A sexy thing! Whether you like or dislike those ladies, I don’t think anyone can say they’re not sexy.

Especially since those gorgeous ladies are embraced by Brad Pitt and Kanye West.

So I’ll take it!

If you want those gorgeous Kim Kardashian meets Angelina Jolie lips, I highly recommend you try the BeautyFrosting 3-Step Vani-T lip.

Vani-T Lip Swatches

1 ) Vani-T Lip Definer in Nude: I love a good bronzey nude lip liner. And this one defines, is blendable and looks natural. It preps the lip for the sex appeal ahead.

2 ) Vani-T Mineral Lip Color in Frisky Business: The neo-classical nude. A caramely, buttery beige that’s as moisturizing and smoothing as it is sexy. Infused with Vitamin E, Coconut Oil and Aloe Extract, you’re left with smooth, hydrating, longwearing lip color.

3) Vani-T Mineral Lip Glaze in Frisky Business: A kissable, peachy caramel nude that glides on the lips effortlessly. A faint French powder scent makes it even more indulgent. It is so UBER-hydrating – so much so that we were shocked – that your lips actually FEEL BETTER after wearing it!

Another reason I love Vani-T lipstick?

It’s my favorite lipstick packaging ever.

Check out the super glam, girly crystal packaging.
It’s a lipstick fit for Marilyn Monroe! Or for those of us who like to feel a little more like Marilyn when we’re primping.

Crystal-encased lipstick

Fit for Marilyn: Crystal-encased lipstick by Vani-T

Here’s what I’m thinking, girls. This is the PERFECT gift for a bride, bridesmaid, graduate, birthday girl, mom-to-be or favorite glam puss in your life.

Just look how great this tube of Vani-T looks on my vanity:

Vani-T on my vanity

Vani-T on my vanity

It’s a glam gift that won’t break the bank!

And is there anything more gorgeous than that?

Get your Vani-T lips here: Shop Vani-T 


BF Asks: What’s your favorite lipstick packaging?

Maybelline Baby Lips in “Cherry Me”

As I’ve mentioned before, I love a good cherry lip and a bronze look for summer.

So, imagine my delight when I tried Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me ($2.99)

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me ($2.99)

A gorgeous, cherry popsicle-hued lip balm, Baby Lips in Cherry Me, moisturizes lips and imparts a sheer, cherry shine.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me ($2.99)

It’s not your old Cherry Chapstick!

With 8-hour hydration and a cheery price tag of only $2.99, it is the perfect tinted lip balm for any age.

Your 13-year-old is wanting to wear lip gloss? Here’s your go-to.

Your 33-year-old lips are feeling dry but you don’t want a sticky gloss, here’s the answer to your lip care quandary.


Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday, Vanessa F.?

This week’s chic & sophisticated WWW (Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday) girl is Vanessa F.:

Our WWW girl, Vanessa, at the Young Hollywood Awards

Our WWW girl, Vanessa, at the Young Hollywood Awards

I met the lovely Vanessa, a director of brand development, at last week’s Young Hollywood Awards and was immediately taken with her sweet summer, cherry-stained lip. So I immediately had to ask:

Vanessa, Whatcha’ Wearin’?



(Vanessa) pulls out a tube of Dior lipstick from her purse.

Christian Dior Lipstick Dior #444 Red Muse ($32)

Christian Dior Lipstick Dior #444 Red Muse ($32)

So what is this summer-lovin’ color?

Christian Dior Lipstick Dior #444 Red Muse ($32)



BF Asks: What’s your perfect summer lip color? 

WWW: Funny Face isn’t funny at all

Oh I love when I spot a gorgeous lip color!

This one was spotted on our WWW girl, Deanna, today at Nordstrom Westside Pavillion.

Meet our WWW girl today: Deanna

The candy, cool-pink color is just what I’ve been drawn to lately.

BF: Hi there! I know this is random but would you mind if I ask what color you’re wearing?

Deanna: Of course not. It’s NARS Funny Face.

BF: Would you mind if I got a pic of you for my blog?

Deanna: Not at all. Is this good light?

BF: It’s perfect. Well, actually, let’s move over here. You know what they say about department store lighting… What’s your name?

Deanna not looking funny at all in NARS Funny Face

Deanna: Deanna.

BF: Well, I’m pleased as punch to meet you, Deanna! Now, I know why this color is a NARS bestseller!

NARS Funny Face


BF Asks: What lip color have you been drawn to lately? I’m dying to know if I’m the only one jonesing for bright candy, cool pinks!