I’M LOVING… Trish McEvoy Illuminating Cream Palette

When you run around with a face full of makeup on most of your life like I do, you enjoy the moments when you’re makeup-free. But when I want to be naturally beautiful without looking like I’m on a camping trip, I turn to a little bronze, color and glow.

Lucky for me – and you – that all of these plus a finishing powder come in Trish McEvoy’s Illuminating Cream Palette ($75). How convenient is that?

I'M LOVING... Trish McEvoy's Illuminating Cream Palette ($75)

With a bronzing shade that defines, a golden shade that highlights, a cherry shade that adds color and a pressed powder that keeps it all in place, this is one palette you don’t want to be without.

Whether you’re wanting to look naturally glowing & gorgeous on a normal day like I am here on my way to the grocery..

En route to the grocery - messy hair, pup in lap and almost-bare faced... but skin-a-glowin' thanks to Trish McEvoy Illuminating Cream Palette

or want to step up the wattage for a night out on the town like I am here at the recent Anthropologie BHLDN event…

"Dawning" Trish McEvoy Illuminating Cream Palette at the BHLDN opening party in Beverly Hills


Trish McEvoy Illuminating Cream Palette is up to the task!

*This product can also currently be bought in Trish McEvoy’s Sunkissed Collection ($95)




BF Asks: What do you have to have on when running to the grocery?


Beauty Beat with Dawn McCoy on The Moll Anderson Show 7/13/13: Date Night Beauty

Every week, I stop by the “Moll house” on The Moll Anderson Show on SiriusXM to bring Moll my Beauty Beat. On BeautyFrosting this week, I am sharing with y’all my date night beauty tips that I shared with Moll last month. Try em out and let me know if they don’t help up the romance factor for you on your next date night!

Here’s the link so you can take a listen:

Beauty Beat with Dawn McCoy on The Moll Anderson Show 7/13/13: Date Night Beauty

The Eyes Have It:

My picks for Date-Daring Eyes!

My picks for date night beauty eye makeup? Well, first, apply the trick that Trish McEvoy herself taught me. Start with the eyes before anything else! This way, clean-up is a breeze! Neutrogena Crease-Proof Eye Shadow ($8.49), NYX Jet Black Eye Liner ($8), Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension System ($35) and Talika Eyelash Extenders ($30.99).


Put your best face forward:

My picks for a polished, pretty face for date night!

For a pretty, polished face for date night, try Stila Beauty Balm, Giorgio Armani Blender Brush ($49) and Laura Mercier secret Brightening Powder ($24).

Love your lips!

For lovely lips, Votre Vu is the way to go!

For lovely lips that look like a stepped-up version of your natural lip, try Votre Vu Dramatic Lip Liner in Naked ($21) and Votre Vu Lip Lustre in Charming ($22).

Be sure to catch my Beauty Beat on The Moll Anderson Show every Saturday at 2pm PST/5 pm EST on SiriusXM Channel 246!



BF Asks: What is your go-to date night beauty routine? 





Beauty Beat with Dawn McCoy on The Moll Anderson Show on SiriusXM, Saturday 5/4/13 Show

Happy Tuesday, beauties!

I am thrilled that Moll Anderson – my go-to guru/goddess for lifestyle and romance – has asked me to host a weekly segment, Beauty Beat with Dawn McCoy, bringing you my most beloved beauty products of the week on The Moll Anderson Show on SiriusXM Channel 168.

I became a big fan of the marvelous Moll back when I lived in Nashville so getting to play with her on her SiriusXM show is a HUGE honor! She is my go-to guru for lifestyle and romance tips and advice. Listen every Saturday 2pm PST/5pm EST on SiriusXM Channel 168 to hear Moll’s tips on everything under the sun – especially lifestyle & love – on The Moll Anderson Show!

In case you missed my first segment of Beauty Beat with Dawn McCoy on The Moll Anderson Show this past Saturday, take a listen here by clicking on the link.

This week’s theme? Waterproof Eye Makeup for Steamy Summer Months!

5/4/13 Beauty Beat with BeautyFrosting’s Dawn McCoy on The Moll Anderson Show on SiriusXM, Channel 168

Beauty Beat 5/4/13: Wonderful Waterproof Eye Makeup for Steamy Summer Months

Be sure to listen every Saturday 2pm PST/5pm EST on SiriusXM Channel 168 to hear Moll’s tips on everything under the sun – especially lifestyle & love – on The Moll Anderson Show and to hear yours truly on the Beauty Beat with Dawn McCoy!




Mother’s Day Gift Guide #1: Pretty Picks for Mom

I experience so many unbeatable beauty and lifestyle products all year long that when it comes to picking the perfect gift for my Mom, I can get a little overwhelmed. Lucky for me – and you, too – I have gathered a host of heavenly products that are sure to make Mom feel even more beautiful than she already is. These 5 picks are my favorites for when you have a few days prep time to head to a store, order on Amazon or just basically need a gracious gift fast with just a bit of forethought.

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2013 #1: Pretty Picks for Mom...with just a little forethought

1) Lorac Mother’s Day Collection ($32) will help you gift a little gorgeousness to Mom! Among the pretty products included are Lorac Starry-Eyed Baked Eye Shadow Trio in Star Studded, Special Effects Conditioning, Defining & Lengthening Mascara, Hot & Spicy Blush/Bronzer Duo and Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick in Trendsetter – all in a sleek, black croc makeup bag. Valued at $112, this glamorous collection for Mom won’t cost you a pretty penny! It’s only $32 for a limited time!


Lorac Mother's Day Collection ($32)


2) Aerin Lauder’s line, Aerin, has a slew of pretty products sure to delight Mom! I’m especially partial to Aerin’s Spring Color Palette in Effortless Spring Radiance ($70). Even though Summer might be right around the corner, this pretty palette will put a little spring in Mom’s step!

Aerin Spring Color Palette in Garden In Bloom ($70)


3) If Mom is a domestic goddess and loves her palace to polish and shine, she’ll be thrilled to get a basket of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Kitchen Basics Set ($9.99). The Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Kitchen Basics Set is an easy way to introduce Mom to a new way of cleaning with her favorite scent! The set contains their eco-friendly cleaning products and includes Liquid Dish Soap, Liquid Hand Soap and Countertop Spray. My favorite scents? Rosemary, Basil and Honeysuckle. And at $9.99, it’s a steal!


Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Kitchen Basics Set ($9.99)


4) If Mom loves to smell as sweet as she is on the inside, your best beauty bet is the Trish McEvoy Mother’s Day No. 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk Fragrance Collection ($145). One of my favorite all-time scents, Mom will be left smelling like Trish’s iconic blend of sweet blackberries and rich vanilla. And with an assortment of Trish’s bestselling products – including fragrance, body cream and sugar scrub – Mom will feel pretty pampered and pampered pretty!


Trish McEvoy Mother’s Day No. 9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk Fragrance Collection


5) If your mom’s been saying that she wants to take care of her skin but she just hasn’t gotten around to it, why don’t you help her take that healthy step? Murad Environmental Shield Introductory Kit ($39.95) is the perfect introductory set that will get Mom on the healthy skincare track she’s been intending to jump on. This satiating set (with a value of $125) includes smaller sizes of the Essential-C cleanser, Active Radiance Serum, Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30 as well as a few bonus gifts! By getting this gift, you’ll be enrolling Mom in a monthly skincare program that she will receive monthly for only $39.95/month. I can’t imagine a gift as good as this investment!

Murad Environmental Shield Introductory Kit - an anti-aging superhero! (only $39.95)

And if you get a little something extra for Mom – or for yourself – in addition to Mom’s gift, you’ll get a fun gift for Mom or for you, as well! (FREE with any $120 purchase)

A Murad BONUS this Mother's Day!!!



Happy Mother’s Day shopping and, more importantly, Happy Mother’s Day!


Lessons Learned: Beauty In A Blackout

Yesterday in Los Angeles started out as normal as usual. I was working on my interview with Beth Stern for FabFitFun when – all of a sudden – catastrophe struck!


Okay,I may be being the teensiest bit dramatic. Our power went out. For 8 hours.

Even the most precious Miss Ellie looks spooky in the dark!

Strong winds caused power outage in my happy neighborhood of Wilshire Vista. So what’s a computer-and power-dependent girl to do? Well, at first I panicked a bit. I have deadlines! How will I get my work done? How will I take my nightly bath? And then reality set in. Reality and impromptu blackout parties. Who knew a blackout could inspire so many social invites?

I usually eat clean during the week but with this “emergency”, my friends declared dinner and wine a must.

Then I glanced in the very dark mirror. Uh-oh. I was not prepared to be seen in public. My hair was unwashed, I was in wind shorts still from my workout and had not a speck of makeup on.

In dark times, you find out which beauty products really do bring the light and brighten you up. In this case, I was saved by Aloxxi Dry Shampoo, Bobbi Brown SPF 25 EXTRA Tinted Balm in Light to Medium, Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara, Aerin Multi Color for Lips and Cheeks in 01 Natural and Tarte LipSurgence in Enchanted.

Power-outage-pretty? No problem!


These sweet superheroes allowed me to polish up enough in the dark to ready myself for dinner – and wine, of course – with friends. These products were easy to apply even in the dark and made me presentable enough for an impromptu evening out.

Applying Tarte LipSurgence in Enchanted in a dark bathroom

Tarte LipSurgence is a no-brainer because you don’t need a lip liner and you don’t even need a mirror, thanks to its creamy and precise tip. And since it washes off with water, Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara was perfect when I had to take a bath and wash my face in the dark at midnight.

The Bobbi Brown tinted balm doesn’t need too much blending or precision and the same goes for the Aerin Multi Color which gives me a healthy tint without risk of applying too much color. And as for the Aloxxi dry shampoo? Well, it REALLY saved the day when it came to my 3-day-old hair.

So, I tip my hat to these Power outage pretty-uppers that prepared me for an impromptu party with friends out on the town last night!


BF Asks: What beauty products could you apply in the dark? 

Discussing my “Game-Changing Miracle Products” on New Beauty Magazine’s TeaTime Chat today!

Hi beauties!

There are a bevy of beauty tips in this 30-minute long hangout! Check it out and get the scoop on 8 (!!) of my favorite beauty products. From glowing skin to defined eyes to a perfectly polished pout, I had a lot to say. And the other beauty experts had some INVALUABLE tips that I’m still reeling from. Like what, you ask? The best way to get Beach Waves!

Check it out here and let me know your thoughts below!


Happy 1st Birthday, BeautyFrosting!

I would be posting my High-Low of the week but I can’t think of a low to report because…

It’s BeautyFrosting’s 1st birthday!!!


Happy Birthday, BF!

No need to blow out the candles though, today!
I’ve already got everything I could have wished for with readers like you!

We’ll have a big celebratory giveaway later this month – when we announce the winners of our 1st annual BeautyFrosting BFF Awards! So stay tuned…

But, for now, here are some of my favorite moments in this first year of BeautyFrosting!


The beauty…


A year of beauty & pampering...THANK YOU!!!


The baking…


A year of sweetness...THANK YOU!!!!


The being…


A year of "being", a.k.a. lifestyle...THANK YOU!


The celebrations…


A year of celebrations...THANK YOU!!!


And the friends who make this journey oh-so-sweet!

A year of friends...THANK YOU!!!!

I am so grateful for each and every one of you who has read the blog daily, written questions to “Dear Dawn”, watched our videos, entered ourcontests, told your friends about BeautyFrosting, sent us a product to try for BeautyFrosting, followed BF on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, on YouTube and for all of the praise, suggestions and support you have offered over this past year to me.

And I have LOTS more coming for you in this, our second year! Like what, you ask? How about Foodie Friday with food & restaurant reviews and A Southern Girl’s Guide to LA with spa & business recommendations.

How about that? It all starts THIS weekend! It’s just my way of saying –

THANK YOU for a SUPER SWEET 1st year!!!


Thank you from my heart to yours! xoxo, Dawn (BF)


***Special note: Why March 12th? I chose to debut BeautyFrosting last year on what would have been my beloved Nanny, Clara Margaret Hayes’s, 99th birthday. Every year that I celebrate a birthday, I am celebrating her and all of the lovely, ladylike things she stood for and taught my mom, my aunt, my cousins and me!

I miss you every day, Nanny…

BF Asks: What was your favorite BeautyFrosting moment this year?

In-The-Bag: BeautyFrosting’s Candyland Gorgeous Gift Guide


The holidays are here at last!! So warm up a cup of eggnog or catch a candy cane and settle in for our favorites this holiday season!

If you, or Santa, have a few more names to check off your list, here are my top picks for this year’s BeautyFrosting’s Gorgeous Holiday Gift-Giving Guide!

This season, it’s a Candyland out there! With candy-colored hues, pastel pretties, and gifts that look and smell good enough to eat, you’re certainly in for a treat this holiday season! All of the deliciousness of dessert with zero calories? Count me in.

1) Fresh Sugar Cheer Set $28: Fresh always delivers its sugar-filled formulas with sweet-smelling and skin-pleasing cheer. And this set is no exception! The best of Fresh in one set, your secret Santa will get a tinted SPF 15 lip treatment in Rose, advanced lip therapy treatment and Brown Sugar Body Cream all in a shiny, festive red clutch. I have gifted Fresh oodles of times over the years, and every time, my gift recipients have been giddy with glee.

2) Haute Hostess Glam It Up Luxe Apron in Rosalynn ($350): Haute Hostess Aprons are on my wish list every year. When I finally received one as a gift, I swooned. Every time I see one of these luxe frocks in someone’s home, I get as giddy as a 13-year-old girl. The go-to glamorous gift for your favorite hostess with the mostest, the wearer will feel like a queen in the kitchen or a princess at the party. These coquettish confections bring out the beautiful best in every woman! And not only are they fun to wear, but they are beautiful conversation pieces in the home. The ultimate in kitchen couture, any girl will feel lucky to receive her Haute Hostess Apron just in time for the holidays.

3) Bobbi Brown Tube Tint Trio ($38): I’ve been getting these seasonal, sweet, sheer glosses as stocking stuffers for as long as I can remember. With just the perfect hint of color, they are ideal for lip-gloss lovers, teens, and anyone who likes her glam a bit more on the natural side. This year’s shades include Glitter Lip Gloss in Grape, Pink Violet Lip Gloss, and Shimmer Lip Gloss in Pink Mist. All give you a hint of color without making you feel all made up! Now, isn’t that sweet?

4) Trish McEvoy Voyager Collection Glamorous Beauty ($85): This wallet-sized pink planner packs a pretty punch! Stuffed with Trish’s favorite colors and tools, this is the perfect glamazon’s glamour-emergency kit. Inside are six mini versions of Trish’s iconic brushes; a double-decker palette of multi-textured eye, face and lip colors; plus two shades of concealer to bring out the polished pretty in each of us. It is a MUST for the glamorous girl in your life!

5) Trish McEvoy Wild Blueberry Vanilla Scented Candle ($20): The most delicious thing you’ve ever smelled. Don’t bake? People will think you do when you light this believable, buttery Blueberry Vanilla candle. It genuinely makes your home smell like freshly baked blueberry muffins. And it never fails to make me smile. Perfect for kitchen-centered holiday hangs. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

6) B & E Soap and Scrub Co. Vanilla Oatmeal Brown Sugar Scrub ($15): Who doesn’t want to be glowing for the holidays? A new favorite of mine, this scrub leaves your skin soft, supple, and smelling delicious— like a homemade oatmeal molasses cookie! It leaves virtually no trace of oil on you or sediment in the tub. Hallelujah! You’re sloughed and smell great! What more could you want? Oh, how about a great price? At $15 for an 18-ounce tub, you can buy one for you and all of those on your “Nice” list. Even Santa would appreciate this cookie-scented scrub!

7) Butter London Holiday Glitter Trio Set ($36): You can’t go wrong with nail polish as a stocking stuffer, as it is the perfect little holiday happy for your best girlfriends. And with this glittery trio from Butter, your friends are sure to be delighted! The holidays are a perfect time to don glitter and make a statement. And with these shimmering shades – Rosie Lee, a full-coverage, light rosy pink glitter in a clear base; Fairy Cake, a silvery, multi-color iridescent glitter in a light gray base; and the Black Knight, a pink, blue, and silver glitter in a black jelly base – your favorite recipient is sure to make a few stunning statements and turn a few heads this season.

8) Tarte Holiday Collection 2012 (price varies per set): Feeding into our signature sweet tooth is Tarte’s never-fail holiday collection. Give the gifts as a whole set or – do what I do – split them up between stockings. For those of us on a budget, I love getting Tarte’s holiday collections and making multiple gifts out of them! Personalizing each gift to each person’s personality and skin tone makes these gifts pretty, one-of-a-kind, and pocketbook friendly! I feel like Santa!

Now, I just need to find the perfect peppermint pastille-pretty paper to wrap these delicious gifts in for all of my little elves!

Merry, merry & happy, happy to you & yours!

I hope the gifts are tasty and the memories are even more delicious!



Be sure to check out more columns like this from me on Giuliana Rancic’s FabFitFun!

Fragrance Friday: Annual Birthday Trish Treasures

Today is my birthday.

And every year, I wish for the same two things on my birthday:

A pony…

and a prince.

I’m kidding.
Kind of.

No, the 2 treasures that are always at the top of my list are Trish McEvoy Wild Blueberry Vanilla scented candle and Trish McEvoy No.9 Blackberry & Vanilla musk fragrance.

This year, I got both!

And I am one happy, happy, sweet-scented, smiling girl because of it.

Trish McEvoy Wild Blueberry Vanilla Scented Candle ($55)

The blueberry vanilla candle warms my heart and home with its freshly baked blueberry muffin scent. It literally smells like warm, freshly baked, homemade blueberry muffins. Don’t believe me? Try it. People will swear you’ve been baking.

Trish McEvoy No.9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk fragrance($85)

When I dab on the No.9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk fragrance, it hints at my personal sweetness with a dash of sass and sexiness. Can I say that about myself? Well, it’s my birthday. I just did. You can think the sassy, seductive blackberry for that.

Every year when I receive these precious gifts, I expect two things to happen:  it prepares me for the holiday season and I know I will receive compliments with people asking how I smell so sweet. Literally, people think I smell like a cupcake most of the time. Maybe they should catch me after pilates but I don’t mind having that sweet-smelling “reputation”.

Well, the truth of my sweetness (at least by scent) is Trish McEvoy.
I fell in love with makeup because of this woman and her vision and her collections never cease to introduce me to new treasures.

My first job, at 20, was working for her and I am so grateful that I had the privilege to work for, and learn from, such a classic, intelligent, business-savvy, insightful woman. I consider myself very lucky to have fallen into the beauty department at Neiman Marcus Northpark at the age of 13. While most of my friends were playing soccer, I was playing with makeup at the ultimate beauty mecca.
Thanks Trish! And thanks mom for letting me play all those years ago and for my annual birthday gifts!





BF Asks: What’s always on your birthday wish list?

FabFitFunFriday’s In-The-Bag: A Few of My Favorite Things

As many of you know, I am a featured blogger for the lovely Giuliana Rancic’s blog, FabFitFun. I currently have two columns on FFF – Primping with… and my new column,    In-The-Bag. I love the FFF team and am so privileged to blog with their fabulous Ambassador Network! Besides being in good company with these blogging beauties, FabFitFun also knows how to put the HAPPY in happy hour! But more on that later…

For now, my inaugural In-The-Bag, featuring a few of my favorite things of all-time!




by Dawn McCoy of BeautyFrosting

I couldn’t be more thrilled to share my fave finds with you fearless and fabulous FabFitFun readers! As a beauty and lifestyle blogger, I get to try a lot of products that help make us look and feel our beautiful best!

In In-the-Bag, I’ll share my favorites of the moment so you can know what you have to have. Now, a few of my favorite things:

Bobbi Brown Extra SPF 25 Tinted Moisturizing Balm ($52): For my dry, dull skin, this is my everyday, go-to foundation. I can almost guarantee that your skin will look five to 10 years younger. Yes, really. Each perfecting and light-reflecting shade seamlessly vanishes into your skin, leaving your skin smooth, plumped, hydrated, and glowing. You’re gonna thank me for this one, FFFers!

Beautyblender Sponge ($19.95): Whether erasing eyeliner, chiseling cheekbones, smoothing out sunscreen, or perfecting your pout, Beautyblender is my heavenly heroine of the moment. Its unique pink egg-shaped design rolls on the skin to smooth away harsh makeup lines, leaving a flawless finish. I love to apply my blush, bronzer, and highlighter, and then go in with my little pink friend and perfect it.

Kai Fragrance Oil ($48): Whether wearing it on its own or layering it with other favorite fragrances, Kai is an essential. It smells like a Southern summer with its delicate recipe of gardenia and white flowers. It enters the room when I do – not a second before. And it never overstates. If Kai were an adjective, it would be graceful. Kai is the Audrey Hepburn of fragrances, helping me to smell like a lady, whether I’m feeling like a Jackie O or a Marilyn.

Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara ($30): I have sung the praises of my first boss’ mascara for a while. The formula creates water-resistant tubes around each lash. And the 24-hour formula always looks glossy and freshly applied. Perfect for all-day wear, you need only to curl your lashes again to revive it for the evening. It lasts through tears or marathons (or both!), all while defining, darkening, and volumizing. Perfect for a low-maintenance lady, it washes off effortlessly with water. Yep, you read that right — water. Easy to apply and even easier to remove, it’s a forever fave for me.

Mustela Multi-sensory Bubble Bath ($10): So maybe this multi-sensory bubble bath was formulated for a baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. Hey, who you callin’ a baby? I love the stuff. It’s a magical potion perfect for my nightly bath. Rich in marine extracts, its soothing scent deeply relaxes me, helps me wash away any remaining stress of the day, and helps me sleep…well, like a baby. Baby, I’m yours.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-Lasting Lip Pencil and Lip Liner in Leif ($23): I love a neutral, metallic nude. A bit of bronze with a hint of plum and pink, this Rouge Bunny Rouge lip liner makes any lip gloss or lipstick pop. And it gives your lips beautiful, believable, rich definition while blending in with all shades. Perfectly paired even with lip balm, it’s sure to please!

For more FabFitFun, check it out here: FABFITFUN!!