I’m “dawning”… NYX Jet Black Eyeliner

NYX Slide On Pencil in Jet Black ($8.00)

I have been a big fan of NYX Cosmetics for a while now. So it’s a shame that I haven’t written about my love more. So bring on the lovefest!

How do I love thee, NYX Jet Black Eyeliner? Let me count the ways.
1) The price is right. With cosmetics well under $10, these pretty products give you the most bang for your buck. 2) This liner, in particular, is a rock star while making me look like a rockstar! 3) In a short time, it’s become a makeup bag essential!


How do I line with my love? I love lining my inner rim with it and tightlining with it under my upper lash line for extra definition without the drama. It lasts and lasts for hours without smudging and – yet – will smudge for a smoky eye if that’s what you desire – read: more drama!

My NYX Slide On Pencil lasted even the jumpiest of bouncies with my friends' kiddos!

It’s definitely become a must-have in my makeup bag and, as I’m in Dallas this week, I find it on my dressing table, bathroom counter, in my purse – you name it! It’s an eye essential for a well-defined eye at a fraction of the price of most high-quality liners. Getcha’ some!

On the plane to Dallas - one thing I didn't forget to pack? My NYX Slide On Pencil in Jet Black!


BF Asks: What is your favorite eye pencil to take with you on your travels? 

I’m “dawning”: Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Waterproof Mascara

Oh, I’m in love again. But it’s no man that captured my heart…it’s a mascara!
Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Waterproof Mascara ($25)  has wooed me and won me over that’s why I’m “dawning” it right now all the time!

I'm "dawning"...Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara in Jet Black ($25)


The truth is that I had been considering cheating on mascara and getting lash extensions when this little lothario came into my life.

Its three different high-volume fibers in a mousse-like base built my lashes up -with both volume and length – essentially creating a false lash effect.

Fortified with conditioning Lash-Advancing Vitamin Complex, there’s no breakage or brittleness – just lush, lush lashes!

I'm "dawning"...Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara in Jet Black ($25)

I opted for the Extreme Black and have found it to be the perfect mascara. An added bonus? Prismatic pearls intensify pigment and luster so your eyes look wider, brighter and more awake!

And the ball fibers fill in even the sparsest, little stray lashes.
I love applying to both my upper and lower lashes for a fully dramatic effect.

So if you’re not in love with your mascara, give this one a try. You’ll be glad you did!




I’M “DAWNING”…Le Métier de Beauté Kaleidoscope Eye Kit in Chauvet Pont d’Arc

Right now, I can’t get enough of rich pigment on my eyes. Paired with a nude, glossy lip, smoky eyes are smoldering.

That’s why I’M “DAWNING”…Le Métier de Beauté Kaleidoscope Eye Kit in Chauvet Pont d’Arc ($95).

Le Métier de Beauté Kaleidoscope Eye Kit, Chauvet Pont d'Arc

While the price is on the luxury side, you will feel equally luxurious when you apply the shades in this kit. With a wide range of rich, pretty pigments, this kit will leave you looking and feeling as sexy as a silky nightgown.

Everyone will have a favorite shade but I’m partial to Crystalline – a silky matte, desert teal. I love pressing it into my crease giving me delicate definition, on my upper lid and smudged on the bottom lashline for a perfect smoky eye.

Le Métier de Beauté Kaleidoscope Eye Kit ($95)

The other tones – which I love almost as much – are Umber (a satin-toned mauve), Ocher (a sandstone deep mustard) and Madder (a shimmering terracotta).

Fun note? Inspired by the Chauvet Cave Paintings in France – said to be the oldest in the world at 32,000 years old – and one of the most significant prehistoric art sites known to mankind which contains the earliest known cave paintings on the planet.

So make Le Métier de Beauté Kaleidoscope Eye Kit in Chauvet Pont d’Arc ($95) your palette of choice.



BF Asks: Which shades in this palette appeal to you? 

Friend Friday: My Falsie Fairy Godmother – Nami M. Scott

As I stared into my vanity mirror, struggling with my false lashes again tonight, I thought of my dear friend & false lash guru’s recent post on www.NamiMScott.com.

Her everyday false lashes are always perfect! And the fact that she applies them every morning made me realize I am lazy when it comes to my lashes. I mean she is in it to win it! Meanwhile, what do I do? Throw on a primer, curl ‘em, coat ‘em with mascara and I’m out the door.

What does my falsie fairy godmother do?
Line, apply mascara, glue and perfectly place her lashes on so they last throughout the day.

Well, I don’t know about you, ladies, but I want a lesson!

Luckily, it’s all here for our taking. And maybe, just maybe we can have near-Nami-level-lashes in no time flat. May the force be with you. (My falsie fairy godmother’s force, that is).



How To: Falsies (Insert a Fawn-like Eye Flutter)

by Nami M. Scott

Alright, alright. Fine. I’ll do a tutorial on lashes! Geez! It’s been the thing that most of my friends have been bugging me about ever since I rose to the ranks of “Faux Lash Master”…or faux lashter…flashter? I’m just trying to save syllables here, people.Anyway, don’t take that title lightly. I can knock over trees with the sheer force of batting my lashes! (This is totally not a Hurricane Sandy reference…and for those dealing with post-hurricane hysterial – my parents included…sending lots of love!) Anyway, I’m being dramatic again. Maybe if I batted them really hard, I could create a slight breeze and also have my contacts fall out at the same time. So hot, I know. Whatever the case, if you read my earlier post (Things I’ll Admit To: My Top 5 Beauty Go-To’s), you already know my sad tale about lash loss and my path to lash salvation throughMakeup Forever’s fab falsies. But I digress…So, yes, time to teach you how I apply my lashes! After some practice, you should be able to get them on in about 5 minutes or less. However, for me, prepping my lashes is one of the most important things I have to do. What does that mean? It means you have to do the following:

note: I had to illustrate all of these steps because, um…have you tried photographing your own eyes while applying lashes before? If I kept on trying, injury would be imminent. So, here are some drawings!

Prepping your lashes is a must.

Not everyone has eyes large enough to accommodate an entire lash strip and if you do have eyes that large, I’m totally envious and you deserve a cake, a medal, and a trophy for “Best Eyes Given to a Human Being.” (Hello, I’m Asian. Have you heard that stereotype about our eyes? Well, it’s often true.) So, yes, be sure to trim your lashes so they are slightly shorter than your top lid. Why shorter? So your falsies don’t stab the inner corners of your eyes. I’ve made that mistake in the past and ended up red-eyed for most of that fateful night. I mean, yes, you look hotter when you’re lush-lashed while teary-eyed, but you look infinitely hotter when you’re not crying from discomfort.

Also, trim those lashes from the longer side. If you trim them from the shorter side, you won’t get that “natural” short-to-long look at your inner corners. Who’s lashes are super long on the inner corners? (Am I going to have to bake another cake, tinker another metal, and craft another trophy for “Longest Lashes Given to a Human Being?”)

Ok, on to the important part. Ready? Here we go!

Hope this all makes sense!

I know. It seems kind of clumsy & weird, but it works. It took a few tries, but now I can throw my lashes on in the morning like I’m throwing a scarf on before heading out the door! A really, really tiny scarf that doesn’t keep your neck warm so much as make you much more persuasive when blinking.

Three really important notes:

  • I always give my upper lid a thick, cat-eye swish of liquid liner, so my mistakes are much better hidden…if you give yourself a thin liner line, you may need to practice more. (Hey, I’m just being honest here!)
  • I use Duo Lash Adhesive in black which is basically magic in a tube! What’s so special about it? It dries dark, so it’s perfect for those of us who do the “cat-eye swish of liquid liner” (I’m totally copyrighting that phrase.) It’s also flexible and, at the end of the day, you can just pull your lashes off without fear that you’ll rip anything else off. I love keeping my eyelids on my face, don’t you?
  • Take care of your lashes by removing all the adhesive (you can usually peel it off) and cleaning them thoroughly with rubbing alcohol & a cotton swab. Let them dry and store them in your lash case! They should last you at least two weeks! (This is why quality lashes are worth investing in!)

In short, I’ll say this. Mastering lashes is like playing a sport or learning a musical instrument (and I’m talking more about curling & guiros – those ridgy, wooden percussion instruments that look like fish – as opposed to figure skating & jazz guitar.) You’ll only get better at it with practice. Some of us are naturally gifted…and some of us have fingers as nimble as mutton chops, but everyone gets better in time. So, get those falsies out! Halloween is the perfect holiday to test your lash prowess!

Go forth & flutter those falsies, my lovelies! xo!


Tutorial Tuesday: 3-Step Lash (video)

I’m very excited to introduce you to:
It’s another first for BF!

So, sit back, relax and watch my 3-Step Lash Tutorial YouTube video to find out how to get lush lashes in 3 simple steps.

For more tutorials, product sampling and beauty fun, visit www.YouTube.com/BeautyFrosting


BF Asks: What’s your favorite lash trick?

Mailbox Monday: Dear Dawn – Favorite Beauty Tip?

Dear Dawn,

What is your favorite beauty trick that we might not know about?


(Britt P.)


Dear Britt,

Hmmm…there are a few and I’m always learning more! But here’s my favorite trick that most of my friends and clients don’t know of until we have a little pow-wow about it.

And once they hear about it and try it out, they’re ADDICTED!

Addicted to what?

The 3 step lash.

Step 1) Prime lashes with a mascara primer such as

Tarte MultiplEYE Lash-Enhancing Primer ($22)

Tarte MultiplEYE lash-enhancing primer


Makeup Forever Lash Fibers ($20)

Makeup Forever Lash Fibers

2) Curl Lashes with your favorite Eyelash curler. Hold curl for 20 seconds on each primed eye.

3) Apply your favorite mascara. My favorite mascara, of the moment, is Tarte gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara ($19)!

Tarte Smart Amazonian Clay Mascara ($19)

It increases volume by 121% instantly!! And it really does. 91% of users also saw healthier lashes within 3 weeks. I don’t wear false eyelashes nearly as much as I used to. Love this stuff! And everyone I’ve told about it LOOOOOVES it too!
FYI, Here’s a BEFORE and AFTER using the process above:


BEFORE 3-step Lash


AFTER 3-Step Lash


Hope that helps, Britt!

Please let me know your experience with the 3-step lash! Send me a pic!

Have a great week, beauties!


BF ASKS: What is your favorite secret beauty tip?

We’re Starry Eyed over Becca’s Jewel Dust in Titania

Becca Titania Jewel Dust ($24)

Who doesn’t like to have shimmering, subtly sexy eyes?

I do, I do!
And you will, too, with Becca’s tantalizing Titania Jewel Dust.

A Silver Mascarite-jeweled tone, this embellished fine powder can be worn alone or layered with any shadows. You’re left with a sophisticated, light eye that sparkles and glimmers in all shades of light.

Love that!

Here’s yours truly sporting some Becca Titania Jewel Dust en route to a St. Patrick’s Day party:

BF sporting Becca Titania Jewel Dust ($24)

BeautyFrosting sporting Becca Titania Jewel Dust ($24)

So if you need a little sparkle, a little shine, a little fine metal in your life, start here with Becca Jewel Dust in Titania

And then let the sparkle set a trend where much more sparkle comes your way!



p.s. Pair with a charming pink lip color or a perfect nude and you’re ready to stargaze!

Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday? Urban Decay Naked Palette

Whatcha Wearin’ Wednesday is a little feature where I ask someone, either on the street, in my daily life, etc. what they’re wearing. I have always asked people what they are wearing when I see a look I like. Now, I have a blog, and thus, a I have a great excuse to by nosy!

My friends are usually mortified by this encounter where I ask a stranger what they are wearing and whip out my camera or iPhone.

Without further ado, here is BF’s first WWW:

I spotted Sasha’s sultry eyes as she was helping me and my friends pick out some cute wardrobe pieces and jewelry, at one of my fave L.A. Boutiques, Veronica M. (http://www.veronicamclothing.com/) on Beverly Blvd.

This is Sasha, a photographer and Veronica M. expert:


Eyes: Sasha is wearing Urban Decay Naked Palette

BF: Hey there! Whatcha wearin’?

Sasha: “Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette on Sephora.com ($50). I used the shades on the left of the palette: (Naked, Sidecar and Buck).”

BF: “Well, I love it. Can I take your picture?”

Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette on BeautyFrosting's Dawn McCoy

And now you see how these little WWW moments happen!


I actually had the palette at home and I felt inspired so here I am trying those 3 shades, as well as a highlight shade under the brow, mixing Sin & Virgin (see BF face chart).

You can buy it by clicking on this link:
Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette on Sephora.com

Super-easy, beauties!