Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday: Keene – my new favorite store

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I had a whole other blog for you guys today. But then… I met Keene.

Meet Keene: My New Favorite Store

Melrose PR had invited me over a week ago to check out this new mecca for Cali girls in Westwood. But I’d had a marathon of a day. I was exhausted. And I had just had a shopping spree at Anthropologie last week. But something just kept telling me I should go.

When I arrived, I told my friend Kelley that I was just dropping by.
Almost 2 hours later, she reminded me of this while she laughed at me.

Kelley & me

Meet my new favorite store.



With its rustic chic/urban barn & rugged decor, painstakingly selected merchandise and its uber-helpful staff, I found myself in love.


True that.


Keene is a much-needed addition to the LA fashion scene. (Oh my gosh. That totally rhymed. Kinda.)

Take Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, American Rag and Lisa Kline, throw in the pricepoint of  Zara and you have the sweet recipe that is Keene.

I especially love the fact that its co-owner & buyer, Stacey Tanenbaum, bases her buying on 3 muses. 3 girls that she would like Keene to speak to: boho chic, New York upper east sider and hipster. I’m summarizing here but you get the point. This lady thinks it through! That’s what I call purchase power with a passion. Love her!

As I mentioned, I went to just check it out, be a good sport and support my friends. So when I walked out almost 2 hours later with a bag filled with 6 can’t-live-without pieces, I was surprised and delighted!


BF behind the curtain: I had to make myself stop trying on clothes!


And, may I mention, I had to put 2 things back. I was trying to be on my best budget  behavior.

I could have stayed there, trying on clothes and falling in love with their unique pieces for HOURS.

But Miss Ellie was my date and she said it was time to go. Well, she whined it.

Miss Ellie is the boss. With British blogger, Rachel Phipps

Check out Keene for yourself! I think you’ll become a keen believer in Keene too!

And thanks for a lovely & memorable night, Keene & Melrose PR; a night my closet – and pocketbook – won’t soon be forgetting!

My closet's new tenants




BF Asks: What’s your favorite store to shop for fashion pieces & accessories? 

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