Makeup Monday: MAC Archie’s Girls – Veronica or Betty?

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I was delighted to be invited to the MAC Archie’s Girls event at Nordstrom at The Grove this past weekend!


The talented Satine asked me if I wanted to be a Betty or Veronica.

Hmmm….good question!

She described Betty as the sweet, girl-next-door girlfriend of Archie with a more neutral palette. Well, that sounded a little like me! But then, she described Veronica. Glamorous, rich and not afraid of color. Well, I’m not Veronica but that doesn’t mean I can’t pretend to be!

Since I would be attending my friend John’s party after the event, I opted for the glam, va-va-voom Veronica. Satine applied Painterly followed by the Spoiled Rich: Eye Shadow x 4 palette ($44) and a pop of Amethyst pressed pigment. My lash line was rimmed with Petrol Blue pearl glide intense liner ($16.50),  and my lashes were made full & lush with Veronica Opulash ($17.50)

My Veronica look was polished off with Veronica Powder Blush ($22), Archie’s Girls Pearlmatte Face Powder ($30), Angel lip color, Kiss and Don’t Tell lip gloss, and Half-Red Lip liner.

At first, I was afraid. There was some mega-wattage purple eyeshadow in that Veronica palette and it was being applied on me. Yikes! I was fairly certain that I would leave there looking like I had just had a run-in with Chris Brown.

But then, I was deeeeeelighted!

The purple looked majestic and regal and verrry sexy.


Spending the evening as a Veronica made me feel quite sassy and introduced me to a world of color!

By the time I sashayed through the party, I was defffffinitely feeling like a Veronica.



BF Asks: Are you a Betty or a Veronica?

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4 thoughts on “Makeup Monday: MAC Archie’s Girls – Veronica or Betty?

  1. I read Archie comics when I was younger. You definitely can pull off that Veronica glam but you are more of a Betty personality. Veronica wasn’t the nicest but Betty- she was a sweetheart just like you!

    • Well, aren’t you the sweetest, Lynn! I try to be a sweetheart most of the time but, honey, I have my moments! Ha! But it’s always nice to hear sweet things about yourself. And coming from a sweetheart like you, it means the world! xoxo, BF

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