Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday, Stacey J?

Makeup was the last thing I was thinking about when I walked into my agent’s office last week for an audition. I had a way-too-fun night the night before at the El Rey for The Mavericks’ show with my friend, director Trey Fanjoy who was in town from Nashville. Her love, Eddie, is their dynamo lead guitarist and they brought the americana rock to LA. My head was a bit cloudy and champagne was still swilling in my post-Conga-line brain. Yes, you read that right. We conga-lined through the El Rey. I would say the audience was less than pleased with this. But we had FUN!!

So when I walked into AVO and saw the lovely Stacey J. whip out a lip color to reapply, I wasn’t really thinking about Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday. But when she glided on the punchy pink color, no amount of conga brain could keep me from asking, Whatcha’ Wearin’, Stacey J?

Whatcha' Wearin', Stacey J?

WWW Stacey J: It’s Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch. I buy them in spades whenever I can. It’s my go-to lip color of choice!

The scoop? Maybelline New York's Baby Lips in Pink Punch

BF: Well, I can see why!! It’s gorge!! Would you be willing to be my WWW girl?


WWW Stacey J: Absolutely!!

And how could she not be, beauties, with this lovely lip look?

If you want to look polished and pretty with a punchy, pink lip like Stacey J, check out Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch. It’ll perk up even the most champagne-hazed face!



BF Asks: What is your perk-up lip color of choice? 

Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday: Target Exclusive Revlon Twist to Crimping Iron

There are those moments in life when a girl just needs…



Yes, you read that correctly, beauties. I had the chance to try this Target Exclusive Revlon Twist to Crimping Iron ($39.99) a few months ago but no opportunity really rose to the occasion of crimping. Fast-forward to this past weekend and it was time to crimp and shine! Why, you ask? Because I, my dudes and dudettes, had an 80s prom fundraiser to attend. Totally awesome!


Fingerless hot pink gloves! Corsages! Glitter liner! Blue shadow! Pink gloss! Oh my! Did someone say "80s prom?"


My hair is naturally curly, and currently has a keratin treatment, so I usually wear it straight. Fine and straight. So imagine my surprise that, with this crimper, my hair went from fine to FIERCE!!

Fierce Crimped hair...and a BIG bow!

80s crazy & crimped!


And who knew a crimper could add all that volume and lift? I haven’t seen anything like that before. Well, I had but it was when I was in 6th grade with my naturally curly hair that I used to pray would straighten overnight. Well, now my wish has come true and I am left longing for the volume I once had.

I should have known though. I had my hair done once on a shoot where they crimped the pieces underneath and blew out the top pieces. I was absolutely terrified…until I saw the end result. My hair had more volume and height -all because of the secret weapon we call crimper? Who knew?

The only thing, after this transforming crimping experience, was that it was so convincingly converted into crimped that I worried that it would never go back to fine and straight. Guess what? It did. Back to healthy, shiny and remarkably boring hair with just a wash.

Great for an 80s party, for kids hair or for just a little boost in volume, Target Exclusive Revlon Twist to Crimping Iron is crucial to have!

Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday, Kerry Washington?

Does Django Unchained & Scandal star, Kerry Washington, ever not look gorgeous with a capital “G”?

Take the example of her at the Academy Awards this past Sunday where she presented.
I mean she’s flawless.


Her hair, her dress, her jewels, her poise, her makeup.

Well, I can’t help you with the first 4 of those but I am here with the “how-to” on how to achieve her Oscars red carpet look!

Achieve her gorgeous look at home on your own gorgeous face!





BF Asks: Who was your glamorous beauty pick from Sunday’s Oscars?

Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday, Hannah D? She’s such a rebel!

So this past Friday, I was in a great mood and was almost skipping at The Grove after seeing Silver Linings Playbook. I celebrate on Fridays. In fact, I call them Friday Fundays!

But I digress. I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon writing with a glass of Cab Franc and some swiss fondue accompanied by green apples and broccoli at my fave Grove hangout, Morels. A free Friday afternoon is an exquisite luxury to me, folks.

As I wandered into Morels, I spotted a gorgeous hostess with the most strikingly seductive lipstick I have ever seen. All at once I thought of what it would be like Bond girls and vampire goddesses in Anne Rice novels procreated. That’s a good thing, y’all.

Hannah D: She's such a REBEL.

I walked up to the hostess, gave her my card and asked if I could feature her as this week’s WWW girl. She said yes and that she was honored.

BF: What’s your name?
WWW: Hannah D.

BF: And tell me what divine lip color that is? Who makes it? What’s it called? Where can I get it? Like yesterday!

WWW: MAC Rebel. I love it.

BF: How did you find this lovely lip?

WWW: This is terrible but I love trying on all of the different colors at MAC across the fountain right before work. I get to try a new one every time I work!

BF: Terrible? Pashaw! That’s both fabulous and BRILLIANT! Kudos, my fellow lipcolor-loving new friend!

And, beauties, that is how our WWW girl today, Hannah D, can teach us how to bring a little beauty into our lives every day by making the most of the moment and the location.



BF Asks: Are you our next WWW girl? Email me a pic with your must-have makeup love. The kind that inspires people to ask, “Whatcha’ wearin’?” 


Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday, Julie Bowen?

Time and time again, on the red carpet, Julie Bowen shows us how fabulous 40 can look! 43 to be exact! And if this is any indication of how a woman can look in her 40s, I can’t wait!




Complimenting Julie’s sexy yet structured and sophisticated black leather dress, makeup artist Heather Currie opted for a smoky black cat eye and a soft pinky creamy matte nude lip.

Here are Heather’s steps to get this sultry and sophisticated look!


  • Currie kept Julie’s skin looking dewy and fresh by applying Avon Be Blushed Cheek Color in Powder Pink on the apples of her cheeks.


  • Currie used Avon Irresistibly Sexy Eyeshadow Palette in Bombshell to bring depth and smokiness to Julie’s eyes and added a little shimmer to pick up the glimmer of the jewels on Julie’s dress.
  • The inner rims of Julie’s eyes were lined with Avon Glimmersticks Eyeliner in Cosmic Brown, and the tops of her eyelids with Avon Ultra Luxury Eyeliner in Black. She then smudged the black liner into Julie’s eyeshadow to create a subtle cat eye and finished the look with a few coats of Avon SuperExtend Extreme Mascara in Black.


  • In order to create a romantic lip that would complete Julie’s look, Currie swiped two coats of Avon’s NEW Totally Kissable lipstick in Lovey Dovey on Julie’s lips. No gloss was used in order to keep the lip color soft and rich at the same time.





BF Asks: Do you prefer a matte nude lip or a glossy nude lip?

Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday, SAG Award Winner Jessica Chastain?

ZERO DARK THIRTY’S Jessica Chastain was not just the winner of Best Actress at Sunday’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, she was also a winner on the red carpet with her old Hollywood glamour!

Now, lucky us, makeup artist Kristofer Buckle, shares with us how he revved up the gorgeous red head’s look for the red carpet!




BF Asks: Have you seen ZERO DARK THIRTY? 

Whatcha Watchin’ Wednesday? The Carrie Diaries & V05 Herbal Escapes Kiwi Lime Squeeze Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner

While watching CW’s The Carrie Diaries a few nights ago, I was left not only missing Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda…


but also the 80s!

It was so fun being taken back on a magic carpet ride to 1984.

So when I took a shower that morning after viewing this fun new series on the elliptical, I was craving some 80s love.
Enter V05 Herbal Escapes Kiwi Lime Squeeze Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner.
While the name might remind you of a bad experience with Bartles & James wine coolers (or a good one), the scent leaves you craving a fresh kiwi.
And the clarifying shampoo and conditioner really do the job they set out to do.
I had a keratin treatment not so long ago and my hair would just not rinse clean.
But V05 Herbal Escapes Kiwi Lime Squeeze Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner fulfilled its promise, leaving my hair clean, clarified, bouncy, voluminous and shiny – without drying it out!
While some 80s products & trends should never return, here’s an 80s staple – V05, that you should definitely return to.
And with prices that make you feel like you’re in the 80s, you can be whoever you are – Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda…just like that – with bouncy, voluminous locks!
BF Asks: What product do you most miss from the 80s? And, of course, which Sex & The City character are you? 

Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday, Kristin Stewart?

If you’re like me, and my good friends Shelly Cole, Jennifer Matthews and Charlotte Cooper, you can’t wait for the Breaking Dawn premiere!

Today’s Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday girl is none other than the talented, intriguing and comely Kristen Stewart!

Here Kristen is with the loveliest of Lancome looks orchestrated by the talented and always-in-demand makeup artist,  Jillian Dempsey, for the “On The Road” screening at the AFI Film Festival.

Meet our WWW girl: Kristen Stewart

To borrow any of Kristen’s beauty secrets above, check out Lancome!



BF Asks: What holiday movies are you most excited about seeing?

WWW: Julie C. – an old friend’s photo-fabulous lipcolor on Facebook caught my eye!

So, readers are often asking how I pick a WWW (Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday) girl. I’ve been asked if I ever pick them from my friends, online, on Facebook, from pictures, etc.

In this case, yes, yes, yes and yes.
Meet Julie C:

Julie C. and her concert-”reddy”, perfect red pout in Bobbi Brown Burnt Red

I met Julie in college and we have seen each other a number of times since then – what with weddings, showers, college reunions and even a trip to Santa Rosa, Florida for our mutual dear friend, Cathleen’s 30th birthday!

So, Julie is no stranger on the street to me. But, even with all that, when I saw this pic of her flashing a gorgeous smile with a gorgeous shade of red (along with her college sweetheart-husband, Matt) on Facebook, I had to ask Whatcha’ wearing’, Julie?

 BF: Julie, yet again, that is a gorgeous picture of you and Matt! You have to tell me what you’re wearing in this picture! I loooove that lipstick! What is it? (Too gushy?)

Julie C: Bobbi Brown Burnt Red Lipstick 
with a little Bobbi Brown high shimmer lip gloss over it!

BF: Where did you wear it? Or, shall I say, where did you rock it?

Julie C: Wore it to the Black Keys concert with my husband, Matt, and best friends

Our WWW girl Julie & her husband, Matt

BF: How did you decide on that shade?

Julie C: I love the pop of color and how it makes my lips show up in pictures!
I knew I wanted a red lipstick, and I picked it after trying out several at the Bobbi Brown counter.

BF: Is this a shade you always wear or is it a special occasion shade?

Julie C: Definitely a special occasion shade OR if I’m wearing very understated outfit–like black jeans and white t-shirt. My signature shade is usually Bobbi Brown Brownie.

BF: Did you keep the rest of your makeup simple, etc.?

Julie C: Yes, I keep the rest of my make-up simple… I do like a red cheek though!

BF: What beauty tips/rituals did your mom teach you?

Julie C: My mom dragged me to the Clinque counter my junior year of college! She was always helpful in not overdoing makeup, just making it look fresh and simple. With a pop of lipstick!
She has always been good about her nighttime routine of face washing and moisturizing. And got me into the routine as well.

BF: You have a beautiful daughter, Annie. What beauty rituals and lessons are you planning on passing on to her?

Julie C:  Annie is 9–tear(!)–and now just started getting into my make-up! We have purchased lip glosses so far. I’ve also taught her how to use my lipstick for the lips and then the cheeks for her dance competitions. But not TOO much! Just enough to make her feel good and still her age at those crazy dance events!

BF: Oh my goodness! Where has the time gone? Good plan on the lip gloss! I might have a few tips for you on that! I also highly suggest getting her into a skincare routine at 12. The Clinique counter is a great place to start! Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous shade and beautiful beauty tips with us! Also, Julie, this photo you took of your kids, George & Annie,  is BREATHTAKING!!!

Photo by Julie Crouch, 2012


BF Asks: Do you want to be our WWW (Whatcha-Wearin’-Wednesday) Girl?
You can! Just send us a pic of one of your fave looks with WWW in the subject line. 

Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday, Vanessa F.?

Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday, Vanessa F.?

This week’s chic & sophisticated WWW (Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday) girl is Vanessa F.:

Our WWW girl, Vanessa, at the Young Hollywood AwardsOur WWW girl, Vanessa, at the Young Hollywood Awards

I met the lovely Vanessa, a director of brand development, at last June’s Young Hollywood Awards and was immediately taken with her sweet holiday/summer, cherry-stained lip. So I immediately had to ask:

Vanessa, Whatcha’ Wearin’?


(Vanessa) pulls out a tube of Dior lipstick from her purse.

Christian Dior Lipstick Dior #444 Red Muse ($32)Christian Dior Lipstick Dior #444 Red Muse ($32)

So what is this holiday-ready color?

Christian Dior Lipstick Dior #444 Red Muse ($32)



BF Asks: What’s your perfect holiday-ready lip color? 

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