Travel Essentials: LAX to DFW

What are my in-flight travel essentials?
Well, they change from flight to flight, depending on what my destination is.
Here’s what my tray table looked like yesterday on Virgin America en route to Dallas from Los Angeles.

My LAX-DFW Virgin America tray table



BF Asks: What are your in-flight essentials? 

Homeward Bound!

I love visiting my hometown of Dallas in October.

The fall colors, warm days and cool night and, most importantly, Big Tex and the State Fair of Texas just represent everything fall is about to me!

I set sail yesterday on Virgin Airlines and after a night of dinner at Mi Cocina and nightswimming in my mom’s pool, today I am sitting on the couch getting some work done.

I’ll be here for 14 days and am just soaking in the Texas I know and love.

Here’s a little taste of my travels yesterday.

Homestate-bound for Texas with my little friend. No, silly, I’m not talking about my @kyumelange Eclair bag; I’m talking about that smushed little face in the bag, Miss Ellie. Mi Cocina, here we come!!!! #salsaandmargaritasarealliwant

Homewards bound.

In @uber en route to Mom’s w/ the uber cool Ellster. Two words come to mind: Mi. Cocina.


It’s like my Coca-Cola bottle knew I was going home yesterday. And, of course, I had to bring some LA goodies for the family from my LA faves, @joansonthird@milkjarcookies ! Joan’s Coconut cupcakes for mom (she won’t let me in the door without em), Joan’s chocolate covered gummy bears for Brother and@milkjarcookies for everyone!

Can't go home empty-handed!


And it begins. My family usually dines at Mi Cocina about 80% of the time I’m in town.




BF Asks: What family traditions do you and your family enjoy when you’re home?

Holiday Travel: My In-Flight Essentials

Holiday Travel: My In-Flight Essentials

My in-flight essentials yesterday on my Virgin America flight from Los Angeles to my hometown of Dallas? Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Sorbet ($20), Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner ($28), Creme de La Mer Moisturizing Cream (starting at $155), Creme de La Mer The Hand Treatment ($75) and, well, liquor.

Add a pink sparkly glitter bag (bought a few years ago from Forever 21), my laptop Lucy and a bloody mary and you have one very happy  – and hydrated – traveler.

Perfect to prep my skin for all of the indulging I have up ahead of me!

BF Asks: What are your in-flight essentials to help you look fresh when you step off that plane?