Pre-Coachella Mane Makeover at Sally Hershberger Salon in Los Angeles

When the folks at the Sally Hershberger salon in Los Angeles want to give you a mane makeover  (complete with a keratin treatment, cut, blowdry and style) for Coachella, you let ‘em! And not just let ‘em, you LOVE ‘em!!

Now I know how intimidating it can be going in to a hoity-toity, high-end salon. And it can be even more intimidating when that salon belongs to the goddess of coifs herself, Sally Hershberger. But I cannot emphasize enough how down-to-earth Sally and her team of stylists are.


BEFORE: A little fried and frizzy


Let’s start with colorist and texture technician extraordinaire, Andrew Cruz. With Andrew, I got a customized keratin treatment. So what does customized mean? Well, I was worried – from prior keratin experience – that my hair would be left flat, limp and so-not-sexy. But Andrew had a secret solution! He took the 2 best forms of keratin for my hair and applied them where they needed to go in a custom, non-cookie cutter application. Instead of volume-sapping results, I walked out with shiny, conditioned, baby-soft hair with bounce. It was the best keratin treatment I’ve ever received, I do believe.

Post-keratin goofing with smoother-extraordinaire, Andrew Cruz at Sally Hershberger salon

In Phillip James, I found a stylist not only with sharp skill but with sweet soul. He knew I was fearful of taking too much off the ends, so he took off just what was necessary and with his warmth and kind smile, I instantly trusted him.

A little nervous about losing a little length...but Phillip put my fears at ease

Then, he knew that I love to wear my hair 1970s style – with a little winged bang action à la Jaclyn Smith – so he tapered my fringe around my face to be amenable to that kind of styling as well as being worn straight. What Phillip adds to your soul - not to mention your hair – is richer than I can describe here on a blog. So you get more gorgeous on the outside while feeling more gorgeous on the inside.

Phillip made me feel not only gorgeous on the outside but on the inside as well!

And I left with a little extra pep in my step because they sent me home with some of Sally’s finest products so I can get the same results at home!

Now, I can get this sleek, sexy look at home! And my new fave tee pictured here is by Hello Apparel ($22)


Sally Hershberger products in my home! Coachella really IS like Christmas! Yay!

Walking out of their salon onto La Cienega – one of the busiest streets in Los Angeles – I felt downright sassy and – dare I say – confident. Good thing it was date night! (Wink, wink)

AFTER: Controlled, smooth, sleek...and just a tad bit sassy *tee c/o Hello Apparel ($22)


760 North La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90069
*Keratin treatments with Andrew Cruz cost about $400 (rates subject to change)
*Haircut & styling with Phillip James costs about $185 (rates subject to change)


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A Southern Girl’s Guide To LA: Assembly Salon – the ultimate “Primping Salon”

When it comes to blow-dry/makeup salons – or as I call them, “primping salons” – I must admit that I’m a little like our old friend, Goldlilocks. There’s always something great about each one but it goes something like this:
This one’s not customer-friendly. The parking’s hard here. There aren’t enough available appointments. They serve mimosas but the blowouts are only so-so. Blah, blah, blah.

Well, Goldilocks has finally found her JUUUUUST RIGHT home for primping.

Assembly Salon located in the heart of Beverly Hills has everything I want. Attentive customer service, stylists and makeup artists who really know what they’re doing and an attentive owner in Jessica who really cares about her clients.

Not only do they do beautiful blowouts but they also have a braid and ponytail bar, makeup & lash application and manicures! Yep, it’s the entire primping experience all in one place. For a busy girl-about-town like me, this is a DREAM, I tell ya!

Every time I leave there, I feel like Jaclyn Smith meets…


Channeling my inner Charlie's Angel thanks to Dee at Assembly...


Farrah Fawcett meets…


Channeling Farrah...

…Cindy Crawford. Wait, that’s dating myself, isn’t it? Oh well. I’m turning’ 36 in 16 days, people. What can I say?

Best of all, I love going and getting a relaxing scalp massage by Dee and then multitasking by sitting in the chair type-type-typing away on my pieces while I get my hair all gorgified for the evening! Yep, they have Wi-Fi, Goldilocks!!


Another tip? I multitaskby getting work done while Dee gorgifies me! Dee is AMAAAAAZING!


So I had to share with you guys that they’re having a Sparkle & Mingle holiday party tonight!! And – even better than that? They have a slew of holiday specials going on right now! Come on out tonight and find out all about ‘em! I’ll be there with…you guessed it…jingle bells on!!




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