Like The Necklace Says…INSPIRE

Like the necklace says, I have a job to do on this earth: INSPIRE

Like the necklace says, I have a job to do on this earth: INSPIRE

A few years ago I attended an event that my friend Nicole Myden hosted for her jewelry client, Nalukai, at the time. I wore the necklace they gifted me with for a solid year. Then I placed it on my jewelry stand, where it has been hanging, lost and forgotten, amongst all the shiny things I’ve accrued since.

Yesterday, I watched my friend, Gabby Bernstein’s video, in which she spoke about sharing your gifts and not feeling like a fraud doing so. She talked about speaking your truth and not feeling guilty for being paid for the gifts you have to offer. I so needed to hear that.

As I got into bed last night after sharing a deeply personal Sunday night eclipse experience, I went to turn off my bedside light and spotted the Nalukai necklace, where it has been hanging on my jewelry stand for over a year. I haven’t noticed it there before. On it is inscribed: “INSPIRE.”

The wording on this necklace never spoke to me. All the guests had received different ones as gifts and I remember wanting “love” or something. As I looked at it, I got a chill – the good kind – as I realized that that is EXACTLY what I am here to do: to inspire, as much and as OFTEN as possible.

Here’s to an inspiring week for us all!



Golden Globes Glam: The L’Oreal Paris Beauty Studio at the Beverly Wilshire

Between the year just getting started and me being a little under the weather, the first few weeks of January were slow. But they picked right up starting with the Golden Globes.

And to truly kick off award season in glittering, golden style, my fave L’Oreal Paris hosted their annual post-Golden Globes event this past Monday at the Pretty Woman-famous Beverly Wilshire.

Golden Girl. *Photo by Joyce Pan


Honestly, it ended up being one of the most magical nights of my life. Between being primped and pampered by the L’Oreal beauty team, chatting with Tom Bachik and Billy B, trying out the most delicious new products and tasting the most delicious cocktails and bites, it was my favorite kind of night…a FUN one!

Oh, L'oreal Paris - you always throw the BEST post- @goldenglobesparty...but this one at the Beverly Wilshire penthouse is the best one yet!! A night I'll always remember...


Such a delicious evening last Monday with L'Oreal Paris at theBeverly Wilshire. Can't wait to try all of their new products I went home with... *flowers by Floral Crush


Did you hear @JLo on the @GoldenGlobes say to Jeremy Renner “I’ve got the nails” when they were deciding who should open the envelope? Well, she sure does and it’s because of this guy. The man. The myth. The legend. Tom Bachik…and l’il ole me.

Tom Bachik!!

‘Tis the season for this reason…BEAUTY!!

The goods. Tons of new pretty products I can't wait to try!

Everything that glitters is not gold. Caught looking oh-so-serious in the penthouse of the Beverly Wilshire

The best surprise of all? As the valet brought my car around, I found a Sherrieblossom Icebox makeup organizer in the floorboard of the front seat, filled with L’Oreal makeup and skincare and haircare galore!

Look who crashed my photo! Even Miss Ellie is in awe of the oodles of L'Oreal hair & beauty goodies I got on Monday!! And a Sherrieblossom Icebox beauty organizer to boot! L'Oreal truly gives the best gifts. Thank you, L'Oreal!!

All of those gorgeous goodies are gonna leave this golden girl feelin’ pretty golden for a while now.

Gonna be feelin' golden all award season long...

Thanks so much for a beautiful night, L’Oreal!



BF Asks: What L’Oreal products are you most in love with? 

Dream A Little Dream: The Golden Globes Luncheon Honoring Miss Golden Globe, Greer Grammer

'Tis the golden season!

‘Tis the season! Not that season. AWARD SEASON!

A sea of gold

And as an LA lady, I can tell you that award season is one of the most exciting times of the year here in Tinsel Town.

This year, The 72nd Annual Golden Globes Awards kicks the season off. And to kick off this year’s Golden Globes, I had the honor of attending a glam Golden Globes lunch with Moët at The Beverly Hilton yesterday, honoring Miss Golden Globe, Greer Grammer.

Here's Greer presenting a Golden Globe to me. Ok, I didn't get to keep it..but give it time.

I got prepped for the event, thanks to Danielle with GlamSquad, who gave me some fabulous retro-inspired curls that lasted all night long. I love GlamSquad because they come right to your home so you can get all primped and prettied, while sitting in your favorite chair, listening to your favorite tunes, sipping a flute of champagne or a cup of hot tea.

Getting glammed for the annual Golden Globes Luncheon by Danielle of GlamSquad

I headed over to The Beverly Hilton, but had to do something I NEVER do and snap an elevator selfie of my golden, Old Hollywood-inspired outfit for the luncheon, ℅ Nordstrom. (Top: Tildon short sleeve sequin top $58 and Skirt: Tildon Gold Glitter Skirt $48)

Gold in an elevator. Livin' it up while I'm goin' down.

We started with a sneak preview of one of the signature Golden Globes cocktails, The Sunset Starlet – created by Elettra Wiedemann of Impatient Foodie – which will be enjoyed by the guests on Sunday. *Recipe will be up tomorrow right here!

The Moët Sunset Starlet by Elettra Wiedemann of Impatient Foodie

Following our cocktails, we enjoyed a delicious lunch, which was followed by the delectable pastries that the pastry chef at The Beverly Hilton is famous for.


And we were delighted to take some magical Moët goodies home with us!

Standing next to a tower of champagne. Not too bad for a Thursday.

Afterwards, I headed out to the balcony of the famed Beverly Hilton and reflected upon all of the stars whose dreams would be at long last coming true on Sunday. And I couldn’t help but be thankful for my own dreams coming true…and for the dreams I harbor that will one day come true.

Dream a little dream...

BF Asks: Who are you most excited to see on Sunday? 

Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday? The Dogeared I Am Grateful Collection

When I stopped by a press preview and spotted this Dogeared I Am Grateful collection, I may or may not have jumped for joy. Literally. Like with a herkie, from my old high school cheerleading days.

I am grateful for the I Am Grateful Dogeared collection ($58 - $154) **Manicure by NoemiHK at Enamel Diction

Why? Because, um, did you hear about this annual thing I’m doing called #BF30DaysOfGratitude?
It’s like this Dogeared collection was made for me!

In reality of course, it was made for anyone like me – anyone who realizes that gratitude is the sure-fire, fastest way to happiness – and for those who might just need a gently (and shiny) daily reminder. Well, count me in.

Perfect for a holiday gift, a hostess gift or even a “just because” gift of gratitude to someone who needs it this Thanksgiving, all of the pieces in this collection are gorgeous reminders to feel the gratitude every day.
As you wear it over your heart with the necklace ($72)…

I'm even grateful for the inspiring message card that the necklace comes with. Pictured here: the gold i am grateful small dog tag necklace, gold dipped, 18 inch ($72)

On the pulse of your wrist with the teak wood bead, gold-dipped dog tag bracelet ($64)…

The i am grateful teak wood bead dog tag bracelet, gold dipped ($64)

Or, MY FAVORITE, your finger – where you look down and see it every time you type, wash your hands or shake hands (pictured above in post).

Enough from me. Here’s what Dogeared has to say about it:
“Self expression is what great style is all about. If you want to make a statement, be yourself! Did you know that gratitude is a happiness magnet? The more you appreciate what you have, the more you will have to appreciate. The I Am Grateful dog tag necklace is a chic, modern way to celebrate all the wonderful in your life… You’re welcome.”

Welcome, indeed.

The I Am Grateful Collection by Dogeared



BF Asks: Which piece do you wanna get to remind you to be grateful? 

Mani Monday: A Comely Confection – A BF Mani Recipe

BeautyFrosting’s 2nd birthday is right around the corner and, of course, I am celebrating in style! Or as my best friend, Chris, said to me the other day, “Any excuse for a birthday party!”

I’m trying to find the perfect manicure for the big fete and, in the process, came up with this one. I give you the BF recipe for “A Comely Confection”.

Mani Monday: A Comely Confection

BF Mani Monday Recipe: A Comely Confection

Using the standard french manicure method:

Apply 2 coats of OPI Kiss On The Chic all over the nail

Apply 1 coat of OPI Honey Rydger just to the white tip of the nail.
Apply 1 coat of Goldeneye on the white tip as well.

You’re left with a sweet & sparkling mani that will last for a week!

The Ingredients: All by OPI Nail Polish




BF Asks: What mani are you sweet on right now? 




Mani Monday: Oscars Manicure – Glitter, You Golden Goddess

It’s my favorite week in Hollywood – Oscars Week!! emojiemoji

To celebrate accordingly, I came up with this double glittering gold mani and I call it…

“Glitter, You Golden Goddess!”

Glittering everywhere I go thanks to my "Glitter, You Golden Goddess" mani. *cup by Homegoods

How do ya get it?

Simple. 2 coats of @colorclubnaillacquer in Gingerbread topped with 1 coat of @opinailpolish in When Monkeys Fly. I may not be nominated but my nails have already won the gold!

The glittering combination: "Glitter, You Golden Goddess!"

BF On The Case -#SecretToGoodness: Part 1, The Mystery Begins…

I’ve always loved a good mystery. I blame my mystery-loving Mom and Perry Mason.
So when I received this mystery box in the mail, I was excited to be on the case.

It's a BF Mystery... #SecretToGoodness

So why is this a mystery? A box filled with hair goodies to (hopefully) make my locks more lovely? What’s mysterious about that?

Well, my sleuthing compatriots, the mystery is that I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT PRODUCTS I’M TRYING!!! And for a beauty blogger, that can be a bit on the scary side.

But I’m excited. I have my Sherlock hat on, my magnifying glass out, a mirror and an open mind.

Let’s start with the facts, shall we?

Fact 1: I have a hashtag to use while on the case: #SecretToGoodness.

Fact 2: These unmarked golden bottles came in a cute box and are ready to party with my hair.

Fact 3. Um… Oh wait. Those are the only facts I have.

Anyway, I will be bringing you updates as to how the case is going, how my hair responds to the products and when I finally crack it (as in when the products are revealed to me).

So join me on the case, won’t you?



BF Asks: Who’s your favorite mystery character? 

*This is a sponsored post. Products provided to BeautyFrosting by Lunchbox Media.

Tress Tuesday: Selena Gomez at the MTV Awards featuring UNITE Hair Care

Selena Gomez rockin' it at the MTV Awards 2013


Oh, to be sexy, single and Selena Gomez! Check out how she ROCKED Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards in a gam-bearing gold mini and a mohawk braid!

Here’s the first-hand scoop on how to recreate this look from Selena’s hairstylist, Marissa Marino of the Nine Zero One Salon, using UNITE Hair Care:



  1. To create the pompadour, section off hair from the front of your hairline and sprinkle it with the UNITE Expanda Dust ($25) throughout. Tease it back, using a comb. Next, pin this section with a bobby pin to secure it in place.
  2. Take the rest of the hair and make five small ponytails down the center of your head.
  3. Create a French braid using all of the ponytails together. (You can find French braid tutorials
  4. Spray the UNITE Session Max Hairspray ($29.95) all over to tame frizzies and smooth the sides around the hairline.
  5. To make the braid look undone, pull it apart and pin these pieces down, using bobby pins.
  6. Finish the look with the UNITE Max Control Hairspray ($27.50) to tame down any flyaways.



BF Asks: Who rocked your favorite ‘do at Sunday’s MTV Awards? 

Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday: Gold-flecked Robin’s Egg Nail Polish

My friend, Nami, is always stylish.
Like perpetually stylish.

Never have I seen her wearing anything that I wouldn’t want to wear/sport or wish that I could!

She will totally blush reading this but it’s absolutely, positively true.

So when she came to meet me for coffee, last week, and was sporting this fab nail polish,

Nami's gold Glitter-gorgeous, Robin's egg perfect mani

Nami's gold Glitter-gorgeous, Robin's egg perfect mani

you know I had to ask —-

BF: Nami, Whatcha’ Wearin’?

Nami: Essie Mint Candy Apple polish with an American Apparel Gold Glitter Nail Polish overlay.

Nami's gorgeous glitter-speckled robin's egg nails

Nami's gorgeous glitter-speckled robin's egg nails

BF: I covet your nails. They are beyond stylish.

Nami: You can have them too. Seriously! I took my own polish to my fave neighborhood salon: Essie Mint Candy Apple with an overlay of American Apparel Glitter polish. Sephora also makes a great gold glitter overlay! That’s it.
BF: I could never rock those!
Nami: Oh YES, YOU COULD!!! And SHOULD!!!

Essie Mint Candy Apple


American Apparel Gold Glitter Polish as an overlay


Lovely nails

Lovely nails




BF Asks: Have you ever tried a fun nail design? If so, please send me a pic with the salon/colors used or describe below!