Love, Patience & Understanding

This past October, I was invited to experience one of the greatest showings of love I’ve ever witnessed.
It was a moment alive with honesty, humor, tears, laughter, enthusiasm, comfort, family, friends and home. And dancing. Lots of dancing.
I count it as one of the single most magical experiences of my life.
It was the wedding of my dear friends, Michael and Gabe.

Gay, straight, what have you. Literally, the best vows I've ever been invited to witness. My favorite quote was from Michael in his vows to Gabe: "I used to look forward to leaving my house every day. Now, with you, I can't wait to come home." Home is where the heart is.

Yes, a “gay wedding”. But do we really need to call it that?
A wedding is simply a celebration of marriage. So while it may have been gay in the sense that it was indeed a very happy affair, why must we refer to it as that? We don’t call other weddings “straight weddings”, do we?
So why must we be voting on this basic human right at this point in our history?

Listen, I truly cling to the belief that everyone is entitled to their own politics and religion.
I really do. I’m a big proponent of american politics like that.
I truly embrace those American values.
I do.

But until you’ve witnessed two of the best men you know saying “I Do” and joining into a forever-partnership, you might want to withhold your unkind words.
These vows do nothing to you.
They don’t break any bond.
They don’t sever the relationship that marriage represents.
They don’t “teach a lesson” about the modern degradation of values.
And they don’t have an impact on you or this country.
They’re just 2 people getting married and starting their own family.
Yep, it’s that simple.

How would you feel if you weren’t legally able to marry the love of your life?
Maybe this doesn’t look like your love…but it’s their love and it’s love, nonetheless.
And, be honest here, folks. How many of you have been questioned at some point for your taste in love?
I sure have. We all have. It’s not a good feeling. And unless your love is being questioned because you’re truly marrying a bad person, it’s not helpful either.

I know a lot of people who oppose same-sex marriage and they are good people. Smart people. Kind people. So now I speak to them and to those of you on the fence.

Think with your head.
But feel…and empathize…with your heart.
And let it go.
It’s not YOUR fight.
It is their lives.
As someone once told me, when I was 16 and espousing my belief about no sex before marriage (it didn’t last), “You don’t ‘believe in it? It’s happening. It’s not a matter of belief.”
Believe what you want but it’s going on. It’s happening, people.

Any union of two loving souls connecting makes me believe in love, have faith in humanity and – as a single gal -hopefully gives me a little hope.
But above all that, it gives me patience with people and love. Because right now, that’s what my friends are having to do, too.
Here’s to hoping that they don’t have to be patient much longer.


Friendly Friday: Hope & Jay’s Reveal the baby’s sex shower

A new trend, which I was fortunate enough to be part of, is the “Reveal the Baby’s Sex Shower”. Boy, oh, boy (or should I say girl, oh, girl) is it fun!!
My good, sweet neighbor-friends, Jay & Hope asked if I would be part of their big day and bake cupcakes for their RTBSS.

The Happy Parents-To-Be: Jay & Hope - at my Classic Southern Easter Dinner

One caveat: I would find out what sex the baby would be before anyone else would.
Um, did I mention, including them – the parents themselves?
I would have to keep my mouth shut, references to a minimum and sideways glances stored away, for days before the party. I might have to go into hibernation! We’re a tight-knit little bunch here on our little block. And now I was gonna have to keep tight lips on their big news. But I knew I was up to the task.
So how does this work?
In true hip Hope & Jay style, they gave their doc (ob/gyn) a yellow envelope with a yellow notecard inside.
They wrote on the card:
“Doctor says I’m a ________.”
When it’s time for the appointment where they can find out Baby’s sex, the good doctor fills in “Boy” or “Girl”, folds up the sonogram pic, puts it inside the envelope and seals it.
Only to be opened by yours truly a few days before the big reveal.
Soooo exciting!
And, here we go.
On the Wednesday before their Saturday RTBSS, I go over (in pilates gear, no less) to Jay & Hope’s.
They were expecting a reaction because, well, I’m expressive.

Boy or Girl? Finding out what Jay & Hope were having...

But I kept a straight face with no reaction. Much to their chagrin, I shrugged and made a face like “So what”.

I kind of feel like the Evil Queen: Only I know the

They all thought it was a boy. Even Miss Ellie.

I think it's a boy...

But I wasn’t spilling.
Even our good friend, Jennifer – with her crafty ways – couldn’t get the truth out of me!

...and she's crafty!

And then the big day came!
I made 6 dozen cupcakes with an equal number of baby blue and baby pink question marks on the top. Inside, was my buttercream filling. If it was a boy, it would be blue. If a girl, it would be pink. No one would know until biting into the cupcake and seeing the filling.

6 dozen Boy or Girl Cupcakes

I took them over to the party. People placed bets.

The Cupcake Reveal was scheduled...

No, really.
And then the truth was revealed:

Let the truth be revealed...


It's a girl!!!


Another little princess to introduce to my BeautyFrosting world!!

onesie, bib, baby girl, baby clothes, baby shower gifts

BeautyFrosting gets to give the first girl gift! Evil queen, indeed!

And a very lucky little girl to have two such sweet & loving parents as Jay & Hope!

To check out the recipe for the cupcakes and how to fill them, check here:

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BF QOD: Fridge-Worthy Love Quotespiration

What a nice reminder to have up on the fridge:

“Someday, someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else.” (Unknown)


BF’s BF: Happy.

I got a voicemail last Friday and it went a little something like this:

“It’s very important you call me. I love you. Bye.”

My best friend, of 23 years, Suzanne was the caller.

OhMyGoodness, OhMyGoodness, OhMyGoodness!
She’s engaged!!!

Gaines popping the question to an unassuming Suz in a field of bluebonnets

I knew it was coming. She met the love of her life almost a year ago and has been blissfully happy.

And that makes me happy.

Suz and I met at the Episcopal School of Dallas when we were in 6th grade.

Suz & Me: ESD Cheerleading days

My mom and Nanny always called us Mutt & Jeff. Some reference to a classic tv show. I don’t know who they are but they called us that because we were polar opposites.

I was a 5’9, brown-haired, brown-eyed, clutzy, makeup-loving, singing social butterfly and entertainer. She was a 5’1 flaxen-haired, petite, blue-eyed, stylish, graceful, spunky fashionista.

I called her Skippy. She called me Evening Shade.

We used to write notes about boys (I’d correct her spelling). We had countless sleepovers (where she helped my fashion-unsavvy self learn about good fashion sense). We were cheerleading tryout partners (I was the base and she was the top, natch). She inspired me to wear wind shorts (note: they didn’t look half as cute on my 5’9 frame as they did on her 5’1 frame). And we shared everything. Oh, and we had spats of course! Good ones! But we always came back to what mattered: being there for each other.

Over the years, we have been there for each other during everything.

As bridesmaids in our friends', Cullen & Allison Dickey's wedding, in Santa Fe

New jobs.  Shows. Moves. Successes. Breakups. Deaths. Family Tragedies. Family Drama. New loves. Ah yes, new loves! More on that later.

She visited me in Nashville and Los Angeles.  We have worked together on shoots. We have sunned in La Jolla.

Just a couple of girls in La Jolla

And we’d always meet up over the holidays in Dallas to exchange our super thought-out bday gifts for each other (we’re 9 days and 1 sign a part – she a Scorpio and I a Sagittarius). My favorite gifts have been from her.

Car dancing to "Everybody Wants You" in Dallas

And now, after an exciting career in New York and Paris, she had found her Texan man.

Back where it all started.

So I called her back. She was elated. Ecstatic. She told me, “Gaines and I were taking photos in our matching western shirts in a field of bluebonnets. He said there was something wrong with his boot. I had no idea. He knelt down and pulled out a ring. I really just thought something was wrong with his boot!” Always the stylist, that Suz.

I screamed. Naturally. Spoke with that amazing man, Gaines. And couldn’t stop grinning.
Then she sent me these pictures. And every time I look at them, I get the biggest, broadest smile.

Because seeing her so happy makes me SOOO happy!
See for yourself. He literally swept her off her feet.

Suz & Gaines - She said YES!!

So today’s BF QOD is dedicated to Gaines and Suz.

I can’t wait to share yet another milestone with my BF.

Love you guys!




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