If you follow me on social media, you know that I’m right smack-dab in the middle of 15 Days of Fitness. It’s going SO great, I actually have something exciting in store for you guys in August. More on that later.

But now, what am I soooooo excited about that I had to start a new column called “SO EXCITED, I CAN’T HIDE IT ABOUT…”? Well, dear readers, that would be the NutriBullet.

The NutriBullet does my #15DaysofFitness right!

Now, I know we’ve all heard of this and thought about trying it but I, for one, had never had the pleasure. Then, I tried my friend’s the other day and fell in love. It quickly became my new kitchen favorite! After using it a few times, I was in love!

This guy not only whips up delicious smoothies and juices in no time flat but it also actually works as an extractor. What on earth does that mean? Well, it actually extracts all of the deliciousness and nutritiousness in fruits and vegetables, making it easier for your body to absorb them. Could anything be more appropriate for my #15DaysofFitness ? I think not….which is why I had to get one for myself. After all, my latest goal is to have a juice or smoothie chock-full of a variety of fruits and veggies every day!
And I, my friends, am in good company. Duchess Kate Middleton herself is a fan – as is another one of my girl crushes, Olivia Munn and my FabFitFun girl, Giuliana Rancic.
I’ve included two of my favorite summer recipes, using the NutriBullet, below. But I have even MORE exciting news!
On Friday, I am hosting a Twitter giveaway giving one of you guys your own NutriBullet.
Just follow me on Twitter and reply to a few tweets throughout the day and you’re entered to win. Share the giveaway now by tweeting today:
“@beautyfrosting is giving away @thenutribullet on Fri 7/25 at 12 pm. Join the party!! #15daysoffitness “ 
Ginger Pineapple Limeade Blast – Limeade AND pineapple? Yes, please.
With an amazing immune-boosting citrus kick and a chunk of ginger to rev up your digestive fire, this mouth-watering blast will leave you feeling fresh, sweet and perfectly green — especially on those hot summer days.
·      2 handfuls spinach
·      1/2 cup pineapple
·      1 chunk ginger
·      3/4 cup lime juice
·      6 leaves cilantro
·      1 tablespoon honey (raw)
·      Water to MAX LINE
·      Ice cubes
*Add all ingredients to NutriBullet tall cup and extract until smooth.
Summer Sipper – Who knew LETTUCE could taste this good??!
Combine the season’s best produce in this delicious, refreshing and oh-so nutritious and healthy beverage.
·      1/4 tall cup arugula
·      1/4 tall cup romaine
·      2 leaves basil
·      1/2 cup cantaloupe
·      1/2 cup blueberries
·      1 cup cherries (pitted)
·      1 tablespoon chia seeds
·      Coconut water to MAX LINE
*Add all ingredients to NutriBullet tall cup and extract until smooth.
Learn more about the NutriBullet at www.nutribullet.com and for more delicious, nutrient-rich recipes, go to www.nutribulletblog.com.
BF Asks: What will you make in your nutribullet?

Pretty Talk: How I “Plus Up” My Pretty Routine with Pond’s

What are the two skincare tips I tell you guys all the time? Wash your face every night and hydrate, hydrate, HYDRATE.

It’s so important to get that makeup off before you hit the hay but it’s also important to keep your skin hydrated – especially at night when your skin is more receptive to retaining moisture.

But, listen, I get it. We’re all busy. Sometimes taking care of our skin is the last – and I do mean – LAST thing on our minds. That’s why I wanted to share with you a few ways I “plus up” the pretty in my skincare regimen.

First of all, I ONLY cleanse my face once a day at night before bed. Two is too many. That’s my motto, at least. To maintain the delicate levels of moisture in the skin, it’s important not to strip the skin of nourishing oils that keep our skin hydrated and our complexion looking young.

A busy day behind, an early wakeup call and a loooong day ahead of me tomorrow but I NEVER skip my skincare regimen

But again, I know after a long day, cleansing your skin is not at the top of your priorities. That’s why right now I’m loving Pond’s Luminous Clean Wet Cleansing Towlettes (only $4.67 at Walmart). My second tip is to keep these little beauties next to your bed along with your nighttime moisturizer so that you can cleanse and moisturize your skin in under two minutes flat right before bed. These guys are primed to take off makeup in a jiffy. And the best part? There’s no need to rinse! It does everything you need a cleanser to do – without the fuss. It gently removes all of the makeup, dirt of the day and pesky impurities while leaving the skin feeling fresh and moisturized.

At te moment, I’m using a powerful one-two punch by using the Pond’s Luminous Clean Wet Cleansing Towlettes and then following it up with the good dose of anti-aging moisture I get with Pond’s Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream (can you believe it’s only $8.97 at Walmart?). This moisturizer richly hydrates the skin (and penetrates even more deeply when used at night) all while firming and reducing fine lines – so much so that you’ll see a visible difference in 2 weeks. And, y’all, Connie Britton is a fan of Pond’s if that tells you anything. Her fave? She prefers the Exfoliating Renewal Morning Refresh Towlettes (also $4.67).

How do I plus up the pretty with my skincare regimen? Right now, I'm loving Pond's. And you can get all three of these products for under $25.


For my third tip, we focus on what we do during the day. I’m not a big foundation fan as I like my skin to show and glow not hide and disguise so I’m a big fan of Pond’s Luminous Finish BB+ Cream ($9.97). It’s a beautiful alternative to heavy foundation as it instantly adds a subtle glow to the skin while visibly reducing dark spots, perfecting skin tone and providing Broad Spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen. Yep, it does all that in one little product!

Sittin' pretty after plus'ing up my pretty for the day with Pond's Luminous Finish BB+ Cream

Which is perfect when you’re a girl like me on the go. Oh, who am I kidding? We’re all girls on the go. And just because we wouldn’t have it any other way, that doesn’t mean our skin should suffer. So try to plus up your skincare regimen! You can try all of my fave plus up products for under $25 and…drumroll please…I even have a coupon for you:

Save $1 off your preferred Pond’s product to plus up your daily skincare regimen!
Image 1

Visit Walmart.com/ponds to find beauty tips for your whole day and unlock a $1 coupon to save on Ponds®. Walmart truly does have the best prices for Pond’s which is perfect when you’re trying to plus up the pretty!

p.s. And guys, tune in tomorrow when I just might be announcing a big #PondsGiveaway ! Who’s ready to win?



BF Asks: Which Pond’s product will you be using your $1 off coupon for? 

*This is a sponsored post. Products provided to BeautyFrosting by Lunchbox Media. While the post may be sponsored, I only write about products that I believe in 100%. Trust in that.

By-My-Bedside: Boscia Tsubaki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask – beauty while you sleep!

Like many girls, growing up, I always wanted to be Sleeping Beauty.

I dreamed a dream…of being Sleeping Beauty, that is...

But when it comes to sleep, many people don’t realize how much you can get done in that eight hours of shuteye. See, if you ask me, americans just don’t put enough moisture into their skin. That’s why my first piece of advice to anyone when it comes to skincare is to replenish that moisture we lose by using all of those oil-free products out there. But a common question I often get is “How do I make time for proper skincare with such a busy schedule?”

Well, Boscia has come up with the ultimate in multitasking when it comes to skincare. Their brand new Tsubaki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask ($34)  deeply moisturizes, protects, delivers longterm antiaging benefits and smooths and softens skin – all while you sleep. I mean could Boscia help us be more efficient? Nicely done.

By-My-Bedside: Boscia Tsubaki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask ($34)

See, at nighttime the skin’s permeability is higher and products can be more effectively absorbed into the skin. Boscia Tsubaki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask actually creates a veil on the skin, allowing the skin to lock in the ingredients for supreme skin-softening results.

Sleeping Beauty…well, trying to be...

How does it do this? Through its primo prettifying ingredients of Tsubaki (Camellia) Oil – which firms, hydrates, increases collagen and fights aging, Wakame (Japanese Sea Kelp) – which increases collagen production and reduces the synthesis of melanin for a more even skin tone, rice bran oil – which helps prevent premature aging and more.

And I love this little nugget about the benefits of rice bran oil. In Japan, to call a woman a “Nuka Bijin” or “Rice Bran Beauty” is a great compliment as it refers back to the glowing, youthful skin of women who worked in the rice fields who washes the newly-harvested rice and became exposed to high levels of rice bran oil!

So by using Boscia Tsubaki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask, you’re sure to be a “Nuka Bijin”… or at the very least, Sleeping Beauty.

I’ll take either, thank you very much…

Well-rested, wide awake and softened, moisturized and pampered skin to boot! Now, on with the day!




BF Asks: What’s your Sleeping Beauty (beauty-while-you-sleep) trick? 

In-My-Tub-Tuesday: Boscia NEW Tsubaki Cleansing Oil-Gel

Fact about me you didn’t know? I get realllllly excited about a good cleanser! Especially good oil cleansers that deeply cleanse without stripping the skin of vital oils and moisture. Add in some anti aging, antioxidant-rich ingredients and I’m in hog heaven. Well, bath heaven, but I digress.

That’s why Boscia Tsubaki Cleansing Oil-Gel ($28)  just tickles me pink. (See, because it ALSO comes in a pink bottle – wink, wink).

In-My-Tub-Tuesday: Boscia NEW Tsubaki Cleansing Oil-Gel ($28)

This antioxidant-packed cleansing oil-gel removes those pesky impurities and makeup remnants while protecting the skin’s moisture barrier. And the best part? We’re left with smoother, softer, baby-soft skin.

Ideal for all skin types, the tsubaki (camellia oil) botanical blend firms, hydrates and protects against free radical damage and increases collagen while the Wakame (Japanese Sea Kelp) prevents fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness by replenishing protein. That Wakame is good stuff as it also helps to even out melanin thus improving skin tone. And we can’t forget the Rice Bran Oil! Used in Asia for centuries, this antioxidant-rich oil helps to prevent premature aging by providing essential nutrients. Um, yes please!

And application is piece of (pink, of course) cake! Just apply 1 – 2 pumps to damp skin and massage gently in a circular motion. Rinse clean with warm water. And you’re done.

So get a little passionate about your cleanser like me and put a little pink into your life!



BF Asks: What cleanser are you passionate about at the moment? 

By-My-Bedside: M. Steves Ultra-Nourishing Boost

How ’bout a boost?
I don’t think I need to tell any of you how important I think oil is in a daily skincare regimen. It is my #1 tip I give people time and time again. But while most oils are heroes, this here By-My-Bedside pick: M. Steves Ultra-Nourishing Boost ($64)  is a superhero!

By-My-Bedside: M. Steves Ultra-Nourishing Boost

Not only does it add moisture to the skin that good oil does, it also hydrates and nourishes, firms & smoothes fine lines and boosts any other product you use in conjunction with it.
Plus, I know so many of you out there don’t like feeling greasy (I, on the other hand, loooooove feeling greasy) and this superhero won’t let you down in that department. It absorbs quickly leaving you with a glowing, hydrated, non-greasy finish.
The RHSO (Rose Hip Seed Oil), essential fatty acids, anti-aging actives and more help to even skin tone, brighten the skin and leave your skin looking younger with every usage.
And as I mentioned previously, you can add it before a mask or moisturizer to help the mask permeate the skin more deeply or add a drop to your foundation to give you a little extra glow.

So not only do I get hydration but it also fights to maintain the youthful glow of my skin.

Need a boost, you ask? Yes, please.



By My Bedside: L’Oreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil & Replenishing Moisturizer

I’m in my homestate of Texas this week and I had the pleasure of going to the State Fair of Texas this past Saturday. I must say that not many things make me feel like a kid again like eating a corndog and riding those rides.

The fair just makes me feel like a kid again. But lucky for me - and you - we can get that glow all-year round.

So while I might not feel youthful all the time, I am utterly delighted that L’Oreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal products sure bring back the youthful glow to my skin in a pinch…and for a penny of a price!

By My Bedside: L'Oreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil & Replenishing Moisturizer

Seriously, one of the biggest complaints I hear from women over 25 is that their skin has lost its luster. Well, complain no longer, my sisters, because these products bring that youthful, dewy glow of your youth back.

I start the “get-glowing” process with the with L’Oreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil ($24.99). After cleansing my skin at night, I apply 4-5 drops of this deeply nourishing yet non-greasy oil. This blend of 8 essential oils absorbs quickly and delivers intense hydration for all-day moisture and glow. I also love applying it in the morning underneath my spf prior to applying my makeup.

Next, I apply the L’Oreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal Replenishing Moisturizer ($19.99). With just an M&M-sized amount, this luxuriously lightweight moisturizing cream seals in skin’s essential oils – giving the skin an instant youthful glow – and over time, firms your skin. I also love using it to revive my skin after a long day by applying it while I’m stepping up my eye makeup for an evening out. That gorgeous glow is no joke, beauties.

Even the dullest, driest skin will glow with these products. And that’s a BF promise.

As for me, I’m just happy to know that there are products that will keep me glowing until next year’s corndog fair fiesta!



BF Asks: What product gets you glowing?


10/5/13 Beauty Beat with Dawn McCoy of BeautyFrosting on The Moll Anderson Show on I Heart Radio: oil, Oil, OIL!!!

Every week, I stop by the “Moll house” on The Moll Anderson Show  on I Heart Radio to bring Moll my Beauty Beat. This week, it’s all about my favorite beauty tip – oil, Oil, OIL!!! Yes, imagine me screaming that at you – because it’s THAT important. Ha!

Oil keeps you young! That’s why the Italian and Parisian women look so good!

BF Tip? Keep your skincare by your bedside. You’re less likely to forget it if it’s right there as you go to sleep.

Here are two of my picks for integrating oil into your skincare regimen.


Beauty Beat on The Moll Anderson Show on I Heart Radio 10/5/13: oil, Oil, OIL!!!

Talika Huile Vitale ($47)

Murad Renewing Cleansing Oil For Face, Eyes & Lips ($32)

And Here’s the link so you can take a listen:

10/5/13 Beauty Beat with Dawn McCoy on The Moll Anderson Show: oil, Oil, OIL!!!



BF Asks: Do you oil your skin? 

BY MY BEDSIDE…Talika Huile Vitale – the ultimate beauty elixir

If we know one thing I love, it’s oil. In fact, it’s the #1 beauty tip I give to anyone – and everyone – who asks me what my favorite tip is. You know my motto…OIL, OIL, OIL!!!!
So when I find a good – no, make that EXCEPTIONAL one – you know I have to share with you.

That’s why Talika Huile Vitale is BY MY BEDSIDE right now.

BY MY BEDSIDE...Talika Huile Vitale ($47)


This ancient beauty elixir of jasmine essence, lavende and rose hydrates, nourishes, repairs and replenishes the skin like no other. In fact, the legendary, secret recipe of this oil (from around 3000 BC) was discovered by a Talika family member who happens to be both a biologist and someone who is passionate about ancient texts.

Now, we get to reap the rewards of this recipe. Talika Huile Vitale provides skin with daily, nourishing nutrients that it requires for energy, vital harmony and more vainly  - beauty.

So does it really work? Ohhhhhh yeaaaah. I’ve been using this oil every night for a month and have seen a marked, glowing improvement in my skin.

My skin after using Talika. p.s. Y'all I'm 35 and this is UNTOUCHED. It just makes your skin gloooow! I look forward to using it every night right before my head hits the pillow. That's why I keep it right By My Bedside.


But don’t trust me – check out the stats: 81% of users found skin more soft and supple, 73% found skin to be more luminous, 79% found skin to be more hydrated and – um, can you say beautiful, bonus side effect – 40% of users found sleep to be more peaceful and restful. I am one of them, by the way.

Just apply 3 or 4 drops to your skin every night after cleansing and before your nighttime moisturizer. I promise you’ll see marked improvement in your skin in no time. And just a tip – be like me and keep it By Your Bedside. That way you’ll never forget your nightly routine!




BF Asks: What’s By Your Bedside right now? 

Thirsty Thursday: YouthH2O Age Defying Shot

I don’t know about you guys but from running a beauty & lifestyle blog, one thing is clear to me: we all want to look and feel as young and gorgeous as possible. No one likes admitting to this fact because, well, there’s A LOT more to life than that but still, the fact that beauty and fitness blogs are so popular is just more evidence of this.

That’s why I personally can’t wait to try YouthH2O Age Defying system shot of superfoods!

If it can help me look like Evelyn Lozada here, that CAN'T be a bad thing!

It says that by drinking this superfood-laden beverage, your skin will glow, your immune system will be stronger and you’ll gain more youthful energy. Um, okay, sign me up!

Plus, it’s caffeine-free, vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free! Free of all you don’t want and chock-full of fat-burners, vitamins and everything you do want!

Plus, it’s just become available in New York this month at Duane Reade stores!

YouthH2O now available at Duane Reade stores!



BF Asks: Have you tried the superfood shot, YouthH2O, yet? What was your experience?