BF On The Case, Part 3: #SecretToGoodness – The coif caper is revealed…

I’m not an easy one to surprise…but I DO love me a good mystery!
So, when I was sent a mystery package a few weeks ago containing mystery hair products I was asked to try, I was both excited…and a little nervous, naturally.

But after trying the golden-bottled products for a week (and then deciding to keep using them even after the #SecretToGoodness challenge was over), I was pleasantly surprised and delighted at how GORGEOUS my hair looked!
It was fuller, more voluminous and shi-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ny. And it didn’t feel heavy at all – but, rather, as light as a feather.

So when they sent those same products – but this time, thankfully, with the labels on them – I was excited to see who this coif caper was!

Well, I am happy to announce that the products sent by the coif caper doesn’t cost too pretty a penny. Here’s how it went:

My mom documented me opening the box…

The mystery is about to be solved! Opening the #SecretToGoodness Box...

And finding the box inside…

What in the world is this hair gold? #SecretToGoodness

And opening the box…

Here we go, here we go, here we go! #SecretToGoodness

And realizing that the products were Suave Natural Infusion Seaweed All Day Body Shampoo and Conditioner and Leave-In Foam!!

I was totally surprised! I love this stuff! #SecretToGoodness

Well, noooooow, this makes sense! The key ingredients in these pocketbook-friendly, pretty products are seaweed and lotus blossom! Ahhhh, now I see how it works! And,  so many of you will looooove this – this line of products contain no parabens or dyes. And best yet? It can be bought at your favorite drugstore for not too pretty a penny but for pretty, pretty hair.

So you can have beautiful hair without breaking the bank.

I went through the process of solving this mystery so you don’t have to. After all, with all of us beauty bloggers around to share our experiences, hair products should never be a mystery!

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BF On The Case: #SecretToGoodness, Part 2

My fellow mystery-solvers,

I am stumped by this case.

I received this mystery box of golden goodness a few weeks ago and began using every 2 days to see if I could unravel the mystery.

I still don’t know what these products are. But here is what I do know:

Clue 1: The unidentified bottles are labeled “S” (for shampoo), “C” (for conditioner) and “A” for a bottle that contains some sort of styling foam. There was a direction card included with minimal, standard instructions for how to use each product. I have followed them to the letter.

Clue 2: The shampoo washes my hair clean without stripping the hair and seems to provide moisture without weighing down hair. It smells like Spring around Easter time. A light floral (maybe Jasmine) with a touch of light citrus perhaps. It is looooovely!!

Clue 3: The conditioner permeates my hair from top to tip and doesn’t leave any heaviness on the hair. Since we were instructed to use these products as we normally would, I finished with a cold rinse as per my usual routine. And again that lovely scent filled my shower and left my hair smelling like spring came early!

Clue 4: The “A” foam-like product really gives my hair a beautiful boost! Volume at the roots, no heaviness (can you tell that I don’t like heaviness) and seems to make it shine more.

Clue 5: Here’s one pic taken where my hair looks pretty darned voluptuous taken at an event after my first usage of the products. This was at a charity man auction – (don’t) ask – and um, let’s just say I was suuuuuper happy with my hair. Volume, movement, shine and my hair felt totally soft and supple.

Love the shiny waves that #SecretToGoodness leaves me with!

Clue 6: Here was my hair during Valentine’s week. I was delighted that it was shiny, fuller-feeling and seemed to hold curl much better than usual.

Locks that hold curls? It really is liquid gold!! #SecretToGoodness

So what have I deduced? That this really is some liquid gold and I MUST know what it is!!!
And as soon as I do, you know you’ll be the FIRST to know!!

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BF Asks: What do the clues tell you?  

BF On The Case -#SecretToGoodness: Part 1, The Mystery Begins…

I’ve always loved a good mystery. I blame my mystery-loving Mom and Perry Mason.
So when I received this mystery box in the mail, I was excited to be on the case.

It's a BF Mystery... #SecretToGoodness

So why is this a mystery? A box filled with hair goodies to (hopefully) make my locks more lovely? What’s mysterious about that?

Well, my sleuthing compatriots, the mystery is that I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT PRODUCTS I’M TRYING!!! And for a beauty blogger, that can be a bit on the scary side.

But I’m excited. I have my Sherlock hat on, my magnifying glass out, a mirror and an open mind.

Let’s start with the facts, shall we?

Fact 1: I have a hashtag to use while on the case: #SecretToGoodness.

Fact 2: These unmarked golden bottles came in a cute box and are ready to party with my hair.

Fact 3. Um… Oh wait. Those are the only facts I have.

Anyway, I will be bringing you updates as to how the case is going, how my hair responds to the products and when I finally crack it (as in when the products are revealed to me).

So join me on the case, won’t you?



BF Asks: Who’s your favorite mystery character? 

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