Matchy-Matchy: NARS palette-Inspired Outfit

Because sometimes the perfect, classic, mod NARS Cosmetics Rated R palette ($35) inspires a wardrobe choice for a day of events. Y’know…normal.

*electric cobalt blue neoprene top by @jbrandjeans / chartreuse citrus skirt ℅@nordstrom / shoes by Anthropologie


Color blockin’ and walkin’. The perfect outfit for workday meets date night, inspired by @narsissist Rated R.

*photo & hair by @yumariesafari **top by@jbrandjeans / skirt by @nordstrom / wedges by @Anthropologie



BF Asks: Have you ever matched an outfit to a makeup product? 


I’M LOVING… Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand Collection

Cosmetics collections for summer can be hit-and-miss. But Bobbi Brown’s summer collection has been right on the money, year after year after year. So much so that Bobbi devotees, like me, look forward to this every summer with bated breath – as it truly means summer is in full swing.

Bobbi’s Surf & Sand collection this year is no exception.

I'M LOVING…Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand Collection

These products are truly among my top Must-Haves for Summer ’14. Right now, I am loving – and living in – her Surf Eye Palette, from her Surf & Sand collection, which contains eight shimmering, sandy eye shadows – as well as a few shimmering pastel shades that simply had to be inspired by ocean waves. It is truly the perfect mix of a neutral eye with a pop of shimmering, sea-foamy color. And at $65, these luxe palettes go fast so go and get em and get golden!

Then there’s the eyeliner. Oh, you guys. I think it’s as magical as a mermaid. Now, I think we all know my beautylosophy that everyone needs a Bronze liner – whether it be for eyes or lips, or in my case, both. Well, with Bobbi’s NEW Long-Wear Eye Pencil ($24) in Bronze from her Surf & Sand collection, I have found my newest must-have multitasking product. It has the perfect mix of neutral color with that light-reflecting shimmer and pigment I crave. Seriously, one pencil to keep in your beach bag that covers you for both eyes and lips? Yes, please.

As for cheeks, the Bronze Brightening Blush ($45) features three bars of pearlized pigments which creates a perfect sunkissed glow for day or night. Not a bronze fan and prefer pink cheeks? Bobbi’s Pink Brightening Blush still gives you that pearlescent glow with a pretty, pink flush. Either way, your cheeks will look as sunny as you feel.

And, lastly, the lips. Bobbi’s Limited edition Sheer Lip Colors ($26) are perfect for summer with their lightweight formula that saturates lips with a gentle wash of color and a nourishing shine. The 4 sun-loving shades this year are Sunlit Pink (a sheer bronze with a hint of pink), Peach Sorbet (a shimmering peachy coral), Pink Taffy (a pale sandy pink) and Summer Nude (a true be achy nude). Again, try lining your lips lightly, after applying lip color, with the Long-Wear Bronze eyeliner for more of a defined lip. Because who says that liner has to be just for eyes? It really is my favorite hue for lips!

With these mermaid-worthy, pretty products, you’ll be beach-beautiful in no time flat. Which is just the way Bobbi likes it.




BF Asks: What are your favorite summer beauty products for summer ’14 thus far?

My Current Crush: Jane Cosmetics Olive Branch Eye Shadow

Today’s post is sweet and simple because, well, it’s simple…and sweet. Well, more savory but I digress.

I LOVE this shadow that Jane Cosmetics is churning out. I know I just talked about it a few weeks ago – but, y’all (she says in a whiny voice) – there are sooooo many beautiful, highly pigmented, long wearing shades!!!

My Current Crush though is Jane’s Olive Branch eye shadow ($8). This shimmering golden khaki-meets-olive is just what the chef ordered for any eye color. Green eyes? No-brainer beauty. Got blue or hazel? The gold in this will make ’em pop. Brown? See pics below for evidence.

My Current Crush: Jane Cosmetics in Olive Branch ($8)

Yep, it’s love. And I have a feeling this is just the beginning of many a crush on Jane Cosmetics products.
I’m utterly smitten.

Smitten as a kitten.

Yes, I know I look like a goofball in this pic but look at that gorgeous smudged eyeliner this shadow gives us!!



BF Asks: What green-hued shadow do you swear by? 

My Current Crush: Jane Eyeshadow in Dawn – fitting, isn’t it?

Now, I know what you’re thinking.” She only has a crush on this Jane eyeshadow because of the name. Ugh. How narcissistic.” But au contraire, mon frère.

My Current Crush: Jane Cosmetics Shadow in Dawn…it's just a coincidence that it's my name, I swear!

I am crushing hard on this shadow because of its golden-coppery, highly-pigmented, long-wearing hue. This shimmering shade adds light and warmth to my eyes making them glow without looking too fiery (i.e., orange – yikes).

Jane Dawn (and me - Dawn) in the natural light of, um, afternoon. But wouldn't have it been cool if it WAS dawn?

Nope, My Current Crush: Jane Eyeshadow in Dawn ($8) is a high-performance powerhouse of a powder shadow that wears on for hours and makes your eyes pop. But the reason I love it most of all? Because at $8 a pop, you can get a bevy of these beautiful shadows without breaking the bank.

Another bonus? I love that Jane is all about giving back and supporting women. For more info about that, visit Friends of Jane.

So judge me, if you will. Go ahead and think that I just fancy this new shadow because they named it after me. Oh wait. They didn’t name it after me? Oh. Well, I still love it.

They didn't name it after me? Oh, well. I still love it!



BF Asks: What shadow is your current crush right now? 

Marvelous Mally Mother’s Day Contest

Hi beauties,

I am delighted to share with you our Mother’s Day Contest today!

Just tell us what beauty tips/ritual your beautiful mother gave you and win this marvelous Mally Mother’s Day prize for your beautiful mom or for beautiful you!

Marvelous Mother's Day Contest: Mally

Marvelous Mother's Day Contest: Mally (over $100 worth of beautiful products all in this cute MyGlam bag)

What all is in there?

Well, my favorite Mally lip product: Mally Ultimate Performance Lip System in MAKE ME BLUSH

Here it is on yours truly:

Mally Ultimate Performance Lip System in MAKE ME BLUSH

Mally Mother's Day Contest: Over $100 in Mally beauty for your beautiful mom or beautiful you!

Mally Mother’s Day Contest includes over $100 in Mally products including:
1) Mally Perfect Prep Poreless Primer Glow 

2) Mally Citychick Smolders in SMOLDERING CHOCOLATE

3) Mally Ultimate Performance Lip System in MAKE ME BLUSH

4) Mally Evercolor Endless Eyeshadow in DELISH PLUM

5) All in a precious Spring/Summer makeup bag!

Here’s how to enter:

1) Answer this question by replying to this post:

My favorite beauty ritual/tip my beautiful mother ____(name)_____ gave me is _______.

It’s that simple!
Our winner will be announced this FREEday Friday at 11 am (PST)!

Fingers, toes and bows crossed for you all!



BF Asks: My favorite beauty ritual/tip my beautiful mother ____(name)_____ gave me is _______.