High-Low 17: New Year, New Opportunities

Well, now, it has been A WHILE since I’ve done a High-Low. My apologies for that, beauties. There have been a lot of changes – for the better – but I didn’t know that at the time.

So what all has happened since December? Well, I left my day job, gained 2 new writing clients, learned some hard lessons about boundaries and betrayal (ouch!), traveled to Dallas for Christmas and back, got the flu and recovered, finished 2 more books in The Cupcake Kid series, had 2 of my commercials air during The Grammys, had a super memorable show at The Hotel Cafe and more! Whew.


Christmas in Dallas was punctuated with breakfasts, dinners, drinks, shows and parties with friends, a myriad of Mi Cocina (my favorite restaurant visits) and LOTS of delicious food!! People often ask where I got the bug for baking and I always tell them from my Mom and her mother, my Nanny. Just look at the deliciousness I get spoiled with when I go home!


When I returned to L.A., I knew New Years was going to be a doozy. I had invitations to 3 parties all over the city. I went to the first one, at my friend Vanessa’s house and in the midst of it, realized I was sick. The flu hit me and I was out for almost 2 weeks!

When I healed, there were lots of events and meetings to attend so I was busy! But not too busy to bust out 2 more books in The Cupake Kid series!

My show at The Hotel Cafe, where I sing my signature bluesy country, was so much fun! I got to play with some of my favorite musicians, see tons of friends, bake Strawberry Milkshake cupcakes to share and top off the night with a dance party with friends at The Room. Goooood times!

Then, I was delighted to be called in to do 2 more Target voiceover commercial spots for Taylor Swift & Pink that aired during The Grammys! 12-year-old me was over the moon!

So far, I am a big fan of 2013!


If you’d asked me a month ago, I could have told you a low point.  I learned the powerful lesson that things really do happen for a reason and that while I might like for everyone to be my close friend, it’s better to keep work relationships separate sometimes.

But now, I realize that the perceived low point was a beautiful opportunity. It opened so many doors. I was amazed, once again, that life truly turns lemons into lemonade sometimes and that lemonade is sweeter than anything you could have imagined.


High-Low 7

If it seems like I’ve been a little off this week, you’ll have to forgive me!

My family has been in town (from Texas) for the past week, I had a show at Hotel Cafe to prepare for and it has just been a crazy few weeks.

Any of you lovely things feel like that too?

I will say I was thrilled to get 3 emails from readers saying that they now are playing their own versions of my Daily High-Low game with their families each night.

Love that! That’s a high for me, itself! Such a fun way to get the communication going – whether you’re 3 or 103. Try it for yourself with your loved ones!

Here is this week’s High-Low.


1) I was on Cloud 9 with my mom, from Dallas, in town. She drove out with her friend, Ron, and Miss Ellie’s brother Reagan, along with 30 boxes from her garage! Can anyone say Yard Sale next weekend?

The smiles that make my world go 'round: My brother & mom in LA

And with my brother living out here for the summer, it has been a family-filled, lovely summer. I’m gonna hate to see it end.

Brother & me

2) Strawberry Cupcakes with my signature Buttercream Filling for my Hotel Cafe show

BeautyFrosting's Texas Strawberry Cupcakes

I’ll be including the recipe for these cuties on Friday!

3) Being blown away by Blow Angels.

The angels of Blow Angels: Ziggy and Libni

I’ll have the full write-up for this L.A. primping palace on Thursday. Seriously, I was sooooo impressed and left there singing “I Feel Pretty” to myself – which was just what I needed to feel in time for my show on Saturday night.

They gave me Charlie’s Angels winged hair, lashes and the most glamorous makeup application I’ve had in years. And it fits within my budget! My new favorite place!

4) My show at Hotel Cafe! All of my friends and family were there and it was a night to remember. Gosh, I love my band! And I got to invite my friends, Jeremy Little and Tournament of Hearts to play with me. A friend-filled night!

Yours truly at Hotel Cafe

5) Impromptu dance party

I looooove impromptu dance parties and after a stressful week, a post-show midnight dance party, with friends, at The Room was just what the doctor of fun ordered!

Impromptu midnight dance party at The Room
 6) Piggy cupcakes for Hope’s Baby-Q Shower! It was a pig theme and they turned out perfect! More on that fun day later.

Piggy Cupcakes for a pig-themed Baby-Q shower

*I’ll feature the recipe next Friday 8/3.


There’s only one low. But it’s not just mine to bear. That’s why it feels so trivial to even mention “the highs” this week. It doesn’t get lower than this.

It’s a low I, unfortunately, share with our grieving nation. Like most of you, I cannot stop grieving for the victims of the horrific massacre that happened in Aurora, Colorado on Friday during The Dark Night Rises midnight showing.

It breaks my heart. Not only did people needlessly die but the innocent enjoyment that movie theaters have always provided us has been tarnished forever. This hateful, terrifying incident will forever live in the darkest corner of our subconscious when we see a film in a dark theater with our backs to the door.

I refuse to utter the killer’s name because I don’t want to give him the pleasure of feeling “famous”. He’ll get enough of that thanks to the press.

But I think there’s a special place in hell for a person who murders and maims people and shatters a nation’s innocence forever.

My heart and prayers go out to all of the victims (living and those who passed) and their families and friends as they try to see past the pain and through their tears.

Contrary to what the press says, there is no making sense of this. None at all.





WWW: Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday? Meet Virginia

Hi beauties,
I get a lot of Dear Dawn questions about the perfect red lip color.
Well, today’s WWW girl pulls off the red lip in the most classic Hollywood style.

I know Virginia, a fellow native Texan, through the wonderful world of Chris Fields’ scene study class.

I heart Chris because I made so many good friends in his wonderful world—and grew a ton, as a performer. Which is why I’m thrilled to introduce you beauties to Virginia.

Virginia is an actress. When I first met her, I immediately thought: DIANE LANE!!!!

WWW: Virginia

Like Diane, Virginia is a classic, talented actress and beauty.

She is kind, composed and courageous. Aaaaand – she just moved out to LA last year from Texas!!

I caught up with Virginia after my show, this past Friday evening at The Hotel Cafe, in Hollywood.

Quite appropriate as Virginia is old-school Hollywood glamour! Did I mention that she was featured on MAD MEN last week?

Without further ado, here’s your WWW girl today:

WWW: Virginia in MAC Russian Red

BF: Hi Virginia! Thank you so much for coming to my show! You look lovely as ever. May I say, Diane Lane, again!!

Virginia: You’re crazy. And, thank you. Great show!

BF (straight to the question everyone’s asking): Thank you so much! So happy you could come! What lip color are you wearing? It’s gorgeous just like you!!!

Virginia: MAC Russian Red.

BF: Looooooovely. It suits you perfectly. I’m featuring you as this week’s WWW girl. Done. And thank you!

Virginia: I’m not sure what that means. But thank you.

BF: Oh, you will, Virginina. You will.

And she shall!

BF Asks: Have you tried MAC Russian Red? What is your go-to Hollywood siren-red lip color?