Friday Favorites: High-Fiving My Dream Team, Good Carma Studio

Celebrating a High-Five circle with the best team ever (Good Carma Studio) at The District in LA, after the No Kid Hungry Influencers Brunch I hosted.

Celebrating a High-Five circle with my dream team – and the best team ever (Chrissy and Melissa of Good Carma Studio) – at The District in LA, after the No Kid Hungry Influencers Brunch I hosted.

Today’s fave? A picture that was captured as I was high-fiving my dream team, also known as Good Carma Studio, after our No Kid Hungry Influencers Brunch on Wednesday. (*Please Note: Blog post to come)

While it was a truly stunningly beautiful affair, I am even more proud that it was an event – full of heart – that accomplished what we set out to do: get out the word about childhood hunger and breakfast in our schools.

I am so thankful to have a team that works as hard as I do. Trust is EVERYTHING to me and I trust these women implicitly.

Chrissy Kling & Melissa Wallace, you are gifts—and you produce the best events to boot!!!

Again, special thanks to our sponsors Tyson Foods, Kellog’s and Citi for all you do to help eradicate childhood hunger in America.


Sunday Says…”Always Do What You Are Afraid To Do”

Loving this cute graphic print from Charm & Gumption that I was introduced to at the Good Carma Girls gifting suite this past Thursday.

Sunday says: “Always do what you are afraid to do.” I live by this mantra.

This is for all of you out there who are scared to take action today.

You CAN do anything you dare to dream.

And you really are strong enough to make the change.

*Graphic by @charmandgumption – thanks for the intro, Good Carma Girls!


BF Asks: What are you afraid to do…that you know you MUST do? (My answer today? Clearing the clutter of summer events in my house. I am a total procrastinator)


Tress Tuesday: Grown Up Pigtails by Assembly Salon

When I was primping for “Dawn’s Pajama Party” – hosted for me here at The Cupcake Palace last Friday by Good Carma Girls – I knew I only had one question to ask myself, “For a pj party, which hair do you pair?” I mean, my PJ Salvage donut pjs were basically begging for pigtails but I was hesitant.

Such cute choices from PJ Salvage made it difficult to decide. "Eenie-meanie-miney-mo. Which @pjsalvage way should I go? I mean, donuts are delicious and birds are adorably bitty. But which pair should I choose for a pajama party so pretty?" Well, I finally decided on the darling donuts!

I had lunch with a girlfriend that day and I told her my idea. To say she was opposed to the pigtails would be an understatement. “Do we really have to go all little girl? I mean, it’s already a pj party for goodness sake!” Good point.

So how could I as a single, Thirtysomething chick look pj-pajama-party cute while maintaining a little bit of, well, sexiness and self-respect?

As so often is the case, enter Assembly Salon to the rescue. I headed over there and told the talented  – and delightful – Dee my vision. She said wryly, “I know just what you need.”

Who says pigtails have to be childish? They can have some VERY grownup implications...


I ended up walking out with sexy bedhead, Brigitte Bardot pigtails tied with pink satin ribbon that would make any schoolgirl blush.

Pigtails paired just perfectly with my Polkadots Cupcakes cupcake cake c/o Gabriel Cosmetics *photo by DustyLu

It was super fun to not only channel the schoolgirl in me but to bring in a bit of coqeuttishness, as well.

Add in some grownup pigtails and the coquette comes out to play... (note the mug is a gift from, ahem, Doc Johnson - coquette, indeed)


Assembly Salon 250 S Robertson Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211



BF Asks: What hairstyle would you have paired with my PJ Salvage pjs?