Like The Necklace Says…INSPIRE

Like the necklace says, I have a job to do on this earth: INSPIRE

Like the necklace says, I have a job to do on this earth: INSPIRE

A few years ago I attended an event that my friend Nicole Myden hosted for her jewelry client, Nalukai, at the time. I wore the necklace they gifted me with for a solid year. Then I placed it on my jewelry stand, where it has been hanging, lost and forgotten, amongst all the shiny things I’ve accrued since.

Yesterday, I watched my friend, Gabby Bernstein’s video, in which she spoke about sharing your gifts and not feeling like a fraud doing so. She talked about speaking your truth and not feeling guilty for being paid for the gifts you have to offer. I so needed to hear that.

As I got into bed last night after sharing a deeply personal Sunday night eclipse experience, I went to turn off my bedside light and spotted the Nalukai necklace, where it has been hanging on my jewelry stand for over a year. I haven’t noticed it there before. On it is inscribed: “INSPIRE.”

The wording on this necklace never spoke to me. All the guests had received different ones as gifts and I remember wanting “love” or something. As I looked at it, I got a chill – the good kind – as I realized that that is EXACTLY what I am here to do: to inspire, as much and as OFTEN as possible.

Here’s to an inspiring week for us all!



On The Board: Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumni Association

At the LA Kappas Kickoff Brunch with my fellow board members, co-president, Mikey (right) and treasurer, Nuphar.

Ok, confession: I was not the most active sorority girl.

Just ask my Kappa house roommates.

While a Kappa Kappa Gamma at the University of Texas at Austin, I was actively pursing an acting career, withdrew in the middle of my junior semester (with my dean’s approval & much to my parents’ chagrin) to be a “Player’s Wife” in Oliver Stone’s Any Given Sunday, was dating a producer 7 years older, was appearing in commercials you never saw, and even took 25 hours of classes to graduate in 3 1/2 years (which had to happen or my professor parents would have KILLED me for leaving that one semester).

So, to perhaps make up for my lackluster college participation, I was honored to be asked to be on the board of the LA Kappas Alumni Association, as Philanthropy Chair.

I’m looking forward to encouraging as many women as possible to get involved with the charities I work with currently, and many more.

If you work with a charity and would like to partner with Kappa, send me a message, and if you’re a Kappa living in LA, and would like to join the Kappa alum fun, hit me up.

Loyally, Dawn 🔺

‘Tails: Dress: @Forever21 (coachella 2014, baby! @jennifercchan @rocuriel)

Hair: @beautybyninfa


Mistaken Adventures Are The Best Kind Of Adventures…

Sometimes mistaken adventures are the best kind of adventures...

Sometimes mistaken adventures are the best kind of adventures…

I have many a golden Lindsey memory that shine in my mind: late night parties with giant stuffed teddy bears and an impromptu Bill Withers dance party at the Lyric Theatre on a weeknight rank high.

But, this was the first one where we set off on a mistaken adventure and ended up bathed in golden light at sunset in a pumpkin patch on a farm.

Bathed in the harvest glow.

Bathed in the harvest glow.


Yes, I got the date wrong (SO wrong) on the charity dinner for my beloved Max Love Project, so my dear friend, Lindsey Vaerst and I drove all the way to Tanaka Farms in Irvine, only to find out that it’s…wait for it…in OCTOBER!! Ahhh. Didn’t even get the day right! (It’s October 24th NOT September 26th and tickets can be bought HERE for $150/person.)

Some might be frustrated or feel that a 3-hour round trip down the 405 is wasted time. Not us. We laughed. Oh, how we laughed! And then we took a picture, bathed in that gorgeous dusk light, to mark the moment – as though we could ever forget!

#MercuryRetrogradeIsReal #HonestLovesMax

Mom, I’m On The Radio: Kathy Kaehler’s Fit & Sexy For Life, Tomorrow 6/24 at 1 pm

I think we know I love to talk. And tomorrow, at 1 pm, I get to do JUST that when I have the honor of being a guest on Kathy Kaehler‘s‪ Fit And Sexy For Life‬ radio show on LA Talk Radio, Channel 2.


I’ve been a fan of Kathy’s for a looooong time, so this really is one of those bucket list moments for me! Hope you’ll take a listen. Who knows what we’ll end up talking about?? Kathy Kaehler

The #Dear15Me Challenge

How did you feel at 15-years-old? And what do you wish you could tell yourself at 15 if you could go back now?

#Dear15Me : Helping teens tackle their teenage years with the confidence, grace, wisdom and ease we wish we’d had.

That’s what #Dear15Me is all about. Dawn McCoy (host, creator of BeautyFrosting, and lifestyle and life empowerment expert) has created a movement where we can share our stories and struggles of when we were 15-years-old – and share our hindsight vision – to encourage teens to love and accept themselves, just as they are right now at this very moment.  *Helping teens tackle their teenage years with the confidence, grace, wisdom and ease we wish we’d had.*

So many of us say, “If I had known then, what I know now….”, so why don’t we tell teens while they’re still in it? Our goal is to start a viral movement that helps ease what can be a tough time in a teen’s life. Post a picture of yourself at 15 and your #Dear15Me message, and let teens know how you felt at 15, and what you would say to yourself if you had the chance now. Because you do. You have a chance now to help them get through this challenging time, with confidence, grace and ease. No picture of you at 15? No problem. Just post a pic of you now, holding the sign “Dear 15 Me…”and write your story and what you wish you could tell 15-year-old you in the caption.

Seeing the struggles that we went through then, how we got through them, and what we know now that we wish we had known then will inspire them to live their best lives now.


From Dawn:

Listen. Being a teen was hard. I remember it so clearly: the insecurities, the doubts, the fickleness, the fear, the fights with friends, the crushes, trying to please your parents, trying to impress your teachers, all of it. HARD.

But, today’s teens have it even harder. They have all of that above, plus the added pressure of social media. If there had been social media when I was in high school, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have graduated, and I think my parents would agree with me on that.

I realized just how tough it is for teens these days on a recent trip to Little Rock, Arkansas. There, I talked to the mom of a 15-year-old daughter who told me about the pain she has to see her daughter go through daily when she compares herself to others on social media. Remember that party you didn’t get invited to in 9th grade? Well, imagine having to see pictures of it on Instagram the next day. Remember the guy you had a crush on who asked out your best friend? Imagine having to see pictures of them hand-in-hand on Facebook. SUPER HARD.

That next night, I drove to my Dad’s house in Hot Springs, Arkansas and saw a picture of me at 15 years old, hanging on his wall. I saw this gorgeous girl and was shocked, because that was not the girl that I remembered. The girl I remembered was chubby, with braces and filled with nervousness and insecurity. She was scared of being too much – and not enough – all at the same time.

I ended up writing a post about it, and was overwhelmed by the comments, Facebook messages, texts and emails that I received in response. My feelings of wishing I could go back and speak to 15-year-old-me really had struck a chord. Hundreds of women wrote to me, expressing that they too look back and wish they could tell their 15-year-old selves that they were perfect as is, and that everything was going to be okay. Sometimes, that’s all we need to hear: “You’re okay, you’re okay, you’re okay, you’re okay.”

So, I’ve decided to do something about it, and start a movement. It’s called the “Dear 15 Me Challenge,” or #Dear15Me for you hashtaggers out there. #Dear15Me is a movement where we can share our stories and struggles of when we were 15-years-old – and share our hindsight vision – to encourage teens to love and accept themselves, just as they are right now at this very moment.  Helping teens tackle their teenage years with the confidence, grace, wisdom and ease we wish we’d had. Here are the details. I really hope you’ll be a part of it, and that we can help make the journey a little smoother for teens out there today.

#Dear15Me : To inspire teens and women and men, at every age, I encourage you to share what you would say to yourself at 15, having the hindsight, wisdom and experience that you do now. I urge you to 1) post a picture of yourself at 15, with a caption saying: “Dear 15 Me…” and follow it with 2) what  you were feeling at that age, and most importantly, 3) what you wish you could tell yourself at 15. It’s that easy.

No picture readily available of you at 15? No problem. Any pic of you as a teen will do, or just post a pic of you now, holding the sign “Dear 15 Me…” and write your story and what you wish you could tell 15-year-old you in the caption.

While there’s no time machine to take us back to 15 to correct our thinking then, we hope our past experiences and heartfelt words will help inspire – and make the road a little easier – for teens today. Tag 5 of your friends and ask them to do the same. Together, we can make a difference in the confidence of today’s teens. And be sure to tag @Dear15Me and @BeautyFrosting so we can share your experiences with our social media channels.

“I wish you could see what you look like to me. Don’t you know you’re made of stars? You can do anything – dance, laugh and sing. You’re carried by love. All that you see will come to be. So, what will you do, beautiful you?” (Dawn McCoy)



Audrey Hepburn: Her Loving Heart Inspires Me Every Day

This original Jo Almeida painting of Audrey Hepburn hangs in my foyer.

Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly, by Jo Almeida - one of my favorite artists

It’s the first thing everyone sees it as they walk into my home, and that is no accident. Audrey’s at the heart of my home – in the foyer as you enter, to welcome guests, and in the kitchen, the heart of the home.

In my home, Audrey is at the heart of it: in the foyer as you enter to welcome guests, and in the kitchen, the heart of the home.

While she played the seemingly free-spirited Holly Golightly, Audrey was anything but.

As a child in post-World War II Holland, Audrey never forgot her humble beginnings of carrying smuggled Allied notes in her ballet slippers, and the help she received from UNICEF.

Young Audrey Hepburn

As a UNICEF ambassador herself in later years, Audrey worked tirelessly to help children all over the world, the way UNICEF had helped her.

Audrey Hepburn and her giving heart

My painting of Audrey hangs in a corner where it is reflected in an antique mirror, where I can see both her and myself, as I pass by. That, too, is no accident. It’s to remind me that as my dreams come true, my job is to help make dreams come true for others.

Audrey as UNICEF Ambassador

I am so thankful to have been introduced to the lady and legend who is Audrey Hepburn at a tender age by my big brother David McCoy, as it taught me early on that your life must be balanced with giving back as much as you get. Every time I see this painting, I am reminded of that as her external beauty was only overshadowed by her beautiful heart. I aspire to give as much.

Audrey Hepburn: Her love had no limits.

Later today, I’m announcing a movement that I hope will inspire girls and women all over the world. I don’t think it’s an accident at all, that we’re launching it on what would have been Audrey’s 86th birthday. Happy, happy birthday, Audrey Hepburn. Thank you for inspiring us all with your beautiful heart. May we help others half as much as you did.

A "deer" heart.


You’re Never Alone.

In the arms of the angel, on West 3rd Street

You’re never alone.

Not for a second.

Even when it really, really feels like you are.

Listen to that voice whispering to you that you’re not.

Angels, angels everywhere…even on West 3rd Street in Los Angeles.




Dear 15-Year-Old Me: You’re Okay

This is hanging on my dad’s office wall. Me at 15. I saw this picture at my dad’s house, and it broke my heart.

Me at 15.

I saw a gorgeous 15-year-old girl, but that’s not the 15-year-old girl I remembered.

The 15-year-old I rememberer was chubby, with braces, looked like a boy, and was much too much.

Too much, physically.

Too much curly hair.

Too much love to give.

Too much of a talker.

Too much of a singer.

Too much of an actor.

Too much of a kiss-up.

Too much for her parents.

Too much for her brother.

Too much for boys.

Too much for herself.

Too much everything.

That is not who I see now. I see someone who was just enough.

I see this picture and see a gorgeous 15-year-old, with a big personality, who was painfully insecure. More than anything, I wish I could go back and tell myself: “Embrace your curves. You’re never going to be a size 0, so stop fighting it so hard. You’re only wasting time and energy. Embrace your talents and loving spirit. You don’t need to be your big brother, best friend, or anyone else for that matter. You just need to be you. It’s enough. Don’t be afraid of being different. It’s the very thing that will change your life for the better. You’re enough. You’re special. Life is going to be so sweet. And, lastly, you’re okay, you’re okay, you’re okay, you’re okay.”

I dedicate this post to all girls in middle school and high school out there, and their parents. I promise it’s going to get better. YOU’RE okay, you’re okay, you’re okay, you’re okay, you’re okay.



You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Post Is About You: Personalizing Your Vanity

A few days ago, I shared with you my lifelong love affair with my vanity.

No – not that kind of vanity. I mean, the love affair I have with my dressing table.

Today, I’m bringing you a few of my design tips that have made my boudoir one of my favorite places in my home.

To personalize my antique white vanity I have now, and to offset its stark neutral tone, I like to add some delicate elements of color.

My neutralish, antique white dressing table with delicate splashes of color and metallics. The antique red velvet chair in this photo has now been replaced by a beautiful, french blue velvet chair with an ashy gray-stained wood frame, which I found at HomeGoods this past fall.

One of the best opportunities to add color and whimsy, to a small space such as this, is to look at what utilitarian purposes you can maximize to dress the space up a bit.

Instead of junking up your happy place, choose must-have pieces that can both serve a function and delight the senses

In this case, I used this prime (and pretty) opportunity to do this with my makeup brush holders. Why not give those expensive investments, called brushes, a lovely home? I opted for julep cups and blue sea glass cups and votives.

I also mindfully choose what sits out on my vanity.

Pretty products on display are key. They set you up to feel luxurious as you primp for a night out!

I like to display the prettiest products, and pieces that delight me most on top, where you- and everyone else – can see them. You can’t go wrong with products with pretty packaging, and laying out your favorite, colorful, eye-catching pieces of jewelry on display. Here, I have my favorite vintage 50s pastel, french colonial, floral necklace on my vanity, Tarte amazonian clay eyeliner (in a cute turquoise and gold pot), and my beloved Crème de La Mer.

Julep cups for brushes and lovely vintage necklaces make for a pleasant primping place

As for practicality? I keep my most often-used products on top or in the top drawers for easy access.

Over the vanity, hangs a soft, powdery pink chandelier to add some warm lighting, which aids in makeup application.

A chandelier spilling warm light lights the way to feeling your beautiful best every day

Whatever your aesthetic, just be authentic to yourself. Think about what delights you, what inspires you, and what will make you feel most beautiful as you sit down for a few moments to become your most beautiful self each day.

I hope you begin a torrid, lifelong love affair with your vanity, as well.



BF Asks: What does your vanity look like? 


That’s The Way It’s Done: Jouer Cosmetics

This is how it’s done. Today, I received this gorgeous Inslee Haynes illustrated calendar from Christina Zilber of Jouer Cosmetics. As lovely as it was, what was even lovelier was the gracious, heart-filled, handwritten thank you note that accompanied it.

Grace, graciousness and gratitude: My 3 favorite G's.

In this industry, I have seen firsthand how successful small businesses can be, and it just makes my heart skip a beat when those small business achieve big victories.

Because I know how much hard work goes into it.

When I am being interviewed or serving as a panelist, one of the most popular questions I get is “How can I make my small business a success when it comes to social media and publicity?”

I always say that the relationships you build with editors, bloggers, tastemakers and celebrities can make all of the difference in the world, when it comes to turning that small business into a big success.

This is an example of how to do just that.

Do like Christina – be beautiful (inside and out), be gracious and be grateful.

We feel it tenfold and want to see you succeed.

Now, I’m off to try that “sneak chic peek” of the new Jouer Luminizing Liquid Highlighting pen!

p.s. I’m gonna have to hang that calendar over my new desk in February!



BF Asks: What do you think turns a small biz into a big success? 

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