My Current Crush: Jane Eyeshadow in Dawn – fitting, isn’t it?

Now, I know what you’re thinking.” She only has a crush on this Jane eyeshadow because of the name. Ugh. How narcissistic.” But au contraire, mon frère.

My Current Crush: Jane Cosmetics Shadow in Dawn…it's just a coincidence that it's my name, I swear!

I am crushing hard on this shadow because of its golden-coppery, highly-pigmented, long-wearing hue. This shimmering shade adds light and warmth to my eyes making them glow without looking too fiery (i.e., orange – yikes).

Jane Dawn (and me - Dawn) in the natural light of, um, afternoon. But wouldn't have it been cool if it WAS dawn?

Nope, My Current Crush: Jane Eyeshadow in Dawn ($8) is a high-performance powerhouse of a powder shadow that wears on for hours and makes your eyes pop. But the reason I love it most of all? Because at $8 a pop, you can get a bevy of these beautiful shadows without breaking the bank.

Another bonus? I love that Jane is all about giving back and supporting women. For more info about that, visit Friends of Jane.

So judge me, if you will. Go ahead and think that I just fancy this new shadow because they named it after me. Oh wait. They didn’t name it after me? Oh. Well, I still love it.

They didn't name it after me? Oh, well. I still love it!



BF Asks: What shadow is your current crush right now?