Tress Tuesday: TRESemme Style Studio to the rescue!

I love beauty. Oh, how I love it! But when it comes to my hair, I am a 5-year-old child.

I know how to (very basically) blow-dry my hair, roll my hair, use a flatiron to straighten and throw my hair up into a ponytail for pilates. But when it comes to all of those gorgeous styles I see on Pinterest – you know the ones – beachy waves,  feathered hair, fishtail braid, hairline braid, etc. – I am lost.

Even when it comes to curling my hair, putting in bobby pins or doing a simple braid, I am clueless. It’s like my brain will just not convey the message to my hands.

For years, people have asked me “How can you know so much about makeup & skincare and know SO LITTLE about how to do your own hair?”

Well, lucky for me – and all of you fellow clueless hair architects out there – we now have a go-to spot for our tress training.

To our rescue: TRESemme Style Studio

To our rescue: TRESemme Style Studio

TRESemme’s new TRESemme Style Studio has over 100 how-to video tutorials to help you (and me) with whatever hairstyle we wish to don that day!

Over 100 Hair Tutorial How-To videos (most around 2 minutes or less)

Over 100 Hair Tutorial How-To videos (most around 2 minutes or less)

At around 2 minutes or less (for the most part), this new hairstyle tutorial site seamlessly breaks down the steps, tools and products you need to make that hairstyle you dream about a reality.

You can even use your webcam to style along with the stylist teaching the steps of the look!
How 21st century is that??!!

Another option I know I’m gonna need? I can choose to either watch the video through continuous play or see it Step-by-Step with each step broken down for me. Need that! Love that!

You can also try the Instant Styler where you can upload a picture of yourself and instantly see how you will look with any style.

TRESemme Style Studio Instant Styler is instant FUN!!!


Hmmm…I don’t think I was meant to be a blonde. Thoughts?

BeautyFrosting: BEFORE (brunette) and AFTER (baby blonde) thanks to TRESemme Style Studio!

Or virtually “try out” some of TRESemme’s most beloved products to see how they will work on your hair.

As for the how-to videos, I can’t wait to try Feathered because I loooooove me some Jaclyn Smith!

Other TRESemme Style Studio I can’t wait to try? Click on the look to check out the video.


*Glamorous Faux Bob

*Loose Boho Waves Long

*Retro Pin-Up Look


*French Twist

*Hairline Braid


*Volume on Top Ponytail: which makes me think of that awesome ponytail that Natalie Maines, of the Dixie Chicks, rocked on the “Top of The World” tour!

Also, TRESemme is helping us girls out with their tutorials on Flat Iron Curling Tips, Hair Teasing Tips and Growing Out Bangs Tips. Yes, please and thank you.

Honestly, the possibilities are endless. Basically, for those of you who love Pinterest like I do, this is your new way to spend HOURS!! Perfect for trying out ‘dos for your wedding, prom, homecoming, date, vacation or just a day at the office!

So enjoy this Tress Tuesday tip from me to you! I’m looking forward to trying out some of these looks myself and posting the before & after pics for you guys to enjoy. Hopefully, there won’t be too much laughter!

Try out a few styles for yourself, on TRESemme Style Studio and comment below or email me when you do. I want pictures, girls!!!!





BF Asks: Which TRESemme Style Studio look are you most excited to try?




Tress Tuesday: How to do this ‘do – Fishtail Bun

How do you get this beautiful beach-baby bun?

Here are the ‘tails courtesy of my fabulous friend, Nami, who did this look for me:

How to do a Fishtail Bun

How to do this 'do: Fishtail Bun

1) Secure a low side ponytail behind & below your ear.
2) Create a fishtail braid.
3) Wrap it around the base.
4) Pin it in place with bobby pins!
It’s a carefree look, so loose pieces just make it that much prettier!

Try it out yourself and send me pics of your ‘do!



BF Asks: What summer ‘do do you wanna learn to do?

From cubicle to cocktails: Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Eye Collection & Bobbi’s personal How-to

As many of you know, I am a big Bobbi Brown fan. Not only were Bobbi Brown brushes my first brushes (that I still own) but I also worked for Bobbi for a few years as a Makeup Artist and sales manager in Nashville at Woo Skincare & Cosmetics.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Collection

Long-wear makeup is always in demand and, unfortunately, is not always done right.
Bobbi Brown does it right! She makes a long-wear formula that is smudge-free and waterproof. And, beauties, I do mean WATERPROOF! As in tear-proof, swim-proof, kid-proof, work-proof, wedding-proof. I can keep going but I’ll stop. Better yet, I’ll let Bobbi show you how to get the long-wear smoky eye look that will take you from cubicle to cocktails! Enjoy!