Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday, Hannah D? She’s such a rebel!

So this past Friday, I was in a great mood and was almost skipping at The Grove after seeing Silver Linings Playbook. I celebrate on Fridays. In fact, I call them Friday Fundays!

But I digress. I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon writing with a glass of Cab Franc and some swiss fondue accompanied by green apples and broccoli at my fave Grove hangout, Morels. A free Friday afternoon is an exquisite luxury to me, folks.

As I wandered into Morels, I spotted a gorgeous hostess with the most strikingly seductive lipstick I have ever seen. All at once I thought of what it would be like Bond girls and vampire goddesses in Anne Rice novels procreated. That’s a good thing, y’all.

Hannah D: She's such a REBEL.

I walked up to the hostess, gave her my card and asked if I could feature her as this week’s WWW girl. She said yes and that she was honored.

BF: What’s your name?
WWW: Hannah D.

BF: And tell me what divine lip color that is? Who makes it? What’s it called? Where can I get it? Like yesterday!

WWW: MAC Rebel. I love it.

BF: How did you find this lovely lip?

WWW: This is terrible but I love trying on all of the different colors at MAC across the fountain right before work. I get to try a new one every time I work!

BF: Terrible? Pashaw! That’s both fabulous and BRILLIANT! Kudos, my fellow lipcolor-loving new friend!

And, beauties, that is how our WWW girl today, Hannah D, can teach us how to bring a little beauty into our lives every day by making the most of the moment and the location.



BF Asks: Are you our next WWW girl? Email me a pic with your must-have makeup love. The kind that inspires people to ask, “Whatcha’ wearin’?” 


Makeup Monday: MAC Archie’s Girls – Veronica or Betty?

I was delighted to be invited to the MAC Archie’s Girls event at Nordstrom at The Grove this past weekend!


The talented Satine asked me if I wanted to be a Betty or Veronica.

Hmmm….good question!

She described Betty as the sweet, girl-next-door girlfriend of Archie with a more neutral palette. Well, that sounded a little like me! But then, she described Veronica. Glamorous, rich and not afraid of color. Well, I’m not Veronica but that doesn’t mean I can’t pretend to be!

Since I would be attending my friend John’s party after the event, I opted for the glam, va-va-voom Veronica. Satine applied Painterly followed by the Spoiled Rich: Eye Shadow x 4 palette ($44) and a pop of Amethyst pressed pigment. My lash line was rimmed with Petrol Blue pearl glide intense liner ($16.50),  and my lashes were made full & lush with Veronica Opulash ($17.50)

My Veronica look was polished off with Veronica Powder Blush ($22), Archie’s Girls Pearlmatte Face Powder ($30), Angel lip color, Kiss and Don’t Tell lip gloss, and Half-Red Lip liner.

At first, I was afraid. There was some mega-wattage purple eyeshadow in that Veronica palette and it was being applied on me. Yikes! I was fairly certain that I would leave there looking like I had just had a run-in with Chris Brown.

But then, I was deeeeeelighted!

The purple looked majestic and regal and verrry sexy.


Spending the evening as a Veronica made me feel quite sassy and introduced me to a world of color!

By the time I sashayed through the party, I was defffffinitely feeling like a Veronica.



BF Asks: Are you a Betty or a Veronica?

High-Low 5

Summer just isn’t stopping for me!

As much as I’d love to sit back and relax by the pool (or by the ocean) with a book, it just isn’t going to happen because I seem to keep getting busier and busier.

But that’s a good thing!!! No complaints here! I. AM. THANKFUL!!!

Here’s my High-Low this week for your enjoyment.


Well, I may not be reading poolside or oceanside. But there’s always bathside! My new bedtime book, Why You’re Not Married Yet  provides needed inspiration (& laughter) during my bedtime baths. I know how the title sounds. I do. But whatever you’re thinking, it’s not. I swear.  I looooooove Tracy McMillan! When I read her books, it’s like a wiser, enlightened, big sister-version-of-me is talking to myself. Sign of a brilliant, provocative and moving author. She always gives my pink highlighter quite a workout. And I’m proud to know, and read, her.

My Bedtime Read: Why You’re Not Married Yet

Farmers Market Brunch with friends. My first few years in L.A., a group of us would gather at the Farmers Market at the Grove every Sunday. They were so much fun I call these times lost days – just eating, drinking and catching up with friends. Such a luxury of youth!
With my brother in town, I decided to resurrect those luxurious, lost days and invited some of my favorite people. I think we just may have started a new, repurposed tradition!

A New Old Tradition: Farmers Market Sunday Brunch with Friends

Getting to have a Girls Night Out at “A Night of Beauty” at The Viceroy Santa Monica with my favorite photographer – and – one of my favorite people, Amy Opoka.

We were treated to mini massages from Burke Williams - aaaaaaahhhhh

Poolside Shoe-Shoppin' at The Viceroy "A Night of Beauty"

Coming up with a new recipe: Oreo Surprise Cupcakes

A new discovery for the Recipe Box: Oreo Surprise Cupcakes

Surprise! The surprise inside my Oreo Surprise Cupcakes

This new giftwrapping collection I spotted at Target.

Spotted: Giftbag Collection at Target

This reminds me of someone!!

This reminds me a little of someone - hmmm...

A fun summer ‘do: Cascading Half-Up

A Fun Summer 'Do: Cascading Half UpDo

Getting some poolside cocktails with precious friends from my years with Barbra. Sweet summer memories!

Poolside Cocktails with Friends from my days with Barbra

A friend’s Texas-themed party in beautiful Topanga Canyon. Between the band and the views, it was sheer bliss!

A fun band called The Wind & The Rain & an amazing view

And, lastly, I spotted this at Sephora last week. I can hardly wait to get it! It smells just like camp & summer romance. Coveting this right now.

Coveting: Clinique Happy Summer Spray at Sephora ($60)


There’s just one but it’s a big one.

Nora Ephron

I’m a big Nora Ephron fan. Have been ever since I saw Heartburn. Man, talk about a good, empowering breakup movie! And then, I read the book the movie was based on.

Heartburn by Nora Ephron

Wow. I fell in love with Nora – like so many did. Her honesty, humor and belief in the power of women was palpable. And her passing simply cannot be taken lightly. Heaven may have gained a sweet, sassy angel but we have lost a dear heart and a once-in-a-lifetime talent.




BF Asks: What was your favorite Nora Ephron work?