Travel Essentials: LAX to DFW

What are my in-flight travel essentials?
Well, they change from flight to flight, depending on what my destination is.
Here’s what my tray table looked like yesterday on Virgin America en route to Dallas from Los Angeles.

My LAX-DFW Virgin America tray table



BF Asks: What are your in-flight essentials? 

Valentine’s Faves 2014

Ahhhh, Valentine’s Day. For me, it always recalls homemade valentines at the kitchen table, sweetheart candies and…crushes on boys.

Some things never change.

But then, some things do.
This year, I decided to host a little shoot over here at The Cupcake Palace to capture all of my Valentine’s faves this year. Those of you who follow me on Instagram (@beautyfrosting) have already seen these but of course I wanted to include some pics for those readers who haven’t seen them yet.
Hope you enjoy these little Valentine’s daily delights as much as I enjoyed shooting them!

A love letter to all of you: You are enough. You are beautiful. You are loved. SO loved. Xoxo, Me (*hydrangea ℅ Rendez-Vous Florist on 3rd Street)  *coffee cup by Sur La Table and *Love Note stationery from Anthropologie


B. as in Be Mine. *Baseball cap ℅ J.Crew * heart champagne flutes by World Market *pink sequined apron backdrop from Haute Hostess Aprons


These are a few of my favorite things… Beginning with a heart charm necklace and heart cutout ring by FleaMarket Girl

My most beloved Valentines gifts this year? A ruby red glittering bottle of Pinot Noir from Hope At Home & One Hope Wine & a V-day hued Kate Spade New York iPhone case. Add in that Anthropologie "Hello Gorgeous" valentine's card and I'm smitten.


More of my Valentine faves? A cream puff of pink thanks to Tarte Cosmetics Lipsurgence and cheek stain in Fearless , Jouer Cosmetics lip gloss in Peony , Haute Hostess pink chiffon apron , James Serra Cristallio rosé champagne, cake pops from SweetXO and a another sweet valentine card from Anthropologie. Pink perfection.


Really boys, you shouldn't have. In a floral paradise or being bombarded with bouquets by boys? Only you can decide...

And I hope you had a very, very SWEET Valentine’s day with the ones who steal your heart away.






My BF Holiday Wish List 2013

Okay, with Christmas right – and I mean, riiiiiight – around the corner, I am hoping that Santa is done making his list, has checked it twice and that I am on there with little stars next to my name. But just in case he needs a friendly reminder (I say batting my eyelashes), here is My BF Holiday Wish List 2013!
BF Holiday Wish List 2013

1) Tasty treats from Tarte.  Tarte Cosmetics’ Holiday Collection always tops my list for Santa. They have the cutest, sweetest and most adorably packaged gifts – which just so happen to have pretty, pretty highly-pigmented products encased in them. Plus they’re cruelty-free which we loooooove! And with their 30 Gifts Under $30, I’m just sure that Santa can swing a few!

#1 on my Wish List? The Tarte Holiday Collection! (ranging from $19 to $217)


2) My heart belongs to Jessie Steele. It’s not news to anyone that my heart eternally belongs to Jessie Steele. Her pretty products are after my own heart and she is forever on my wish list with her gorgeous, girly, cupcake-meets-coquette aesthetic. Whenever I don a Jessie Steele original, I am not only complimented by folks but I can’t wipe that silly smile off my face! p.s. Right now, You can get 50% off holiday aprons with this code: JINGLE50 upon checkout!!

It's not enough that I'm wearing the Jessie Steele Holiday Cookies Josephine Apron in this pic but please also note the phone case. Yep, Jessie Steele, as well! Ha! I'm obsessed!


Love of my life: Jessie Steele Cherry Cupcake series - pictured here, the EVA-coated Cherry Cupcakes apron ($36) & the Scalloped Pot-Mit ($6.50)

3) Nordstrom Knows What’s Up. Listen, Santa. I get it. You had all of those kids to shop for and you forgot about little ole, beauty-product-loving me. Well, never fret my frosty-living, furry-faced friend. Nordstrom has everything you need and more.

Nordstrom knows what's up, Santa! Find all of the gifts you need for the beauty-lover like myself there!

For the lip gloss lover? Bare Minerals Show Me The Shimmer Set ($25)

Manicure queen? The adorable Glitter Mani Set ($13)

Bathing beauty? Philosophy Apricots and Cream Duo ($16.50)

Makeup Maven? Smashbox Wondervision Eye Kits ($32)

For the guy in your life? Jack Black Luxury Shave Set ($200)

And soooo much more!!

So Santa, look. I know I made a few mistakes this year. I’m sorry. But who hasn’t? If you could just get me 1 or 2 of the lovely little things on my list, I promise to be good.
Well…I’ll try.


BF Asks: What’s on your holiday wish list this year?


Beauty Beat with Dawn McCoy on The Moll Anderson Show on SiriusXM, Saturday 5/4/13 Show

Happy Tuesday, beauties!

I am thrilled that Moll Anderson – my go-to guru/goddess for lifestyle and romance – has asked me to host a weekly segment, Beauty Beat with Dawn McCoy, bringing you my most beloved beauty products of the week on The Moll Anderson Show on SiriusXM Channel 168.

I became a big fan of the marvelous Moll back when I lived in Nashville so getting to play with her on her SiriusXM show is a HUGE honor! She is my go-to guru for lifestyle and romance tips and advice. Listen every Saturday 2pm PST/5pm EST on SiriusXM Channel 168 to hear Moll’s tips on everything under the sun – especially lifestyle & love – on The Moll Anderson Show!

In case you missed my first segment of Beauty Beat with Dawn McCoy on The Moll Anderson Show this past Saturday, take a listen here by clicking on the link.

This week’s theme? Waterproof Eye Makeup for Steamy Summer Months!

5/4/13 Beauty Beat with BeautyFrosting’s Dawn McCoy on The Moll Anderson Show on SiriusXM, Channel 168

Beauty Beat 5/4/13: Wonderful Waterproof Eye Makeup for Steamy Summer Months

Be sure to listen every Saturday 2pm PST/5pm EST on SiriusXM Channel 168 to hear Moll’s tips on everything under the sun – especially lifestyle & love – on The Moll Anderson Show and to hear yours truly on the Beauty Beat with Dawn McCoy!




Tarte Aqualillies Launch Party – The perfect sneak preview of Summer 2013!

I was giddy-with-glee a few weeks ago to be invited by Tarte Cosmetics to their Aqualillies Summer 2013 Sneak Preview at the oh-so-summery Annenberg Community Beach House.

Annenberg Community Beach House


Well, you know it’s gonna be a good party when you walk in and you realize that you match the decor! I literally looked like a casual bridesmaid. And, of course I did! I’m a Dallas girl, after all!


Color Coordinating with Tarte!

With heavenly hues of coral and turquoise, I felt right at home. And when I caught a glimpse of the new Aqualillies collection, I wondered if Tarte didn’t have a hidden camera in my my home. My living room – as many of you know – is a pastel whimsical wonderland of peach, robin’s egg and cream. And my bathroom is peach too! Which made me especially excited when I took home a matching shower cap!

Tarte Aqualillies Shower Cap couldn't coordinate better with my peach bathroom!

Never has a collection fit so well in my home on my vanity (packaging-wise) or on my face so beautifully (product-wise)!

Tarte's new Aqualillies Summer 2013 Collection: Product prices range from $19 - $38. Between the makeup p


Now, I’m not exactly saying that Tarte has been bugging my home but I do think they have the vintage, pastel, days of yore-loving girl like me in mind when they came up with this charming collection. So, of course, I had to ask.

They told me they were inspired by the sweet & seductive syncronized swimteam, the Aqualillies, to come up with this waterproof wonderland of belle-of-the-ball beauty  products.


The amazing Aqualillies in action at Annenberg Community Beach House

Inspired by the Aqualillies’ signature lipcolor of choice – Coral – and their need for wearable waterproof makeup, it was a match made in heaven.

And, as with all Tarte products, everything is cruelty-free and planet-friendly.

So thanks to the mind-blowing entertainment by the aquatic goddesses – the Aqualillies, the tastebud-tantalizing catering & cocktails and the Summer 2013 collection, the Tarte event was one of my favorite all-time events.


The delicious summer cocktails & catering!


I’m just happy they matched the collection to my taste and loves! And I don’t even mind that they tapped my home when I get gorgeous looks like these thanks to the “girl-like-me-inspired” collection! Oh, and those adorable Aqualillies too, of course.

*Get your Tarte Aqualillies Summer 2013 Collection here!

And tune in Wednesday to see the collection in action!



BF Asks: What are your signature summer colors?




BF’s Holiday Gorgeous Gift-Giving Guide: Tarte’s Holiday 2012 PLUS Collection

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…everywhere you go!

I don’t know about y’all but my sweet Mom has been calling me asking which delectable dishes of hers I would most love to enjoy for the holidays. Mmmmmm…

She gave me scrumptious choices – as her food is the only food that tempts me all the way down to my heart and tastebuds. Some of my options? Italian Cream Cake, German Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Cake, Bread Pudding, Christmas Pie, Orange Slice cake, Sausage Balls, Shrimp Ball, Pumpkin Bread, Robert Redford Delight, her signature Blueberry Crepes, her classic EggNog and many, many more. See why one of my favorite pastimes is cooking? I inherited it from the best of the best – my Mom!

While I looooove food, I cannot indulge nearly as much as I would like to. So sweet gift choices must satiate my sweet tooth! Lucky for me, Tarte has a bevy of them this year.


Tarte's Holiday Collection plus some classic gift faves (prices range from $16 to $60 -- GREAT deals!)


Feeding into our signature sweet tooth is Tarte’s never-fail holiday collection. Give the gifts as a whole set or – do what I do – and split them up between stockings.

Between their smoky eyeliners, Maracuja miracle makeup, chubby lip crayons (with the perfect amount of color), beauty travel bag filled with their gorgeous shades or a jewelry box with Tarte essentials, you are sure to find the perfect gift for your pretty ones!

And for those of us on a budget, I love getting Tarte’s holiday collections and making multiple gifts out of them!Personalizing each gift to each person’s personality and skin tone makes these gifts pretty, personalized and pocketbook-friendly! I feel like Santa!

How sweet indeed!!



BF Asks: Which family recipes are your tastebuds jonesing for this holiday season? Spill it and share the sweetness!

Primping with…Kiersten Warren

Happy Wednesday, beauties! I loved interviewing my friend, Kiersten Warren, for my latest FabFitFun column, “Primping with…”. It was an utterly delicious delight! And it was filled with soooo many details & tidbits that I couldn’t include it all on FFF. So here it is in its entirety for your reading pleasure.

I was so impressed with her full, colorful and love-filled life. And I am thrilled that she is writing about all of her daily (and past) adventures. Here’s to the next sweet & exciting chapter, Kiersten!


(excerpts originally featured on FabFitFun 12/4/12)
Today, I’m primping with the always-funny, eternally youthful, ethereal sprite that is my friend, Kiersten Warren. You may recognize this talented actress, writer, wife and mother from Desperate Housewives, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Bunheads, Independence Day, Life Goes On or Saved by The Bell: The College Years.

We chose to meet at Chateau Marmont for a light lunch – shrimp cocktail, Caesar salad and a glass of sauvignon blanc for those who like to know such details – and primping. Having just left having tea with Tarte Cosmetics, I gifted Kiersten with Tarte’s Maracuja concealer. We had some fun with makeup in the middle of the Chateau Marmont and giggled a lot.

I had met Kiersten this past summer at a party where we became instant friends and decided we should definitely “make plans on purpose” (as Kiersten says) soon. 3 months later into our busy schedules, we had our first chance! Between her candor, wickedly clever humor, sweet nature wine and lovely presence, I couldn’t wait to share our chat with   you!

BF: Tell us about your beauty routine. Makeup?

KW: I wear Cle de Peau foundations for the light silky coverage. I never feel like it’s heavy and it reflects light really well. With that I’ll use the YSL Touche éclat combined with the Chanel concealer. I also love the Tarte Maracuja concealer you introduced me to. I’m always up for “concealing.” I have allergies and sometimes my under-eye region gets really puffy, and until the meds kick in I just have to deal. Then I like Shiseido powder in a compact to take along.

I use Dior Show mascara and usually MAC eyeshadows for their vibrant colors. As far as lipsticks go, I’m really liking my MAC reds. I think it’s “VAMP” that I use all the time. I don’t know for sure because Scarlett (my 7 year old) left her ice cream to melt in the car’s drink holder where I hide my lipstick and, resultantly, the label long ago died and had to be peeled off. I think it’s VAMP but I have Dior lip glosses in candy color shades in every purse so I could easily be wearing any of those.

BF: I feel very Steel Magnolias asking this. In fact, I shall do it with a southern accent. What is your signature fragrance?

KW: For years I’ve worn La Chasse Aux Papillons Eau de Toilette by L’Artisan Parfumeur. But lately I’ve been feeling unfaithful and reckless and have switched it up with those naughty Marc Jacobs triplets, Lola, Daisy and Dot.

BF: Naughty, indeed. And as for your lovely locks?


KW: I have dreadlock, curly, cotton candy hair. Hair like a 19th century Irish street orphan. Nicole Kidman’s is the classy version of my natural hair. So it needs to be dealt with by way of keratin treatments and then letting it come out to play a bit. Good thing with hair like mine is that there’s always volume. Bad thing is that it does what it wants if you let it, and that’s decidedly NOT PRETTY. 

 BF: I think we have very similar hair thanks to Mother nature. Mine is post-brazilian blowout right now. Getting my volume back! Everyone wants it when they don’t have it. But honey, it takes a village, doesn’t it?

KW: Gabor, my hair guy on Desperate Housewives, would take a deep sigh, close his eyes, do one cleansing yoga breath and say over my head as a daily mantra, “The hair will not win!”

BF: That. Is. Hilarious.

KW: Always made me laugh. Which is key. I prefer to work with a high level of joy. “Chuckle-headed-ness” even. Sutton Foster on Bunheads is fun like that as well. 

BF: So what’s your go-to ‘do?

KW: Since I have curly hair I don’t wash it very much. Like every 3 or 4 days. So day one it’s down and wavy and bouncy and kind of perfect.  Day two is curlier. Three is a ponytail with a pretty headband. Day four is a hat.

BF: Shower or Bath?

KW: I prefer a bath. Showers to me are like an aquatic assault. Something you do when that’s all that is offered in your hotel room in Moscow. 

BF: Oh my gosh. I could not love the way you put that any more. I always consider a shower basically a workout. Hmm…that might explain a few things.

BF: Do you have a nightly beauty ritual? You know something that helps you wind it down? (ex. for me – I never miss my bath and book every night)

KW: Every night I’ll make chamomile tea with honey and then have chilled slices of an Asian pear. Or a pomegranate. 

 BF (in my head): Well, color me impressed. Sophisticated. Very grown up.

KW: And it’s during that ritual that I pick out what I’ll wear to bed. Then I flip through a magazine while my husband, Kirk (writer’s note – Kirk Acevedo of Oz, Band of Brothers, Prime Suspect, Fringe,) finds our movie. Usually something horrifically scary that then he falls asleep to and I’m petrified into therapy because I can’t change the channel. I once left our tv on for 3 months because Kirk was away on location. Let it be known here officially that our Universal remote hates me. And the feeling is mutual. 

 BF: I love that the family drama only exists between you and, basically, an appliance.

 BF: Back to business! Brows – wax or tweeze? Who’s your go-to?

KW: I go to Anastasia and let Katie Crecion work her magic on my brows. 

 BF: And what about those gorgeous, lush lashes? Amazing!!!

KW: Latisse. I use it, Yes. If it turns my eyes brown…whatever. I prayed for brown eyes as a child after reading Anne Frank. I wanted to look like her. To date they are still blue. But will keep you posted.

 BF: You are lean and lithe. I cannot lie. I also love alliteration. How do you stay fit?

BF: I take a ballet-body sculpting class that is brutally efficient. I always wonder when I’m staggering around the next two days in agony, “why is it that I do this?” It can’t be to look sexier. Not when I look like an injured chimp staggering around wearing an adult diaper. Because that is how I walk after one of those workouts. 

 I’m very hard on myself physically. And it’s a shame really. As a competitive gymnast once upon a time, the capacity to even enjoy pecan pie has pretty much been beaten out of me. And so the end result is what? That I’m thin. It’s something to be pitied more than anything. If I said I’d been hungry for just about half my life, it wouldn’t be a lie.  

 BF: That reminds me of that line from Julia Roberts in Notting Hill: I’ve been on a diet every day since I was nineteen, which basically means I’ve been hungry for a decade.”


 KW: Kirk has a hugging gauge and tells me when it’s pasta night. LOL

 BF: I need a man like that!!

KW: I do make a mean corn chowder with shrimp and poblano chiles. And my vices are candy coffee drinks at Starbucks. My candy choices are red hots and black licorice. Then hot tamales. 

BF: What is the best advice you received from your grandmother?

KW: My Grandma Inez gave me the best advice, which was delivered to me while I was ironing my dress, whilst wearing it. Like you do. Grandma looked at me and giggled and goes, “lazy people work the hardest.”  And over the years it’s resonated with me. Because they do, don’t they?

BF: What’s one of your earliest beauty memories?

KW: My first significant beauty memory was feeling the power of transformation in the chair of a champion hairstylist as she dragged my hair straight with her blow dryer for the first time in my life. Up until then I’d thought I was destined to roam the earth looking very muppet-like for all of my days. Her name was Bronwyn and it was at the JCPenney’s salon.  She changed my life. Thanks for that, Bronwyn. 

BF: Shameless plug of Penneys, Kiersten. What beauty faux pas did you commit that you look at now & cringe?

KW: I remember when I was 7, my Mom curled my hair in curlers and I slept in them all night for picture day, I thought I looked so very pretty and while I was being driven to our Christian school I remember making eye contact with all the passing cars. I thought that I might very well be discovered by a huge talent agent looking as pretty as I felt. Terribly funny considering I wasn’t even allowed to see movies in a theater as a child. And yes we were Independent Fundamentalist Baptists…if that explains things a bit. 

BF: What would the 13-year-old version of you think about you now?

KW: My 13-year-old self would be sorely impressed with how we turned out. She would think me both wicked and divine. Then we’d try on my expensive shoes and she’d remind me how when we were 14, we snuck out to see a movie and it was The Muppet Movie. And then we’d laugh at our ridiculous rebel selves. 

BF: Speaking of girls, what advice would you give to your daughter, Scarlett?

KW: I would advise Scarlett to never compare herself to anyone ever. For it’s in that instant where we siphon off all our power in comparing and contrasting. And it’s at that fetid well that girls first drink of inadequacy and self loathing. Then jealousy steals their joy. Keep your joy from the get-go and compare yourself never, ever, in the history of ever, to anybody else. “You are miraculous.” is what I tell Scarlett.

BF: And I’m crying. That is some wonderful mother stuff, right there! Napkin please. Okay. Nearing the end so finish off that glass. One word that describes you right now:

KW: #merrimentmerchant. It’s kind of one word.

BF: If I could describe you in one word, it would be “effervescent”. Oooh-and I like “enchanting”, as well!

BF: Fill-in-the-blank time:

“My favorite color is…”

KW: My favorite color is YES! Because I love them all. Depending on my mood. But I guess I’m partial to deep greens. 

BF: My favorite quote is:

KW: Laugh if you can cry if you must. It’s a favorite quote. Firstly because it’s so applicable, secondly it annoys my husband, so I say it a lot just to be provocative. Now he just laughs whenever he hears it. I actually heard him use it once so I’m certainly the winner in that regard.

BF: My personal philosophy (beauty, life or otherwise) is:

KW: My personal philosophy or way of living life is to “Be a light, shine a light, help hold a light or just go back to your hole.” 

BF: Love that! What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of?

KW: Very proud of my writing. I’m currently shopping my book “Pocket Stories of a Ramblin’ Christian Gypsy.” 

BF: Aaaaaand I’m in! Tell me more.

KW: It’s a deconstructed memoir written in little single consumption reads. Literature for those with an attention span of a caffeinated ferret.  I store my pieces here …   it’s been so nice to unburden myself in the retelling of these stories. Stones I’ve pulled out of my pockets if you will. And am now free to float down the river of life unburdened, free from fetters and fools. I’m proud that as a pregnant fifteen year old I was able to forge ahead and have a successful career in show business. I’m proud of my children and my marriage. 

BF: You are a shining example of a mother doing her best for her kids and following her dreams!

BF: What role has been the most fun to play fashion and beauty-wise?

KW: The most fashion fun I’ve had playing a role was probably to play, “Necie” in the Callie Khourie directed and written feature film, Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood.

BF: That is one of my all-time favorite books and films. Brilliant. Details please.

KW: It was vintage and going to sleep with loads of pin curls was more fun than the law should allow.  Pretty dresses just make me happy.

BF: What would you like people to say about you behind your back?

KW: That they wish they were me. I’m kidding. Kinda.



BF Asks: Kiersten’s proudest accomplishments made my heart burst! What accomplishment are YOU most proud of thus far? 

High-Low 14: Sweet & Sleepy

This week was busy. It seems like each week gets busier and busier. Isn’t that the case?

But along with the “busyness” of it all, I am beyond grateful that there were some super sweet moments that made it a week to remember.



1) My little neighbor & dear friend, Lucy, celebrated her 4th birthday. To celebrate, she had a rockstar fete.

And I baked “Microcone Cupcakes” for the occasion. Get it? Pardon the Phil Dunphy-ness of that.

I’ll put up the recipe for “Microcone Cupcakes” as soon as I get a chance!

2) Attending the J.Haus fashion show was a treat!

A burlap gown!

A gown made entirely of corn!

So fun!


3) I made another batch of my Pink Lemonade cupcakes for my agents last Friday. I try not to eat my treats during the week but it was Friday so I had to try one. It was so delicious, y’all!

4) I had the pleasure of having Tea with Tarte Cosmetics and had the delightful thrill of getting to preview their Holiday ’12 Collection: Baby, It’s Bold Outside.

The candy-colored holiday products had me at hello. All pretty, powerful products that are a morsel of the cost of separate items.

Tarte Holiday Collection: "Baby, It's Bold Outside"!


And I got to see some of my favorite friends, Megan of Meg’s Makeup and my fellow Dallas girl, Roxy, of RedCarpetRoxy:


5) I finally played on Polyvore and oooooooh did I have fun!

I loved it so much that I started a Pinterest board based on my Polyvore-playing. That’s a lot of p’s! Check out BeautyFrosting on Polyvore and Pinterest to see what looks (fashion, accessories, jewelry, hair, makeup, oh my!) are inspiring me right now.


6) And lastly…I copyrighted my first kids books. One is a sweet-themed series and the other is a night-night book. They are my babies and I can’t wait for y’all to read them to your little darlings! Sorry there’s on pic of this so I’m using this one that Amy Opoka took for my BeautyFrosting shoot.


Tired. I am sooooooo tired. As much as I would love to sleep for a week, I’m off again next weekend to my best friend’s wedding in New Orleans. Sure to be a fun fete-filled weekend, I am also looking forward to sleeping in a few mornings! I have been going non-stop and even me, the Energizer Bunny, has to get my batteries charged sometimes!

Have a beautiful week, everyone!




BF Asks: What was your High-Low this week?