Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday: Gold-flecked Robin’s Egg Nail Polish

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My friend, Nami, is always stylish.
Like perpetually stylish.

Never have I seen her wearing anything that I wouldn’t want to wear/sport or wish that I could!

She will totally blush reading this but it’s absolutely, positively true.

So when she came to meet me for coffee, last week, and was sporting this fab nail polish,

Nami's gold Glitter-gorgeous, Robin's egg perfect mani

Nami's gold Glitter-gorgeous, Robin's egg perfect mani

you know I had to ask —-

BF: Nami, Whatcha’ Wearin’?

Nami: Essie Mint Candy Apple polish with an American Apparel Gold Glitter Nail Polish overlay.

Nami's gorgeous glitter-speckled robin's egg nails

Nami's gorgeous glitter-speckled robin's egg nails

BF: I covet your nails. They are beyond stylish.

Nami: You can have them too. Seriously! I took my own polish to my fave neighborhood salon: Essie Mint Candy Apple with an overlay of American Apparel Glitter polish. Sephora also makes a great gold glitter overlay! That’s it.
BF: I could never rock those!
Nami: Oh YES, YOU COULD!!! And SHOULD!!!

Essie Mint Candy Apple


American Apparel Gold Glitter Polish as an overlay


Lovely nails

Lovely nails




BF Asks: Have you ever tried a fun nail design? If so, please send me a pic with the salon/colors used or describe below!




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