HIGH-LOW 10/13/13: Hallmark Home & Family happiness…and a mistake of misjudgment

This week was the very definition of a High-Low. It was one of my favorite, most-fulfilling, most epic weeks ever with a little low that could have disrupted it. But you know what? It didn’t. I wouldn’t let it. Not when I’ve worked so hard and not when my heart is so big.

So what was the high? Well, there were so many, I don’t even know where to start  - between fun time with friends like Jennifer Chan, Lindsey Vaerst, Amy Opoka and Aphrodite Camello and getting to do my weekly Beauty Beat segment on The Moll Anderson Show on I Heart Radio, the week was filled with happiness, friends and daily delights. But if I have to pick one…

HIGH: Home & Family on Hallmark

My high would have to be getting to be a guest on Home & Family on The Hallmark channel.

Being a guest on Home & Family on The Hallmark Channel was the HIGH of my week!

I was invited to be their beauty expert for Makeover Monday where we took Celia – a Home & Family set accountant, mother of 4 boys and an amazing woman who went back to finish college 3 years ago – and helped her discover her beautiful best.

With help from my fellow glam squad members -hairstylist Robby LaRiviere and stylist, Laurie Graham - Celia went from dependable set accountant to sexy birthday girl ready for a night out on the town.

Celia's Glam Squad on Home & Family on Hallmark (from L to R): beauty expert Dawn McCoy of BeautyFrosting, hairstylist Robbie LaRiviere and stylist Laurie Graham


Not used to being the center of attention, Celia enjoyed the primping but I think she realized that being behind the camera is much more relaxing.

As you can see from my face here, Robby ALWAYS has me in stitches!!

As for me? Oh, I loved being on camera. I’m a cheeseball like that.

Robby & I feeling verrrry comfortable on the set of Hallmark Home & Family - the warmest set I've ever been a part of!

But you know what I loved even more? Getting to know Celia and being a part of a team that hopefully helped her discover that her outer beauty is just as beautiful as her inner beauty.

And I can’t say enough about the kindness of the Home & Family family and crew. The set was one of the warmest I have ever been a part of and the hosts Cristina Ferrare and Mark Steines, guests and crew were so kind and generous that my heart just about melted. Thank you for having me, Home & Family family! I can’t wait to come back again!

And, you KNOW I had to take some baked goodness! So my family recipe of “More-More Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting” went right along with me. There wasn’t one left by the end of the day!

A sweet start to shoot day with my homemade "More-More Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting" - here with producer extraordinaire, Amy Webber and stylist Laurie Graham


So you wanna see the makeover? Well, you’ll have to watch Home & Family on Hallmark today at 10 am PST/EST & 9 am CST!!

LOW: A Mistake of Misjudgment

Amen, brother. "The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing." John Powell

So what was the low?

I made a big, big mistake. The kind of mistake you’re not supposed to make as an adult. See, my whole life I’ve really prided myself on my instincts when it comes to judging people. I can tell a bad guy a mile away and I steer clear of ‘em like nobody’s business. But it’s the ones who aren’t bad who are maybe just troubled and confused that can sometimes lead us astray. But after years of being spot on, well, I misjudged. Ugh. So while it’s been a very up & down week, all I can do is learn from this. Forgive myself and move forward.

And through this mistake, I learned such a big life lesson that I actually said this out loud in my bedroom before bed the other night: “Thank you for such a powerful and LOUD life lesson. I hear you. And I have learned.” Does that make me a dork? Oh, ABSOLUTELY. But it also makes me someone who learns from my mistakes, doesn’t make them again and moves on quite nicely.

BF Asks: What was your High-Low this week? 

*So what exactly is a High-Low, you ask? High-Low is the BEST & WORST part of your day, week, month, etc. I started this tradition with friends & family after I discovered it through a movie decades ago. Not only is it useful for reflection sake but it is also an excellent way to communicate with your spouse, kids or friends over the dinner table. By introducing this tradition to folks, parents have told me that their kids have opened up more and friends have told me that their spouses have become more communicative. Try it for yourself and let me know what your experience is!



Nice to “meet” you…

Gosh! So here I am getting to talk about all of my favorite things in the world!

Since the idea of BeautyFrosting was born, my feet haven’t touched the ground, I’ve been so excited!

I wake up eager to try new products, meet new people, find new lines, and write enthusiastically about my precious finds on here.
It has been one of the best experiences of my life, thus far.

So, where to start?

Well, probably you want to know a little about who this BeautyFrosting is.


I’m Dawn McCoy, a Dallas-born belle, living in Los Angeles, who has had a lifelong love affair with beauty, baking and people.

As the saying goes, I have never met a stranger. I have found that if you show up to a party, where you don’t know a soul, armed with a peachy lip gloss, a peach cobbler and a smile, you don’t stay friendless for long. Even in Los Angeles. Especially in Los Angeles.

I tried being “cool”, for about 6 months (all I could muster), when I moved to Los Angeles in 2000. Everyone I met seemed SOOOO cool. I wasn’t. So I tried to be a little aloof, toned down my “Dawnness” and well, all it left me feeling was a little lonely.

Fast forward to March 2001 when I was invited to a party, took my purse filled with my wallet (same vintage silver holder I carry today), fave lip gloss (Chanel in Spark)and camera (this was pre-iPhone, peeps) and….a homebaked peach cobbler.

It was a hit! And, as a major bonus, I made new friends. I swapped numbers (this was pre-Facebook, too) over lip gloss suggestions and buttery bites of peaches.

I learned that being my cheesy, friendly, real self was way better than trying to be some shadow of a cool, aloof, inauthentic chick.

So, now you’re wondering, why should I listen to any beauty advice this girl has to offer?

Because I’m honest, know beauty as a buyer, seller and artist, am always hungry for new products and, most of all, I want you to find the best beauty and skincare recipes that work for you, like I have.

My greatest hope is that BeautyFrosting will be your “BF” (best friend) in beauty. So when you’re looking for answers to your burning beauty questions and want to know about which new products to try, you have a place to call home.

I’m lucky in that I get to try lots of products, thanks to my line of work, which is good, because I use lots and like lots! But I have learned that not everything is loved by, nor right for, everybody.

By trying various products every day, I have learned what works for me, my clients, friends, and, now through this medium, I have a way to share my finds, with you.

So come on into my beauty kitchen, grab a tall glass of water or wine, and let’s see if we can’t find the perfect beauty recipe for you.

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