Getting Holiday Party Pretty in a Pinch with Charlotte Tilbury and Blowpro

A few weeks ago, I was expected to attend a Shoe Dazzle event at The London in 2 hours but had been running all over town, makeup-free with post-spin class hair.

Well, this would not do.

But what’s a girl to do with less than 2 hours to appear showered, polished and pretty amongst the LA tastemaker elite?
Well, I headed straight to Nordstrom at The Grove to get primped and prettied by the hair experts at Blowpro and my new fave, Charlotte Tilbury.

Getting Holiday Party Pretty with Charlotte Tilbury

This might be the first time you’ve heard about Charlotte Tilbury, but I can assure you it won’t be the last. Especially not on this site. My plan is to show you each one of Charlotte’s featured looks, so you will go get this magic, er – I mean, makeup for yourself. Think Victoria’s Secret model meets screen siren, because Charlotte’s responsible for much of their makeup!

On this particular day, I opted for what has become my evening staple makeup look this season –  The Dolce Vita. La Quanna Chong, education & training director at Charlotte Tilbury, applied the Dolce Vita shadow palette ($52) and I was hooked. There’s even the best makeup tutorial I’ve seen in ages, explaining exactly how to do it at home. Best part? You get to dip your fingers into glitter!

These pretty products prettified my face, thanks to Charlotte Tilbury!

Pictured above are the products featured on me, all by Charlotte Tilbury: WonderGlow Instant Soft-Focus Beauty Flash Primer ($52) , Dolce Vita Luxury Palette ($52), The Retoucher ($32),  Lip Lustre in Bardot Beige ($22), Cheek To Chic in The Climax ($40), Brow Lift in Brooke ($29) and Full Fat Lashes in Glossy Black ($29).

Charlotte, I have not been this excited about a makeup line since Trish McEvoy in 1995 when I was 17 years old. I’m not exaggerating here, folks. Stay tuned for many a post on all of Charlotte’s products I love.

After I got all dolled up with Charlotte and La Quanna, I headed right down the aisle of Nordstrom Beauty to Blow at Nordstrom by BlowPropro.

Getting coiffed by Blow at Nordstrom by Blow Pro

Um, have you been to Blowpro? It’s a blowout bar right in Nordstrom! Heaven!! You can get your dress, grab your tights, try on some shoes, get your makeup done, and then get your hair coiffed all in under 2 hours! Perfect for busy ladies like us this holiday season!

Blow at Nordstrom by BlowPro gave me a gorgeous blowout and I walked out feeling fresh, fierce and like a million bucks…


Coiffed and all dolled up with somewhere to go!

which was just perfect for an event, where I ended up posing on a chess board.

Check. Mate. (at The London WeHo)

Check. Mate.

All dolled up with my girl, Orly Shani, from E!



BF Asks: What makeup has gotten you excited in the past?

Tress Tuesday: Kerastase Confession

So, as I mentioned in Sunday’s High-Low 3 post, I had the most amazing Thursday last week thanks to Kerastase!

First, I was invited to be Kerastase’s guest at the gorgeous Young Hollywood Awards!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get better than that, I was invited to Rossano Ferretti for a primping Kerastase treatment-filled afternoon.

First, my stylist Salina applied the Kerastase Bain Cristalliste shampoo and conditioner. Cristalliste is known to make your hair shine like glass while being weightless as light. Would I like to try it? Yes, please!

Kerastase Cristalliste

I learned from Salina that Kerastase Cristalliste was designed specifically for long-haired young women, like me, who have complained to their hairstylists for years about weighed-down roots and dried out ends. The fairy-sounding Cristalliste “liquid light” complex is supposed to create the most sultry shine and weightless, lovely luminosity every time you wash your hair. If only Cinderella had been this lucky!

Next up, Salina applied the concentrated Bain Substantif Concentrate sprayed in my strands along with a dose of the Shine Pixilist for an extra dose of shine-infused repair.

Getting gorgified at Rossano Ferretti with Kerastase Paris

As for styling, Salina went with the Kerastase Mousse Substantive and Elixir Ultime for the ultimate in volume and shine.

Kerastase Styling Tools

Would the result live up to the hype?

My previously dull, dry, flat summer hair was artfully amped up (especially at the roots) and my hair surface had glass-like shine. I must confess that I am a Kerastase convert! No weighed down tresses here! Just a thick, voluminous, glossy-as-glass mane!

I love it when products do what they and say what they do! Don’t you?

And, as for the evening’s fun?

Well, here my hair is 5 hours later at the Young Hollywood Awards with “Best Scene-Stealer” Award recipients, Rico Rodriguez and Nolan Gould of ABC’s Modern Family:

Nolan Gould, BeautyFrosting's glossy hair and Rico Rodriguez at the Young Hollywood Awards

And the winners of Kerastase’s Young Hollywood Awards Sweepstakes who were flown out to LA, received Kerastase treatments at Rossano Ferretti and given a grand Young Hollywood experience:

The lovely Winners!

And I got to hang out with these lovely ladies! Notice that 7 hours later, my hair is still gleaming!

7 hours later with Megan & Kristen: Hair still shining!

Thank you, Kerastase, Young Hollywood Awards and Rossano Ferretti for a beautiful, shiny, starry Hollywood evening!


BF Asks: What Kerastase products do you love?