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Happy Tuesday, beauties!

I am thrilled that Moll Anderson – my go-to guru/goddess for lifestyle and romance – has asked me to host a weekly segment, Beauty Beat with Dawn McCoy, bringing you my most beloved beauty products of the week on The Moll Anderson Show on SiriusXM Channel 168.

I became a big fan of the marvelous Moll back when I lived in Nashville so getting to play with her on her SiriusXM show is a HUGE honor! She is my go-to guru for lifestyle and romance tips and advice. Listen every Saturday 2pm PST/5pm EST on SiriusXM Channel 168 to hear Moll’s tips on everything under the sun – especially lifestyle & love – on The Moll Anderson Show!

In case you missed my first segment of Beauty Beat with Dawn McCoy on The Moll Anderson Show this past Saturday, take a listen here by clicking on the link.

This week’s theme? Waterproof Eye Makeup for Steamy Summer Months!

5/4/13 Beauty Beat with BeautyFrosting’s Dawn McCoy on The Moll Anderson Show on SiriusXM, Channel 168

Beauty Beat 5/4/13: Wonderful Waterproof Eye Makeup for Steamy Summer Months

Be sure to listen every Saturday 2pm PST/5pm EST on SiriusXM Channel 168 to hear Moll’s tips on everything under the sun – especially lifestyle & love – on The Moll Anderson Show and to hear yours truly on the Beauty Beat with Dawn McCoy!




Makeup Monday: Tarte Aqualillies Collection

You know what I love? When the pretty packaging of a product only enhances the fact that there’s a really pretty product inside! That’s the case with the Tarte Aqualillies collection.

Tarte Aqualillies Amazonian clay waterproof eye and cheek palette ($38)


Inside the Tarte Aqualiilies Collection...


I wore the palette and gloss last week to an event and I felt as seductive as summer. The waterproof aqua liner (which I wore on top & bottom lashes) lasted and lasted. And the punchy coral blush wore on, as well.


"Dawning" Tarte Aqualillies

"Dawning" the whole Tarte Aqualillies Waterproof Collection


And then there’s the gloss. Y’all, I’ll be honest…it made me feel both kissable AND sexy!
Too bad, there was no one for me to kiss at the girls-only event that I attended!


Swatches from left to right: Charmed Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss, Peaceful Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss and Timeless Glamazon 12-hour lipstick


Oh well, there’s always next time…

After all, the summer hasn’t even started yet! And with this sexy summer collection, I’m sure to heat things up!



BF Asks: Which Tarte lip color do you wanna try for summer?

Tarte Aqualillies Launch Party – The perfect sneak preview of Summer 2013!

I was giddy-with-glee a few weeks ago to be invited by Tarte Cosmetics to their Aqualillies Summer 2013 Sneak Preview at the oh-so-summery Annenberg Community Beach House.

Annenberg Community Beach House


Well, you know it’s gonna be a good party when you walk in and you realize that you match the decor! I literally looked like a casual bridesmaid. And, of course I did! I’m a Dallas girl, after all!


Color Coordinating with Tarte!

With heavenly hues of coral and turquoise, I felt right at home. And when I caught a glimpse of the new Aqualillies collection, I wondered if Tarte didn’t have a hidden camera in my my home. My living room – as many of you know – is a pastel whimsical wonderland of peach, robin’s egg and cream. And my bathroom is peach too! Which made me especially excited when I took home a matching shower cap!

Tarte Aqualillies Shower Cap couldn't coordinate better with my peach bathroom!

Never has a collection fit so well in my home on my vanity (packaging-wise) or on my face so beautifully (product-wise)!

Tarte's new Aqualillies Summer 2013 Collection: Product prices range from $19 - $38. Between the makeup p


Now, I’m not exactly saying that Tarte has been bugging my home but I do think they have the vintage, pastel, days of yore-loving girl like me in mind when they came up with this charming collection. So, of course, I had to ask.

They told me they were inspired by the sweet & seductive syncronized swimteam, the Aqualillies, to come up with this waterproof wonderland of belle-of-the-ball beauty  products.


The amazing Aqualillies in action at Annenberg Community Beach House

Inspired by the Aqualillies’ signature lipcolor of choice – Coral – and their need for wearable waterproof makeup, it was a match made in heaven.

And, as with all Tarte products, everything is cruelty-free and planet-friendly.

So thanks to the mind-blowing entertainment by the aquatic goddesses – the Aqualillies, the tastebud-tantalizing catering & cocktails and the Summer 2013 collection, the Tarte event was one of my favorite all-time events.


The delicious summer cocktails & catering!


I’m just happy they matched the collection to my taste and loves! And I don’t even mind that they tapped my home when I get gorgeous looks like these thanks to the “girl-like-me-inspired” collection! Oh, and those adorable Aqualillies too, of course.

*Get your Tarte Aqualillies Summer 2013 Collection here!

And tune in Wednesday to see the collection in action!



BF Asks: What are your signature summer colors?