Tress Tuesday: Grown Up Pigtails by Assembly Salon

When I was primping for “Dawn’s Pajama Party” – hosted for me here at The Cupcake Palace last Friday by Good Carma Girls – I knew I only had one question to ask myself, “For a pj party, which hair do you pair?” I mean, my PJ Salvage donut pjs were basically begging for pigtails but I was hesitant.

Such cute choices from PJ Salvage made it difficult to decide. "Eenie-meanie-miney-mo. Which @pjsalvage way should I go? I mean, donuts are delicious and birds are adorably bitty. But which pair should I choose for a pajama party so pretty?" Well, I finally decided on the darling donuts!

I had lunch with a girlfriend that day and I told her my idea. To say she was opposed to the pigtails would be an understatement. “Do we really have to go all little girl? I mean, it’s already a pj party for goodness sake!” Good point.

So how could I as a single, Thirtysomething chick look pj-pajama-party cute while maintaining a little bit of, well, sexiness and self-respect?

As so often is the case, enter Assembly Salon to the rescue. I headed over there and told the talented  – and delightful – Dee my vision. She said wryly, “I know just what you need.”

Who says pigtails have to be childish? They can have some VERY grownup implications...


I ended up walking out with sexy bedhead, Brigitte Bardot pigtails tied with pink satin ribbon that would make any schoolgirl blush.

Pigtails paired just perfectly with my Polkadots Cupcakes cupcake cake c/o Gabriel Cosmetics *photo by DustyLu

It was super fun to not only channel the schoolgirl in me but to bring in a bit of coqeuttishness, as well.

Add in some grownup pigtails and the coquette comes out to play... (note the mug is a gift from, ahem, Doc Johnson - coquette, indeed)


Assembly Salon 250 S Robertson Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211



BF Asks: What hairstyle would you have paired with my PJ Salvage pjs?

Tress Tuesday: Honey, I’m Home – Welcome DryBar on West 3rd Street!

In December, Drybar moved near my ‘hood on West 3rd Street – which is basically like that guy you’ve always had a crush on moving right down the street from you and making your dreams come true…all while giving you a beautiful blowout and serving you mimosas.

Drybar in my hood? Honey, I'm home!!


Yep, I’ve had my share of other blowouts in the area over the years but none really compare to the original Drybar. They’re consistent, they’re stylish, they’re friendly, they’re effective and I always leave all relaxed, coiffed and comely in less than an hour for only $40.

Lovin' my Drybar hair…and my margarita at the airport… (my Mai Tai 'do styled by Jud Ashouri at Drybar on West 3rd Street in Los Angeles)

Another bonus? They don’t charge extra for hot tool use (curling irons, rollers, flatirons, etc.) so you don’t feel like you’re getting overcharged.

Plus, how can you not feel heavenly and happy with all that cheerful yellow? Add in the fact that the new location is next to both a Benefit boutique and Magnolia Bakery and you can color me one happy girl.

All that yellow AND Magnolia Bakery and Benefit Cosmetics as neighbors? Color me one happy girl!

Of course, I’ve already been to this location quite a few times and found my favorite stylist…Jud Ashouri.

With my Jud at the new Drybar on West 3rd Street

Jud not only gives a great blowout and style but she’s cool, stylish, honest, witty, and wise way beyond her years. Like I want to be friends with her because I feel like I could learn a lot from this girl. And the scalp massage I got from Jud? Killer. Like dreamy.

My faaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite part - the $10 scalp massage...

And her blowouts? They last me around 3 days so I feel like I’m getting more bang for my beauty buck.

My fave ‘do that we do is the Mai Tai – messy beach hair – which is perfect when I have an event, party or show to attend. The waves last and make me feel darned downright sexy. Something I can never accomplish at home when it comes to my coif.

And right now, they’re extending a verrrry special “Friends with Benefits” deal to my BeautyFrosting readers and social media followers! Now, get your heads out of the gutter, it’s not that kind of “friends with benefits.” After all, we all know that nevvvvver works. Nope, when you call to make your appointment, just mention the code #FWBDawn to receive $5 off your blowout all day Monday-Thursday. To make an appointment, just visit or call (310) 442-6084.

A special for BeautyFrosting readers - Mention that you're a BF reader or Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest follower and get $5 off your blowout at this location all day Monday-Thursday.


It’s the one Friends with Benefits relationship that actually works because at the very least, you’ll get a beautiful blowout and at the best, you’ll be inundated with compliments and stares from strangers. I do believe that my crush has evolved into a full-on monogamous relationship.



BF Asks: What’s your favorite style at the Drybar?

Tress Tuesday: hairdo by HairUWear Clip-in Bangs (yes, really)

Every time I see Sandra Bullock with bangs, I want them.


Every time I see my BFF, actress Sarah Jane Morris, with her new bangs – I want them.

Sarah Jane Morris - cute with any hairstyle but especially Michelle Pfeiffer meets Diane Lane with bangs


Even in the rain, her bangs look flawless. Mine would be a frizzilicious mess. Sigh.

Sarah Jane Morris with gorgeous bangs even in the rain...sigh. I covet.

In fact, anytime I see any cute actress with bangs – well – I want them.

But, alas, my face shape was not the kind that was born to wear bangs. At least not all the time with a commitment and all. And my naturally frizzy, curly fine hair takes some major effort when it comes to perfect bang-styling. One of my biggest beauty regrets is that I didn’t get a brazilian blowout or keratin treatment prior to shooting this music video (a duet with Chris Richards) of Not So California (go ahead, check it out! You know you wanna. Yep, I sing too!). Oh sure, the bangs look good in the beginning but by the time we’re shooting on the beach, oooooh boy!

Before Beach Shoot: Bang Perfection


Post-beach shoot: Ack!!!! What happened and how did those strange things appear on my head?

That’s why I am L-O-V-I-N-G, LOOOOOVING these hairdo by HairUWear clip-in bangs.

Yep, you read that right! These are CLIP-IN bangs by hairdo by HairUWear!!! ($29)


For only $29.00 at Ulta, you can have the option of bangs every day. And the best part? They are completely able to be styled as you wish. Want some feathered bangs? Get your groove on! Want to curl them for a little beach wave action? Get beachy, you little mermaid.

These are what they look for prior to easy clip-in:

What they look like on their own: hairdo by HairUWear clip-in bangs ($29)

As for me, I love popping them in when my hair is not the squeaky cleanest, I have a little too much front frizz going on or I just want to switch up my look for one of the dozens of events I have that week. I love that it’s presto-changeo with virtually no effort or styling. I just part my hair, position the bangs and go.

Depending on where you clip them in, you can make them longer or shorter so it is truly a breeze!

I wore them on Saturday to Meg’s birthday pool party and NO ONE knew they weren’t real.

Pulling one over everybody at Meg's pool party...

And we’re talking beauty and fashion bloggers here, people! I had to show them to make them believe me!

Just another girl with bangs...nothing to see here!

So I can vouch for these 100%. Just choose the best color for you, use the little clip-combs to secure and bang it out whenever your little heart desires! Super easy and super fun! I am loving this style alternative!!!




BF Asks: Do you look good with bangs or no bueno? 

Tress Tuesday: Selena Gomez at the MTV Awards featuring UNITE Hair Care

Selena Gomez rockin' it at the MTV Awards 2013


Oh, to be sexy, single and Selena Gomez! Check out how she ROCKED Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards in a gam-bearing gold mini and a mohawk braid!

Here’s the first-hand scoop on how to recreate this look from Selena’s hairstylist, Marissa Marino of the Nine Zero One Salon, using UNITE Hair Care:



  1. To create the pompadour, section off hair from the front of your hairline and sprinkle it with the UNITE Expanda Dust ($25) throughout. Tease it back, using a comb. Next, pin this section with a bobby pin to secure it in place.
  2. Take the rest of the hair and make five small ponytails down the center of your head.
  3. Create a French braid using all of the ponytails together. (You can find French braid tutorials
  4. Spray the UNITE Session Max Hairspray ($29.95) all over to tame frizzies and smooth the sides around the hairline.
  5. To make the braid look undone, pull it apart and pin these pieces down, using bobby pins.
  6. Finish the look with the UNITE Max Control Hairspray ($27.50) to tame down any flyaways.



BF Asks: Who rocked your favorite ‘do at Sunday’s MTV Awards? 

Tress Tuesday: John Frieda’s Glam Chignon at Zac Posen NYFW

There are so many fabulous styles walking the runways during New York Fashion Week. I’m being sent hundreds of images every day and it’s so hard to pick just one to share with you guys!

But here’s the first one that makes the cut of being shown to you beautiful people because I LOVE the hair!

For the Zac Posen show, John Frieda Global Creative Consultant Luigi Murenu created glam, deconstructed chignon to go with the structured autumnal palette.

Here’s your “how-to-do-the-do”!


•         Before drying, Luxurious Volume Volume Building Mousse was raked through to build texture while still keeping the hair soft and touchable

•         Hair was pulled back into a chignon at the nape of the neck, with a pieces left loose to give the look a messy, modern edge

•         Each loose piece was carefully crimped, resulting in a mohair-like texture

•         The look was set in place with Luxurious Volume All-Day Hold Hairspray

Rock your own runway look at home! And pleeeeease post pics if you do!


Tress Tuesday: Keri Russell’s Classic Cascading Locks

Once upon a time in a world we know well, a beloved actress playing a beloved character named Felicity decided to chop off her long locks.

The public opinion was strong and very divided. Some blamed the demise of the show of this single haircut. The cut became a lesson to all young Hollywood starlets from their agents about not cutting your hair without first consulting your team.

Fast forward 13 years and Keri Russell, formerly known as Felicity, is wowing us again not only with her acting but with her hair.

For the New York premiere of Keri’s new show, “The Americans”, hairstylist Brian Magallones created Keri Russell’s modern, side-parted take on a classic 50’s look.

Keri walked the red carpet wearing pair of leather pants and suede top by Alexander McQueen.  “I wanted her hair to look glamorous and appropriate for the red carpet, yet still modern and edgy to complement what she was wearing,” said Magallones.

You too can achieve this lovely, ladylike look at home in just four simple steps:

Step 1: Start by taking 2 inch sections of hair and curling them with a curling iron and pinning them up in pin curls.  As you are curling, spray each section with Aveda Volumizing Tonic (SRP $9.50) to add volume and hold. Use a 1 inch curling iron around the face for a more defined wave and a large 1 ¾ inch iron for the rest of the head.


Step 2: Once the pin curls are cool and set, remove each pin curl and flat iron the ends. The straight ends are what give this look that modern edge.


Step 3: Next, create a deep side part for drama, and brush the hair to relax the curl and shape the wave around the face.


Step 4:  To finish the look, run some Aveda Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss (SRP $27) through to add shine, and add a light mist of Aveda Control Force Hair Spray(SRP $26) to hold it in place.



BF Asks: Are you watching The Americans on FX? 

Tress Tuesday: First Lady Michelle Obama’s new look – BANGS!

We all knew that President Obama was going to be sworn in for a second time (yay!) but we didn’t know that our lovely First Lady (also now known as FLOTUS on Twitter) would be sharing her new look with the nation!


This was a big week for our First Lady!! Michelle Obama celebrated her 49th birthday, her husband’s inauguration, debuted her Twitter account (follow her at and made hundreds of thousands of women reconsider BANGS!

If our first lady’s bold new hairstyle is making you consider the change, but you’re a bit hesitant, you might not have to fully commit.

You can get this look – without the snip – by getting a frizz-free fringe with Hairdo by HairUWear Clip-In Bangs ($29:

This effortless, beautiful bang is already styled—just clip it in and go for an instant, seamless hair transformation.

Created with exclusive Tru2Life® heat-friendly fiber, the breakthrough bang can withstand heat up to 350º. Straight Tru2Life® fibers can be curled, while curled Tru2Life® fibers can be straightened—any style stays locked in place until heat-styled again.

I pledge allegiance!


BF Asks: How do you like the First Lady’s new bangs? Are you feeling inspired? 

Tress Tuesday: Golden Globes Gorgeous ‘Dos & How-To’s!

Well, you guys loved the hair tips from yesterday so much, I decided I needed to have a Tress Tuesday with some of the most fun looks from the Golden Globes!

Here are more how-to’s for you when it comes to doing red carpet ‘do’s!

THE COMELY CLAIRE DANES – Bouncy Volume all night long!

The Homeland star and Golden Globe Best Actress in a Television Series Winner was simple and sophisticated in a red dress and bouncy, voluminous, frizz free hair!

Here’s how celebrity stylist, Peter Butler, did it:

Step 1 – Prep

  • Blowdry hair with a large, round, boar bristle brush. Take a curling iron with a 1 1/2 inch barrel and start curling hair section by section. Set the curls with Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier Firm-Hold Hairspray ($5.99 at drugstores).

Step 2 – Style

  • To create the perfect wave, use a paddle brush to brush through curls. Apply Frizz-Ease Secret Weapon Flawless Finishing Crème ($5.99 at drugstores) throughout the hair–it will soften hair and add shine while leaving the curls chunky and intactStep 3 – Perfect
    • Finish by adding a fine mist of Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hairspray to lock in the style.



BEAUTIFULLY BRAIDED & BUNNED – The Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev’s ‘do was uniquely gorgeous & sweet, like her dress, and looked extremely challenging to do!

But before you give up before you even start, here are all the tips, from by stylist Riawna Capri of Nine Zero One Salon, so that you too can have a unique-to-you ‘do!

PRODUCTS: ULUXURY Shampoo ($43), U LUXURY Conditioner ($47), UNITE 7SECONDS Conditioner ($26.25), UNITE 9-Row Denman Brush ($51.95), UNITE BEACH DAY ($29.95), UNITE GO365 Hairspray ($31) and UNITE SHINA-Mist ($26.25). Available at


1.)    In order to smooth Nina’s hair and add shine, her hair was prepped with U LUXURY Shampoo and Conditioner, which are infused with crushed pearl, Hawaiian white honey and Argan oil. Next, Riawna used UNITE 7SECONDS Conditioner to detangle condition and protect hair.

2.)    Next, she blow-dried hair using the UNITE 9-Row Denman Brush to smooth the cuticle of her hair.

3.)    Nina then flipped her head upside down while Riawna completed a classic braid from the nape to the crown of her head.

4.)    All remaining hair was pulled up into a ponytail.

5.)    UNITE BEACH DAY Spray was spritzed throughout the dry ponytail to add density to the hair.

6.)    The hair was wrapped and pinned into a classic bun.

7.)    The final look was held in place using UNITE GO365 Hairspray and polished off with UNITE SHINA-Mist.


PUNK-PRETTY & POLISHED – Safe Haven’s Julianne Hough

To add a little punk to her polished & pretty dress, stylist Riawna Capri of Nine Zero One Salon, relied on texture, volume and height for Julianne Hough’s Golden Globes look. Here’s the how-to 411:

Products: UNITE Blonda Shampoo ($26.25), BLONDA Condition ($28.75), 7SECONDS Condition ($26.25), EXPANDA Volume ($27.50), Pro-System 74mm Round Brush, EXPANDA Dust ($26.25), Session Max Hairspray ($29.95).

Available at


1.) Julianne’s Hair was prepped with UNITE’s  Blonda Shampoo & Condition to brighten the tone of Julianne’s blonde hair for the special event and followed with a ton of UNITE 7SECONDS Condition. UNITE 7Seconds was used to not only detangle and condition the hair, but the extreme amount helped to make the hair super clean and slippery to ensure that some hair fell out to add to the final edginess of the look.

2.) For maximum root volume, UNITE EXPANDA Volume was applied 1-3 inches from the roots.

3.) Hair was then round brushed with a UNITE Pro-System 74mm Round brush.

4.) Once hair was dry, UNITE EXPANDA Dust was sprinkled throughout the root area on the top of the head

5.) Starting in the back, Riawna used small, horizontal sections on the top of the head, backcombing the hair 1-2 inches from scalp to create instant volume. She then continued forward to the hairline leaving out the final front section. The final backcombed “mohawk” was clipped out of the way.



6.) The sides were slightly teased throughout for added texture and volume.

7.) A soft, natural parting in the hair was made on both sides near the temple area.

8.) Each side was split into a top and bottom section. Each section was twisted into the back towards the nape, made into a mini ponytail and pinned.


9.) Starting with the front 3 inches of the top section, Riawna twisted the hair over towards the left and pinned in place. The second section was then alternated to twist toward the right side and pinned in place. The alternating sections continued until the top section was complete creating a “twisted mohawk”.

10.) Once hair was set in the general form, she sprinkled UNITE EXPANDA Dust on areas that still need more texture, pulled the hair slightly with fingers and rubbed together to create whispy strands

11.) The look was finished with UNITE SESSION-Max Hairspray for extra strong hold to last all evening.

12) UNITE SHINA-Mist was applied for overall red-carpet shine


Quotes from Riawna Capri, Nine Zero One Salon:

“Sheek, Edgy and sophisicated”

“Julianne ’s dress was so beautiful and glamorous, we wanted to add a bit of edge with the hair and makeup to give a slight contrast that created the final overall look.”


Please let me know if you’re interested in more information or images of UNITE Hair Care.


Tress Tuesday: the fabulous Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine at LACMA

I am loving this look that the fabulous Florence Welch (of Florence + the Machine) rocked on the stage and the red carpet at the LACMA 2012 Art + Film Gala!

It’s sophisticated yet whimsical and sweet and reminds me of a modern day princess!

The fabulous Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine


Donned in a cobalt blue Gucci gown with plunging neckline, Florence and her hair stylist Nikki Providence opted for a look with a boho-chic vibe.

Just in time for all of this month’s holiday fetes, you can learn how to rock this nostalgic & whimsical ‘do, yourself.

Here is celeb stylist, Nikki’s, step-by-step guide to achieving this look!

1) Begin with clean, damp hair.

2) Spray the Davines Defining Texturizer at the roots and the MELU Shield on the length of the hair. The Texturizer provides hold and volume, while the MELU Shield protects the hair from damage caused by styling tools.

3) Blow dry the hair using a round brush.

4) Apply a couple of pups of the Davines OI/OIL on the ends of the hair. This will condition the hair and protect it while in braids and add shine without heavy greasiness. Plus, it leaves the hair smelling incredible!

5) Divide the hair into two sections and braid each side, beginning just above the ear.

6) Wrap each braid across the top of the head and secure with pins.


For added glam, you can incorporate a couple of necklaces and pin them into the hair, as Florence did.





BF Asks: If you try this yourself, be sure to post a pic of your ‘do on our Facebook wall at:!

Tress Tuesday: Holiday Hair Tips LIVE CHAT with TRESemme!

How fun is this? Just in time for the holidays, TRESemme is hosting a Holiday Hair Livestream with TRESemme stylist, Tyler Laswell and my fellow beauty blogger, Jessica Harlow! Click on the link below and ask any & all  heartfelt holiday hair question you might have!

They’ll be armed with styles, tricks & tips to carry you through this festive holiday season! 2pm – 3 pm EST – that means NOW!!

Off to ask questions!





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