A New Series: McCoy’s Me-Cations – Wish You Were Here

My first official Me-Cation at The Parker. Come on inside and join me for my getaway, tomorrow! *Photo by George Duchannes

The french know best when it comes to many things. And they especially know how to holiday. How to close one door and open another, to get away from it all.
That’s why I decided to say, “Oui” to treating myself to mini me-cations on a more regular basis.
After all, I’m single, have steady income and heck, I think we all deserve a little escapism every now and then.
That’s what inspired me to create, “McCoy’s MeCations.”
The first one will go live tomorrow and I encourage you to take the trip with me to the legendary and luxurious Le Parker Meridien in Palm Springs.
And after you take the vicarious trip, I encourage you to take the real one.
I am so looking forward to exploring this new column this year in cities across America and right here at home in LA for some staycations.
**If you’re interested in us taking a McCoy’s Me-Cation to your city, hotel, bed & breakfast, resort or restaurant, please contact me at Dawn@BeautyFrosting.com.
Bon voyage, y’all!
BFBF Asks: Have you ever taken a me-cation? 

Spring Fling, Indeed! Bebe Spring Fling Hosted by Sydne Summer of Sydne Style

I was honored and delighted to be invited by Bebe and my super stylish blogger friend, Sydne Summer of Sydne Style, to attend the Bebe Spring Fling at the SLS Hotel a few weeks ago to introduce us bloggers to Bebe’s new Spring 2014 collection.

Growing up in Dallas and going to Northpark Mall, I’ve always been a fan of Bebe. But I must admit it had been a while since I’d made a visit. After all, Bebe is so young, hip and fresh – which is why I loved it SO much in my twenties – but how would it apply to a curvy, more classic 36-year-old like myself?

The answer? Effortlessly. I was sweetly surprised to find Bebe pieces this spring that will be permanent wardrobe staples for me. And better yet, these wardrobe staples marry beautifully with pieces I already own. A marriage made in heaven.

For the Bebe Spring Fling event that my dear blogger friend, I chose to don 2 pieces from Bebe’s spring collection.

Spring Fling, indeed! Wearing my Bebe spring picks! Photo by LookbookLA

Bebe Mixed Stripe Midi Skirt ($79)

I have always been a little nervous about wearing horizontal stripes since I’m not a size 2 (and because my mama always warned me against them) but I must say I was floored when I put on my Bebe Mixed Stripe Midi Skirt. It hit in all the right places, curved just like it should and played off my curves leaving me feeling downright sexy. A piece that actually accentuates your curves instead of hiding them? Why, yes please.

Bebe Eve Linen Blazer in Fiery Red ($139)

Hi Modern, meet Classic. I decided to venture outside of my comfort zone and try this fiery Bebe Even Linen Blazer in Fiery Red on for size. Well, I fell in love. Perfect when paired with a matching fiery lip, it makes a statement while most blazers make a whimper. With a mockneck, single snap front closure and 3/4 sleeves, it gave me edge without looking I like I was trying to look edgy.

Then I paired my 2 spring staple pieces with a simple ruchéd black top, turquoise necklace, cherry popsicle-hued wedges, vintage Ted Baker peach handbag and Bebe sunglasses to complete the look. Oh! And don’t forget that L’Oreal Extraordinaire by Colour Riche in Orange Tempo. It sealed the sophisticated spring sexpot look I didn’t even know I was going for.

Sophisticated spring sexpot, you say? Didn't even know that was the look I was going for? Photo by Lookbook LA

Add in a sunglass shopping station, DIY champagne bar, champagne pong…

Let's get classy, people - Champagne pong! Photo by Lookbook LA

a delicious lunch…

Bebe Spring Fling 2014 Lunch at SLS Hotel Beverly Hills - Photo by Lookbook LA

and even more delicious company – and you just created my idea of a perfect Sunday.


Thanks, Bebe and Sydne!

All the bloggers in their beautiful Bebe spring 2014 ensembles - Photo by Lookbook LA




BF Asks: What are your spring staples this season? 


WWW: Whitney – We aspire to be as cool

When I met Whitney – creator & editor of the artsy & amazing LA blog - hoopLA, at the Angeleno Poolside Beauty event last week, I immediately thought one word: COOL.

Then I saw her, the next night at Rosa Mexicano for a delicious dinner hosted by Nicole Myden PR and Gina Wade Creative. There, Whitney was again looking, you guessed it, COOL.

She’s one of those people you see and think, “I wish had been born cool like that.”

I was NOT born cool like that. Hence, why I probably bake and love pink and act like a happy, oblivious 5-year-old most of the time.

I aspire to be cool, though. Really, I do! It might not happen but people like Whitney give me hope.

But sometimes cool people can be, well, cold.
So imagine my delight when, after chatting with Whitney, I realized she is not only cool but super sweet — and fun!!

When I asked her if she would be my Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday (WWW) girl this week and send me a picture of her amazingly cool nails in better lighting, she was enthusiastic and adorable and hmmm….what’s the word I’m looking for?

Oh right. C-O-O-L.

Our WWW girl, Whitney: The nails...


BF: Hey Whitney! Whatcha’ Wearin’?

WWW Whitney: OPI-In My Back Pocket; Estée Lauder-Red Chiffon; The New Black-Glitter finish from the Graffiti Ombré Collection.


Our WWW girl Whitney: The products

BF: That’s Cool. Is this, like, a signature shade for you?

WWW Whitney:  I have always loved doing my nails, so the more creative the better. I wore this combo all week! To work, jury duty (ha ha ha), blog events, dinners… Right now, I think I can say these are signature shades for me. I go through spurts. I was in a navy blue phase for a while and now I can’t seem to get enough of bright pink!


BF: Me too. Very cool. Who did you hang with when you were sporting these, um, COOL hues?

WWW Whitney: I wore it with friends, fellow jurors, coworkers and PR contacts. I am fortunate that I can get away with bright, creative nails in my profession.
BF: And what a cool profession it is! I loooooove hoopLA!  Now, back to business, how did you decide on those nail polish products?
WWW Whitney: I am very into the multi-colored nail polish trend, so I figured I’d mix it up with 2 colors (2 being pretty close to each other).
BF: Where’d you get the goods? (Me trying to be cool. Fail.)
WWW Whitney: The Estée Lauder polishwas given to me by my mom because she doesn’t wear bright colors. The New Black and the OPI colors were given to me in beauty bags at blog events.
BF: Super cool!! (ugh.why did I say that? that’s sooo not cool)
So is this mani just a special event thing or do you sport it every day?
WWW Whitney: I wear this out every day. For special occasions, I would do the same, just maybe go and get a proper manicure.
BF:  How does this mani make you feel?
WWW Whitney: These products make me happy. I always get compliments on my nails and I like looking down and having such bright, colorful combos brighten my day.
BF: And we love you brightening our day! Thank you! And, well not to be repetitive, but for giving us some coolness to aspire to. Cool. 
I’m hopeless.
For more on the super-cool Whitney, check these out:
Whitney’s cool blog, hoopLA: http://hoopLAblog.com/
Whitney & hoopLA being cool on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhittieBittie
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BF Asks: Do you love DIY manicures? What’s the “coolest” one you’ve tried? Pictures please!!!