My VIP Glimpse Inside The iHeartRadio Music Festival 2014

Doing what I do for a living, there are many moments where you pinch yourself. Okay, you don’t really pinch yourself – but you do say thank you on repeat, while brushing your teeth, when you’re invited to do things that the 13-year-old kid in you would die to do.

When Wet n Wild invites you to be their guest for the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, this is one of those said moments. And then, after the rush of gratitude…well, you get excited!

Even my mani was excited!

Thursday pm: Feelin' the spirit for the weekend - my iHeartRadio homage manicure - designed by Hyewon Kong at Enamel Diction

I woke up at 4 am to catch my 7:50 am flight so I could soak up my first day of Vegas for all it’s worth.

Friday, 5:50 am: Right on time at LAX - thanks to Uber! And, may I note, that this is the FIRST time I've ever packed this light! My mom was so proud!

On the plane, I made the most of that 50-minute flight.

Friday, 8:20 am: A healthy breakfast of People StyleWatch, a Paleta bar, Wet n Wild cosmetics, my FabFitFun Thursday Friday makeup bag and…a mimosa. Don't judge.

Once checked into the MGM Grand, I hightailed it to the Wet n Wild Glam Suite. So what do you do when you find a team of hair and makeup artists on call for 2 days, constantly waiting in a glam suite, to help you steal the look of your favorite stars? Well, that’s when you just have to say yeehaw.

Friday, 1 pm: This way to the Wet n Wild Glam Suite!

Well, at least this girl does.
Yep. Wet n Wild invited me to join them as their VIP guest for the  2-day music festival and I got to be one of the first to try their new app, Steal The Look.

Friday, 2 pm: You can "Steal The Look," too!

Steal The Look allows folks, just like you and me, to copy our favorite celeb looks, using Wet n Wild products, literally giving you a millionaire look for mere drugstore dollars.

Fergie checking out the new Steal The Look app from Wet n Wild in the Wet n Wild Hospitality Suite

I chose one “Steal The Look” look for each part of the festival – because when in Vegas, with a talented hair and makeup crew on call, why not play a little dress-up? For Friday night’s arena show, Saturday afternoon’s outdoor Village set and Saturday evening’s arena show), I (as well as 3 other beauty and lifestyle editors) got to choose 3 different looks to “steal” from my favorite icons and celebrities.

Stealing the Look, thanks to makeup artist, Shana Janelle, and hairstylist, Linda Zirkus

For the first night, I opted for a classic, Sophia Loren look…if Sophia Loren was attending the iHeartRadio Music Festival. The three words that came to mind when I saw myself with my smoky eyes, strong brows and nude lips? Glamorous. Sexy. And Passionate. Perfect for a night filled with music in the MGM Grand Garden Arena from Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Motley Crue, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Bastille and Zac Brown Band and more.
This was perfect to match my merlot-hued dress and Mina Romina jewelry. I felt fierce and definitely like I was living La Dolce Vita.

Friday, 5 pm: Steal The Look 1: Sophia Loren…IF Sophia was attending the iHeartRadio Music Festival

I think Sophia would have loved three times the Colplay as much as I did, don’t you?

On Day 2, I couldn’t wait to see Kacey Musgraves at The Village. But instead of trying to channel Dolly Parton (whom Kacey totally reminds me of), I decided to channel the fun, whimsical and daring youthful side of Kacey by taking my cues from Katy Perry for the daytime festivities.

Saturday, 11 am: With my hair up in a messy bun, electric turquoise blue liner rimming the eyes and hot pink lips

I stopped by the Wet N Wild Beauty Hideout at The Village and got a little break from the heat while having some girl time with Pia Nia, Courtney Lopez and Courtney Sixx (more interviews with those lovely ladies later).

Saturday, 1 pm iHeartRadio Village with Ellen K, Courtney Lopez and Kirbie Johnson of Popsugar

Then I two-stepped on out in the sun to catch Neon Trees, Kacey Musgraves and 5 Seconds of Summer. And I baked and boogied. It was HOT, y’all!

Saturday, 2 pm Baking and boogeying at the iHeartRadio Village

But that night was the real treat. After getting my third (and FAVORITE) look of the weekend, channeling J. Lo with my bronzey, glittery eyes, lush lashes, glowing skin, glossy nude lips and Demi Moore stick straight hair…

Saturday, 4 pm: Steal The Look, Look 3 - J.Lo glam beauty meets Demi Moore stick-straight hair

I got to catch up with my old friend, Fergie.

Saturday, 5 pm: Fergie & me in the Wet n Wild Hospitality Suite

Yep. We hugged and I decided to throw a little bit of fun into our interview. Instead of the normal questions I’d asked her already, I decided to surprise her with one of my favorite personality quizzes. It was a hit! But we’ll save that for another time.
Next up was a night of music at the MGM Grand Garden Arena that had me jumping out of my seat and dancing in the aisles to Weezer, One Direction, Iggy Azalea, Little Jon and Paramore.

Rockin' out to Iggy. Oh yeah. It was THAT serious.

My FAVORITE, however, was when Meghan Trainor took the stage. Even though she only performed 2 songs, her message of girl power and inner confidence was loud, clear and resonating.

The Meghan Trainor show, if you ask me

The next morning, I sat in silence reflecting on my whirlwind of a weekend, while overlooking the Vegas strip. The weekend may have ended but the memories never will, and the music will always serve as sweet little reminders.

A little Sunday morning post-iHeartRadio Reflection with a side of berries

BFBF Asks: Who would you have most loved to see at the iHeartRadio Music Festival? 

Ladies Who Lunch: Kissing Up with Italia Ricci of Chasing Life

What? Ladies Who Lunch Interview with Italia Ricci
When? August 14, 2014

Where? At the Wet n Wild More Kisses event at the Walgreen’s Hollywood Flagship Store

Who? Italia Ricci of ABC Family’s Chasing Life

Not only did I get to see my old friend, Fergie again (looking glamorous per usual) at the Wet n Wild More Kisses event at Walgreen’s a few weeks ago, but I also had the pleasure of getting to sit down and visit with a new friend, Italia Ricci of ABC Family’s Chasing Life as she donned her pretty pink in honor of the big event.

Fergie and Italia Ricci at the Wet n Wild More Kisses event at Walgreen's in Hollywood

Channeling Jackie O and laughing with her then-boyfriend, now fiancé (!!!) Robbie Amell  (of CW’s The Flash), I learned about her no-nonsense style, her color in a box (for real) and her intense gratitude for her fans. And let me tell you, the kissing going on outside wasn’t the only romance in the air. These guys are c-u-u-u-u-u-t-e! See for yourself.

DM: Well, hey Italia! Ok. Let’s start with the basics. When people ask you what you do for a living, what do you say?

Italia: I pretend.

DM: Got any nicknames ya wanna share?

Italia: Mom I get from a lot of my friends because I’m a mom. My boyfriend calls me Fatty because I eat like I’m a 9-year-old boy.

DM: I love it. What do you always carry in your purse?

Italia: I carry everything. Literally, if you were stranded on a desert island, you would want my purse. If someone’s like, “I’ve got a stain!” Don’t worry. Italia’s got Shout wipes. Shout wipes are very important. I’ve got a little leather bag with every single emergency pharmaceutical you would ever need. Antihistamine. Aspirin.

DM: So you ARE a mom. You really are.

Italia: Oh yeah. I’ve got the little bags in a giant tote – I’ve got my pharmacy one with like band-aids and everything you’d ever need – even blister covers! Then I’ve got the little sewing one with like tweezers and ear plugs, in case you need it. Eye drops. I literally have everything.

DM: Do you have makeup anywhere in there?

Italia: I mean, I didn’t do this today but I really only wear lipgloss and maybe mascara. But as a little kid, I was always obsessed with Wet n Wild clear lipgloss that tasted like watermelon. It was my very favorite.

DM: What is the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?

Italia: Less is more.

Italia effortlessly walking through the crowd at the Wet n Wild More Kisses event at Walgreen's

DM: Do you have any daily rituals – or, as I call them “daily delights,” that just make the day a little happier?

Italia: Respond to fan mail. Every day.

DM: What’s the worst beauty sin you ever committed?

Italia: Oh GOD. I tried that mayonnaise hair mask once. It didn’t go over well for me. But I do dye my hair out of a box. I did it with Frost and Glow this week Just the blonde one – the highlighting kit. Everyone was like, “Don’t do this. It’s a mistake.” I had the cap on and was like Wheeee! Everybody can do it. It’s like $12.

DM: What beauty products can you not live without?

Italia: Toothpaste. Sunscreen. And a round brush.

DM: I like the no-nonsense…and certainly not in my house. Don’t see that very often in this town. What’s your typical workout routine?

Italia: I occasionally work out. I do Cardio Barre. It’s amazing. I feel like a dancer. You don’t realize what a difference it’s making in your body until you’re looking in the mirror and you’re like, “Hey, butt, heyyyy-yyy.”

Italia’s boyfriend, Robbie Amell, interjects: And we walk everywhere.

Italia: And, welcome my boyfriend, Robbie Amell. He’s on Flash on the CW.”

DM: Now, that’s a supportive girlfriend! Giving you a promo during her interview. Niiiiiice. What do you wish you could tell 13-year-old you?

Robbie (laughing): If you could see a picture of 13-year-old her….

Italia: Take the dreadlocks out and stop practicing witchcraft.

DM: Seriously? I think there’s a story there. But that’s for another time. What would 13-year-old you think of your life now?

Robbie (laughing): No way!!

Italia: That will NEVER be my life. I wish that could happen! Yeah, “no way” is a good one.

Italia Fergie and the retro-clad models at the Wet n Wild More Kisses event at Walgreen's, benefitting the American Cancer Society

DM: And, lastly, what would your theme song be?

Italia: Perfect Day by Hoku.



Ladies Who Lunch: Dawn McCoy of BeautyFrosting and Italia Ricci of ABC Family's Chasing Life


BF Asks: What question do you WISH I’d ask Italia? 



Gorgeous Giveaway: Fergie’s Wet n Wild Faves – 5 will win!

Girl, oh, girl – do I have a giveaway for you!
This Friday, I will be giving away 5 (!!!) prize packages filled with Fergie’s Fave Wet n Wild products, like these below, in honor of her new Fergie Center Stage collection for Wet n Wild.

Fergie Wet n Wild Gorgeous Giveaway

I will be awarding 5 randomly selected winners from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
And we will have a Twitter party at 10 am PST on Friday, August 15th. So join in because you know we’re gonna have some winners!

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So, who’s in?




BF Asks: What do you think makes Fergie so glamorous? 

Primping with Dawn: Getting Glamorous with Fergie

Girls, let’s be honest. We all have girl crushes. You know the kind – the women we not only wish we were more like but the ones we would also love to be friends with and the ones we have no problem understanding how any man could fall in love with them.

Well, one of mine has always been Fergie.

Fergie gets glamorous at her Wet n Wild photo shoot on June 19th, 2014

She’s just that perfect mix of talented sexy-cute that the guys in my band used to say was the trifecta. At 39 years old, she exudes sex-appeal for the males and yet is also just the cutest thing to boot. Even those lines in her song, Glamorous, where she says “I still go to Taco Bell” and “After the show or after the grammys I like to go cool out with the family” are just further reminders of how approachable and down-to-earth she seems.
So when I had the opportunity to be one of only two tastemakers to meet with her a few weeks ago at the photo shoot for her new collection with Wet n Wild, I was plumb giddy. When I arrived, I not only got to meet the lady of the hour and play with the new products but I also got to meet her handsome husband, Josh Duhamel, and her adorable son, Axl.
I sat down one-on-one with the superwoman we call Fergie to ask her to spill her beauty secrets and favorite products. And spill, she did. It felt like two girlfriends chatting. One off the bucket list for sure.
DM: Okay, first of all. I just met your son. Um, he looks like a kewpie doll! He is perfect.
Fergie: (Laughing) I can’t argue with you. I’m his mom.
Can you imagine? “Um, my kid? Yeah, he’s okay.” Nope, he’s gorgeous.
Okay, speaking of gorgeous – let’s get primping. How do you have that skin? Please spill your skincare secrets for me – oh, and I guess I’ll share them with my readers, too.
First, every night, I always wash my face, brush my teeth and then always moisturize. Moisture. Moisture. Moisture. Under the eyes. On the neck. All over the face. SPF during the day.
I’m a big believer in moisture. And that’s why you have NO lines. Yep. What’s your morning routine?
I wake up and I pound almost two (16.9 oz) waters. I just down it. It gets everything flowing. Then I drink Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie before anything else gets in my system, every day. It goes through your system and it’s hitting all of your organs before anything else. Do it before you digest anything else.
Yes ma’am. I’ll do anything if it means I can have skin that looks like that. What are 2 beauty products from your collection that you just can’t live your life without?
Wet n Wild Perfect Pout lip color in Fergie Daily. That’s why I named it that. It’s my go to nude. It’s easy. Anyone can wear it but I like to wear it everyday. It’s simple and it’s named after a fan club of my fans from Brazil. They made a website for me and, in English, the translation is “Fergie Daily.”
I love that you honor your fans by naming beauty products after them!
Yeah. I named products like Perfect Pout lip color in Bebot Love and my To Reflect Shimmer Palette in Carnaval in Rio for all the different places that I’ve been, the people that I’ve met and things that I’ve seen in my life. Every single name that I give to the products has a special meaning to me and that’s true. That’s not some line. I sit there and I name them all.

A few of Fergie's Faves from her Wet N Wild collection. And 5 lucky winners will win them! We'll announce the details on how to win NEXT Tuesday!

Ok, one more favorite? I know it’s hard to pick just two.
The most important is “Take on the Day” mattifying powder. It’s so important because in social media these days, you always have to be selfie-ready. And, for me, someone who moisturizes all the time, I need it for the T-zones and right around the nose, chin, and lip. Since I moisturize a lot, if I don’t put that mattifying powder on, it can look greasy. It’s important.
I love that powder! It really does mattify. Perfect for summer! So, what’s that nail color you’re rocking right now for summer?
It’s MegaLast Nail Color in I Need a Refresh-Mint. It’s this nice little blue that’s both bright and pastel. And it looks really good with a tan.
Yes, it does. Ok. Time for the good stuff.
What’s the best advice you were ever given?
Well, my dad would always say, “Success is in the journey.” It’s very much about living in the now. Don’t live in the future. Don’t live in the past. Live in the present. That’s why they call it the present because it’s a gift.
True that. What one word describes your current state?
I feel very zen at this moment.
What would you say is your greatest achievement thus far?
My son. He’s the love of my life. Both those men (my husband and my son) are the loves of my life.
What would 13 year old you think of you now?
“Wow! You’re a Mom!” (followed by laughter) “You’re actually a mom.”
Interviewer’s Note: I will say that since I interviewed Fergie, I have been pounding two waters every morning and adding a green juice to my day…just like Dr.Fergie prescribed. And I must say, y’all, my skin is looking glowing and glamorous. Additionally, I am ADDICTED to her Wet n Wild “Take on the Day” mattifying powder. It is the sweat-stopper in this summer heat.
Other Fergie for Wet’n’Wild products I’m loving? Her Take On The Day shadow primer, which keeps shadow from creasing and has a slight shimmer to it, her nail polish, appropriately named Glamorous which is a gold glitter nail polish which can be worn on its own or layered over your favorite shade, and the goooorgeous liquid cateye eyeliner she had on when I interviewed her which was Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner in Indigo Blue – perfect with that nude lip she donned so beautifully.

 Now, go get yourself glamorous at your local drugstore.