Forever Friends: Like No Time Ever Passed At All

I was so lucky that I got to see all 3 of my high school best friends this week, both in LA and Dallas, and my heart feels completely full again.

With Jenny and Allison at Villa-O in Dallas. I've been friends with Allison since elementary school, and with Jenny since 11th grade.

With Jenny and Allison at Villa-O in Dallas. I’ve been friends with Allison since elementary school, and with Jenny since 11th grade.

With Suzanne Karotkin, whom I've been friends with since 6th grade

With Suzanne Karotkin at Soho House in Los Angeles, whom I’ve been friends with since 6th grade

Too many good memories with these girls to count…most of them filled with more laughter than you can imagine.

The kind of laughter that makes your sides hurt, and tears run down your face.

Over 26 years of friendship, and life brings a lot.

Success, failure, sickness, health, love, heartache, birth, death, triumphs and tragedies, but your best friends are always there throughout it all.

There might be moments you miss, but you always know they’re there and you’ll come back together again.

I love those moments.

The moments when we get to come back together…and it feels like no time ever passed at all.


High-Low 9/30/13: Hey, Girl, Hey!

Y’all, last week was filled with highs and a little lesson posing as a low, as well. But, oh, how high the highs were!


This week was all about my girls. That’s right. “Hey, girl, hey!”, “Where my girls at?” and all of that mumbo-jumbo.

I have never understood girls that don’t get along with girls. It confounds me and – to be honest – I have a hard time trusting girls who say that. I only feel like this because the girls in my life are utterly magical. Intelligent, caring, beautiful, insightful, fun women who know just what you need – need to know, need to do, need to hear – at any given moment.

Whether it’s a fun day at the race tracks for Santa Anita Racetrack opening day…


Girl time at Santa Anita Racetrack opening day


an unintentional road trip because you take the wrong freeway…

Unintentional road trip on way to Santa Anita Racetrack with Amy


a champagne, laughter and girly talk-filled dinner at BLVD 16 Restaurant and Lounge with my girl, Whitney of hoopLA

Dinner at BLVD 16 at Hotel Palomar


an impromptu girls night out at Hotel Palomar after dinner…

Gosh - I wish we looked like we were having a little fun here. Mini Slumber Party with my girl, Whitney Lader, of hoopLA


or meeting a new girlfriend at Hotel Cafe who just-so-happens to date an old friend…

At Hotel Cafe - New girlfriends (like Katie Barnes) are such blessings and sometimes come right when you need them!

or simply mood-boosting, laughter-inducing and spirit-lifting talks and texts with good friends like Jennifer Chan, Jennifer Tiller, Hope Banks, Sarah Jane Morris and Megan O’Brien

these girls made my heart happy and my soul sing this week.

I am so lucky to have such sweet, insightful and fun friends who make me feel my best when I’m at my worst and make the world at its worst seem like the happiest place of Earth. Seriously, we’re talking borderline Disneyland, here.

Thank you to each and every one of you who make my day brighter every single day!



Really, more than a low, I had a real moment of clarity this week. See, when it came to certain parts of my life, I realized that I was acting from a place of fear rather than a place of joy and gratitude. Who knows why this was how I chose to respond to new feelings, new people and new changes in my life but it was how I was operating. And, guys, this just doesn’t serve us.

Rather than living in the moment and just being grateful, I was nervous, worried and, well, just not myself. So I decided to stop, take a step back and look at this moment in my life as what it is – a moment of being unsure. A moment of not being in control, not knowing what would happen next and a beautiful mystery of this thing called life.

I realized that I had to accept that it’s not only okay – but totally healthy – to have these unsure, unsettled, uncomfortable feelings. At that point, I chose to not let my fear override a potential for growth and maybe even great happiness. So, see? It really was a lesson just disguised as a low. Now, let’s see if I can’t carry this way of thinking forward! That would truly be the greatest gift of all…


BF Asks: What was your High-Low this week? 

*So what exactly is a High-Low, you ask? High-Low is the BEST & WORST part of your day, week, month, etc. I started this tradition with friends & family after I discovered it through a movie decades ago. Not only is it useful for reflection sake but it is also an excellent way to communicate with your spouse, kids or friends over the dinner table. By introducing this tradition to folks, parents have told me that their kids have opened up more and friends have told me that their spouses have become more communicative. Try it for yourself and let me know what your experience is!



Wow, wow, wow!!! What an amazing week filled with oodles of fun with friends and wonderful women in my world!

The week started off with…The Oscars! I had a strange feeling that this might be my last opportunity to sit at home and watch (party invites, etc.) so I decided to take advantage of it. I had brunch and bottomless mimosas with my best friend, Suzanne Karotkin, who was visiting from Dallas and then came home, slipped on my favorite Jessie Steele cupcake pajamas and settled in for the evening with some Village Pizza and vino.

Super indulgent - Oscars Sunday in pjs with pizza!


On Monday, my amazing Mom celebrated her birthday so I did what I could from afar. I prettily packaged her favorite coconut cupcakes from Joan’s on 3rd, shipped them to her in Dallas and then posted a few collages on Facebook so she knew I was thinking of her on her special day! I have the most beautiful mother in the world and I’m lucky that I get to consider her my very best friend and talk to her usually twice a day.

More important than loving me, she taught me HOW to love.
No small task for a parent in the world we live in.
But, thanks to my Mom, my world was a sunshine-warmed home filled with love, laughter, openness, communication and fun with no shortage of hugs & kisses and secrets shared.
If I am never lucky again in my life, I was the luckiest for being born into this world having her as my mother.
We should all be so lucky and blessed.

My beautiful Mom!


Mom - the center of our universe.

I was thrilled to welcome my new intern, Maddi – a student at UCLA, to my BeautyFrosting team! I was so excited that I organized one of my favorite Martha Stewart notebooks for her replete with a nametag. Yep, I’m kind of a nerd! I am so excited for the energy, organization, talents, ideas and creativity she is already bringing to the BF team!

Welcome Maddi!!

I was super excited to get to be one of the first to try the all new Dermalogica UltraSmoothing Eye Serum at their flagship store in Santa Monica. It was a lovely evening of pampering, cocktails & eats and treats! Stay tuned for more details on this awesome new eye treatment!

Experiencing the Dermalogica difference in Santa Monica

And this past weekend was a weekend filled with wonderful women that I adore!! Between dinner at Frida in Beverly Hills, wine & tapas at Covell in Silverlake and brunch at Duplex on 3rd, my weekend was packed with fabulous friends!

A wonderful weekend with some of my favorite women!

Then last night, I had the pleasure of trying out the fabulous Flemings SteakHouse in Beverly Hills. As a Texan-turned-Angeleno, I had been craving a steak like nobody’s business, so when the offer to try out this sensational steakhouse presented itself, I felt like the steak gods were in my corner! More on this deliciousness later!

With fun friends At Fleming's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills

After all this, I need a vacation from my weekend!!!! While there was much delicious food this weekend and even more delicious cups of laughter and dishing than glasses of wine, I am in need of a break from all of the social activity.

However, that won’t be happening this week! Too much going on to even mention!



My sweet Mom’s birthday was a little tainted by someone being selfish. That made me a little angry, shall we say, as her #1 biggest fan!

And unfortunately, there was a second low. And ohhhhhh-was it low! My beloved, sweet pup Miss Ellie has developed a barking problem since we moved into the place we live now. It has come to a head because she’s barking for hours on end when I leave. I am meeting with a dog trainer who told me that I need to crate-train and stop letting her sleep with me. That hurt. She’s 8 1/2, y’all. I actually cried when she told me that so the trainer probably thinks I need a therapist myself! But I started doing what she told me to do and I’m hoping to see gradual results soon.

I’m really feeling for all of you parents out there. I mean, if this is hard for me, I can only imagine how difficult saying no as a parent will be for me one day! Wish me luck with this little challenge!


Miss Ellie's new "house" - :(



BF Asks: What was your High-Low this week?

Quote Book: Friday, September 21st, 2012

Tomorrow I’m hosting a bridal shower for my best friend of 23 years, Suzanne, with my oldest friend of 25 years, Allison. I had to share this quote with you today because it makes me think of both of them and the many, giggle-filled Friday nights we spent in our hometown of Dallas together. They are so precious to me.

Memories may get fuzzy but friendship never fades.



Friends never fade...

Friends never fade...

“Years from now, I won’t remember every Friday night – or the things that made us laugh so hard that our stomachs hurt, but I will always remember that you were the ones who were there.”


BF QOD: These are the times to remember

I used to watch Mystic Pizza a lot.

Before I graduated high school, I imagined that the summer before college would feel like how the movie felt. And, you know what, it did.

I found this quote the other day, in one of my homemade quote books, as I was leaving for my hometown of Dallas to attend one of my high school best friend’s, Jenny’s, wedding.

Reading it again, after 16 years, it took on an entirely different meaning. But it’s no less moving than it was all those years ago.

And, as graduation is upon us, I ask you to remember this: Enjoy this moment. And remember these times because you’ll look back one day and remember them with a smile.

BF QOD: Mystic Pizza

BF’s Mother’s Day Gift-Giving Guide: Long on Love, Short on Time & Money, Part 1

So you wanna be a hero, for this Mother’s Day, you say!

You wanna do something different like, you know, right out of the movies?

Not the same flowers and card again.
Well, here you go!

1) Give Mom a present every month. Beauty boxes are a new, thoughtful, little service that Mom will love! A few times a year or once a month (depending on the service you select), she’ll get pampered with an assortment of beauty products to try. There are so many choices that it can be overwhelming so let me break it down for you.

Is Mom a glamourous woman? Does she love any and all things beauty? Is she always looking for the best new makeup or skincare?
New Beauty Test Tube is the way to go! For only $29.95 every 3 months, Mom gets a beauty box filled with goodies like this:

New Beauty Test Tube: The Goods

New Beauty Test Tube: The Goods

For more info about New Beauty Test Tube, read our BF post here:

Is Mom eco-conscious? You’re own earth mother incarnate? A goddess of green?

 Eco-Emi is the way for you to go!


For more Eco-Emi details, read our post here:

*There are lots more beauty box services where those came from but those are my BF-Best picks for this Mother’s Day!

2) Favorites are fun! Does Mom have a wine she adores? Buy her a case of her favorite wine at BevMo. Too expensive? Buy her a bottle and a fancy wine opener like CorkPops! The cork pops right off thanks to CO2 cartridge. I don’t wanna say she won’t need you anymore but…you get the idea!

Mom more of a tea-totaler in that she loooooves her tea! Buy her an antique teapot, a teacup and a box of her favorite tea (most people don’t mind an Earl Grey, English Breakfast or Darjeeling).Wanna be extra thoughtful? Buy her a box of sugar cubes. Every true TEAista loves ’em!

3) Spa Day at a steal. Subscribe to (even if only for 2 days) and get the best deals on all discounted spa services and favorites (everything on Lifebooker, Groupon, Daily Candy, Living Social and all the others in one place!!!) for your favorite lady!

You will get DEEPLY DISCOUNTED spa, restaurant and more deals that will make you look like the prince you are while paying like a pauper. Nice. How cheap am I talking? I’m talking $5 manicures, $29 massages, $25 blowouts, $30 hair coloring and more. Yes, it can be more than that but that’s as low as they go!

4) Pack a picnic. Gather your Mom’s favorite foods and beverages and hit a park, museum, beach, lake or backyard. Every girl, no matter the age, loves a picnic. It’s really that simple. Be sure to pack glassware, utensils, plates, napkins and a candle too!

5) Movie Matinee. Take Mom to a movie. Just don’t forget to sneak in her favorite champagne or candy! It’s that little extra step that makes it special!

6) In-Home Spa. Can’t get away? Need a last minute solution? Pamper your pretty lady at home. Many women I’ve talked to said that it really couldn’t get better than just getting a few moments alone. Draw her a bath, light some candles, pour her a glass of her favorite wine (or steep a cup of her favorite tea), grab her favorite book/trashy magazine and set her up in her own personal in-home spa night! Perfect for those moms with little ones running around. Let her relax and unwind in the bath while you pop in a dvd for the little darlings! And pop the bubbly for her. Just remember that she’s in a spa treatment. That means NOOOOO disruptions!

7) A Little Something Special? Maybe you love all of the ideas above but still want to give her a little something special. Check out my In-My-Tub-Tuesday: Mother’s Day Edition post to get a few bathtub-ready treats. Anything by Kai or Darphin will tickle her toes!

8) Super Last Minute Fix. Buy 2 bouquets of flowers at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. This can be done for under $20. Keep it simple. Don’t buy a mixture of 15 colors. Women don’t want it.

Beautiful Flowers from Trader Joe's for under $20

Buy 1 or 2 colors (I’m partial to pink, violet, yellow or white and roses, hydrangeas, peonies, tuberose, tulips or gerber daisies) and divide them into 5 different smaller-medium sized vases.

Put one each in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen and anywhere else where when she sees them, she’ll smile. It’s that extra thought of scattering them through the house that means the most! Just be sure to clean up your mess, throw away the trash – and oh!- be sure to put water in the vases with a touch of Sprite (may sound crazy but they’ll last longer)!

If you do one of the above, I can guarantee you a smile (and probably a hug too) from the Mom in your life. And, if she likes it, drop me a note or send me a pic!



BF Asks: What’s the best Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever given or received?