Makeup Monday: Tom Ford Noir Absolute for Eyes Eyeliner

Well, helloooooo lover...

Oh, Tom Ford Noir Absolute for Eyes gel eyeliner ($35), how do I love thee?
Let me count the ways:
1) Your blue-black gel formula is the most gorgeous, flattering shade, for all skintones and eye colors, I’ve ever found.

The blue-black pigment is light-reflecting!

2) You last & last & last & last. For hours and hours. Oh, Tom! I could make a lewd joke here but I will refrain.
3) The blue-black pigment makes my eyes look whiter, brighter and – dare I say – younger!
Yes, please and thank you very much!
4) Easily applied, your gel liner glides on and can be applied as thin or thick as my heart desires for any occasion.
5) I can smudge, smudge, smudge to look sultry and bedhead sexy but…
6) Once applied, you won’t smudge a smudge! Love that!
7) I only have to buy you but once a year. And that is unheard of for liner! You don’t dry out, flake out or leave me but stay smooth, steady, strong and good lookin’.
Just like I like my men!
 Now, pardon me as I head off to read Fifty Shades of Grey, Book 2: Fifty Shades Darker in the tub.
BF Asks: How do you like YOUR men, um, I mean liner? Oh, let’s be honest! I wanna know how you like ‘em both!

Mailbox Monday: May Birchbox “Gossip Girl” edition

Happy Mailbox Monday!

You guys know how much I love beauty boxes, right?
Have you subscribed yet to any?
Today we’re discussing the May Birchbox which celebrated CW’S Gossip Girl season finale.

May Birchbox: Celebrating CW's Gossip Girl

I received it on the actual day of the season finale so it was super fun!

In it, I received these little happier:

The little happies inside my May Birchbox: Gossip Girl edition

Details about May Birchbox: Gossip Girl edition

And here is the BeautyFrosting May Birchbox Gossip Girl video in our Mailbox Monday video series: