My Current Crush: Jane Cosmetics Olive Branch Eye Shadow

Today’s post is sweet and simple because, well, it’s simple…and sweet. Well, more savory but I digress.

I LOVE this shadow that Jane Cosmetics is churning out. I know I just talked about it a few weeks ago – but, y’all (she says in a whiny voice) – there are sooooo many beautiful, highly pigmented, long wearing shades!!!

My Current Crush though is Jane’s Olive Branch eye shadow ($8). This shimmering golden khaki-meets-olive is just what the chef ordered for any eye color. Green eyes? No-brainer beauty. Got blue or hazel? The gold in this will make ‘em pop. Brown? See pics below for evidence.

My Current Crush: Jane Cosmetics in Olive Branch ($8)

Yep, it’s love. And I have a feeling this is just the beginning of many a crush on Jane Cosmetics products.
I’m utterly smitten.

Smitten as a kitten.

Yes, I know I look like a goofball in this pic but look at that gorgeous smudged eyeliner this shadow gives us!!



BF Asks: What green-hued shadow do you swear by?